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There was little new or news to chew on at the Paramount event at ComicCon.
But before they got started was the “hello” from the ComicCon staff. And with that came some new rules. As has been noted before, we are now in the error/era of the PG-13 ComicCon. But they have also decided to censor the question and answer process, pointing out that on top of vetting your questions and expecting you to stick to the script, they expect the audience to be completely respectful of the talent

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15 Responses to “DreamaParaConAmount”

  1. Hallick says:

    “My favorite moment was when a girl in a Princess Leia bikini costume… without the bikini bottoms… sauntered by”
    Could’ve been my favorite moment too, if, maybe, you took a second and YOU TOOK A FREAKING PICTURE! COME ON DAVID! Was she ugly or something? Just tell me she was fruggly, tell me she was fat and nowhere near the legitimate-but-usually-condescending description “voluptuous”. Just lie, alright!? Erase this fantasy image from my mind…

  2. lazarus says:

    You really can’t throw around a word like labia and not cough up some graphic aids. We should at least see Mr. Gay’s reaction shot.
    Totally unprofessional, Dave.

  3. jeffmcm says:

    Mr. Gay? As in “Go away, Mr. Gay!” He was there? Awesome.
    But seriously, if the fangirls are going around bottomless, perhaps a minor dress code (like No Pants, No Autographs) is in order.

  4. IOIOIOI says:

    Miami Heat said; “As usual, it’s not the effects that I care about, it’s the character.” Yep. Totally missing the mark on these films, but you are who you are. Should it not be an amalgam? I do agree with the Iron-Man love. I also agree with a less then serious Iron-Man tone for this film because the CIVIL WAR has shown; DICKY TONY STARK IS BALLS. Give me an Iron-Man who still has some spirit and some soul.

  5. Drew says:

    Neil Gaiman was there for STARDUST and BEOWULF, David, not THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES.

  6. David Poland says:

    Sorry Drew… brain damage…

  7. Ian Sinclair says:

    One of these days I’ll get around to putting that old green leather jacket Neil Gaiman sold to me for ten quid in 1986 on EBay. Nice to see such a nice bloke doing so well.

  8. Laz- the term “graphic aids” really cleansed my mental palette from the Princess leia with no bikini bottoms visual. Nice going.
    I went to Comic-Con about 4 years ago and it was amazing. I used to be a BIG comic collector and being there really brings you back to a feeling of youth. However, it’s also insanely crazy and my buddy Mark from FT lobbies every eyar to call it “Geeks-Waiting-in-lines-Con.” It’s like one big frigging line all day for these movie sneak peeks.

  9. doug r says:

    Yes, more details Dave.
    Was it like “Are you wearing bottoms” from Norbit?
    Or someone “forgetting” their panties ala LiLo?

  10. montrealkid says:

    That Sweeney Todd poster did more for me than the entire Beowulf trailer. Great teaser poster. Can’t wait to see some footage.

  11. IOIOIOI says:

    Yes; that Sweeney Todd poster kicks ass eight different ways.

  12. Dr Wally says:

    Ummm, wasn’t Shatner-as-Kirk killed off about four movies ago?

  13. The Big Perm says:

    I love that Sweeney Todd poster too. I hope this is Tim Burton’s comeback. I’ve found him a little stale for awhile.

  14. teambanzai says:

    “Ummm, wasn’t Shatner-as-Kirk killed off about four movies ago?”
    Yes but come on all they have to do is recalibrate the warp field generators to induce a subspace rift then boost the transporter signal to lock on to him then beaming him into a new patter stored in the pattern buffer and there you have it.
    *sound of crickets*
    Um, okay then they could just pretend the events of Star Trek Generations ever happened. I know I did.

  15. hendhogan says:

    by god, that just might work!

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