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By David Poland

Friday Estimates by Klady – 10/26

Based on Klady

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12 Responses to “Friday Estimates by Klady – 10/26”

  1. See, the reason people keep going back to Saw and Final Destination is that they know what they’re gonna get and it’s something they can’t get anywhere else in such an easily digestible fashion. Still, I reckon this one will dip below $80mil in final tallies.
    Dan isn’t even on 2000 screens, which is perplexing to say the least.

  2. IOIOIOI says:

    So no one wants to see Lars and ITTW? It’s not surprising. ITTW still has the whole “RICH KID PISSING HIS LIFE AWAY” and “SEAN PEAN” vibe. While Lars has a premise that may be sweeter than Lemon Pepsi, but it’s still a whacky freakin premise. This leaves both of these movies sort of hanging out there, loved by critics (and loathed), but without finding it’s audience.
    Nevertheless; the SAW SAGA continues to rack up money. Compared to other flicks. These at least rip-off Phone Booth and have a villian people love. It will be interesting to see how the final two installments far, and if they can keep this pace up over the long haul.

  3. If memory serves, nobody particularly wanted to see Letters from Iwo Jima last year either.

  4. IOIOIOI says:

    Camel; a lot of people do not want to see a lot of flicks. The bastages.

  5. jeffmcm says:

    IOI, not sure what you mean by ‘final two’ since we are now guaranteed a Saw V, VI, and VII.

  6. IOIOIOI says:

    Jeff; there are supposed to be SIX in the SAGA. If they changed that with four, then they are going for a SEPTRILOGY! Which would be… rather precedented in the genre of horrour. Nevertheless; I do love that there’s a huge franchise out there, that I have no attachment to in the least. It’s sort of refreshing in a way.

  7. doug r says:

    Drove three hours yesterday to take my family to see Nightmare Before Xmas in 3-D. Ok conversion, but the trailer for the live-action 3-D picture with Brendan Fraser looked way cooler. The $5000 per screen Nightmare pulled in a couple of weeks ago suggests that people want something special in a theatrical experience. Just look at the numbers for Monster House and Polar Express. The 3-D screens pulled in WAY more money.
    Perhaps the draw of the Saw franchise is like Dave implies-they get the storyline on DVD, then the new picture gives them more of the same on the big screen. Coming soon…Saw 6 in 3-D!

  8. Cadavra says:

    “Jeff; there are supposed to be SIX in the SAGA. If they changed that with four, then they are going for a SEPTRILOGY! Which would be… rather precedented in the genre of horrour.”
    You’re kidding, right? HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13th and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET have all not only hit seven but passed it; I think Jason’s been in at least 11 by now.

  9. IOIOIOI says:

    Cad; go read it again. It’s a bit of business.

  10. jeffmcm says:

    It’s hard to tell.

  11. “rather precedented”. It would read “rather unprecedented” if he was implying it never happens.

  12. White Label says:

    There was a review posted somewhere (can’t find it now) explaining that the reason why people continue to see the Saw films is that each sequel helps you to understand the previous film, but also leaves its own questions unanswered.

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