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Why Michael Moore Wasn't At The Globes

In a classic case of turnabout is not-so-fair-play, Dick Clark decreed from his hospital bed that Michael Moore, whose Fahrenheit 9/11 was ruled ineligible for the Globes this year, could not even attend the awards and pressured the HFPA into enforcing his decree. 

That’s right… Harvey Weinstein was told “no” by the HFPA.  Michael Moore was not allowed in the room.

You may recall the confrontation with Dick Clark in Bowling For Columbine.  Oops.

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25 Responses to “Why Michael Moore Wasn't At The Globes”

  1. PeppersDad says:

    Where is this news coming from? I ask because it seems pretty obvious that Dick Clark is much more ill than has been reported. He released a statement something like six weeks ago that he had suffered a MILD stroke. If you’ve ever had experience with stroke victims, you know that no one stays in the hospital for this long with a mild stroke. So I’m wondering if it would even be possible for him to have had any role in this alleged ouster.

  2. PastePot Pete says:

    What is Clark’s connection with the HFPA that would even give him the power to do this?

  3. Geek, Esq. says:

    Clark produces the show.
    Has anyone noticed that Harvey is taking after Moore in his grooming? Pretty soon, you won’t be able to tell them apart.
    BAFTA noms are out, by the way.

  4. PastePot Pete says:

    Never mind, looked up that he produced the show.

  5. Josh Massey says:


  6. bicycle bob says:

    for reasons like this is why i love dick clark. way to stick to your guns. moore was probably in his mansion bossing his servants around anyway

  7. Ryan says:

    I hope that Dick Clark feels good about how he has spent his life, and is at peace with all that fudge he’s shilled off the backs of his welfare program workforce.

  8. Barbie says:

    Dick Clark may be incapacitated and damaged physically by the stroke, but my experience with stroke victims is that their intellect and reasoning ability aren’t necessarily affected. It’s frustrating to them to not be in control of their motor skills and they will often assert themselves in any way that they can. Therefore it makes sense that Dick Clark might decline to include Michael Moore in the production of the GG’s show. However, that doesn’t mean he has the power to prevent him from being invited as a guest. That would be up to the HFPA.
    Michael might have added a little spice to the proceedings which were so PC and well behaved I fell asleep during the presentations.
    At least the HFPA seemed to have declined inviting Paris Hilton. A blessing.

  9. thedoom says:

    Who cares about the golden globes anyways? Just another lame precursor to the oscars for stars to promote their movies.

  10. bicycle bob says:

    not inviting paris? what party doesn’t invite her???

  11. Swampfox says:

    Considering what a dishonest ambush it was (although the one he pulls on Heston was worse), the last thing Moore should expect from Clark is fair play. That’s kharma for you , baby.

  12. teambanzai says:

    I enjoyed bowling for Columbine, with the exception of the Dick Clark part, I didn’t feel that had anything to do with the topic of the film. So in this case Moore got exactly what he deserved.

  13. Mark says:

    You mean he couldn’t try to hog the spotlight as the media whore he is? I feel sorry for him.

  14. L&DB says:

    Ambush of Dick Clark? Surely not. You just cannot
    ambush a man in Clark’s position. If you listen
    about the difficulty of ambushing Dick Clark. Bloody
    aggrevated conservatives. You folks. Oy.
    This is just poor taste on Dick’s part. Magnanimous:
    not just a word a way of life.

  15. Mary Wert says:

    My respect for Mr. Clark just increased tenfold!

  16. Mark says:

    I like Mary already.

  17. Nurse Ratched says:

    Please understand that Mark is a lifelong patient at our institution. Mark has delusions that he is Jewish resulting from the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents and his dog Adolph. He has requested sexual reassignment surgery and wishes to become a woman named Mary. (In other words: “Mark–>Mary surgery”.) So far he has just begun to undergo hormone treatments which have resulted in severe violent mood swings. He is also quite unhappy with the shape and size of his new breasts. It is my belief that Mary has already begun to take over and is posting on this site.

  18. bicycle bob says:

    didn’t i choke u after billy was found dead? we all knew u were a bitch. but listen hombre, u could have picked a few better “nurses” to be. at least be semi comical

  19. bicycle bob says:

    no nom’s for mikey moore. i think stella may jump off a building now. remember to write that note out before u do it, stella

  20. William Hayer says:

    I meet Mr. Clark while attending the Golden Globes after in the Coconut Club for deserts and champange when he finished talking to Faye Dunaway in 2000! He was a friendly, kind gentleman who I pray will get better for all the entertainment he produced. God Bless Dick Clark.

  21. Mike G. says:

    Didn’t anyone SEE Bowling for Columbine?? And do you really still have respect fo Dick Clark? Who cares about Clark… he’s a meaningless icon, a poster boy for dilluted show-biz a**holes.
    I dont agree with evrything Moore says, but I hope you all can atleast recognize that he is making a difference… and if that means pi**ing off a few thousand ignorant Americans, than so be it. And to the shmuck who made the wisecrack about him and his mansion…. if you only knew how much he gave to his charities. What have YOU done lately?
    I dont see how anyone can have such a great opinion on Clark, since its obvious that NO ONE really knows him, except his family, whom most of which he doesnt get along with.
    Bottomline: Moore might rise up as a hero someday… while Clark will be dead buried underneath a golden tombstone. Either way… I hope your heads are out of your a**es by then.

  22. MG says:

    And to Mr. Hayer:
    Ofcourse Clark was a kind gentlemen to you… he’s a star and has been for over 50 years. He’s got that pretentious thing perfected!
    To sum this all up:
    Clark was embarrassed of the truth. Michael Moore is smart and clever and Dick Clark is a 75 year old little boy.

  23. MG says:

    And to “media whore” Mark:
    Ofcourse Moore is a media whore. It gets the job done, doesnt it? It obviously does, since SO MANY people are pi**ed at him… but none of them can really explain why. And do they investigate for themselves? No. They just watch Fox News while they eat their TV dinners, and then formulate their opinions.
    Just go back inside your personal safety bubble, America, and you’ll be just fine.

  24. bottom line. says:

    Watch Michael Moore’s THE BIG ONE, ROGER & ME and his TV NATION episodes, and then maybe your opinions will have changed a bit.
    And dont formulate your opinions by what the government-controlled-media tells you.
    Think for yourself. Remember, they used to tell us that when we were kids… but it looks like most of you forgot.

  25. bottom line. says:

    Clarks part in “Bowling…” had perfect relevance, and was supposed to a make point.
    Watch it again (with your ears this time).

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