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One Problem With The Videogame Biz

There are a bunch of movies that don’t have videogame titles…. too much money involved and if the movie stiffs, the game is likely to as well. And of course, it takes years of lead time.
So when Snakes on a Plane, which seems like the most obvious dark horse videogame idea of the summer, arrives in August, don

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8 Responses to “One Problem With The Videogame Biz”

  1. EDouglas says:

    When I interviewed Zak Penn, he told me that part of the point of the game is to explain what happens with Nightcrawler so that he isn’t in the new movie…. there is something that bothered me about the gameplay of Iceman in the game, but that may be a spoiler for the movie.

  2. matro says:

    The money spent on games is often recouped on games based on either kid’s films (specifically CGI animated films) and sci-fi action stuff, though. Even though they’re almost always sub-par games that are rushed through development (a quality game usually requires at least two years to make, with some games clocking in with half-decade development cycles), they do lots of business.
    Some examples: The Madagascar game wound up making revenues of almost 50 million dollars across all platforms, and the Star Wars Episode III game was one of the best-selling games of last year, and made almost 100 million for LucasArts, which is far, far more than it cost to make, as anyone who played it could tell you. The Incredibles game made almost 80 million.
    Obviously those are all for successful films, so your point about the game financials being tied in with film financials is true. Still, though, you can make a tie-in game for a few million bucks and people will buy it, especially for the kid’s films, no matter what the quality level is. It looks like the average game tie-in makes around a quarter of the film’s gross in sales…that’s pretty impressive. I’m pretty sure all of the games I mentioned were released more or less simultaneously with the films, though.

  3. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Video Game successes is the sole reason for the existence of GHOST RIDER.. who wouldn’t want to play some dude with flaming skull on a devil harley. Its greenlight was simply a Need for Speed in Hell.

  4. Krazy Eyes says:

    Hollywood and the game companies get closer every year.
    There are a few examples where the game outshines the film . . . e.g., The Chronicles of Riddick prequel game was fantastic and easily stood on its own.
    The Enter the Matrix game is one of the most notorious for bilking fans by giving them a shoddy gaming experience. Hell, execs even blamed a crappy Tomb Raider game for hurting the box office of the second film.
    The big kick right now seems to be making games based on old film properties. The Thing, From Russia with Love, and The Godfather have already been released. Scarface and Dirty Harry are in development.

  5. brack says:

    yep, older gamers want to play their favorite movies. I buddy of mine has both The Warriors and The Godfather games, and can’t wait for Scarface.

  6. brack says:

    I meant to say “A buddy of mine”

  7. David Poland says:

    The interesting thing about the Matrix game experience is that the studio touted it bigtime and made the game accessible to the press, saying that it was a breakthrough. None of the movie press cared enough to play enough to be dissapointed.

  8. oyun says:

    Very nice article. thanks…

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