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Oscar Category Crashes

There is one big story about start turning up this Oscar season… more than in a long while, the decisions of actors and their representatives about what categories they will run in are going to make things very interesting.

Word is that Columbia’s Closer is going to run all four actors in the lead category, making a near-lock for Clive Owen into a question mark. We Don’t Live Here Anymore‘s Mark Ruffalo would have a real shot at a Supporting Nomination this year, but is insisting on running lead. And Jim Carrey, who plays four roles in Lemony Snicket, will probably run against himself in lead, while he would be a sure bet as a supporting actor. Add to those chocies, Kevin Costner and Anthony Hopkins moving out of the category along with their movies’ release dates, there is suddenly a void in the Supporting Actor category.

Perhaps that is one reason why Clint Eastwood is pushing Million Dollar Baby into release, an opportunity for Morgan Freeman as well as Hilary Swank.

But even so, suddenly we are looking at Rodrigo de la Serna, Thomas Hayden Church, Morgan Freeman and… who else? Liev Schrieber? Mark Wahlberg? Patrick Wilson in Phantom of the Opera? Dustin Hoffman in Meet The Fockers? Bill Sadler in Kinsey?

Suddenly, Supporting Actor is as wide open as Actress and Supporting Actress.

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9 Responses to “Oscar Category Crashes”

  1. patrick says:

    Does Columbia WANT Closer shut out of acting nominations? If they would run each actor in seperate categories, esp. if they put the big names, Julia and Jude, in the lead categories, then they are nearly assured of at least two noms for Natalie and Clive.

  2. Sandy says:

    Much as I like Mark Ruffalo, I don’t really think he will have a chance for BA in that movie.

  3. sidney fistow says:

    You forgot another male lead: Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda.

  4. Mike says:

    I’d love to see William Sadler nominated.. He’s got to be one of the best, but underused actors around..

  5. Harold Wexler says:

    What about Peter Sarsgaard? After just missing a deserved Supporting Actor nod last year for SHATTERED GLASS, he’s following a brilliant funny-sad turn in GARDEN STATE with an already-talked-about role in KINSEY. Surely he’ll be nominated for one of those (KINSEY, most likely).

  6. mark says:

    Who would have thought Lowell from Wings can win an Oscar?

  7. TheBombasticPowerOfQueen says:

    I love Paul Giamatti. Top notch actor, and one of
    the best revelations ever brought about because of
    Howard Stern. However, I hope Poland goes into a
    little more detail when it comes to Sideways, because
    the trailer makes it look like another emotional-detached
    film from Alexander Payne. No offense to anyone who
    likes Payne’s work, but I have had all the emotional
    detachment on film I can stand. Hopefully the movie
    does not fit this description, but the trailer
    did absolutely nothing for me except give me that
    same chilly feeling all Alexander Payne films seem
    to give.
    Also, with Closer, Sony might as well go with this
    angle, because does anyone see Julia getting any
    love from this film? Jude Law? If anyone gets
    any love from this film it will be Portman (Someone
    had to have had loved her in Garden State enough
    to make this a Broadbent like nomination) and Owen.
    Who pretty much does this whole acting thing flawlessly.
    For some reason, the trailers really sell this point
    by making it look as if Portman and Owen carry the film
    dramatically, and Law and Roberts in particular, are
    there just to help box office.

  8. bicycle bob says:

    just don’t see closer being a “closer” and winning awards. julia doesn’t inspire confidence and clive owen isn’t exactly an electrifying performer.

  9. mike says:

    How could you all possibly forget the sensitive understatement of Richard Roxburgh in VAN HELSING?

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