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By David Poland

Early Friday Boxoffice Estimates

1. Batman Begins – $8.4m
2. Betwitched – $8.0m
3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith – $5.1m
4. Land of the Dead – $4.4m
5. Herbie: Fully Loaded – $4.1m
6. Madagascar – $2.2m
7. The Longest Yard – $1.7m
8. Star Wars: Episode III – $1.6m
9. Shark Boy & Lava Girl – $1.1m
10. Cinderella Man – $1.0m
Not much analysis right now (I’ve heading to a screening of Rebound), except to say that you could easily see Herbie jump into the 3-spot on Saturday.

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130 Responses to “Early Friday Boxoffice Estimates”

  1. Geoff says:

    I am probably going to see it tonite and am very jazzed. Looks like the demise of the Batman franchise seems to have been grossly exagerrated.
    Sure, weak competition didn’t hurt, but a lower drop than just about ANY recent comic book film? Not bad, Warner Bros, I underestimated you with your strange release pattern, but it looks like word of mouth could be helping this film.
    Have to say that I thought Herbie would do much better, but I’m sure the media will atribute that to “Lindsey fatigue.”
    Is $200 million a strong possibility? Not really sure, that somewhat depends on how big Fantastic Four opens up in a couple of weeks. But doing over $180 mill, just above The Bourne Supremacy, seems pretty good, considering just how “adult” this film has turned out to be.

  2. Geoff says:

    You know, you look at it, and both Mr. and Ms. Smith and Batman are heading towards $180 million. Pretty good.
    Good news in that this means that my two favorite directors under 40 – Doug Liman and Chris Nolan are now officially part of the A-list, hopefully to soon surpass the likes of Michael Bay and Brett Ratner.

  3. Martin says:

    $170 mill. for Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a huge hit, even if it ends up with $150 that’s still a big step above expectations. But $170 for Batman Begins is so-so. It’s probably enough to justify sequels (as long as it does decently worldwide) but that’s still not a great number for the start of a new Batman franchise. If I remember correctly, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor were seen as modest losers and they both did over $200 mill. and didn’t have the prestige of a new Batman franchise. I’d be happy to defend the artistic merit of BB, but saying that $180 mill. is an out and out hit is I think overstating it.
    On the other hand, over $20 mill. opening for Bewitched has to be something of a feather in Will Ferrell’s cap. That film has gotten nothing but bad buzz for the last 4 months and it still managed to open well. Even if it finishes with $60-$70 mill., it will be seen as a modest hit. $14 mill for Land of the Dead is OK but perhaps a little less than some expected. Herbie will have decent legs and make a tidy profit.
    Cinderella Man looks like it may claw its way to $60 mill., which is a loser I guess but good enough to get a re-release in the fall which could get it close to $100 if it gets award consideration.
    Star Wars looks like it will finish right in the middle between TPM and Clones, with $370-$380. A very solid way to end the series.

  4. MarketingGuru says:

    “BB’s” less-than-expected drop is due to good word-of-mouth, not its “release pattern.” It’s not exactly exhibiting great legs…but I wish it well. When they developed and produced it, I believe Sony and all the Brentwood, out-of-touch-with-normal-folks (ie the “Spanglish” crowd) expected “Bewitched” to do over $100 million and be one of the big hits of summer. To now say that they’d be happy with $60-70 million is ridiculous — they’re severely disappointed. “Herbie’s” low performance surprised me — I thought it would do much better. I also guess it’s because parents wanted to shield their kids from the negatively-perceived off-screen hijinx of Ms. Lohan. The big test for the boxoffice slump is next week’s release of “‘Signs’ of the World.” I’n no fan of Matt Lauer, but damn was Tom Cruise rude yesterday. Not too late for Paramount to pull the plug off “M:I3”

  5. xoxo says:

    Well it’s official, America has embraced “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” the same way it did “The Bourne Identity.” As a fan of both films it’s good to see Liman’s character within action approach connect with audiences in a bog way.
    Anyone who said that this was another “Gigli” has got some splain’in to do.

  6. Joe Leydon says:

    Could “Bewitched” wind up overtaking “BB” on Saturday and Sunday?

  7. jeffmcm says:

    You guys do realize that Smith was hugely rewritten in editing, right? And the structure of the movie is basically just a series of connecting scenes between action sequences? That’s why the movie just sort of stops after the big shootout, without a proper resolution. In my opinion Liman is overrated

  8. Flaparoo says:

    Why are you going to a screening of Rebound? I have to say, the trailer for that may have been the absolute worst trailer I have seen in my entire life.

  9. galia says:

    I wouldn’t go giving all the credit to Will Ferrell. Kidman has carried both her last wide releases over 20 million + on opening weekend (Stepford Wives and The Interpreter). And Stepford Wives had even worse buzz than Bewitched. And due to the fact that Bewitched comes across as skewing rather chick-flicky (a more Stepford Wives audience than Anchorman audience), Kidman might be the more important factor in opening this particular movie (though Ferrell certainly deserves credit as well).
    Exit polls will probably make things clearer, but Kidman now has an impressive streak of openings, at least 2 of which she can claim majority credit for.

  10. jj says:

    Will Ferrell is becoming the most overpaid actor in town. He’s not Jim Carrey and doesn’t deserve to be paid like him.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Joe – I would hazard a guess that “Bewitched” will have a Friday-to-Saturday drop since all the must-see-opening-day sci-fi geeks were compelled to go yesterday, and the usual Sat/Sun kids have never even heard of “Bewitched.” To the latter group, Nicole Kidman is that old, cold woman — the equivalent perception to earlier generation’s Bette Davis or Glenn Close. Will Ferrell is turning into an XL Rob Schneider — better start filming “Elf 2” soon. I don’t think “Bewitched” did any better with Kidman/Ferrell than if it had nobodies. Even B-listers like Alicia Silverstone and David Schwimmer would have opened it to $20 million.

  12. gailia says:

    Anonymous; I don’t agree at all with your David Schiwmmer/ Alicia Silverstone comment. Those two have tried to open popcorn movies in the past. They failed, and failed often. That’s why they are no longer movie stars ( Where were the 20million + openings for The Pallbearer, Breast Men, Kissing a Fool, Blast From The Past and Excess Baggage.
    Even “name recognition” didn’t prevent Herbie from opening weak (or the Mod Squad, another “remake” with brand recognition). Reliable openers like Kidman and Farrell, can open a movie like Bewitched, even in the face of awful reviews. Put in a couple of B-listers in the lead roles, combined with the bad buzz and reviews, and I guarantee that Bewitched would probably have made less money than Herbie. The star power trumped the bad buzz.
    Is it possible that a couple of B-listers could have opened a badly reviewed and badly buzzed for months Bewitched over 20 million? Yes it is. But is it probable? No.
    With Kidman and Ferrell have proven themselves to be very, very reliable openers. Good movie or bad movie, a 20 million + opening is now the least you can expect from either of them these days (in a big studio film). It’s the sort of reliability that allows restless studio executives to sleep well at night. If I was a studio executive wanting wanting to keep my job, I wouldn’t sleep well relying on the possibility that Alicia Silverstone and David Schiwimmer have to open one of the most poorly buzzed movies of the year.

  13. Martin says:

    Bewitched opened purely on the stars. It opened better than Practical Magic, which also had so-so reviews and a decent mix of stars. I don’t know how much of the audience for Bewitched was male, but the absolutely only thing appealing to any guy is Will Ferrell. Kidman is not really a hottie anymore and added legitimacy to the quality of the film, but only brought in chicks. You’re kidding yourself if you think Bewitched opened on concept/tv show popularity. It opened because it’s the only decent date movie out now other than Mr.’s Smith and it had a couple popular stars in it. End of story.

  14. Joe Leydon says:

    See, I’m wondering whether “Bewitched” might get a bump over Saturday and Sunday simply because it’s more likely to be the first choice of an older (i.e., 25+) audience. I’m not sure how many sci-fi geeks or teens will be drawn to it.

  15. Martin says:

    Bewitched will not hold up well because it’s going to get bad word of mouth. Batman will stay at #1 over the weekend, but be in 2nd or 3rd by Wed.

  16. Henry Hill says:

    Lohan squandered all the goodwill earned from “Mean Girls” by regressing to a kid-friendly Disney update. “Freaky Friday” was successful because it was a hip update of a Disney movie. “Mean Girls” was successful because of Tina Fey’s biting script. “Herbie: Fully Loaded” feels tired and pre-packaged. Doesn’t anyone think the NASCAR angle is at least three years too late?
    How come no one is talking about the bone-headed decisions by stuios when it comes to release dates? Despite what some people may think, Lohan is NOT a proven big-time opener at the box office. “Freaky Friday” was smart late-summer August programming. Same goes for “Mean Girls” spring relaese date. Lohan is not ready to go up against Pitt & Jolie, Batman, and Spielberg & Cruise.
    The release date is what hurt “Cinderella Man.” Who had the bright idea to release a Depression-era, Oscar-baiting boxing drama just when kids are getting out of school? Howard & Crowe is not the same as Howard & Hanks. “Cinderella Man” should’ve had the late-July “Seabiscuit” date. It would’ve had room–and time–to develop legs. Also, “Seabiscuit” had the advantage of being adapted from a hugely popular best-seller that had entered a certain part of the American Psyche. Who went into “Cinderella Man” only knowing it as one the questions from “Quiz Show”?

  17. Chester says:

    I agree that A-listers Kidman and Ferrell opened “Bewitched” to a degree B-listers couldn’t even approach. To argue otherwise is to have already forgotten “The Honeymooners,” which came and went just a couple of weeks ago. Also, I wouldn’t count out “Bewitched” yet in light of the fact that “Monster-in-Law,” which catered to a similar audience, has done great despite its similar critical drubbing.
    gailia, “Breast Men” was an HBO film that did not play in U.S. theatres. (I don’t know where it may have played overseas.) BTW, for those who haven’t seen it, it’s excellent and highly recommended – best work of Schwimmer’s career.

  18. Kernan says:

    As much as I loved Batman Begins I can’t help but consider it a disappointment in terms of box office. Granted that it was hampered greatly by Joel Schumacher’s abysmal 90’s versions but with a new star, new director and no connection to those films I had the feeling that the film should have opened to Spiderman type numbers or at the very least X-Men numbers.
    I think Warner’s ad push in the final two weeks was a little light and that they felt they could open the film without a splashy ad campaign, probably figuring that Batman was well known enough to open on it’s own.
    180 million dollars in reality is a great number but in the hothouse of breathless box office reportage I am surprised by the restraint people have shown in not drawing the negative dollar equations to Batman.
    I don’t necesarily believe the comparison is fair or necessary but I am curious why is no one drawing the Batman-Spiderman box office comparison.

  19. Eric says:

    The Batman and Spider-Man franchises aren’t really comparable.
    Keep in mind that “Batman Begins” is the fifth Batman movie in just over 15 years– and the last few were abysmal. There had never been a Spider-Man movie before four years ago.
    It’s true that “BB” deserves better, but keep in mind that it’s following some insultingly bad predecessors. You’d have a better case to make comparing it to “Revenge of the Sith”… not a good case, but a better one.

  20. Angelus21 says:

    Batman being first again would be a big win for them. Beating out two high profile movies.

  21. Wrecktum says:

    Blame Pixar for Disney’s decision to put Herbie in mid-June.
    When Cars moved to Summer ’06, it left a big hole in Disney’s ’05 holiday schedule. So Chicken Little was moved out of summer. Since Chicken Little was to be Disney’s “tentpole” family summer pic, they had to shore up their schedule by promoting a lesser summer film to that role. Unfortunately, the only thing they had available was Herbie. Lindsay is clearly not a summer A-lister, and Herbie is a 35 year old property, but it was they only near-sure thing they had.
    So blame greedy Steve Jobs, not the good people at Disney distribution.

  22. Martin says:

    If you want to blame previously disliked versions of Batman for this one doing less than tentpole numbers, that’s fine. But then that brings up another issue. Lets compare it to Star Wars. TPM opened huge because there was a long time between it and ROTJ. Batman probably needed a little more time to start “fresh” again. Smarter, longer-term thinking execs at WB would have let audiences go for the Superman ride for the next 3-5 years, and then come back bigtime with Batman. This just feels too close for comfort to Batman and Robin, audiences are burned out on Batman even if this one supposedly fresh.

  23. Wrecktum says:

    ^ Remember that Batman and Batman Returns hold the records for first movies to reach $40m and $50 opening weekends. The Batman franchise used to be the shiznit. The tepid reaction to the opening of the latest flick proves that indeed there needed to be a few more years between the last film and this new “reimagined” franchise.

  24. jeffmcm says:

    Yes, greedy horrible Steve Jobs, who throws money at his movies until they don’t suck. I mean, who lets his filmmakers take their time with the movies to insure that they’re good.

  25. KamikazeCamel says:

    “Good news in that this means that my two favorite directors under 40 – Doug Liman and Chris Nolan are now officially part of the A-list, hopefully to soon surpass the likes of Michael Bay and Brett Ratner.”
    Whoa, hold your horses mate. Don’t go around making statements like that. They are not “officially” part of the A List. They may be on their way, but you need more than 2 big hits (but, still, who remembers Insomnia from Nolan??)
    It’s appreciated.
    I think people are really underestimating Batman Forever. It’s actually kinda popular, you know! It was Batman & Robin that really stunk up the joint.
    And I’m sure waiting a few extra years to gestate between movies sounds good in theory but if you were a studio exec and needed a big movie would you go “hmm… we can go ahead with Batman now while we have a good script, good director, great cast and available time… or we could wait another five years when people are truly sick and tired of superhero movies and there is not only Spiderman but also Superman to take away our audience…?”

  26. L&DB says:

    Im not pulling any punches with this. Mr and Mrs Smith proves that the US audience will bite at absolute dog shit sometimes. If I had control over Tom Rothman’s brain. I would easily recommend the sequel be directed by a more competent director. Liman has his limits, and Face Pitt and Applehead hardly have the star power of Matt Damon. The biggest insult anyone can give the Bourne Identity is comparing it to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Good lord. Just good lord. Secondly, I love the BWP guy and the “hated season six of Buffy” guy slagging the SW prequels. Dont act like a brother forgets. It just does not happen. Third; Herbie failed because of Lohan. Lohan up and changed the way she looked. Go look at this weeks US Weekly. She sold herself as the new Anne Margaret, and now wants us to accept her as being another friggin Laura Flynn Boyle. That not only kills any male audience she had who loved her curves. It also freaks out parents. Who not only dont have the SACK to let their kids see Revenge or Bats. Since they would have a problem with someone with her friggin image. And if I am coming across like some sexist pig. Think again. Lohan sold an image before anything else. We live in such an image conscious society. That when some star, who sold herself much differently than now, changes. It freaks out the fans. Let us all point to the man about to marry a 26 year-old virgin as an example. Lohan screwed Disney, and Disney should no longer be in the Lindsay Lohan business. Neither should any studio in town until she reverts back to WHO SHE SOLD HERSELF AS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Her people and Tom Cruise’s sister need to have commisseration sessions. One final note; ARE SOME OF YOU BLOODY DAFT? Stop comparing Bats numbers to any other friggin comic book film sans X-Men. If you people cant see the similarities. YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR MINDS WIDER. Bats will sell on DVD. It’s selling well abroad. People will see it on cable, especially the kids of those SACKLESS MFIN parents, and the next film will DOUBLE THE BANK! In 3 years, when this happens, just remember; “SUCK IT.”

  27. Lota says:

    you crack me up L&DB. that should be a memo on every ‘sackless’ exec’s desk in the AM for Monday meetings.
    Lohan sold an image yes, she did, but i think more to adults than contemporaries and younger–many chicks think it’s great that she lost ‘the weight’. Unfortunately most modeling agencies who sell the image of Feminine to the US still won’t take girls under 5’8″ and prefer 34 or under bust & hips & size 2 dress size. Despite Casablanca’s curve revo in the lates 80s/early 90s, it’s still Emaciated that sells to clothes/makeup to youth/females. So only the males are moaning about her transition, and I am not sure they flock to cheese rated-G movies.
    If the Herbie numbers suck monday morning, then we’ll know the kiddies didn’t come out, and if Lindsay has any sense of future she will stop whoring her nose & body around the clubs.
    The Batman movie is great–it will make more than a thin dime and they have 2 sequels in the works.

  28. Martin says:

    How about Lohan is still not a big draw and no one cares about her weight anyway? If Herbie turns out to be a loser, it’s because the concept of a Herbie remake felt very stale to audiences. Yes, it would have done better if more popular actors were in it, but blaming it on lindsey’s weight loss or party antics is desperately naive.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Not that it matters, but I was right that “Bewitched” took a Sat/Sun drop from Friday’s numbers. It’s not fair to compare it to “The Honeymooners,” because my point is that whenever a film has ANYTHING resembling a sci-fi/fantasy angle it will get that hardcore opening day geek crowd. Both, however — and including “Herbie” — suffer from that case of 30s-40s studio executive remaking films from shows from their childhoods that have no bearing with today’s 12-24 core males. These kids/teens might flock to movies based on things from their childhoods growing up in the late 80s/early 90s, like a movie about Kurt Cobain, or another sequel to the “X-Files” or something.

  30. Paul V says:

    Here are the satuarday numbers from
    Title Daily Total
    So I guess a bat has legs (or wings) and a broomstick does not.

  31. Joe Leydon says:

    Could it be that “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is holding because it’s actually getting GOOD word of mouth?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bear with me while I think out loud, but I think I may have been wrong. Perhaps today’s 12-24 males are NOT the core audience for movies. Perhaps it’s YESTERDAY’s 12-24 group, who are now the 25-39 Gen Xers who grew up with “Star Wars,” “Raiders,” Bill Murray and Batman, and have now grown up. They are now the more sophisticated, yet still ironic, pseudo yuppies, that embrace more stylish movies like “Hitch,” “Mr and Mrs Smith,” “Meet the Fockers,” while still seeking out “BB” and “Star Wars.” They are bloggers, writers, filmmakers, who are deeply cynical about marketing, who read books like Fast Food Nation and The Tipping Point. They have a built in stink-meter for crappy films like “Bewitched” or “Herbie.” They want to see the peers that have proven themselves worthy of some respect (Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Ben Stiller, Johnny Depp, Jamie Foxx), while shunning the limited talents of stars like Lindsey Lohan, Ashton Kutcher, and Orlando Bloom. Hmmm. Nothing really new here, but it will make me think slightly differently about upcoming films.

  33. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    let me break it down for you. teen males have a 70% chance of getting laid after a SMITH and about 0.2% chance after a LAND. do not underestimate the power of the penis when it comes to movie selection.

  34. jeffmcm says:

    Then why are so many horror movies considered date movies?

  35. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    there are good date horror movies and bad ones. LAND is one bombastic ugly looking lil number. big diference between a GRUDGE and a LAND – one your date holds your arm, the other she’d rather chew it off to get the hell away from you.

  36. Joe Leydon says:

    “Amityville Horror” — $23 mil opening weekend
    “Land of the Dead” — $10.2 opening weekend
    Yeah, I’d agree that, if you make an R-rated horror flick, it’s good to make one that the dating crowd might want to see.

  37. L&DB says:

    But unlike all of those horrible PG-13 flicks. Land will be around for a long long time. Rather makes something that matters, gets a lot cash abroad (The Italians will probably find their movie theatres again. Thanks to a Romero zombie flick. Same goes with the Japanese). Something that matters always better than something that doesnt. And trust me; there are a lot of people who got laid after Land of the Dead. Here comes friggin jackoff Boam, and his jackoff theories. Want to sell me that the world’s flat Boam? Come on! You know you wanna. Lota and Martin my reply to you, simply, bollocks. Lohan pretty much shot Herbie in the parking lot. But if you old foggies want to under sell the importance of IMAGE to one of the most IMAGE conscious generations ever. Then go ahead. I wont stop you. I might laugh at you, but that happens all the time anyway! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (Ends by doing a Flair Flop)

  38. Lota says:

    I don’t see what appeal Bewitched or Herbie has for any adults really. I was to see both today and picked a better offer of the dive bar and clams instead.
    Mr & Mrs Smith were getting more Press at the huge gay pride event in Chicago I hear from a friend covering it–Brad would be proud. Many were dressed up as Brangelina (complete with hitman guns etc) and there were even “Dykes from Troy” (Brad again)!
    Alas No one was dressed as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. When I asked a journalist friend of mine about it she just sputtered and said “oh they are Soo 10 minutes ago. The Queen’s all want to be Angie and bang Brad anyway”.
    WOTW is a black box…but will it be a cash box? Tom’s antics & lack of interest in keeping the focus on his movie, and too many other blockbusters to see may dampen interest in Spielberg’s latest.
    Judgement will be swift at any rate. The top three this week, may be the top 3 next weekend too.

  39. Lota says:

    L&DB who you callin “old foggies”? You talkin to me?! I still get asked “what school do you go to” in the comic book stores.
    The image of Lohan will not put off moviegoers as much as the Rated G movie about a frickin car no one under 35 knows about and Herbie wasn’t even a good Disney rerun on TV. Dullsville. Give me Banana Splits or anything else please.
    Lohan’s image is only negative in the entertainment press (and do those readers pay for film tickets ? No) but it seems pretty positive still in the teen mags (they buy tickets).

  40. L&Db says:

    Lota, as you mentioned earlier this week, the SACKLESS parents took their kids to see Herbie. Teens probably stayed away like the plague. Disney would have been better off remaking Condorman or the Computer that Wore Tennis Shoes. Good times. Good times. Yeah, people who mention any show associated with Syd and Marty Croft are SO YOUNG! Like…totally. Of course I kid..or do I? Sans Lota somehow finding the comic book store with the oldest population in all of the Southland. WOTW sort of reminds me of Godzilla 98. Not showing the monster(s) in the trailers or TV spots. A lot of CGI destruction in those ads. Followed by pain expressions from the lead actors, and so on. WOTW should die harder than John Amos in Die Hard 2 or the second season of Good Times. Plus, it’s RIPPING OFF SIGNS! Wow. The Beard had to direct a script written by a jackass. Who liked Signs, and decided to just make it bigger by 60%! Good going Koepp! For your next script, could rewrite Charlie’s Angels. That would be funny.

  41. Lota says:

    l&db for the last time, Signs is a cheap rip off of WOTW book so how can Spielberg be ripping off Signs?! Spielberg is doing a re-interp of the book, but, like SIgns, it sounds like a cop out ending is in store for the masses who pray for Darwin and get frickin God’s punishment instead, in the form of Tom Cruise. Bet he don’t slay the invaders with Ritalin.
    If anything…Spielberg is making the same mistakes of the forerunner, Signs and the ’53 version. IS no one brave enough to do a real Wells-ian approach? Not yet it seems.
    But you may have a poinht in that most under 25s may think WOTW is a copy of Signs because they’ve not read any Wells.
    Banana splits has been on endless rotation on cable & satellite(especially in Europe where I lived) for the last decade, you insulting rodent. I have to keep up on comics for work so I frequent the high schoolers hang out. You want old Southland wisdom…talk to Leydon (sorry Joe).

  42. Joe Leydon says:

    Lota: What’s that young’un? I can’t hear ya. I’m too busy setting up to watch my DVD of “H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds.” And no, young’un, I ain’t talking ’bout no movie with Gene Barry, or that Tom Cruise fella.

  43. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    Lazy Dumb bastard writes ” And trust me; there are a lot of people who got laid after Land of the Dead”
    You and your mother don’t count.
    Romero Like Carpenter and their ilk is a royal hack past his prime. I’m sure all those Fulci/Martino/ Deodato fans will be lining the streets of roma. LD&B is what happens when someone doesn’t get weened off Fangoria at the appropriate age.

  44. Lota says:

    sorry Joe. I will buy extra copies of movie mag next week w/your article highly praising Robt evans for my pals as penance for insulting your age group. Put yer teeth in before chowing down the rice cakes by the way.
    i would like to see a reinterp of The Invisible Man, with a really evil rotten invisible lead…like the book. That would be a good Wells tome to do. The Russians did a bizarre version of it in the 80s, but it was halfway decent. I haven’t seen much of the bevy of TV things done on that book.
    There are many huge festivals on in the major cities this weekend, so BO may take a dip in the Gen X age group.

  45. Joe Leydon says:

    Er, Lota: Didn’t you ever see the version with Claude Rains as Mr. Invisible? That was some BAD dude.

  46. Lota says:

    Mais oui, bien sur. Claude Rains es le merde.
    1933 is just about my favorite year for film. Two great Wells interp including my fave Island of Lost Souls.

  47. Joe Leydon says:

    What is the law? Not to spill blood. Are we not men?
    (Sorry, Lota: Are we not humans?)

  48. Lota says:

    we are Devo
    I suppose we are not to go about on all fours either. Someone should tell that to Tom Cruise next time he goes on Oprah. That boy needs to return to the House of Pain. “That stubborn beast flesh keeps creeping back!”

  49. Joe Leydon says:

    Maybe Tom simply was declaring his love with an Iggy Pop allusion: “I wanna be your dog!”

  50. Lota says:

    Something tells me Katie isn’t going to be that lucky; doesn’t sound like her first look 5yr deal with Tom includes ‘getting any’. If only you slapped a collar&leash on Benicio, things could’ve been different Katie.

  51. L&DB says:

    Lota, again, Im talking about the PERSPECTIVE in which M. Night shot Signs. Now, besides you, let us discuss Boam. Boam, you need to crawl back into the hole you have been in. Because I am not going to take your shit without Juggernauting your ass. Again you sorry little bitch of a cracker. Dont be talking smack about a man’s mom. Just becasue you and your meth ravaged brain find it as a cunning insult. Does not make it so. It just makes you look like a tiny little bitch of a man. Who needs to get a beating. Of course, violence solves nothing, but a piece of shit like you stopped being human a long time ago. Shit Boam. You even have an idiot’s opinion. Romero, unlike Carpenter or any other director influence by him, does not even come close to a hack. Im sure someone with your rabbit like brain has a hard to actually understanding Romero’s work. Since again, you have a rabbit size brain, and enjoy trying to suck your own self off. Stupid Rabbit. I just love how you love to insult geeks. When you are worse than those folks can ever be; you are sub-human. So keep on believing that people who watch Zombie movies dont get laid or are some pathetic species that you want them to be. Zombie films, especially ROMERO ZOMBIE FILMS, are the best the genre has ever produced. Speaking of producing. Does your father ever look you and thing; “I would have been better off to shoot that load at a wall?” Im sure he does. Since, you cant be anything less, than a gripping disappointment. I told you bitch. You dont talk about my ma. Apparently you never saw SNATCH.

  52. RileyFinn says:

    Shenanigans have officially broken out. Both parties return to your corners, stop insulting each other’s parent, and coming out insulting each other! LET’S GET IT ON!

  53. jeffmcm says:

    Romero and Carpenter both deserve respect for their work, neither has a 100% batting average but when they’re good, they’re good.
    LDB, why don’t you like David Koepp? Are you just spreading your presold disdain for WOTW onto him? Trigger Effect was boring but Secret Window was fun.

  54. L&DB says:

    Actually Jeff, I really like the Trigger Effect. An absolutely ridiculous black-out flick. It’s also not pre-sold. Im going to go see the blasted thing. I have some hope in it. Not much because it always smelled like ass to me. But why blame the director and the marrying 26 year-old virgin star? The writer essentially ripped off Signs (which does not have a blasted thing in common with WOTW sans an Alien invasion. Which has become ingrained into our collective pop-culture thanks to the blasted 50s!).

  55. jeffmcm says:

    Glad to hear you still have an open mind, as do I. Again, though, I don’t think there’s any ripping off here since this movie seems to be on a much larger scale, and Spielberg only rips off classic directors like John Ford, Capra, and Hitchcock. Anyway if there is plagiarism you should blame Spielberg. Remember, he pretty makes whatever movie he wants to make.

  56. KamikazeCamel says:

    “They have a built in stink-meter for crappy films like “Bewitched” or “Herbie.” They want to see the peers that have proven themselves worthy of some respect (Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Ben Stiller, Johnny Depp, Jamie Foxx)”
    I would think that someone such as Nicole Kidman has garnered more respect than JAMIE FOXX who’s had all of 2 movies where he was the main character and only one of which was actually good (dieraydie)
    “Liman has his limits, and Face Pitt and Applehead hardly have the star power of Matt Damon.”
    Internationally I would think Pitt is a much bigger star. Mr & Mrs Smith is going gangbusters overseas I think. I know it is in Australia anyway… not that that means anything to anyone here.
    “Judgement will be swift at any rate. The top three this week, may be the top 3 next weekend too.”
    Lota, I hope that was a joke! Cause it was the funniest thing I’ve read all week.
    And in conclusion, you know what movie was randomly way better than it had any right to be… “Starman”. I watched it for the second time last night and it’s so strange that it’s so good. Goofy CGI and all!

  57. L&DB says:

    Camel, the Starman TV show absolutely ruled. One of the better shows ever to feature a guy playing a mini-cassette via his brain. Maybe the only one, but it actually ADDED to the movie. Instead of taking away from it. It sort of ranks right up there with The Parenthood TV show. I wonder if Ken Ober has chest pains. When remind of the shot took to get off of MTV, that essentially ended his career.

  58. L&DB says:

    Damn. I butchered that last sentence. Sorry if it gives you a migrane Jeff.

  59. bicycle bob says:

    camel do u seriously have to quote everyone before u respond to them? we can read

  60. BluStealer says:

    Lota, LDB, and Jeff should get a private room with all the hugging and the kissing that goes on between them.

  61. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    Hey Lazy, Dumb, Bastard – the hole you refer to that i crawled out of is commonly known as work. You should try it sometime. You disagree that Carpenter and Romero are past their golden age. The laughter you hear behind your back is everyone who saw BRUISER, MADNESS, MARS, DARK. You keep insisting the new WOW is a rip of SIGNS. Well having seen it, I am happy to say you have again put your athlete foot in your bucktoothed mouth. Listen you fucking hillbilly – you took the first potshot round these parts and now you’re crusing for a brusing interrupting my boozing. [i will give $100 to anyone who can name that New Jersey set flick]

  62. L&DB says:

    Rabbit brain, you really need to stop calling working at a METH LAB ‘work.’ You bring of Bruiser, and I must ask; HAVE YOU EVER SEEN IT? A movie dealing with the blank face of yuppie consumerism and it’s effects on one man. Leads me to believe your meth ravaged rabbit brain cannot handle any sort of metaphor. Let alone the sublty of Romero’s work. One last thing my little rabbit brained bitch. You started this. Not that it makes it right or anything, but you started this by calling me lazy dumb bastard. Then, you rutting crank head, you insulted my mom. I can finish things like this all the time. Since Ive come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and Im all out of bubblegum. Learn how to act civil you rabbit brain freak. I can, but can you? Doubtful.

  63. L&DB says:

    Blu, I dont have to insult everybody. Some people on here have my respect. Others, have my disdain, and I put the Gallo upon them.

  64. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    Lazy Dumb Bastard – I call you that because you have proven it to be correct everytime your knuckles graze over the keyboard.
    Everyone is kind of bored with your ranting and so am I. once again you are wrong on all counts.
    You started this by name calling me. check the chronology you inbred polesmoker.
    Bruiser is an unwatchable misfire. I saw it with George and told him myself. The ‘sublty’ of Romero’s work. Yeah real subtle. Wow – zombies = braindead consumers. Very subtle. AS faceless guy in the shallow world of advertising. Tres subtle. Okay – enough bitchslapping for you? Go away little boy, come back when youse all grows’d up.

  65. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    ==== begin ==== apologies to the forum for putting lazy dumb bastard in his place === end of communication=====

  66. Life&DeathBrigade says:

    Boam, FUCK YOU, does not account for the distate I have for you. You Meth ravaged piece of shit. Let me explain the chronology to you. First off; you begin to insult geeks. I defend them. 2) You then call me Lazy Dumb Bastard, and I ignore. 3) You follow that up by WISHING DEATH ON ME. Doing that a sicillian, you knuckle dragging FUCK, not a good fucking idea. 4) You follow that you, you god damn waste of humanity, by insulting my mother. 5) I ask you 3 TIMES, 3 TIME, you disgrace to higher-brain function, not to do it. You continue. Go and read the SIN CITY post from April Boam. You started it. You have continue to be a piece of shit, that sucks at breathing, and have been put in your place by me so many times. That “RABBIT BRAINED BITCH” should be tattooed on your ass. Dont apologize to the blog. You sorry pathetic piece of shit. Apologize to me. If not, then, FUCK OFF, enjoy destroying your mind on METH, and ROT IN FUCKING HELL YOU TOTAL AND UTTER PIECE OF SHIT! FACE BOAM! FACE!

  67. joefitz84 says:

    You two going to get a room and makeout?

  68. Joe Leydon says:

    I have to ask myself: Does LDB kiss his mother with that dirty mouth? I hope not.

  69. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    joe – now now. just cos his mom has a dirty mouth doesn’t mean he can’t kiss her.
    and kiss her.
    and kiss her.

  70. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    when he’s not eroticising he’s brad pitt in SNATCH – lazy dumb bastard imagines himself as some sort of capo douche from a puzo novel. hey lazy, call us when you stop living out your cine-fantasies on the web. whats next – you gonna use your super powers on us?
    like i said. i put a fork in you you’re done. now piss off junior before i slap the snot out of you.

  71. Joe Leydon says:

    Why do I get the feeling I am going to do nothing but regret my inadvertently giving Jeff more buckshot for his shotgun?

  72. joefitz84 says:

    LDB, it takes a lot for me to side with Boams doctor and I am reluctantly doing that, well not really. Just respond to that fool without using the profanity and the gutter mouth. It really kills your argument when you resort to third grade insults. I think we’re all a little more mature than that. Now you two getting that room?

  73. L&DB says:

    Joe, let me get this right. That piece of shit
    1) Wishes death on me.
    2) Insults my mom.
    3) Then brings up incest.
    4) Also reveals himself as a homophobe.
    and you side with him because of cursing? Are out of
    your fucking mind or what? Boam just reveals himself
    to be one of those people who just sucks at existance.
    If you stand by his side because I curse, then I
    lump you with him. You are no better. You make a joke
    out of this saying we need a room. Fuck you. This
    is no joke. I dont know how you were raised joe.
    But the things boam have posted on this blog are
    not stood for in any community in which I have been
    raised. He’s just another swarmy intolerant and worthless
    piece of shit on the internet. Who says things that
    would catch him a whoppin in real life.
    If you have a problem with cursing joe. More so
    than anything else boam has directed at me. You
    really need to get your priorities in order.
    Boam, keep running your internet mouth. You just
    reveal yourself to be a bigger piece of shit each
    moment you post something. Im not in the game of
    letting people win. Im in the game of mutually assured
    destruction. If you want to run me off this blog
    boam. Then you are coming with me. All Megatron
    like you insulent piece of shit.
    If I were you. I would ignore me. Go about your
    drug ravaged insistance, and try to use your life
    for something more productive. Then being a total
    repugnant shit on the internet.

  74. jeffmcm says:

    First Boam says Romero and Carpenter have always been hacks. Then he brings up their worst movies as proof, conveniently ignoring their best movies. Lots of selective arguing going on.
    LDB, as worthy of praise as your efforts are, even you must agree that Monkey Shines, The Dark Half, and Bruiser are all basically the same movie.

  75. Life&DeathBrigade says:

    jeff, sure, the man has recurring themes in his work. He felt like dealing with those themes in those three movies. I do feel that Bruiser ranks at #1 in that list. Selective arguing from a lunatic? Not a surprise.

  76. jeffmcm says:

    Recurring themes is fine and I have no problem with it, but I think each of those three movies is progressively less interesting and more repetitive.
    There are a lot of lunatics on this blog, and LDB, you are not one of them.

  77. KamikazeCamel says:

    Bi-Bob, I quote people because unlike others I don’t live here and the things I want to reply to have gone somewhere up the page and people will wonder what the hell I’m talking about.
    I could’ve done it again but figured you’d understand.

  78. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    hey jeff – i said they were hacks past their prime. this is not selective thinking – it’s called rationale thought. then you state that those three Romero films were progressively less interesting. thanks for cementing my argument jeffy old boy. now why dont you go and get a shinebox for you and lazy dumb bastard – then you can both polish one of my shoes each.

  79. jeffmcm says:

    Why so ill-tempered with the name-calling?
    I believe your original quote was, “Romero Like Carpenter and their ilk is a royal hack past his prime.”
    Are you now saying that, in their prime, they were not royal hacks? That they were, in fact, talented and smart filmmakers?
    And I think “hack” is an incorrect word here anyway. A “hack” is someone who will take any job for money, and who have no artistic interest. This applies to plenty of crappy directors, but considering that Romero has made three movies in the last fifteen years, I don’t think he qualifies.

  80. jeffmcm says:

    I’m trying to find the middle ground here. Yes, Romero and Carpenter have each made bad movies. That doesn’t change the fact that they’ve made masterpieces in the past and are still capable of good work. What do you find so offensive about them? I’d rather watch Romero’s worst movie than Pearl Harbor again any day.

  81. jeffmcm says:

    Boam, just read your correspondence with LDB which I had skimmed, and you acted like a jerk. You started the whole argument with your name-calling and obviously had nothing on your mind except malicious intent. Sure, he gets over-excited about certain things but there’s no excuse for your level of nastiness.

  82. FollowUsToTheEdgeOfTheDesert says:

    Exactly jeff. Even go back further, and read where it all started. He might have been insulted, but nothing calls for that level of nastiness. Of course, the most perverse thing may be, that he finds all of that stuff funny. Which remains a great bit disturbing.

  83. bicycle bob says:

    romero and carpenter are hacks. they make some good movies but look at their resumes. very hack filled. they do have some entertaining movies to their credit. but they’re not exactly spielberg.

  84. bicycle bob says:

    why are u crying like a bitch ldb? everyone here knows boams doctor is a crackpot. why u let that jerk get to u?

  85. BluStealer says:

    I didn’t know 8th grade girls were allowed to post and see R rated movies.

  86. TheBrigade says:

    Bob, wow, I feel the conservative love right there buddy. You see Bob. There are some lines you do not cross. No matter how much of a crackpot. There are place you dont go. That’s just life. Let him say you fuck your mother, and let’s see how you take it Bob. Blu, man, feel the love. Not like I expect much, from crackas.

  87. Terence D says:

    I feel real bad for Jeffrey Boam. He must be really under the weather and doesn’t get the proper care he deserves and needs.

  88. bicycle bob says:

    he and others here have said worse. who cares? he accomplished his goal. he got u crying like a baby and complaining about it. hes probably sitting in his basement, after a night of pron surfing, and laughing at u for being such a baby. have some backbone, big guy

  89. TheBrigade says:

    Bob, again, THE PRINCIPAL. Not like, again, I would expect white folks to understand. But hey, why dont you go fuck your mother in her ass, then go fuck your father, and then die. You see, I meant known of that bob, but do you not see how mean it is? Grow a backbone? Grow some principal son.

  90. TheBrigade says:

    Bob, what part of, “THE PRINCIPLE” of the whole thing. Do you not understand? Were you raised to talk shit about people’s parents? You raised to wish death on people bob? Sorry. I wont stand for that shit. Grow a backbone? Man, that’s some GRADE-A bullshit right there bob. You need to shake up there bob. I worry about your constitution.

  91. TheBrigade says:

    Darn. I thought I stopped that first one. Shenanigans. Just read the second one. HOORAY! And yes, I do know that’s PRINCIPLE not PRINCIPAL! Thus the reason I tried to delete it! HIP-HOP HOORAY! HEY! HO! HEY! HO! HEY! HO! HEY! HO! HIP-HOP HOORAY! HEY! HO! HEY! HO!

  92. BluStealer says:

    You just sound like a big baby. Get over it.

  93. TheBrigade says:

    A big baby? Statements like that not only make me question you, but everything behind you. Absolutely amazed, easily an understatement. All I have to say is this, this is done. But at least Im going to fucking curse now. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  94. LesterFreed says:

    We got a bunch of whiners in here all the sudden. Poppa needs to give out some spankins to regulate.

  95. BunchOB*tche* says:

    So lester, go fuck your mother, blu go fuck your father, and bob go fuck both them. Making Jim Morrison a very happy man. Glad to know who the fucking nutjobs are on this blog, and how they have no problem with people telling other people; that they fuck their parents. So you PARENTFUCKERS, have fun, and dont let it hit you on the chin on the way out. Sure. Im kidding. Doesnt mean you all are not a bunch of no-class bitches. BIOYTCHES. BIZNITCHES. And BIOYTCHEITCHES! Etc…..etc…..etc…..

  96. L&DB says:

    As that is that. Good day people. Enjoy the wine and cheese, and make sure to pick up your coupons on the way out. They are good for one free Taco at Taco Bell, Del Taco, or Jack in the Box. It’s flexible.

  97. jeffmcm says:

    BiBob, you seem to be implying that Romero and Carpenter are hacks simply because they have made mostly horror and sci-fi movies, is that the case? I would suggest that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Hacks make movies like Armageddon and Batman and Robin and Lost in Space, but without the good movies on their resumes to balance out.

  98. Stella's Boy says:

    And every director stumbles here and there. That alone does not make them a hack. Carpenter has made some awful movies, especially as of late, but I don’t think he’s a hack.

  99. Terence D says:

    Every director is allowed a slip up now and again. Doesn’t mean he is a hack. Carpenter might have directed some really terrible movies but he is innovative. Romero just never got the chance to direct anything besides zombie movies.

  100. bicycle bob says:

    they’re hacks. how many great movies have they done? have they churned out movies for strictly profit? yes. i’m not saying they’re inept because i actually like romero and some of carpenter but they’re not on the upper tier of directors. they’re niche guys. hack might be too strong a word but only super fans of them can say they’re good.

  101. Stella's Boy says:

    How about they are good directors who have made some bad movies?

  102. bicycle bob says:

    no. they’re not that good. seriously u can’t be seriously trying to tell me these guys are good. look at the resumes. romero has made the dark half, monkey shines, day of the dead, and creepshow in the past 25 yrs. and ur trying to tell us hes good?
    and carpenter has made ghost of mars, the invisible man, village of the damned, escape from la, and vampires in the past 15 yrs.
    they have made some entertaining stuff. no way i would call them good directors with that much hack filled crap in their resumes.

  103. LesterFreed says:

    That is what I call hack filled. Carpenter is still living off of Halloween and Romero can’t shake the zombie thing. They’re hacks in the truest sense of the word.

  104. Stella's Boy says:

    I disagree. Plenty of good directors have made bad movies. I think some are throwing around the word hack a little too freely.

  105. LesterFreed says:

    Well how bout you name some real good movies either one of those guys has made. They’re good in the genre. Doesn’t make them good directors.

  106. Stella's Boy says:

    So making good genre movies doesn’t count now? You have to make Oscar winners to be considered good?

  107. bicycle bob says:

    stella has a weird affinity for hack directors. its like hes protective of them in a way. remember this is a guy who loves summer of sam and girl 6. so i don’t know if hes much of a judge of the difference between hack and solid director.

  108. Stella's Boy says:

    Of course, this is just my opinion:
    Good movies Romero has made: Night of the Living Dead, The Crazies, Martin, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead. Haven

  109. Stella's Boy says:

    bi-bob, quit talking out of your ass. Show me where I said that I love Summer of Sam and Girl 6. You’ll have trouble. You know why? Because I never said that I love those movies. Can you quit making shit up please? It’s really old.

  110. Terence D says:

    John Carpenter makes good schlock. But I would hesitate to call him a good director. More misses than hits and its not even a close list. And Romero’s best movies were made over 25 years ago. How can he be on a good list?

  111. Stella's Boy says:

    On my list, Terence, Carpenter has made more good movies than bad. Just my opinion.

  112. Terence D says:

    I don’t think you will find many to agree with you on that. He has made some good ones. Just overall hes not that distinguished as a director. He is more of a genre director which falls in the hack group. Any director who made Vampires and Ghost of Mars back to back cannot be considered good.

  113. bicycle bob says:

    those two are hacks. when u do have more crap than actual good movies that by definition or more importantly what we’re talking about here means hack. i like they live and assault. but the guy has churned out some real stinkers. higher than average. u gonna start the carpenter fan club to go along with ur spike lee club?

  114. Stella's Boy says:

    I’m still not exactly sure how we are defining hack here. Someone want to fill me in?

  115. bicycle bob says:

    hack — a director with more mis fires than solid flicks on his resume. a director who will really do anything for a buck or to see his name in the trades. see spike lee, john carpenter

  116. LesterFreed says:

    See also Bret Ratner and Joel Schumacher and Joe Roth.

  117. Stella's Boy says:

    “a director who will really do anything for a buck or to see his name in the trades.”
    So nearly every director working today then?

  118. bicycle bob says:

    i forgot to add those guys but u may as well stick with the tops in terms of hackdom. spike takes the cake.

  119. bicycle bob says:

    renny harlin a very close second to that

  120. Terence D says:

    Renny Harlin is probably tops on my list for hack directors.

  121. Mark says:

    The hack list keeps growing. There is a reason it is hard to be a good director. It ain’t easy.

  122. Angelus21 says:

    It is so hard to find even a competent director nowadays. Even Ratner keeps finding work. Oh Lordy!

  123. KamikazeCamel says:

    You think Spike Lee made “25th Hour” to get his name in the paper?

  124. bicycle bob says:

    he does that well enough when hes at the nba draft and making a fool out of himself on the sidelines.

  125. LesterFreed says:

    Don’t be hatin on the Knickerbockers. It only a matter of time before they’re back. But if you don’t want your name in the headlines you don’t sit front row for 81 games. Cheer on Spike.

  126. Terence D says:

    Sorry Lester but the Knicks will be bad to mediocre for a long time. Isiah doesn’t know what he is doing as GM.

  127. LesterFreed says:

    Now you’re breaking my heart. Give Isiah a shot. Maybe he’ll surprise ya.

  128. BluStealer says:

    Give me football over basketball any day of the week. I don’t like the squeaking of the sneakers. Call me a weirdo.

  129. bicycle bob says:

    break out that registering system asap

  130. Joe Leydon says:

    But where can I get penis shrinkage pills? Dammit, I’m tired of frightening women I want to pleasure.

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