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By David Poland

National Bored of Reviewing Dinner Plans

Yes… it’s that time again… and NBR still loves having dinner with celebrities they pretty much know will be in the awards race…
That said, I have to admit, it’s a lot more like HFPA whoring this time… no really extreme missteps just to get celebs to show.
Notably left out were Before The Devil Knows You

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13 Responses to “National Bored of Reviewing Dinner Plans”

  1. White Label says:

    The Bucket List a top 10 movie? Call me skeptical. I didn’t see Jesse James, but the rest of the list I don’t really have any arguements with.

  2. Aladdin Sane says:

    I haven’t seen all of the top ten, but like my top ten (so far) I’ve got both Assassination and Bourne there…
    I’m pretty skeptical about The Bucket List though. I suppose that they want Jack to show up.

  3. Roxane says:

    I know that there are places on the net that don’t think much of the NBR. But I do recall the NBR was the first group to see through the Dreamgirls hype, leaving Dreamgirls off its top ten list. This was at a time when some “experts” were still predicting a Dreamgirls Oscar BP win.

  4. David Poland says:

    Cute, Roxane… but bullshit.

  5. LexG says:

    Didn’t Ellen Page rather conspicuously “break through” last year, courtesy of HARD CANDY and X3?
    She needs to be more hot.

  6. Zimmergirl says:

    “NBR is truly irrelevant, except as copy.”
    Sorry but that’s idiotic.

  7. David Poland says:

    Please explain the significant import of NBR, Zimmergirl.
    Who do you think it influences?
    Who do you think will be talking about it in 10 days?
    How much influence can a group that offers 20 films as “Best” be seen to be? Do you really think that No Country’s position has anything to do with NBR?
    I mean, I know people in here like to tell me that I am being too severe by saying just how irrelevant NBR is… but no one seems willing or able to argue who and how it influences… other than to say it gets media attention.

  8. Maybe they’re relevent for Ben Affleck who probably won’t be a big feature of the awards campaign. Or they’re relevent to the editors of Bourne who may get some attention because it can be deemed top ten worthy.
    For me though it’s not that you don’t like the NBR – they are frivilous and silly – but, as you say, they gave their acting awards to none of the leading contenders of the categories. No Marion, No Johnny or Daniel, no Cate and no Javier. They may not be “relevent” to the Oscars but, as you yourself has said before, nothing is relevent to the Oscars anymore. Not even the Globes. So why fight it?

  9. Melquiades says:

    A quick look at the last 20 years reveals that the NBR has picked the eventual best picture winner 6 times, while the NY and LA critics have picked it only twice each.
    I have absolutely no idea if Oscar voters pay attention to any of the above, but the numbers suggest NBR shouldn’t necessarily be ignored (anymore than the others).

  10. Wrecktum says:

    “A big change from the good ol’ days, when The Weinsteins owned this group.”
    Yes, but their former company has three films very well represented: No Country for Old Men, Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and Gone Baby Gone. Go Miramax!

  11. I was a bit surprised to see I’m Not There get nothing whatsoever. I thought the ensemble prize was it’s for the taking.

  12. Joe Leydon says:

    Well, gee, David — NBR must be important because you devote so much space to it. Every year. Every single freakin’ year.
    And I’ll go way out on a limb year to predict that, 10 days from now, we’ll still see the winners trumpeting their triumphs in advertisements.

  13. IOIOIOI says:

    Joe, Heat needs someone to fight. He has his game face on, a pimp ass gold chain, and he’s looking for an OSCAR FIGHT! Tom O’Neil better watch out. HE BETTER WATCH OUT!

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