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By David Poland

Gunner Aims At MPAA

The Gunner Palace vs MPAA Press Release

I love Gunner Palace.

I think the world of Mike Tucker.

I will make my 15 year old nephew and 13 year old neice watch the film.

It should be rated R.  There is nothing about this movie that is PG-13. 

M*A*S*H* was rated R.  Three Kings was rated R. 

Kids should see this movie.  But it should be rated R… and it should be happy to be rated R… more kids will see it that way.

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36 Responses to “Gunner Aims At MPAA”

  1. Ray Pride says:

    “more kids will see it that way”
    cynical; true.

  2. Mark says:

    What kid under 17 can’t get into a R Rated film anyway?

  3. Joe Leydon says:

    I hate to sound like the oldest child of a dysfunctional family… which I am… but I think Dave and Mike are both right. The movie likely deserves an R, but the rating WILL keep away many of the young people who might benefit most from seeing it. Same thing happened with “Go Tigers,” a terrific doc about high school football players that opened and closed years before “Friday Night Lights.” Unfortunately, the people who made “Tigers” chose to allow teens to talk like… well, teens. So it got an R. Of course, because it was a doc, not a feature, it’s arguable that most teens wouldn’t have bothered to see it even if it had been rated G. But I can’t help suspecting that more than a few missed out on an opportunity to see something that would have hit home for them.

  4. Matt says:

    Wasn’t this tried earlier this year by an more prominent and more shrill filmmaker to no success whatsoever? And his film (though I agree it deserved a broad audience) deserved the R as well.

  5. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    Must be embarrassing to be an American sometimes. A R rating for language is idiotic. In the 70s didn’t films with swearing garner a PG rating? What has happened since then? If anything children are more saavy and aware than their innocent 70s counterparts. The MPAA is so out of touch with society in general. The US system needs a lil rethink. A film like GUNNAR PALACE would be rated M or less in nearly every other civilised society. Especially those that have full frontal nudity, coarse language etc on network TV. ie.. UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NZ, FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY etc…
    Elitist or not, docs should be considered differently for ratings system. Carnage on evening news is similar to stuff that’d get an R in cinemas. Why?
    And keeping kids away due to languange concerns?.. two words.
    Fuck off.

  6. Mark says:

    Its only embarrassing to be an American when we do everything for all the other countries in the world, whether its in food, money, supplies, troops, protection, movies, and get no credit for it. But hey, we can take it. We know we’re the best.

  7. KamikazeCamel says:

    crikies, Mark’s bringing out that old argument again. Everybody get cover cause this one usually blows up big time!
    PS; I’m fairly certain the US DOES get thanked, along with everyone else…
    (I’m from Australia)

  8. bicycle bob says:

    when was the last time america was thanked for anything? we send our military and money to help the tsunami and we get called “stingy” but some rube in the united nations. i say we stop sending aid and supplies and support and lets see how long it takes before begging takes place

  9. Dave says:

    America needs to be thanked for introducing the world to persistent whining.
    Thank you, America.
    Move along, the world doesn’t need to thank you — just like the world isn’t asking you to thank them for providing cheap labour.

  10. Stella's Boy says:

    bob, is that called compassionate conservatism?

  11. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    The only reason the US gave aid to the Tsunami appeal was so they could use it as a platform to say to the Muslims – “hey check us out… we can put aside differences and concentrate on this.. so this is not about the war but I’m going to mention it every single chance I get at every press conference.”
    Brilliant when you consider on a per capita basis the US is probably the stingiest in the world. And only when called on it, bumped it up a little. Plus they crashed a copter on purpose to get even more coverage than the victims. Unbelievable.
    There is absolutely nothing compassionate about the US donation. Its politics. Same as Australia’s offer of a billion. Its all theatrics. The US did something similar awhile back and only ended up giving a 1000th of what they originally offered.. by that time evryones forgotten.
    And yes I gave money and sleep okay at night.
    How’d this get from swearing anyway? MARK!!

  12. Mark says:

    This country does everything for the world. It’s really too bad the world just gets more bitter and jealous and the Left begging the rest of the ingrates for their love and respect doesn’t help.

  13. bicycle bob says:

    who cares about credit? thats only the liberals who want everyone to like em. they’re like nerds in grade school. kiss asses wanting everyone to love them. and if anyone out there think we’re giving money, supplies, expertise because we want muslims to think we’re “nice”, they got a few screws loose.

  14. gombro says:

    I’ve always wondered why conservatives seem so angry most of the time. Care to tell us, bob?

  15. Stella's Boy says:

    Excellent question gombro. He probably won’t answer it. He never answers anyone’s tough questions around here. He conveniently ignores them. So what’s the real reason for giving money and supplies bob? Because we care so much? You must hate that. It’s so liberal. Conservatives would just tell the tsunami victims to stop complaining and get a job.

  16. bicycle bob says:

    whos angry? just that i don’t like liberals trying to make us as americans beg other countries for their friendship and their friendliness. we’re number 1. bout time we acted like it. if u haven’t realized conservatives are the majority now. no matter what u read in the ny times.

  17. gombro says:

    You always sound angry on these posts, bob, and with the last positing we can add international bully, too.

  18. gombro says:

    And before you get to cocky, we’re not number one in all that many ways. We now owe more money to other countries than other countries owe to us. That makes us something called “a debtor nation.” We don’t have the highest standard of living, we don’t have the best health care, we don’t have the highest average life-span, we’re not the best educated. If you think we’re number one because we have the biggest army, well, fine. But that just means you’re thinking like a bully again.

  19. Stella's Boy says:

    But you’re assuming that bob thinks. I would say that he definitely does not. He is all about simplicity and knee-jerk reactions.

  20. gombro says:

    Yeah, Stella’s Boy. Exactly. They’re the same kind of Pavlovian reactions that caused so many people to vote for Bush. The right’s got the simpletons trained so well that all they have to do is say “gay marriage” or “terrorists” or “booga boogga” and people vote for Bush out of fear that they’ll wind up in an arranged homosexual marriage to a flag burning terrorist. 😉

  21. Mark says:

    So gombro, everyone that voted for Bush or believes in conservative policies is brainwashed? And you wonder why no Liberals thinking is valued and becoming minority opinion.

  22. gombro says:

    No, Mark. There are a lot of rich people who know they’re better off under Bush, a lot of non-brainwashed ignorant people, a lot of Christian fundimentalists who are just plain nuts. Before you start acting like you’re side is right because yours is the “majority opinion”, remember that Hitler and Mussolini won elections, too. There was a time when the majority of voters thought blacks should be slaves…

  23. Mark says:

    Now its “rich” people who are better off. I forgot we have 64 million “rich” people now. No Liberal is rich right? Hey, if you want to give 75% of your earnings over to the government and have them spend it on worthless programs, be my guest.

  24. PeppersDad says:

    Mark accuses liberals of spending money on worthless programs, conveniently ignoring the fact that federal spending has skyrocketed under this Republican administration and Republican Congress. (And, no, it’s not just money spent for the war on terror.) Democrats have long been labeled the “tax and spend” party, but we all should have learned by now that Republicans are the proud “spend money we don’t have, surplus-busting, record-breaking-deficit, we own Jesus” party.
    What will Mark’s response to this be? I’m sure he will, as usual, write absolutely nothing factual, of substance, or (heaven forbid!) truthful. He will instead find some baseless, disgusting label to attach to me. Then he will place more school-bully postings here under other pseudonyms to make it seem as though he has support. Finally, to satiate his redneck notion of “good ol’ boy” fun, he will break the law and send me harassing e-mails, as is his history with contributors here.
    Why does he go to these lengths? It’s not just his on-display-daily ignorance and stupidity. It’s not just his pathological need to try compensate in public for his discernable shortcomings and well-deserved sense of personal inferiority. It’s also because he is such a loyal, comically textbook example of the kind of American morals so belligerently espoused by his beloved party. The party in power. God save us all.

  25. gombro says:

    People like Mark are beyond logic, facts, and ethics, PeppersDad. It’s just been drilled into their heads for so long that progressives:
    want to take all their money and give it to welfare queens,
    force them to marry people of the same sex,
    turn US policy over to the United Nations,
    negotiate with terrorists,
    give blacks and gays special rights that they won’t have,
    outlaw Christianity,
    etc., etc.,
    that they’re so paranoid and angry that they can’t even look at the evidence rationally anymore.
    They can’t see that the war in Iraq has actually created MORE terrorists,
    that it’s a useless war that’s costing us a fortune,
    that the Bushies are giving away their children’s birthright in pork,
    that Bush has only made us LESS safe from terrorists, and
    that Bush is slowly bankrupting the country so that his rich friends can get richer.
    Most of these people have the minds of children and just want to be standing next to the tough guy in the playground rather than the “smarty-pants” square, thinking that makes them safer. That’s why Bush won. It’s not that there are 64 million rich people. It’s that there are some rich people, some very ignorant people, and a bunch of really dumb people.
    You’re right, PD. God save us all.

  26. Jon S says:

    You ROCK gombro and PeppersDad! Trouble is, it’s kind of like casting pearls before swine to offer your thoughts to yokels like bob and Mark when it comes right down to it.

  27. PeppersMom says:

    Please leave my husband alone. He cannot handle this constant outbursts since hes focusing so much on lynching.

  28. The Woods says:

    I love how Progressives/Liberals/Left Wing kooks cannot talk about issues. They have to resort to far flung insults and less than witty retorts. It is why they are out of touch with America. it is why they have become the minority party in America and have single handedly destroyed the Democratic Party. But it is enjoyable watching them destroy themselves. Now please nominate Howard the Scream for your party chairman so we all can get four more years of laughter as you recede into obscurity.

  29. Stella's Boy says:

    It is really puzzling when someone accuses the left of resorting to insults and not being able to talk about issues. Rush Limbaugh. Bill O’Reilly. Sean Hannity. Ann Coulter. Cal Thomas. The fundamentalist Christians and family values crowd. The list goes on and on. And what do they all have in common? They are all extreme right-wingers. They do nothing but scream and shout and hurl insults and act like bullies. They could not possibly be more narrow-minded. They represent everything that is wrong with political discourse in this country. They are a disgrace. Yet for some reason there are people who insist the left is the problem? That is ludicrous and completely untrue. Of course there are bullies and loudmouths on the left side of the aisle, and we know who they are. But open your eyes. It is plain to see which side has a monopoly on name-calling and hurling insults. That would be the right, in case anyone still doesn’t get it.

  30. PeppersDad says:

    The Woods (=Mark) –
    Exactly which issues did YOU ever talk about? And can you show all of us a single posting here where you did not resort to “far flung insults and less than witty retorts”?
    I’ve wiped shit off my shoes that has more character and intellect than you. Seems pretty obvious to anyone who can read that the only people here who point to facts are the ones who identify themselves as liberals/Democrats.

  31. Joe Fitz says:

    Peppers Dad, do you ever have anything constructive to say about anything or anyone? All you spew is wicked venom. Maybe it is time for that prozac.

  32. Mark says:

    I take it as a compliment that everyone that disagrees with positions here gets called me. I take it as a good sign that I am doing good.

  33. bicycle bob says:

    when has team peppers commented on anything other than race or mark? a typical liberal hate monger

  34. TheBrotherhoodOfTheLostSkeletonOfCadavra says:

    Bicycle Bob sez, “whos angry? just that i don’t like liberals trying to make us as americans beg other countries for their friendship and their friendliness.”
    Funny, but until Bush became President, other countries WANTED to be our friends…

  35. bicycle bob says:

    when u have a clue about foreign relations get back to me. if u haven’t realized by now theres a power play going on to see whos going to rival us for world #2. the surest way to try and separate yourself is to be anti american. but that doesn’t stop every country for begging us for aid, money, and troops. be the liberal u are and want people to like u over doing the right thing and sticking with it. stick to the definition of a true blue lib. and u wonder why ur a minority party now???

  36. Stella's Boy says:

    Not sure if Dave noticed, but Gunner Palace won its appeal and was awarded a PG-13 by the MPAA.

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