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Special Delivery

Words escape me.
Close-up sfter the jump…


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17 Responses to “Special Delivery”

  1. jeffmcm says:

    The hair is a nice touch, but really, so what? I guess that by posting this on the blog you raised awareness of the movie a little, but otherwise, just another useless gimmick.

  2. Crow T Robot says:

    For some reason I have Steelers Wheel’s “Stuck in The Middle With You” in my head.

  3. Angelus21 says:

    Hopefully, Michael Madsen is in this.

  4. Charly Baltimore says:

    If you post here
    You know about this movie.
    Not going to help awarness of the flick either way but a smart little gimmick.

  5. David Poland says:

    Uh… a movie studio sent out an ear in a Big Mac container.
    Guess J-Mac gets those every day. (shrug)

  6. LesterFreed says:

    The tv spots showing that creepy and deformed kid have been pretty good. This thing will open up big. But if I got one of those packages it might ruin fast food takeout for me.

  7. martin says:

    what they should have sent is a big mac container with their balls in it. They clearly don’t have any for remaking a 70s wes craven movie. I agree with Moriarty over at AICN, the horror genre is in really bad shape right now, perhaps even scraping the bottom.

  8. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Martin, Mickey D’s stopped using Styrofoam 10-15 years ago.

  9. martin says:

    damn, that’s what I get for not eating their shit food.

  10. jeffmcm says:

    Sorry I can’t get excited about something you can get for 50 cents at Spencer Gifts (those still exist, right?)

  11. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    surely some ripped eyeballs would have been more appropriate. its like a dyslexic created it. The horror genre has stagnated completely – but in boxoffice terms its very healthy. This has been the longest period of successful horror films since the 30s in terms of revenue and not artistry. I’d be interested to hear Moriarty’s comments about HOSTEL – he’s been very quiet on that front. I felt it was possibly the most depressing and cynical exercise to ever be given a 20m marketing push. It felt like the cinematic translation of a geek conversation that should have never left the bedroom.

  12. Charly Baltimore says:

    The movies have stagnated. The box office hasn’t.

  13. JBM... says:

    One of the producers of Hostel is producing something written by McWeeny, so that may be the reason he hasn’t said much about it. I’d check AICN, but, y’know…fuck that. Hostel is pure tripe from a hack who got lucky, nothing more.

  14. Bruce says:

    You won’t see McWeeny comment on Hostel or Roth if he hasn’t by now. I’m guessing it’s a conflict and better off not saying anything than being accused of being a shill. Which is what will happen if he writes anything good about either one.

  15. bicycle bob says:

    as long as the genre keeps making money why mess with a good thing? if even crappy movies can open up well and do good business, is there a need to screw it up?

  16. Josh says:

    Eli Roth owes his career to the Ain’t It Cool news team. Especially Brick Tamland.

  17. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Martin, are you insulting the makers of this movie AND Wes Craven? Or did I just read wrong? They don’t have balls for attempting to remake a WES CRAVEN (read: legend) classic?
    Plus, if you’d heard the film originally received an NC17 rating (not for gore, but for intensity) then you have now.

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