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By David Poland

Blogging At The Dance

Hey all –

The blog will become a photo space during Sundance.  I may do some regular blogging along the way… but for now… photos!!!

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11 Responses to “Blogging At The Dance”

  1. Angelus says:

    Keep them coming. The pictures add something festive to the blog. Appreciate it much. Thank you.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Dave, what movies are you seeing?

  3. bicycle bob says:

    seems like they have a better quality of flicks this yr than in yrs past.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey Dave, how about an Oscar column or at least a post about it? You do count down from twenty weeks out for the event and then nothing? Paul G got royally shafted.

  5. gombro says:

    I think Dave Poland is well advised to ignore this blog utterly until such time as he can institute a registration policy and keep ass-wipes like you and bob from ruining everything. I’ve always gotten the impression that David leans a bit to the right of the political spectrum, based on his headlines on Movie City News, but I’m sure he must still be mortified at the like of you characters representing “conservative thought” around here. Like Peppers, I’m through slinging poo with you morons. If things don’t improve, I’ve got plenty of other places to discuss films besides this convention of village idiots. Have fun with your toys.

  6. bicycle bob says:

    gombro give the speeches a rest. ur the worst of the lot here. another guy who can’t discuss a movie. ur the guy arguing over spike lee and u have never seen his films! wowzers

  7. jon s says:

    bb, you’re as think as a whale sandwich, you know that sonny boy? Just becasue Gombro hadn’t seen ONE specific Spike Lee film doesn’t mean he wasn’t right to call you on your racist postings about Lee. Go back to eating your mud and molesting your daughter.

  8. bicycle bob says:

    now i’m a racist because i think spike lee is a terrible filmmaker. get ur priorities straight jonny angel. hes a hack. the guy couldn’t direct an episode of scrubs. maybe gombro should actually SEE a movie before he defends it. thats all we’re asking here.

  9. jon s says:

    You asked “what was the last good review Spike ever got?” and Gomby said: “From Richard Roper for SHE HATE ME.” How is that defending the film? He was just calling you on your lie that Spike Lee hasn’t gotten ANY good reviews since Do the Right Thing.
    Sharp as a bowling ball, you are…..

  10. Mark says:

    One review out of 90 said it was good? Someone get Lee his Oscar for She Hate Me. Lee is a terrible director who has failed to live up to the early promise he showed with Do The Right Thing. It is a shame.

  11. bicycle bob says:

    got some real genuis’ here. 5 people think spike lee is an autuer who can do no wrong and his master piece is she hate me. amazing what kind of kool aid some people drink

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