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By David Poland

Friday Estimates

It will be a bit of a black weekend for The Oscars

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11 Responses to “Friday Estimates”

  1. EDouglas says:

    Totally agree with everything you said, David. I figured that the three movies (16 Blocks, Dave Chappelle, and Ultraviolet) would be splitting up the audience of younger males, but the fact that they all did poorly just makes it obvious that they’re no longer the strongest moviegoing demographic like they once were.

  2. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Block Party, if it had a better release, could’ve been an easy $50mil hit. Maybe an early Summer release? I dunno.
    Ultraviolet was probably stung by Underworld 2. Too soon after a movie that was too awful. I feel bad for Kurt Wimmer who seems to be languishing.
    I must say though, I think Ice Age 2 will open bigger than V For Vendetta. I hate the first, but it was veeery popular.

  3. sky_capitan says:

    don’t bring Underworld Evolution into the failure of Ultraviolet… I saw Evolution and I thought it was very good (60 million $ plus boxoffice is decent too).
    Aside from having the hot chick Milla Jovovich, I have no idea what Ultraviolet is about and was never interested in seeing it.

  4. cullen says:

    Not surprised at all with the failure of ULTRAVIOLET…it looks mentally retarded and like a total videogame. I enjoyed Wimmer’s last movie EQULIBRIUM but even that flick needed another $40 million added to it’s budget.
    I saw 16 BLOCKS last night and I am sort of surprised with how low it did. It’s not the best action movie in the world (and compared to something like the brilliant RUNNING SCARED, it’s a laugh) but it’s an old-fashioned beat-the-clock cop-action flick and it should have done better. It just proved yet again that while he’s got a little fan base left, Willis is not what he used to be.
    I really want to see BLOCK PARTY, and will try to get there today. I agree with the above poster…should have been released in the summer. Would have cleaned up then.
    THE HILLS HAVE EYES is going to rake it in next weekend…

  5. Nicol D says:

    That Rocky Balboa teaser is quite good. Classy.
    I still have doubts but I was quite impressed.

  6. Chucky in Jersey says:

    “Block Party” had a per-theater average almost equal to “Madea” this week. The fact that “Madea” is still the national #1 has a lot to do with the crappy pictures out there.
    Spring season starts next week per EDI. How well it will do depends on “Ice Age 2” as Kami hinted. “V for Vendetta” opens opposite the 1st weekend of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

  7. Crow T Robot says:

    Yeah, what’s everyone gonna say if Stallone actually pulls it off and makes the Unforgiven of boxing movies?
    I’m kinda rootin’ for the old lug.

  8. martin says:

    rocky teaser is cool, but who fuckin knows with a stallone movie anymore. I don’t think block party was ever going to do very well, it didn’t look funny and who wants to watch rap performances in a movie theaters. ultraviolet is certainly doing better than equilibrium. not sure what the budget on it is, but a $10 mill opening for UV seems OK to me.

  9. Joe Leydon says:

    OK, I asked for this last year, and didn’t get much of a response. But I’ll try again: Could Dave please start a thread so we can post running commentaries on the Oscarcast? Or should we just hijack THIS thread?

  10. Bruce says:

    I didn’t like Ultraviolet the first time I saw it when it was called Aeon Flux.

  11. PandaBear says:

    Good to see Mr Balboa back in action. Help us all forget the disaster that Rocky 5 is.

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