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10 Responses to “1-Sheet-A-Rama”

  1. Ian Sinclair says:

    Lousy posters for BLOOD and HEARTBREAK and, it has to be said, a terrific one for RAMBO.

  2. Joe Leydon says:

    But I thought the title was John Rambo. Like Rocky Balboa.

  3. lazarus says:

    Is Rambo about to kill Colonel Kurtz in that shot, or did he just finish the job?
    I hope the image quality of that TWBB poster looks better in real life. And the one-sheet with DDL in Gangs of New York looked a lot cooler. Maybe they should just superimpose an Oscar statuette over his face.

  4. LexG says:

    That THERE WILL BE BLOOD poster looks like Sterling Hayden in 1900 photographed through the ANALYZE THIS/THAT color filter.

  5. CloudsWithoutWater says:

    I think the TWBB look here is more a factor with the digital version. I saw it in a theater hallway this afternoon and it looked great. I’d blame a poor scan or something somewhere along the line for this image.

  6. Spacesheik says:

    Absolutely brilliant RAMBO poster, the fact that he is holding a machete and not an M-16 means this one is going to be quite graphic.
    Has a major studio picked this yet? I heard Stallone was having some potential NC17 issues with MPAA.
    It’s slated for Jan 25 – unusual date, maybe Poland can enlighten on that.
    Hopefully it will be a polished flick and they retain the Jerry goldsmith score – I’d hate to see this get a limited released and then straight to DVD, but the trailer released on AICN a while back looked like a MIA Chuck Norris 80s flick albeit with more graphic bloody violence.

  7. David Poland says:

    Lionsgate in December… similar to Rocky Balboa date

  8. Ian Sinclair says:

    Here’s the #2 RAMBO trailer, which might be rated R.

  9. That Rambo one is quite good. That Heartbreak Kid one is quite terrible (is it international?).
    A HQ TWBB poster can be found by clicking below
    He looks like Robert DeNiro there.

  10. oh, of course it’s international! I just now looked at it for longer than the blink of an eye and noticed the foreign language all over it. That movie’s posters have all been terrible.

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