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Box Office Hell, Update – 8/24

EW and BO Prophets added….

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11 Responses to “Box Office Hell, Update – 8/24”

  1. NickF says:

    I hope War does well, in part due to the great advertising tag line. “Jet Li and Jason Statham are at WAR!”

  2. IOIOIOI says:

    I would be shocked if Superbad holds the weekend. The shine might be off of that apple… hopefully. If not; Apatow Rules. Toot toot or something. I am to apathetic to care at this point.

  3. LexG says:

    Nanny Diaries looks so much like a Brittany Murphy movie; In fact, the previews make it look like a shot-for-shot remake of Uptown Girls.
    I thought the studio was adamant in April that it was pulled last-minute because they hadn’t mounted a proper PR campaign for it, but they were oh-so-proud and we’d get it in the fall with a proper marketing push. Doesn’t look like it– it feels like a dumping.

  4. The Carpetmuncher says:

    Has anyone seen Resurrecting the Champ? The trailer made it look just terrible…. I wish something good was coming out this weekend. I can’t pay to see something like WAR that screams video to me.
    Time to see STARDUST. The trailer looked corny, but the word of mouth has been really, really good…
    I think SUPERBAD holds up and takes it. I hear too many younger folks saying they want to see it again, the word of mouth has been SUPERgood. Anyway, I hope it continues to do well….

  5. doug r says:

    Saw Superbad on Monday (here’s why).
    Pretty big crowd for a Monday, even the balcony was open. I’m thinking SB’s gonna hold…

  6. hendhogan says:

    i can’t figure out what “resurrecting the champ” is about. there are two trailers that make it look like two different movies

  7. EDouglas says:

    “I hope War does well, in part due to the great advertising tag line. “Jet Li and Jason Statham are at WAR!”
    And anyone who sees the movie will be disappointed that in fact, they only face each other in the last ten minutes of the movie. I think Lionsgate was lucky that I was too busy to write a review taking them down for false advertising.
    And yeah, the ads for Champ sucked… If I hadn’t already seen the movie, I wouldn’t have bothered based on those ads. Terrible and it’s no wonder that it’s bombed this weekend worse than bad movies like “The Last Legion” and “Daddy Day Camp”.

  8. EDouglas says:

    Damn, my earlier prediction of Nanny Diaries (before they added 800 theatres) was much closer than my updated prediction.

  9. bulldog68 says:

    Bourne with a 36% drop from last friday. Still think this doesn’t make to 200m David? Its ahead of 300 which made 171M after 22 days while Bourne is at 176m. Great hold for Hairspray at 18% drop from last friday. It may overtake chuck&larry when its all over. And I have a great personal sense of joy that Transformers overtakes Pirates this weekend. Unfortunately the 28% drop for Stardust, while not bad in itself, is not enough to turn this one into hit. The studio dropped the ball on this one, they have a great movie. They should re-release at christmas with the whole ‘north star’ angle and all that. Does anyone think Evan Almighty will limp to 100m?

  10. “And anyone who sees the movie will be disappointed that in fact, they only face each other in the last ten minutes of the movie.”
    That sounds like Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever in which Ecks and Sever fight for about 10 minutes early on and then they, wait for it, team up to fight the bad guy TOGETHER! this is an amazing review and sums that movie up entirely. I read that ‘review’ frequently because it puts such a big smile on my face.

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