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Kinda Funny


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31 Responses to “Kinda Funny”

  1. Mark says:

    You will get over it.

  2. gywneth p. says:

    kinda funny? fuckin’ hilarious.

  3. PeppersDad says:

    It is not funny. It goes against all I believe in as a Canadian.

  4. The Woods says:

    Do you have to start a fight over everything? Why can’t you just let it go once in a while instead of being confrontational over every last thing?

  5. PeppersDad says:

    I am not Canadian and did not submit the item posted above at 1:01 PM. It seems pretty clear to have been the work of Mark/bicycle bob/The Woods/et al. Because emasculated shitheads like that just don’t know when to stop.

  6. thedoom says:

    i love pink tacos too

  7. Joe Fitz says:

    Is there a need for foul language here? You’re talking about movies here. There is no need for the profanity you spew on a daily basis.

  8. PeppersDad says:

    I am Canadian. Please stop the lies before I start a lawsuit against America, Terrence and Phillip, and the movie industry.

  9. PeppersDad says:

    The 5:42 PM posting was not submitted by me. I will never allow falsely identified statements to be attributed to me. Is that how you plan to destroy this website, Mark – By filling it up with nothing but your distinct brand of garbage?

  10. David Poland says:

    Boys… please!
    It would be nice not to have to referee. PD can speak for himself, but please, if you feel the need to satirize, call yourself NotPeppersDad or something like that…

  11. bicycle bob says:

    is the pepper man bi polar? is that grounds for a lawsuit???

  12. PeppersDad says:

    What the hell? NONE of those postings about were made by me. I hadn’t even clicked on this thread until this morning, and this is the kind of stuff I see! I really am starting to think about legal action – no more threats! I have called my lawyer. He is a goat, and I pay him by licking his balls.

  13. bicycle bob says:

    johnny cocoran just got a call from team peppa…

  14. PeppersDad says:

    I did not place the disgusting 6:19 AM posting here.
    It’s very revealing how, even when the word come from up high (David Poland), these SOBs simply cannot cease and desist.

  15. Mark says:

    Oh no. Lawsuit time!

  16. PeppersDad says:

    What lawsuit? How many times do I have to say it: THERE’S NO FUCKING LAWSUIT. Just because I have at times pointed out the unlawfulness of some of your childish behavior does not mean I am taking any legal action.
    Again, when you mock the protections historically afforded by the law since the dawn of our system of justice, it speaks volumes about your upbringing, psychological state, and your venal Republican values.

  17. PeppersDad says:

    I will sue all of you for punitive damages. The Liberal court system will let my opinions prevail. Down with the Constitution.

  18. PeppersLawyer says:

    I will be calling people to the stand soon as the trial starts. PeppersUncle, PeppersGrandma, PeppersBoyfriend will all be character witnesses.

  19. Stella's Boy says:

    Who are these people? Isn’t there a way to prevent them from posting here?

  20. PeppersDad says:

    I did not submit the 3:13 posting. Obviously, it seems that Mark did.
    The juveniles who continuously post sneering comments about the legal issues I’ve raised in the past have no comprehension that prohibitions against libel and identity theft have nothing to do with liberal or conservative ideologies. These laws date back to the origins of our legal system, the English Common Law that even strict constructionists have no quarrel with.
    But because these oafs are mind-snatched from the Republican pod pool, they have nothing but contempt for the law in general nor common decency. So they proudly wind up as Nixon’s Watergate henchmen, Reagan’s Iran-Contra team, the Florida election bureau, the Enron board, the KKK, etc.
    And yes, Stella’s Boy, there is a way to prevent them from posting here. Among other things, Mr. Poland can be a responsible adult and require some bona fide registration, thereby causing these belligerent goons to think twice before posting such hate-filled trash in public. Too bad if that’s an inconvenience. Other blogs do it, and only the worst blogs have this sort of ongoing problem.

  21. PeppersDad says:

    I did not post 4:03pm either. I will have to sue the internet police now too.

  22. PeppersDad says:

    For the record, I did not submit the 7:05 posting. As long as David Poland allows people to submit fake postings under my name and e-mail address, I am going to have to post these corrections. Don’t blame me, blame them.

  23. Stella's Boy says:

    I feel for ya Pepper. This is ludicrous. I can’t even tell who’s you and who’s an impostor anymore.

  24. PeppersDad says:

    I did not post that at 8:51pm. This is not my beautiful house.

  25. Stella's Boy says:

    Hey, Pepper – you wanna make out?

  26. bicycle bob says:

    stella can u flirt with guys on ur own time? i think pepa is taken since his family comes here too

  27. TheBrotherhoodOfTheLostSkeletonOfCadavra says:

    How quickly we forget about Brad and Jen…

  28. PeppersDad says:

    If you continue to bring up Brad I will have to include him in my lawsuit. As a co-plaintiff.

  29. Mark says:

    Pepper, you ever hear of the word “relax”?

  30. PeppersLawyer says:

    If you insist on telling my client, The Peppers, what to do and where to do it, I will have to include you and your heirs in the lawsuit that we are filing on behalf of democracy everywhere. You have been warned.

  31. Mark says:

    I am waiting for the papers to be served by Peppers.

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