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New Look Michael Douglas In Newsweek

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17 Responses to “New Look Michael Douglas In Newsweek”

  1. Nicol D says:

    I say we have Michael Douglas star in a remake of Grizzly Adams.
    Or team him up with Mel Gibson for a remake of The Mountain Men.

  2. Blackcloud says:

    Can we officially call that beard a “Gibson” now?

  3. palmtree says:

    Is the beard like the middle-life crisis hairdo now?

  4. Nicol D says:

    No, Douglas and Gibson seem to be two of the few male stars who actually aren’t going through a mid-life crisis.
    I think the symbol of that is still the single stud earring a la Mr.Ford.

  5. White Label says:

    As awful as it is, it’s just that Mr. Zeta-Jones is fashionable.

  6. James Leer says:

    Yes, Michael Douglas getting a face-lift and trading his wife out for a younger model is definitely not the sign of any mid-life crisis.

  7. palmtree says:

    Ford is bearded too.
    I’ll revise: maybe it is the hairdo of the mid-life Hollywood elite, perhaps no crisis involved (Nicholson, Coppola, Spielberg, Weinstein, etc.).

  8. jeffmcm says:

    Isn’t Michael Douglas’ whole post-Wall Street career (Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, Wonder Boys) a mid-life crisis?

  9. THX5334 says:

    I do also agree to the theory that Ford’s stud earing is a devil’s Horcrux and the intergral ingredient in his shameful decline. Han Solo would shoot you dead before wearing a fucking earing. Period.

  10. palmtree says:

    Yeah, Douglas’ divorce and then a series of bad, unnoticed films (The In-Laws, It Runs in the Family, One Night at McCool’s) and then a wife 25-years younger.

  11. Blackcloud says:

    “Han Solo would shoot you dead before wearing a fucking earing. Period.”
    But the earring would shoot first.

  12. THX5334 says:

    Nice Blackcloud. I left it open for someone to come in with a good Lucas “Greedo Shooting First” swipe. Exactly why I went with Han instead of Indy.
    Can we just lament for a minute? The loss of a screen icon – last of the Bogart type leading men – to a fucking earing.

  13. Blackcloud says:

    By the way, if the earring is a Horcrux, that means it holds a piece of Tom Riddle’s soul. That means it will have to be destroyed in the final book. So maybe there’s hope yet that we will see Harrison Ford rid of the damn thing.

  14. James Leer says:

    It’s not like he wears it in the movies.
    Does it make it seem a little old-fogeyish to remember that HF’s inspiration for getting the earring was 60 Minutes newsman Ed Bradley?

  15. palmtree says:

    How about Tom Hanks’ mane in Da Vinci? Is that not cause for alarm?

  16. THX5334 says:

    Hanks whole head looks strange in that film. Like the mullet is meant to offset what looks like a boozechin. But now I feel like Jeff Wells – calling out the ugly on others to compensate for my own ugliness. So I’ll just shut the furk up.

  17. James Leer says:

    I kind of liked his hair from the trailer (maybe because it reminded me of Joe Vs. the Volcano-era Hanks). But at the Oscars…it was not flattering.

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