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Sunday Estimates by Klady

After 10 days, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is the fastest grossing film ever by an estimated $21.5 million.
And, it is likely once again, that Disney has done its best to estimate low to get another success story on Monday afternoon, when

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16 Responses to “Sunday Estimates by Klady”

  1. Direwolf says:

    Cars recovered nicely on Sat-Sun for a -33%. FIgure it adds another $4 million before it loses screens next weekend. I still think it will get to DP’s $235.
    Pretty good biz for both LM and Dupree. Those Wayans have an audience that will come out the first weekend. Beating Dupree on so many fewer theatres/screens is impressive. I doubt either will have any legs given all the openings next week.
    POTC seems fine for $400 but I guess the coming weekdays and weekends will finally give us a sense of how it will burn down. I guess it will go over $300 on Friday? Saturday?
    Got to think if POTC can hold to a 50% declien next weekend that the comparison will be up again. Top 2 films last year did $54 million. With Monster House potentially going to #1 that would put the top 2 next weekend at over $60 million.
    ANybody got a guess on where MH opens?

  2. Aladdin Sane says:

    Is Monster House really getting that much buzz? I know it’s a film for kids, but I can’t see it making loads of money – it doesn’t even look that fun to me.

  3. EDouglas says:

    Opinions I’ve heard are mixed on Monster House… heard some raves but there is a bit of criticism that it’s way too scary for younger children, which is not something parents will like when they have to take their kids out. I haven’t seen it yet unfortunately, but I’m thinking it will do closer to Polar Express than Cars opening weekend.

  4. Wrecktum says:

    Up until this past week’s media blitz, Monster House was tracking quite poorly. But remember, tracking figures for kiddie films are always too low and should be taken with a grain of salt.

  5. Eric says:

    Kids love to be scared, and they’re always more resilient than we give them credit for. If a movie like Monster House is scary but not gruesome, it’ll play well.
    I just saw Superman yesterday and am left with very ambivalent feelings. It feels like it was made by a non-believer– that Singer just wasn’t confident of which notes to hit. I’m not convinced that a sequel would be better.

  6. Direwolf says:

    Got to love how Disney tries to control the spin. Tis quote appears in a Reuters article on the weekend box office:
    “Disney officials declined to predict the film’s eventual total, but observers expect a possible third weekend at No. 1 as it nears $300 million. Some targets include $340 million, the studio record set by “Finding Nemo,” and $380 million, the sum earned by last year’s biggest movie, “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith.”
    Way to cool those expectations and set up PR down the road.

  7. Telemachos says:

    Actually, I think P2 should have no problem easily grabbing well over $6 million Monday — that’d be roughly a 65% drop from Sunday (and it managed a sub-50% last Sunday/Monday). Even assuming a worse Sun/Mon drop this time around (55-60%), it should get around a $7.5-$8 million Monday. A small drop on Tuesday (say 5%) brings the Mon-Tues gross easily over $12 million.
    PRADA should outgross SUPERMAN during these weekdays…

  8. the keoki says:

    I saw Monster House last night at a sneak preview and it was sold out, the audience responded fantastically to it. The movie is the best thing I’ve seen this year, actually probably the most fun I’ve had at the movies since The Incredibles. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s number one next weekend. Kids have been waiting for something new and animated since Cars, about a month and half ago.

  9. the keoki says:

    Taken from BO MOjo….
    On Saturday, Sony ran 702 sneak previews of Monster House and reported attendance at two thirds capacity, 80 percent of which families. Bruer noted that the computer-animated feature will be released at about 3,300 theaters next weekend, including over 160 three-dimensional presentations. “I think we’ll open in the mid-$20 million range, hopefully,” Bruer said.
    I think 20 mil is a loooooow number.

  10. martin says:

    i believe monster house is quite expensive, so mid 20 opening would be seen as low. Maybe it will stick around for awhile like Polar Express and slide into 150 mill range.

  11. the keoki says:

    Dave, bring back the BO predictions that you used to do on Fridays. The blog is a perfect place for it. C’moooonnnnnn. C’monnnnnnn. i’ll keep going if you don’t start doing em again! You could do a little talking head feature every friday on that myspace for movies or whatever it’s called. C’mooooooonnnnnnn! I want to know what you think Monster House is going bring in next weekend. C’mooooon!

  12. Wrecktum says:

    Only 160 3D locations? I heard early estimates a lot higher than that. Clearly Sony had some problems converting screens.

  13. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    I GOT IT! I finally realised what Monster House keeps reminding me of. …”Goosebumps”! The “Goosebumps” books by RL Stine. Totally. Why didn’t I see that before?
    So funny seeing that Prada will overtake Superman next weekend (and during the week probably).
    Interesting to think what Little Man or You, Me and Dupree could’ve made without the other one in cinemas. How bizarre though to think that Little Man made more money than White Chicks. And while Chicks was absolutely awful, it at least had a funny premise (BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK! AND NOW THEY’RE WHITE! And white people are stupid, you see) Little Man just looked horrible.
    Nice to see Cars still hanging around in it’s sixth weekend. How come nobody mentioned that it overtook The Da Vinci Code this weekend? Also, this was at Box Office Guru “Cars is running 6% behind the pace of Pixar’s last film The Incredibles after the same amount of time, but is 3% ahead of the company’s Monsters, Inc. Those pics ended up with $261.4M and $255.3M, respectively.” interesting.

  14. Telemachos says:

    Disney’s gonna grab the #1 and #2 spots this summer. Not too shabby.

  15. Chucky in Jersey says:

    A Scanner Darkly

  16. Blackcloud says:

    “#10 nationally for the weekend, $5863 per-theater average. AMC and Regal will play ‘Scanner’ wherever they can — I guess Mr. K forgot about AMC’s new arthouse-friendly policy.”
    How many of those AMC locations playing “Scanner” are ex-Loews theaters? The two places around me playing it are ex-Loews houses, and art houses to boot.

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