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By David Poland

The Next "Next New Thing"

While you are done with your Sprinkles cupcake, take a walk around the corner (you need it) to HannSpree, the giant new near-empty storefront on Beverly Drive and get a whiff of the future.
These guys are a little off the mark, but very close to the next big thing in home computing and decorating… theme monitors. They still produce primarily regular televisions, which I don’t see catching on beyond the bedrooms of very wealthy children and kitchens. The TVs are rather small by today’s standards and I doubt that many people want a 52″ baseball TV in their living room.
But as they realize that the market for themed monitors is quite real and that a couple of hundred-dollar premium for a really cool monitor is very viable, their business should take off.
Take a look

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104 Responses to “The Next "Next New Thing"”

  1. Josh says:

    If I only had some money…..

  2. Mark Ziegler says:

    After seeing The Constant Gardener, lets just say that City of God wasn’t a fluke.

  3. PandaBear says:

    Nobody seems to do John le Carre any justice lately on the big screen. All the word says this changes things. The book was good le Carre. Not George Smiley good but nothing is.

  4. Joe Leydon says:

    This is way, way off subject, I admit, but as a New Orleans native, I can’t resist. Remember when, several weeks ago, some people here were complaining about Tom Cruise’s “extreme behavior” (protecting his car with a gun, killing a noisy Tim Robbins off-camera) in “War of the Worlds”? Well, I hope you’re paying attention to what is happening in a flooded city that has descended into chaos, random gunfire and survival of the fittest. As I recently e-mailed David: You know, the veneer of civilization is very, very thin. All it takes is a disaster to reveal the beasts lurking underneath. And sometimes, to defend yourself, you have to slay a few of those beasts, just to protect yourself and your family, and to let the other beasts know you won’t go down without a fight. Sorry to go all Darwinian on your asses, but there it is.

  5. Angelus21 says:

    Every humans basic instinct is to protect themselves and their families. Like every animal. Thank God New Orleans wasn’t hit dead in the eye of the storm or it would have been much worse. I pray for everyone on the gulf coast.

  6. HenryHill says:

    Joe speaks the truth my brothers and sisters.
    Personally, I thought those scenes in WotW were some of the movie’s best. The movie was a startling illustration of Spielberg’s growing mistrust of humanity. I remember when A.I. was coming out he said he had been through “events” that made it almost impossible to return to the “innocence” of his earlier movies. You can see this starting to happen with SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, a movie that is harder on its characters–and humanity–than most people give it crdit for.

  7. Sanchez says:

    Some of the footage is tough to look at. The city is underwater.

  8. bicycle bob says:

    ur gonna see some good old fashioned american pride as everyone chips in to help rebuild the area.

  9. jeffmcm says:

    In a couple of months. But first, the tragedy continues.

  10. BluStealer says:

    I was just down there last year for Mardi Gras. Now it is a lake. I can see taking basic things like food, water. But stealing tv’s? Some people are not human beings.

  11. sky_capitan says:

    The best NFL Superbowl’s are always in New Orleans, from what I’ve heard. One long non-stop party.
    What I’m curious about now are the political ramifications in the near future about how manmade changes in those areas along the coast may have removed natural barriers that would have lessened or prevented such catastrophes in the first place.
    I’ll put Rush Limbaugh in the ring with Robert Kennedy Jr. and let them fight it out (if Rush isn’t too busy trying to build a bridge between Donovan McNabb and T.O.).

  12. Josh says:

    Who cares about politics at a time like this? These gangs and looters and anarchists are giving the city a terrible name. It’s what happens when you don’t have law and order and a respect for human life.

  13. jeffmcm says:

    It’s so easy to blame the victims.

  14. Mark Ziegler says:

    Yeah, they should definately be stealing tv’s and stereo systems because of a hurricane. Right, Jeff? They should be shooting at the cops trying to help and they should be raping women and fighting other people. Right, Jeff?

  15. jeffmcm says:

    What the looters are doing is horrible. I don’t know you, but you might be doing the same in that situation. I am more ashamed at the nation’s inability to help those people than I am at what the victims are doing.

  16. Chester says:

    Except for items absolutely necessary for survival, there is no excuse for what the looters are doing.
    But there is also no excuse for the federal government’s outrageously slow response to this situation.
    Nor for its denial of how global warming exists, which has increased the regularity and intensity of these kinds of storms on our shores.
    Nor for its tax policies, which have suddenly and dramatically created financial burdens upon municipalities whose infrastructures were already falling apart, increasing the likelihood and certainty of calamities like this.
    Nor for its misguided war in Iraq, which took the necessary corps of local National Guardsmen away and made it impossible to protect people and property within this devastated area.

  17. Stella's Boy says:

    Chester, when you’re right, you’re right. And right now, you’re right.

  18. Mark Ziegler says:

    If you think Global Warming exists then you just can’t be reasoned with, Jefster.
    I wondered how long it would take Stella’s Girl to blame Bush for Hurrican Katrina. Good job, Stella’s Girl!

  19. Stella's Boy says:

    When did I blame Bush for the hurricane? I don’t remember saying that. And honestly Mark, calling me Stella’s Girl is so old and lame. Do you really think that hurts my feelings? It makes you sound like a 12 year-old and makes me feel sorry for you.

  20. Angelus21 says:

    They’re not arresting people for looting food and water. The scum of the earth are looting video equipment, tv’s, etc. Gangs are shooting at hospitals. They’re shooting at National Guardsmen. Why didn’t any of these officials say anything before it happend? Because they didn’t want to look racist because everyone knows what color of people are doing this.
    We have had some big disasters in this country and usually we bond together and make sure we get through it. I was in New York City for both 9-11 and the blackout and the spirit was unbelievable. The actions of these few make me sick and I hope the police and the concerned citizens arrest every single one of them.

  21. Mark Ziegler says:

    Come on, Stella’s Girl. You agreed with Jefster who basically blamed Bush in his little rant there. Besides his blaming global warming, low taxes, and the War on Terror. Who else did you Libs leave out? Did you blame Bush for Deuce Bigalow 2??? I forgot that Conservatives became Supermen who can change the weather.
    And you know you really wanted to, Stella’s Girl. Just say what you really feel. Be who you really are. Join Robert Kennedy Jr who blamed the storm on Bush.
    Can we pass a law where Kennedy’s can’t talk about people drowning? Is that so hard to ask? Seriously here.

  22. PandaBear says:

    You want some real laughs to take your mind off the tragedy in the Gulf? Read some of those left winger blogs. You want to see anger boiling to the surface? The comedy these people write has cracked me up now for two days straight. I can’t believe some people are so callous and thoughtless. It is really shocking when you realize they’re Americans too.
    Disgusting and sickening if you think about it for too long.

  23. joefitz84 says:

    Again some people should just stick to movies and say their prayers that everyone is okay there and the worst is over. Pulling politics and using it to score points after a natural disaster like this is beyond terrible. Or is Mother Nature running for office?

  24. Chester says:

    You can all continue to bury your heads in the sand or up George Bush’s ass, but the rest of us can see clearly how current White House policies have virtually everything to do with the ongoing horrors of the images we’re seeing on television. And they’re a pretty damn good preview of the horrors we can expect to come.
    Global warming has everything to do with the increase in the frequency and intensity of these storms, but our current national policies insist there is no such thing as global warming (or evolution, for that matter). Cutting taxes reduces government revenues, and therefore has a direct effect on governments’ abilities to provide services like levee and dam maintenance. Besides, what if instead of flooding this had been an anthrax attack? What would you be saying then about the federal government’s failure to instantly mobilize troops to handle a gigantic regional disaster? How would you then explain how the absence of local National Guardsmen, who are instead fighting in WMD-free Iraq, was necessary to protect us from terror at home?
    This is not about “playing politics.” This is about the inevitable tragic outcome when blind, misguided, ignorant politics endanger the lives of millions of people, if not the whole country. But I guess you can never get blind, misguided, ignorant people to understand that.

  25. Joe Leydon says:

    I’m rushing out now — right now — to buy copies of every Kayne West CD I can get my hands on, before the right-wingers push to get them banned from Wal-Marts and Targets. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry — you soon will.

  26. Mark Ziegler says:

    Global warming did this??? That’s it. Do you people say whatever comes into your head? Every ccrackpot theory? It would be nice if you had the science to back it up but you don’t.
    The world has only been here for 4 billion years. Give or take a few years of course. Where do you get off thinking we’re the only thing that matters and that we control everything? We’re little specks in the huge scope of things. But its global warming all taking place since 1900 that is causing all these environmental problems.
    Forget the fact that a key method of measuring temperature change has exaggerated the warming rate by almost 40 per cent.
    Environmental organizations are fomenting false fears in order to promote agendas and raise money.
    But keep shouting your wacko theories. Who killed Kennedy? Bush when he was a teenager?

  27. jeffmcm says:

    Dave Poland should rename this “Right-Wing Idiot Blog”. You guys are always either ranting about politics or when you decide to talk about movies it’s “I like that actor. Who wouldn’t?” and other such unenlightening stuff.

  28. jeffmcm says:

    Actually, the hurricane should be blamed on our society’s tolerance for the gay agenda and other such godlessness. Right?

  29. joefitz84 says:

    Jeff, when did your views become mainstream? Where have you been the past ten years?

  30. Sanchez says:

    Mother Nature is responsible for people being homosexual and also for bad women drivers.

  31. sky_capitan says:

    “Because they didn’t want to look racist because everyone knows what color of people are doing this.”
    I’ll take issue with Angelus comment to bring race into this.
    But since it was brought up, I saw this on
    It’s interesting how differently the pics are interpreted. The black man looted food from a grocery store while the white man found food from a grocery store. Both Yahoo! news photos

  32. sky_capitan says:

    hmm, I guess yahoo put a statement out about this discrepency

  33. Sanchez says:

    I’m sure all the Mexicans paid in IOU’s. Keep the one for the Lamborghini. That’s a big one.

  34. jeffmcm says:

    Joefitz, that’s one of the worst things you’ve ever said. And that’s saying a lot.

  35. PastePotPete says:

    To be fair, Republicans make with the wacko conspiracy theories when THEY’re out of power, too.
    I’m just wondering where the wind will blow after this, whether moderates(since the far left and far right already know who they’re voting for) blame Republicans for the slow response or get upset with liberals for spreading bizarro rumors like the cannibalism one.
    Incidentally, if people are resorting to cannibalism after four days, they’re lunatics, not starving to death – that takes up to a month with an average person.

  36. Lota says:

    As much as despise Bill Clinton & his admin, the blame for flooding rests squarely on the Current administration’s shoulders for being pennywise and dollar poor (i.e making very poor financial decisions which haven’t saved money except in “tax breaks”) and are now responsible for incredible loss of life. It’s the flooding that has caused this disaster–the levees that the Federal govt refused to repair last year and the the year before.
    My family in New Orleans said for the past two years they have been applying and begging for money to repair the Levees, the sames ones that broke since engineers ruled that the levees were unstable and due to go at any time–Louisiana has always been a hurrican zone and under the law, the waterways are eligible for Federal funding. Bush Administration turned them down despite testimony from civil and military engineers.
    Bush Administration dismanteled FEMA and pooled & removed resources with National Security programs. Stupid move. It didn’t save money and now there is no way to respond to this crisis except by untrained charity workers & the Red Cross. The National guard recruitment is so low they can only respond with 1/10th capacity.
    Two cousins work for NASA in ALabama. There are 4000 holed up in hangars in ‘Bama, and Cuz 1 & 2 have chartered buses to bring people to Hunstville since there are thousands more who have no food and water–they don’t even make the TV broadcasts.
    The National guard should not be in Iraq but in the US which is their job. They are in Iraq becasue Bush is too terrified to do the Right thing and institute a draft. Some friends and relatives are already dead becasue of enforced third tours in violation of their discharge papers.
    I am a conservative and I do not support the Bush administrations very ill informed decisions on FEMA and wrote a letter fo objection about same over 2 years ago.
    If you so-called conservatives support George Bush why are you not in Iraq?!–if you are under 65 and able-bodied you can serve–male and female. You need to go so my cousins can come home and do their National Guard duty here. And come to think of it the Bush twins should be there too–bloody disgrace that someone campaigns for war and is too cowardly to go. Let the blu collar folks go right?
    You support Bush– get off your ass and cover His ass by going down to the Gulf to bring people to your homes or go enlist in the Marines or army.
    If you don;t you are nothing more than cowards with no conservative principals at all–you just like your tax breaks.
    Let’s hear what you Bush-supporting loudmouths are doing. There are people sleeping on my floor tomorrow at my apartment up from the Gulf. How many people are you putting up?
    Louisiana isn;t going to take “a couple months” to repair, it will be a minimum of 4 months before there can even be habitation of any kind and it will take a lot more money that what Bush claims he’s sending–and he can’t anyway. As long as Iraq costs 1 Billion a day there is no way this country can pay to restore New Orleans and Biloxi etc.
    C’mon Mark, Joefitz and Bob, I am all ears of how you are either going to relieve our troops and wear Hillbilly armor and put up or shut up. Your jobs are no more important than my cousins’ and friends’ who have served for over a year in a war they didn’t want but YOU voted for.
    Go ahead–call Stella a girl–doesn’t change the fact that you sound like a Bunch of loud mouthed cowards, male And female. Why aren’t you in Iraq–give me a detailed reason why you should be spared when you voted for George Bush?! I am all ears. WHy have you not put your important lives on hold for a year so you can go serve?
    Writing checks isn;t good enough although you should be doing that too.
    I am campaigning for a draft–and it needs to be male and female up to the age of 55.
    I bet y’all would be draft dodgers if you got drafted wouldn’t you?
    WHy aren’t you in Iraq Bob and Mark and JoeFitz? Put up or shut up.
    And if you are in the entetainment business you are about as “needed” as a boil and you should be enlisting TOMORROW.

  37. PandaBear says:

    The chicken hawk line of reasoning doesn’t work Lota. This is an all volunteer army who believe in the cause. I respect that fact that some of you are completely anti war but sometimes you have to fight for your country and for other people. You can’t have it both ways. It has been like this since the beginning of time.
    You can’t have peace without bloodshed. The other side doesn’ cooperate. So while I respect your passion you are out of line. But thankfully this is America and the free world so you have the right to say it. Just hope we don’t lose. Or you will be wearing a veil and being raped on a daily basis.

  38. joefitz84 says:

    The chicken-hawk line is the

  39. joefitz84 says:

    And Lota seriously. Who are you trying to kid saying you are a Conservative? That may be the biggest lie anyone has ever said here. At least be honest with yourself first. Now light a candle for me tonight, sweetie pie.

  40. PandaBear says:

    I am all in favor of letting on the military personnel vote and make decisions for this country. That would be fine with me. What about you, Lota?

  41. Angelus21 says:

    I served with the 1st Marine Division. I would be honored if it was only military people deciding policy in this country. But thats not why we serve. We serve so everyone has a voice. Everyone is free. We serve to preserve those freedoms which most of you take for granted. Now instead of bashing my fellow brothers we should be supporting them for proudly serving. I would like it if everyone served for a few years. I think it would do a lot of people especially the hardcore pacificts some good. But thats not our country. We were all volunteers. And we are proud to be.
    Now please get back to movies. The reason why we are all here. Let us just pray for the victims of the Hurrican Katrina. That they will get food, shelter, and get their lives back on track. I’ve never seen anything like this and I hope I never do.

  42. Chester says:

    If any regulars here are surprised that joefitz84 could write so coherently and at such length, don’t be. And don’t beat up on yourselves for underestimating his intelligence either. either. You were right all along. joefitz84 plagiarized that entire posting from a piece by Rich Lowry in The National Review. It can be found at
    Readers, do not be suckered into believing anythiing any right-wingers post on this website. Like the Bush administration itself, they are completely dishonorable and cannot be trusted.

  43. jeffmcm says:

    I don’t think it’s always a lack of honor or trustworthiness. Most of the time it’s sheer ignorance.

  44. Stella's Boy says:

    Excellent post Lota. Very well-said. The responses (and in some cases the lack of them) say everything the sane ones around here need to know about certain people. They sure can talk a big game, but that’s all it is, talk. They are good at calling people names, and that’s about it.

  45. Chester says:

    Jeff, I know where you’re coming from, and I think your heart is in the right place. But flagrant, shameless tactics such as plagiarism always show a lack of honor. (I would safely guess that plagiarism probably violates every university honor code in the United States.) And IMHO what you call “sheer ignorance” is never trustworthy.

  46. joefitz84 says:

    It’s a post board. Not a term paper. It says it better than I can ever hope to since I may not a writer. Do you disagree with what I posted? I didn’t think so. You don’t have an argument. It crumbles down after you first sentence.

  47. Chester says:

    joefitz84, you have no credibility whatsoever. It doesn’t matter that it’s not a term paper. (It’s just nothing short of amazing how you think those rules only apply to college.) If you can’t properly attribute your thoughts, you are nothing but a cheap fraud. Just like Bush.
    And no, I don’t agree with the histrionic “chicken hawk” piece you illegally copied. If all of the legitimate causes enumerated in that article posed an undermanned immediate danger to our present national needs and lives, I would not hesitate to jump in and provide my services, just like many of our parents and grandparents did in World War II. I do not support this illegitimate war, therefore I do not enlist. If you are so gung-ho about it, though, then you are nothing but a worthless coward to let others do the fighting for you. Get up off your fat Republican ass and fight for what you believe in.
    But that will never happen. You want someone else to fight your battles just like you want someone else to write your words. You are a contemptible lowlife. Rot in hell.

  48. Angelus21 says:

    The Lefty’s here conveniently ignore my response to Lota’s well spun points. If you want to have a real discussion, lets have at it. I’ve served my country. I can debate points all day. I’d rather be debating the merits of George Clooney as a director though. That is why I come here. Not to listen to rhetoric bashing the service and blaming a president for a hurricane. That is out of line.

  49. joefitz84 says:

    There you go again, Jefster. You don’t make any points other than to try and make fun of me. I’m a big boy. I can take it. Again you don’t mention anything disagreeing with what was written. Curious.

  50. Mark Ziegler says:

    Hey Jefster,
    It wouldn’t kill you to read all the articles on National Review. Maybe you would learn something.

  51. joefitz84 says:

    Stella’s Boy, next time you say that I or anyone here is using names and bashing people maybe you can check out your boy Chesters language. Being told to “rot in hell” is pretty explicit and fairly contemptible. I don’t hear anyone on the Right side threatening or using words like that. He brings your whole argument down with talk like that. It is embarrassing that he can’t have a civil back and forth without resorting to language like that.

  52. Chester says:

    Angelus21, I’ll be blunt: I don’t believe you served. You and your cohorts have repeatedly proved that you are nothing but a bunch of bald-faced liars, so why should your claim of military service be any different. And, besides, your earlier response did not address Lota’s point about why others should not be enlisting.
    joefitz84, I’ve been responding to, making, and scoring points all over this page. Keep it up. Keep making up bullshit and denying. Just like our national embarrassment of a president.
    By the way, who is “Jefster”? I’ve seen that name attached to Stella’s Boy, jeffmcm and me. It’s starting to sound like a compliment.

  53. Stella's Boy says:

    After all the names you and your buddies have called me, you expect me to feel sorry for you joe? That is pretty hilarious. And you sure made it seem like those were your own words, not someone elses.

  54. Angelus21 says:

    I am not too concerned that you don’t believe me. It really doesn’t matter to me. I got bigger things to worry about in my life than if some anonymous person on a movie blog doesn’t believe I put in my time for my country. People like you don’t believe anything so why should it be any different with me? Being a doubting Thomas is a hard way to go through life.

  55. joefitz84 says:

    Being called Stella’s Girl is genuinely comical. Especially since you’re crying about it on a daily basis here. I’m not asking you to feel anything. Just in the future think about that before you start your crying thing and say untrue things about what others are saying about you. Since no one disparages you. Just your out there claims and views.

  56. Sanchez says:

    If there is one thing I fear besides carnies its a liberal being in charge of national security. Yikes.

  57. Chester says:

    Great that you can carry the ignorant right-wing torch, Sanchez. Now explain to us why you are not afraid of conservatives being in charge of national security when it took this most conservative administration FIVE DAYS to respond to a pressing, growing, immediate national security disaster.

  58. PandaBear says:

    If clowns like Jeff and Stella had their way we as a country right now would:
    Have Saddamm making nuclear weapons and readying attacks on Israel. Alos don’t forget killing children, raping women, and torturing hundreds of thousands of people.
    Have armed gangs in New Orleans being allowed to do what they please because it would be racist to say anything else. They’re poor and dumb so they need to be able to do to kill, rape and pillage.
    Have tried to sign peace treaties with Al Qaeda, even though they don’t have a country. They’re people to so we should be making peace with them and not war. Whatever it takes to end them killing innocent people. We should appease at all costs and refrain from protecting ourselves.
    A joke. A total joke.
    What happend to the Democrats like FDR and Truman and JFK? You think men like them would be disrespecting our country and our soldiers? You think they would undermine their own country just because they’re not in power? Their party has been hijacked by extreme fringe anti war left wingers. It’s no wonder they have now lost every branch of government thru free elections.
    Thankfully they’re not in the mainstream and the majority of citizens don’t think like that.

  59. Stella's Boy says:

    Yes, a (supposed) adult calling me Stella’s Girl is hilarious joe. Actually, I snickered the first time I read it. I couldn’t believe someone was acting like a third grader, and it made me laugh a little. But that was a long time ago.

  60. Stella's Boy says:

    Hey Panda, kind of like how the Republican party has been hijacked by Evangelicals and other religious lunatics on the far-right?

  61. Chester says:

    “Thankfully they’re not in the mainstream and the majority of citizens don’t think like that.”
    With Bush’s approval ratings now rapidly approaching zero, I think it’s safe to say that Panda’s histrionic BS gibberish no longer speaks for (or cons) the mainstream/majority of citizens any longer.

  62. Stella's Boy says:

    Yeah, what is Bush’s approval rating right now? About 40%? It’s abysmal, that’s for sure, and rightfully so. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that only the left is criticizing the relief efforts in NO. Plenty on the right are as well.

  63. Mark Ziegler says:

    Approval ratings are a sign of a good president? Then you better go back and reconsider Franklin Roosevelt. Being a leader means making decisions. Not looking to polls.
    The Left today would have believed all the German propoganda in 1940 and would have put up a fight to take on Germany and Japan. And god forbid using the A Bomb to finally end the war. I can see Lota having a heart attack just thinking about it.

  64. PandaBear says:

    Have you ever posted on here about anything to do with movies or the industry? Or do you come here to bash David Poland, Right wingers, and the President? I’m sure you can find better sites for your time if thats your agenda. Instead of wasting ours.

  65. Sanchez says:

    I’d much rather be on the side of strong national security, strong moral values, less taxes and less government. That is why Democrats don’t win elections anymore. No one wants to hand over national security to a bunch of doves who want to run to the UN and have them protect their families. Carry that torch.

  66. PandaBear says:

    That is one of the problems my friends. The Liberals still think they’re in the majority and they control the agenda. They’re so far out of the mainstream we can’t see Liberals in the rear view mirrors. It’s sad that they haven’t accepted reality.

  67. Mark Ziegler says:

    There is a much better shot of Proof hitting 100$ million at the box office than Chester posting about movies. I don’t think he even watches movies. Fahrenheit 9-11 doesn’t count.

  68. Stella's Boy says:

    Everyone wants strong national security. That is common sense. Being against the war in Iraq does not mean that you don’t support strong national security. I don’t remember any politician ever campaigning against strong national security. And my moral values are as strong as anyone’s, on the left or right. The right does not have a hold on moral values, regardless of what Evangelicals like to preach. If you want less government, then you must hate the Bush administration.

  69. Stella's Boy says:

    Thank you for ignoring my question Panda.

  70. Stella's Boy says:

    Give it a rest Mark. You are the king of name-calling around here. You have zero credibility.

  71. Mark Ziegler says:

    Stella’s Girl, is that name calling? Seriously, has Chester ever posted about a movie? I don’t think he even likes movies. Its a valid question even if he keeps avoiding it.

  72. PandaBear says:

    That was a question Stella’s Boy? The right hasn’t been hijacked by anyone. It is an all inclusive party. The problem is that Christians and people of faith terrify the shit out of the hardcore Left. They think “how can these people believe these things?”. And you know what? That makes the Christians powerful. Moral values played a key role in the last election along with national security. Guess what party dominates those two issues?

  73. joefitz84 says:

    The Dems are still running against Bush. Don’t clue them into this little fact that he can’t run again. Their hatred is what will do them in. Their hate is counterproductive.
    Should I quote Yoda?

  74. PandaBear says:

    They’re fighting a losing battle and don’t even know it. I kinda feel bad for them. When they have to turn a national disaster and a tragedy into politics? That is just sad. When they have to turn a War on Terror, started by fanatical Muslims, into politics? It’s not only sad but terrifies me. That they can be so callous and short sighted.

  75. Angelus21 says:

    I’m watching people being rescued on Black Hawk choppers, I’m watching people in make shift life rafts, I’m watching people begging for food/water, I’m watching people forming gangs and looting televisions and this is the fault of certain people?
    If the views weren’t so crazy and all out loony, I’d be scared.
    Mother Nature is one smart girl but she isn’t Republican or a Christian. She doesn’t feel anything. She doesn’t care.

  76. Sanchez says:

    You know you shouldn’t watch tv. The channel subliminal stuff to make you think like Bush. It’s a big conspiracy out there to change minds!! Be aware!!!

  77. joefitz84 says:

    Stella you claim to care about people and hope no one dies in war. Yet if you could you would turn back the clock, you would let Saddam Hussien continue his ways. What about the people there who were tortured and raped and killed and not allowed to speak up on a daily basis? What about those people? They don’t matter since they can’t vote Bush out, right? Whenever a terrorist needs a safe haven what country did they go to? Yup. Iraq. If you don’t think that its the center of the terror world you are more naive than even I give you credit for being.

  78. PandaBear says:

    I’ll be waiting for the Chester comments on movies post. I won’t hold my breath though.

  79. Chester says:

    Mark, every regular on this site knows that I post about movies CONSTANTLY. (Or did you not read my recent postings about the film “Proof” and about Jason Statham as James Bond?) Are you capable of being part of a discussion without lying?
    As for the rest of the right-wing demagoguery on display here … it’s pathetic that you insist on living (and dying) in your fantasy world. Like I said on this page yesterday, just imagine if this had been an anthrax attack instead of a hurricane. Or terrorists blowing up a dam. (Note: If you haven’t already figured it out, they’re all basically the same situation – an area under siege and overwhelmed by natural forces.) Then instead of attacking me and liberals, explain how you can justify this president’s consistently frozen inability to lead and defend during a genuine national security crisis.

  80. PandaBear says:

    Still waiting for it. I still won’t hold my breath, Chester. But this is a movie site right, Howard Dean?

  81. Mark Ziegler says:

    All anyone knows about you Chester is that you’re a trouble maker who likes to get rises out of people. For some strange reason you take a shot or two a day at Dave Poland. He can take it. I’m sure most of us here can from a juvenile like yourself. But movies??? When have you ever got into a discussion that didn’t involve Bush, Iraq, or telling someone to “rot in hell”???
    You’re a class act, Jefster. Really good heart you have there.

  82. Sanchez says:

    A terror situation is the same as a hurricane? Didn’t they use to have logic classes in high school? An education is a terrible thing to waste.

  83. PandaBear says:

    It’s pointless to reason with people like them. I tried. Tried hard. But stick to movies from now on. Or go to one of the political websites because you all are taking away from your valued points on film and the industry with all this rhetoric crap.

  84. Chester says:

    Waiting for what, Panda? Still making up the same tired lies, Mark? If all of you humiliated right-wingers don’t care for this discussion about a national crisis, stay out of it and shut the fuck up. If you don’t want anybody to talk about politics here ever again, complain to Dave Poland. That is, if you can ever unglue your lips from his ass. (Funny how you’ve never complained that you want this to be a “movies only” blog when Dave posts threads about cupcakes…)

  85. Chester says:

    By the way, calling all of you a bunch of ass kissers is not an attack on Dave. (Although I do think it has completely impaired his judgment about what goes on here.)

  86. jeffmcm says:

    I think it’s funny that Panda keeps asking that the discussion be limited to movies, considering that Panda, Mark, Joefitz, and their ilk have rarely if ever posted an interesting or original comment on films or the film industry.
    A typical comment from one of them might be:
    “Michael Bay is underrated. Producers are good when they are only interested in leeching money from the public. Art is for suckers.” Why should I bother to discuss movies with you, Panda?

  87. Sanchez says:

    Breaking and Historic News:
    George Bush controls the weather!!
    Update at 11pm

  88. LesterFreed says:

    Finally some good ole fashioned comedy. We could use some after all this bullshit from airheads.

  89. LesterFreed says:

    Anyone else sick of this crap? I don’t come to thee hot blog to hear about how Chester hates everyone and calls everyone who likes Polands writings a kiss ass. Whats your problem guy? Your anger isn’t cool and its in the wrong place.

  90. Chester says:

    Breaking and Historic News:
    George Bush controls funding for scientific research!! Says universally accepted scientific principles like global warming and evolution are unproven. Completely ignores coastal hurricane warnings for two weeks before storm hits. Allows citizens to loot, shoot, rape, drown and starve for five days before mobilizing National Guard.
    Update at 11pm

  91. Mark Ziegler says:

    Only the Left can take a Hurricane disaster and spin it into Bush did it. Bush hate. Not really doing the job is it?

  92. Sanchez says:

    Breaking and Historic News:
    The people raping, looting, and killing were commanded to do it by Bush through the ancient use of the “Shining”!!! If the Lib’s were in charge they’d allow it because these people are poor and black!!
    Update at 11pm

  93. Josh says:

    I have to deal with my relatives finding a way out of the area and I have to listen and deal with people blaming it on the federal government. Oy vey.
    Get a grip out there. Step back. Take a deep breath. Retard your anger (thanks Buddy). And think about what you can do to help. Donate some extra clothing. Your local Fire Dept should have it set up for you.

  94. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    I mostly skipped a lot of this thread cause it was pointless political back and forth but I also still in shock (many minutes after reading it) over Mark’s comment:
    “If you think Global Warming exists then you just can’t be reasoned with, Jefster.”
    …It boggles the mind that anyone can NOT see that there is global warming. Hell, the hole in the ozone layer is quite possibly the biggest piece of evidence you could ever get. But i spose if you don’t believe in Global Warming then you’d also be of the belief that temperatures have been going up steadily for the past decade because, what? More people are reflective clothing?
    The whole New Orleans this is extremely sad. And as an Australian who has had friends go to New Orleans it is downright horrible reading about how all the foreigners (Australians, Europeans and South Africans mostly) were ghettoised. To quote an Australian in the Superdome “The gangs knew where we were.”
    also, this quote paints quite a picture: “98% of the people in the world are good. In there, 98% of the people were bad.”

  95. PastePotPete says:

    Do the repubs not even believe in global warming at all? I thought their thing was just that it wasn’t caused by pollution, but by the fact that we’re exiting an ice age(I think it’s probably both).

  96. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    er, “More people are reflective clothing?” should be More people are wearing reflective clothing.
    And yes, Pete, apparently Global Warming is a fantasy myth made up by Greenies and Roland Emmerich.

  97. joefitz84 says:

    Global warming is a fraud science. Scientists say theres global warming so they can get more grant money. You can find a study that says theres global warming and then you can find 10,000 that says there isn’t. You gotta love humans. So cocky to think that creating auto’s is causing the world to warm.

  98. Bruce says:

    Someone forgot to let me in on this is “The Hit Science” Blog. Crackpots.

  99. jeffmcm says:

    Wow. Joefitz, you’re one of the worst people I have ever come in contact with. You’re staggeringly wrapped up in the lies that help you sleep at night. I hope we never meet because I think I would puke on my own shoes. Goodbye.

  100. Lota says:

    I can see my post was not seriously answered but by name-calling and silly threats, and plagiarism of an entire article written by another person. SO y’all really aren’t patriots, but that was obvious–you just enjoy telling other people they are not. I think it’s pretty unpatriotic of George Bush to not be honoring Veteran’s benefits.
    PandaBear–forcing people to serve beyond their agreed tour or sending them back after they are discharged with threat of prosecution does not mean “all volunteer” army or marines or National guard anymore. i wish those men and women were allowed to address the US public more freely–they had the plug pulled on them when they were attacking Rumsfeld, as he deserved. It’s called a draft when you force people to re-serve. if you were with 1st marine Division, where exactly were you deployed…in this war? My marine/army cousins have been forced to go back, and you haven’t? We need a draft, or to pull out–there aren’t enough people in Iraq, nor NG in the US, and Bush refuses to listen to Military advice.
    We have no means to defend ourselves against disaster or terrorist attack on our own soil. Right about now Nixon looks like Einstein and Jesus compared to GWB. GWB makes Dan Quayle look bright.

  101. Josh says:

    I am really starting to get sick of the “know it all’s” here. Really. Stay with the movie talk. Anything else is above your pay grades.

  102. Chester says:

    “Stay with the movie talk”? Why don’t you go back and scroll up to the top of the page, where you’ll see that THIS IS NOT A MOVIE-TALK THREAD.

  103. Terence D says:

    Television monitors is a tad different than someone trying to tell us about global warming. Just a little bit different.

  104. Joe Straat says:

    I don’t know. I just don’t see myself having a fire truck television. Now, sports team licensed big screens might be a decent niche in the major cities that have them (like scale model versions of the big screens or something). But cheesy, generic designs are for low budget movies that can’t afford….
    Oh, that’s not we’re on about now. I gave blood this weekend. Got a free movie pass out of the deal (Not that I wouldn’t have done it without that. Just a nice thing Loews did). That should help someone who needs medical attention after all that mess. Now if only New Jersey wasn’t a big ass maze of highways and ridiculous tolls, so I could find a decent place to drop off some clothes without wasting a gazillion dollars worth of gas and utilizing the entire Denver mint just to get there.

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