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By David Poland

And Here's How It Will Go…

DreamWorks and Paramount (who will be whose parent again?) are doing an internal rotisserie league draft of talent. A few people will retained by DreamWorks ongoing operations, but most of the DW infrastructure team will either join Paramount or join the job hunt. Of course, those who join Paramount will mostly be displacing current Paramount employees.
At least two departments have already been picked… one DreamWorks, one Paramount… both to be employed at Paramount. Neither involves marketing, though the decision there has probably been made.
Expect 100-200 talented folks to be out trying to take your job real soon.
Even beter, word on Wall Street is that the market for the DreamWorks library is a little chillier than expected, perhaps increasing the hard cost of the “acquisition” by Paramount by a few hundred million dollars.
Hey, with King Kong opening to $150 million… uh… oh… well…
Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.

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28 Responses to “And Here's How It Will Go…”

  1. jeffmcm says:

    I still don’t understand who else would buy the Dreamworks library. Why would Paramount make all these deals with one of the prime assets selling to someone else?

  2. Hopscotch says:

    AOL Time Warner had layoffs this week too for Warner Bros and New Line. Happy Holidays Hollywood.

  3. joefitz84 says:

    I thought the library would have been a hot seller. Maybe they’re asking too much.

  4. lindenen says:

    Maybe? More like obviously. Didn’t MGM sell for $2 billion and they want $1 billion for something like 80 or 90 films very few of which are worth anything in the long run. ??? Come on.

  5. jeffmcm says:

    Is this including the animated library or is that part of DWAnimation’s total package? I can’t wait for Antz 2.

  6. Wrecktum says:

    I find it hard to believe that company org charts all already finalized. These things usually take a long time to haggle out.

  7. jeffmcm says:

    Who’s Ruth Vitale and what’s First Look?

  8. jeffmcm says:

    Okay, I actually read the press release…nope, still don’t care.

  9. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Jeffmcm: Par is keeping the DreamWorks Animation library. Plenty of opportunity for franchises, remakes and sequels!

  10. knowitall says:

    The really sad thing is with all of the people thatg were fired this or are being fired this season, know one really knows or talks about how well the people at the top of this business are doing for themselves.
    Drive by Stacey snider’s new house, (one of four?) Or Brad Grey’s new beach house, or ski home or Chris Albrecht’s fifth home and the list goes on and on for the top five or six people at eachof these companies that are devouring each other and the businees. Every year we hear who brutal this business is and how much money people are losing yet the top bonuses go up and (sometimes) the stocks go up and they buy more buildings and companies, and yet the bemoaning is constant and it’s really a way to blood-let as you say, and it’s sad..
    It also feels like the middle of the end to all these big companies…
    Merry Christmas to eveyone that is getting dumped so that Ron Meyer and Michael Eisner can pocket another five million each…

  11. jeffmcm says:

    Yep, Hollywood is just like the rest of corporate America…
    (how do Meyer and Eisner make money off the Paramount-Dreamworks deal? I guess Eisner still has some Viacom stock that he’s probably forgotten about…)

  12. BluStealer says:

    Why shouldn’t execs try to make as much money and be as successful as they can? If you are against that you may as well be a Communist. This is capitalism. This is how it works. Instead of complaining about some execs “beach house” or “ski retreat” you should be working harder to someday be in psoition to make those kinds of choices. And when you are on top you can cut your salary by 65% and pay everyone under you more and hire more people.

  13. Josh says:

    I’d gladly take Brad Grey’s beach house or someones fifth home. That’s why we work isn’t it? To make money, to be ambitious, to be successful. If I didn’t strive to have these things I’d teach fourth grade English.

  14. James Leer says:

    Get laid off by these companies and see if you still feel so charitable.

  15. LesterFreed says:

    You get laid off and you find another job. That’s the free market place. That’s why you need to own and run your own things so you control it. Not a bunch of suits.

  16. Sanchez says:

    James has probably been fired. He sounds really bitter about successful people. Tell Brad Grey to watch his back because James Leer is ready for revenge!

  17. Josh says:

    When you take corporate jobs you know what you’re getting into. You can lead the good life. Security. Money. Success. But you can also be canned at anytime for any reason. So you can’t really bitch about it.

  18. Hopscotch says:

    We all know there are reckless people driving cars too Josh. That doesn’t mean if some jerk hits me with his SUV I don’t have any right to complain.

  19. Eric says:

    The every-man-for-himself mentality is what leads to the disgusting corporate malfeasance we’ve seen over the last few years.
    There’s nothing wrong with earning money, but there is something wrong with spending the money in your employees’ pension fund on a new private yacht.
    Am I suggesting that these studio execs are criminals? Not at all. But I do think a feeling of responsibility for the well-being of one’s employees is good for the employees, employer, and the company itself.

  20. PandaBear says:

    For corporate malfeasance that’s why we have prosecutors, laws, and jails. People shouldn’t be denied a right to earn a living because people are afraid of corporate scumbags.

  21. jeffmcm says:

    This made me laugh:
    “That’s why we work isn’t it? To make money, to be ambitious, to be successful. If I didn’t strive to have these things I’d teach fourth grade English.”
    I don’t know about you, Josh, but I work because I love what I do for a living and I want to help people. I guess I should be grateful, though, knowing that when I have kids they’ll be taught English by those who actually want to make America a better place.

  22. Josh says:

    You can’t better the world and also achieve all your goals at the same time, jeffmcm? I don’t know where you live but I live in America. And it’s entirely possible. If you want to have a set salary and security for the rest fo your life teach Fourth grade English. It’ll even be rewarding if you want it to. But if you get involved in the job market and you don’t have ambitions and aspirations beyond a paycheck than you’re in big trouble out there. Because you’re just looking for government handouts. Move to Cuba, Lefty.

  23. jeffmcm says:

    That was a great response. Please end all your posts that same way. (I am in fact left-handed, so you were correct).

  24. LesterFreed says:

    You are annoying guy/girl, Jeffmcm. You know that? I don’t think you can go a day without offending someone.
    I hope you take pride in it. It may be your only talent.

  25. jeffmcm says:

    The only people I seem to offend are the ones asking for it…
    Best wishes

  26. Bruce says:

    The whole world???? Ha. Go out guns blazin.

  27. jeffmcm says:

    You’ve been watching Unforgiven lately?
    “I guess he had it coming.” “We all have it coming, kid.”

  28. Sanchez says:

    Good thing it’s in color or I wouldn’t sit thru it.

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