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By David Poland

Sundance Day 2 Photos – Group Two

Inside Deep Throat Party
(Parental Guidence Required)


Deepwatch6 Deepwatch4 Deepwatch_1

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9 Responses to “Sundance Day 2 Photos – Group Two”

  1. barry says:

    I always knew McWeeny was a creep

  2. Mark says:

    What happend to “films”? You sure this isn’t the AVN awards?

  3. right says:

    who goes into strip clubs with a camera? honestly…

  4. joe s says:

    Dave: Did you just put those pics up there to make the Utah Mormons crazy?
    That’s always been one of the things I thought was funniest about Sundance. It’s in one of the most conservative states in the Union and yet it’s one of the most liberal fests in the country. Back in ’79 the Salt Lake vice squad raided a theater for showing “Porky’s”, believe it or not. To this day, you can’t get run-of-the-mill adult videos in Utah, like, ironically enough “Deep Throat.” But they do tend to look the other way when it comes to Sundance. Sundance made the career of Todd Haynes with the ultimate in Queer Cinema, “Poison” and it’s prison rape scene, frontal erect male nudity, etc., etc. They awarded the Bob Flanagan film, with the scene of the guy nailing his penis to the board, etc.; etc. I guess Utahns like all the money that gets poured into their state that week, huh? (Some of this, or course is a local issue and the Park City community is wonderfully tolerant and progressive. But Sundance does, I think, get some state funds for the fest from the Utah economic development office.)
    By the way, tell Dave and Chris “hi” if they’re still running the Egyptian.

  5. Martin says:

    Joe S – I lived in Utah for a decade, and Sundance only came about because the locals trusted Redford. It had nothing to do with this wonderfully tolerant and progressive people of Park City bullshit. That exists because of the 90’s Cali transplants. As I’ve been told time after time, if they knew what it would become, they would have forced him into Aspen.

  6. joe s says:

    Who’s the “they” who would have forced Redford to Aspen? The original locals or the more recent 90s transplants? If it’s the later ones, aren’t they being a bit hypocritical telling him to get out once they’ve invaded from the south? Redford’s lived in the area (down the road forty miles at the Sundance resort) since the early 70s. There WAS some talk about moving it back to Salt Lake at one time, and Park City immediately agreed to improve the venues and put up some of the funding for the Eccels Center. No one there but a bunch of ski bums, who feel crowded out of the bars and restaurants every late January, has ever wanted Sundance out. It benefits that town enormously
    Also, I was at Sundance from the mid eighties until just a few years ago when I moved back East, and I can tell you that the Park City locals have been tolerant and progressive as far back as 84, when I first went up there. I only use those terms to mention that the Park City types, who are as liberal as Utahns get, would never have a problem with NC-17 films, like most other Utahns would.
    Finally, considering the makeover of that town after Utah got the winter Olympics, which made the city virtually unrecognizable as its old self, I think the Utah Olympic committee is much more responsible for the changing of that town in a bad way than anything Sundance has done.

  7. L&DB says:

    My god-that friggin McWeeney quote just about
    threw me off the couch. Easily one of the creepyr
    big guy staring/lingering moments ever captured
    to memory card/film. It ranks right up there
    with the creepy big guy at the end of Jay and
    Silent Bob that looks like he is comtemplating
    ways in which to destroy Morris Day for his
    misappropriation of funds towards Apollonia.

  8. bicycle bob says:

    the south park episode on sundance pretty much says it all about that. but i don’t think the business owners are complaining too much there. brings a ton of dough in.

  9. Mark says:

    McWeeny does look real creepy. Keep the ladies away from him.

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