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By David Poland

Yeah…. I know…

Sorry I have been so far gone…
For kicks, if you want to guess at what I am going to rip into in the Sharon Waxman ShoWest article, you can prestage it now!
Or you can use this space as you see fit…

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18 Responses to “Yeah…. I know…”

  1. Josh Massey says:

    Man, I am bored.
    It’s post-Oscar, pre-summer, post-football, pre-baseball, boring film festival season. Gag.

  2. MASON says:

    David Poland. King of all media.

  3. Blackcloud says:

    “Though the industry

  4. Blackcloud says:

    “But the shift at ShoWest is also a sign of continuing tension between the Hollywood studios and the exhibition chains, a demotion of sorts, as festivals in places like Toronto and even Venice have absorbed more attention from the news media.”
    Or it’s that, which even though I know very little about the movie business, strikes me as quite ludicrous.

  5. Drew says:

    I’ve heard repeatedly from studios and from some of the same people quoted in Sharon’s piece that ComicCon has become a more important stop as far as putting on a show for the press.
    ShoWest has never been particularly press-friendly. It’s more for exhibitors, and if the trade show is more important to them than the parade of stars, then it’s great that the studios are scaling that side of things back. I can’t recall a single time in the last ten years that something has become a “buzz film” thanks to ShoWest. It just doesn’t happen.
    My guess is it’s the box-office blah-blah that’s got David’s assfeathers ruffled on this one.

  6. T.Holly says:

    As I see fit, gotta break it to ya, the Daily Dave’s don’t cut it. It’s not that you don’t have good stuff to say, it’s just that the one-way stream of consciousness approach has no traction and gets no traffic. Here’s my very own immodest proposal. It stems from Devin’s idea to provide a transcript of the vlog because they’re too long to watch. Send me a mini-cassette, and I’ll transcibe it for you, edit out the repetition, punch it up and streamline the stream, and then send it back to you for posting.

  7. jeffmcm says:

    No offense, T. Holly, but I would not look to you for help in making things smooth or understandable.

  8. T.Holly says:

    No, he’s totally smooth and understandable (to everyone, but you), he’s just talks too much on the vlogs. I don’t mean remove the personality from the rambling, just remove what he had for breakfast and the millionth “to tell you the truths” and the completely flat rim-shot jokes and stuff like that.

  9. jeffmcm says:

    Yeah, I mean that your posts often sound like you’re writing in some James Joycean inside-joke language of identical twins.

  10. T.Holly says:

    millionth “to tell you the truth” — I may as well copy edit myself, before you have a little fit.

  11. T.Holly says:

    mc, that’s because I have no interest in writing a book length blog here, just in and out quick, if you get great, if not, layta.

  12. Wrecktum says:

    I don’t watch Poland’s vlogs. I much prefer to get my information through the written word (which can be skimmed) instead of rambing monologues. I’m all in favor of a transcription.
    I think my view is shared by many….the comment section’s been pretty dreary recently.

  13. Eric says:

    Another vote for a transcript or something. I never watch the videos. Don’t want something I can’t skim. Don’t want the noise at work.

  14. jeffmcm says:

    Since this is the subject, I’ll say that I don’t watch them either. I’d rather skim a Hot Button essay when I want to know what ‘the truth of the matter is’.

  15. Lota says:

    i like the Hot Button, written, and I like the interviews by you tube/iklipz
    really dug the Verhoeven interview especially.

  16. Ju-osh says:

    Dave, This is not meant as a diss, but I too prefer the Hot Button columns over the daily video diaries. The video interviews, on the other hand — they’re great, fun and personable. So I guess I’ll cast a vote for the transcription idea as well.

  17. waterbucket says:

    I have to agree with the others here.
    While I love how your bearish look contrasts with your twinky voice in the video clips, it’s not enough to make me a fan.
    Your Hot Button is much more interesting and is my preferred format.

  18. To be honest, I haven’t watched a single one of these Daily David things. I’d rather read what he has to say as succinctly as he usually does on Hot Button.

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