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Sunday Estimates by Klady


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39 Responses to “Sunday Estimates by Klady”

  1. abba_70s says:

    I have a funny feeling we will be seeing a Jackass the 3rd in about two years..and I’ll probaby still be first in line again…

  2. abba_70s says:

    I have a funny feeling we will be seeing a Jackass the 3rd in about two years..and I’ll probably still be first in line again…

  3. abba_70s says:

    oops..sorry about that

  4. martin says:

    possible, Knoxville was on the howard stern show last week and said they have enough unused material from Jackass 2 that they could make another Jackass 3 (or at least a huge DVD).

  5. Tofu says:

    Jackass is so popular it even gets its own cursor.

  6. Blackcloud says:

    “The Illusionist” was packed last night. I mean packed. Good movie, though I didn’t care much for the resolution.
    “World Trade Center” had maybe ten people. It’s okay, but would have been a lot more interesting if they’d stuck to reality.

  7. Aladdin Sane says:

    Blackcloud, are you telling me Nicholas Cage was not stuck under the WTc?

  8. martin says:

    I hate to be the cynic on a movie that I wish all the best for, but anyone else think Gridiron Gang held up this week simply because it was the ticket for under 17 ticket buyers to get into see Jackass 2? This is always entirely debatable, but for it to only drop 33%, with Jackass 2 as huge competition, is a little strange.

  9. tfresca says:

    Give the Rock some credit. What movie plays across racial demos to an older audience, both male and female? Gridiron Gang is it. Similar appeal as Invincible.

  10. ployp says:

    As a Thai, I’m pleasantly surprised that The Protector has already made 10 million. I personally didn’t like the film but I’m happy for the makers.

  11. jeffmcm says:

    I think Invincible is going to outgross Gridiron Gang, and without Dwayne Johnson or ‘playing across racial demos’

  12. ployp says:

    Just out of curiousity, the picture from Jack Ass on MCN page, is that a leech they’re putting in the guy’s eye?

  13. jeffmcm says:

    Yes it is.
    I saw it today, also noticed in the end credits they give ‘special thanks’ to Luis Bunuel.

  14. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    God, how very boring.
    I’m disappointed that Reneissance was kicked in the balls way down the chart. It’s far to convoluted for it’s own good, but it’s a fun stylish way to spend an hour and 40 minutes. It would’ve been good to see it be a contender for Best Animated Feature as an adult alternative to all the talking animals (and talking baseball bats of all things)
    I personally don’t think that even if baseball bats could talk, that they would have the voice of Whoopi Goldberg. Just a hunch on that one.
    And thank you. All The King’s Men dies, much to my shock (*sarcasm detector explodes*)

  15. Blackcloud says:

    Didn’t “Renaissance” open in only two theaters? Of course it’s gonna be down the bottom of the chart.

  16. ployp says:

    For people who saw Jackass, what happened after they put the leech into the guy’s eye? Hospital? Thanks in advance.

  17. jeffmcm says:

    He was fine, it wasn’t on for very long and it just made him a little bloodshot.

  18. Lota says:

    Haven $47,610 +24.1% $835 $104,610
    Well Haven went up, and it threatening the top 40, so y’all get out and see it please.
    There’s so much crap…so go see something diffferent and Decent.

  19. Blackcloud says:

    I’ve used up my Orlando Bloom quota for the year, thank you.

  20. Lota says:

    Ordinarily I can’t STAND Orlando Bloom.
    I genuinely DID forget who he was in the movie. In fact, the friend who i absolutely strongarmed into going to this movie just loved it and he is at the top of her least liked actors list right after Justin Timberlake.
    Please go see it. Do it for Frankie. Support new directors who are choosing not to make police academy 23, and instead are making fresh stories.
    DO it for the cause dude.

  21. Stella's Boy says:

    Haven is really that good? It was delayed forever and the trailer doesn’t make it look like anything special.

  22. jeffmcm says:

    Lota, did you capitalize Decent for a reason?

  23. Lota says:

    what?! The things that people notice.
    I suppose I capped it since so many movies I am seeing last couple years are Crap.

  24. Lota says:

    Haven is way better than it is being given credit for, and with so little to look forward to you should see it Stella.

  25. Stella's Boy says:

    I’m not sure if it’s going to play here. If it does I will check it out. If I don’t like it I expect a full refund.

  26. Lota says:

    go to the nearest big city. I will pay you back if you don;t like it.

  27. Lota says:

    it;s playing in ~22-23 big cities…odds are it’s within a couple hours of most people.

  28. jeffmcm says:

    It would have to be a frickin’ masterpiece if you’re advocating spending more time in the car getting to it and from it than they would spend actually watching it.

  29. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    “Didn’t “Renaissance” open in only two theaters? Of course it’s gonna be down the bottom of the chart.”
    but it only made $10,000, which means it’ll disappear quickly.

  30. Lota says:

    relax Jeff.
    I think Stella’s girl will think the drive is worth it. Plus my generous money-back-if-not-completely-satisfied policy is the carrot.
    Compared to the swill I’ve been forced to cinematically ingest lately, it IS a masterpiece.

  31. Blackcloud says:

    They’ve buried it in the worst theater in my area. No thanks.

  32. Blackcloud says:

    “but it only made $10,000, which means it’ll disappear quickly.”
    Hopefully not before it makes it to my neck of the woods.

  33. jeffmcm says:

    Lota, I think Stella should also ask for you to reimburse him for gas (which is cheaper now).
    Did Brian DePalma come to your house with gun in hand?

  34. Lota says:

    don’t get it…why would BdP show up at my house with a gun? If he does I’ll beat him with it then tell him to go watch Gun Crazy (Deadly Is the Female ) or Naked City so he can learn something.
    Stella knows I’m good for the $$ (as long as I see the receipt. I’m not made of money).

  35. jeffmcm says:

    ‘forced to cinematically ingest’
    At this stage in his career, you should have known to not expect literary fidelity from BdP.

  36. Lota says:

    chrissakes Jeff
    it wasn’t the infidelity, it was the Crapness.
    Blade Runner was a completely different movie than the PKD novella..”Androids…” yet it was a great movie.
    I don;t expect movies to be carbon copies of books, I expect them to be good interpretations of the subject matter that appeal to a wider audience than the book did.

  37. jeffmcm says:

    He did interpret it…his own way. And it did appeal to a wider audience. I never read the book.

  38. Lota says:

    and it was Crap.

  39. jeffmcm says:

    Well that’s a matter of opinion. And nobody put a gun to your head to see it.

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