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Jury Duty

Oh the joy of jury duty…
I’ll try to think clearly before the night’s out…

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18 Responses to “Jury Duty”

  1. waterbucket says:

    People kept warning me that after I turned 18 that I’d get notices for jury duty all the time but I still haven’t gotten one yet. Not that I want one but I just feel a little less important.

  2. Blackcloud says:

    Festival jury duty or real jury duty?
    You are summoned only if you’re a registered voter. Are you registered to vote, waterbucket?

  3. Sanchez says:

    The Pauly Shore movie?

  4. waterbucket says:

    yeah, I’m registered but maybe now I’m away for college so even if they send it, I wouldn’t receive it. Oh no, maybe they have all these unanswered summons and I’ll be arrested. Yikes!?!

  5. PandaBear says:

    I don’t think there are many guys in prison in there for ignoring jury duty. But I’ve never been to prison, so you never know.
    Jury duty in California? How many wannabe actors think its a “Twelve Angry Men” audition?

  6. jeffmcm says:

    States are different. Many states (like California) put you in the jury duty pool if you have a drivers’ license. Which seems a little unfair, because it means all those non-drivers get a pass.

  7. Blackcloud says:

    Wasn’t Oprah on jury duty recently? I want to say it was a murder case, but I’m not certain.

  8. Blackcloud says:

    “Many states (like California) put you in the jury duty pool if you have a drivers’ license.”
    Aren’t there proposals to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses in Cali? How will they manage the jury pool if that happens?

  9. PetalumaFilms says:

    Go read Kevin Smith’s website where he talks about having to sit on a jury while suffering from severe anal fissures. Classic! And extremely gross! I think it was his last entry over a month ago….and for obvious reasons.

  10. waterbucket says:

    You know what I just found out, the song “Desperado” by the Eagles is perfect to describe Ennis del Mar from Brokeback Mountain. I’m listening to Clint Black’s version right now and it’s really good.
    It’s off topic but it’s better to think about than severe anal something.

  11. Yodas Left Nut Sac says:

    All states have different rules. Usually it’s more of a fine than federal pound me in the arse prison.
    Give me HOTEL CALIFORNIA over anal pains. And I’ll be taking Glen Frey over Donnie Henley.

  12. Yodas Left Nut Sac says:

    By the way
    If you’re ever up for the duty don’t try to use the “I’m racist and hate everyone even my mother and I’m pre judged to everyone I see” line.
    It didn’t work.

  13. David Poland says:

    Uh… did my jury duty entry somehow just end up with more Brokeback Mountain chatter in it?
    Must have been my imagination.

  14. Crow T Robot says:

    “God, I wish I knew how to acquit you!”

  15. Lota says:

    When I was 22 and got called for the first time, because I grew up with Italy’s Finest I thought when you got dinged for jury duty, you just pick up the phone and call a judge or a DA to get out of it.
    I can neither confirm or deny that I did that.

  16. Cadavra says:

    I served on a jury one time. Guy speeding in a stolen car at midnight with drugs all over the front seat. Why he didn’t plead guilty to begin with is beyond me, but we were outta there in a day-and-a-half. Trust me, unless it’s one of those really rare high-profile murder cases, it ain’t nearly as bad as it seems.

  17. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    waterbucket, me and some friends saw Brokeback and after it finished we left and went to the car. the first song that came on the CD player was “Hope There’s Someone” by Antony and the Johnsons. Now THAT is a song for Ennis. “Hope there’s someone/to take care of me/when i die/when i’m tired”
    I’ve never had to do jury duty and I’ve been 18 for years now… maybe it’s different in Australia?

  18. jeffmcm says:

    I thought in Australia all cases were decided not by juries, but in the Thunderdome.

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