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The Conspiracy Against The NYT Continues!

I’m just going to link to this… you tell me.
Mark Cuban Meets Andrew Ross Sorkin

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16 Responses to “The Conspiracy Against The NYT Continues!”

  1. bicycle bob says:

    what conspiracy? people are finally realizing its a liberal rag with an agenda.

  2. Bruce says:

    I don’t really care about their news section but their entertainment coverage has been severely lacking in recent years and I barely even pick it up or read it online anymore.

  3. PetalumaFilms says:

    That was pretty sweet! I mean, anyone who’s involved in the journalism field shouldn’t be shocked or surprised. But if I was someone who still believed major news was supposed to be “impartial,” that would really piss me off.
    Mark Cuban is awesome.

  4. AgentArc says:

    Wow, the NYT is badass. It must be crazy working there, like working in that Star Wars cantina. On one end, you have madmen with furry faces waiting to distort your words and chop off your arm. On the other, you have old men of glory and reckless bandits with hearts of gold!
    Cuban seems like a down-to-earth monopoly man that the public loves. Let’s give him a TV show!

  5. oldman says:

    I believe that the speeding up of the news cycle – first 24 hr cable tv news; now the internet – has caused a crisis for traditional print media. The need to be first and sensational has come at a cost of decliening quality. It is hard to inmagine that NYT would have allowed this to happen 10 years ago.
    If you have not read the lead article on Oil in Sunday’s NYT Magazine, don’t bother . awful. It is sad what is happening.
    PS Happy Birthday Hot Button!

  6. Terence D says:

    I really like Cuban as a guy and an owner. He is living the life right now.

  7. Wrecktum says:

    A Gotcha! by Cuban. With the advent of email, blogs and paper trails, we can finally start pulling back the vaneer of the 4th Estate.
    Nice play, Cuban. I hope others follow suit.

  8. bicycle bob says:

    the 4th estate is being ruined by the people in charge of protecting it. i’d be sad to watch it if i didn’t want to see it fail and die.

  9. jeffmcm says:

    BiBob, what would you prefer in the absence of The Media?

  10. Mark Ziegler says:

    I’m for a fair media. And if you’re not, don’t lie to us and say you are ie Washington Post. Thats all the public wants from their media.

  11. blackcloud says:

    Don’t insult the cantina by comparing it to the NY Times.

  12. Harley says:

    Just for the record, is this an indication of leftward bias or shoddy journalism? It seems more the latter than the former. Tho’ I would expect a hearty cry of ‘both!’ from those eager to chew on this exceedingly stale meme. (Tasty! Ideologically reinforcing too!)

  13. Wrecktum says:

    Explain how it’s an example of “leftward bias”? To me it’s more anti-Mark Cuban-bias.

  14. PandaBear says:

    Fuck the Times. I read the Post. –Frank Slattery

  15. AgentArc says:

    Bonds may be a risky business Mr. Slattery, but there is only so many versions of the truth.

  16. Josh says:

    If I had billions of dollars and owned a bball team i wouldn’t be wasting my time with emails and memos and crappy papers like the Times.

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