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BYOB – Super Tuesday

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23 Responses to “BYOB – Super Tuesday”

  1. Damn…the SXSW Film Festival came out with their lineup today and it’s fan-TASTIC! A perfect blend of big stuff, small stuff, lots of music stuff and more mumblecore than you can shake a quiet moment of reflection at.
    Schnabel’s Lou Reed flick is going to be there DP…….are you finally going to head out to Austin this March?

  2. movieman says:

    The “Sarah Marshall” trailer looks great; as do the trailers for “Leatherheads” and “Baby Mama.”
    Add next week’s already seen (and pretty terrific) “Definitely, Maybe,” and I think it’s safe to say that Universal is off to a swell start in 2008.

  3. Stella's Boy says:

    Based on the trailer and TV spots, it’s so hard for me to believe that Definitely, Maybe is a good movie. But apparently I’m wrong.

  4. Hopscotch says:

    that some sarcasm there movieman, I honestly can’t tell (not on this blog anyway).
    I actually think Leatherheads could be good.
    But Baby Mama, Marsahll, and D,M look horrid.
    I’m seeing In Bruges tomorrow night. hopefully it’ll be this year’s Hot Fuzz.

  5. Hopscotch says:

    well that word “swell” is usually an indicator.

  6. Eric says:

    I chuckled a few times at the Baby Mama trailer. Tina Fey is funny, but Amy Poehler is the anti-funny, so there’s a good chance the two of them appearing in a movie together could create a rift in the space-time continuum. You never know.

  7. movieman says:

    No sarcasm intended, Hop.
    “D/M” is actually a breath of fresh air: a nice variation on the generic rom-com formula, and Ryan Reynolds has never been more appealing. I hope this does at least as well as the dreadful “P.S. I Love You” did over the holidays.
    OK, maybe I let my Tina Fey idolatry sway me a tad, but I thought “Baby Mama” looked like a hoot (sort of “Mean Girls” for thirtysomething career women instead of high school chicks).
    “Sarah Marshall” would seem to have all the earmarks–including his repertory company–of a typical Judd Apatow laugh machine, so what’s not to like?
    And since “Leatherheads” was directed by one of the smartest, savviest guys around (GC), I’m guessing that it’s going to be another of his typically Class-A productions. It also reminds me a bit of the Coens at their screwballiest (“Hudsucker Proxy,” “O Brother,” “Intolerable Cruelty”), which is perfectly fine in my book. (Yep, I loved “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” too, and consider it one of the best, if most underappreciated directing debuts of the past decade.)
    “Bruges,” from Uni’s Focus subdivision, is pretty good, not great. It does, however, feature a fantastic comic performance by Colin Farrell. Comparisons with “Hot Fuzz” are way off base, though; the two films have zilch in common other than a British accent.
    To prove that I’m not on Universal’s payroll, lol, I will say that “Roscoe Jenkins” is just about as lame as it looks.

  8. How dare you diss my lil Amy Poehler-Bear! Thems fightin’ blog words!

  9. jeffmcm says:

    Yeah, I have to concur. Amy Poehler is funny. Watch any Appalachian Emergency Room for confirmation.

  10. Joe Leydon says:

    Happy Mardi Gras, one and all. If I were back home in New Orleans today… well, I’d probably be very drunk by now.

  11. jeffmcm says:

    “Shot by a redneck or eaten by a bear, what’s the difference?”

  12. doug r says:

    Watch any Appalachian Emergency Room
    I was doin’ naked squat thrusts over top of this bottle y’see….

  13. Sarah Marshall feels more like a Walk Hard than a Knocked Up in the box office stakes.
    Although, I’d love for my Kristen to have a hit.

  14. LexG says:

    “My Kristen”?
    What, do you know her? If so, can you tell her I think she’s hot.
    Anyone else see that HANCOCK trailer????
    Love Berg, but, really, what the HELL?

  15. LexG says:

    Oh, and thay MAMMA MIA shit is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  16. Sam says:

    It’s odd that MCN headlines are making fun of the Bond title so much. Quincunx of Solipsism. I personally LOVE the idea that the producers aren’t afraid of using a title with uncommon words in it. This is FAR FAR FAR preferable to 20 years ago, when the title “Licence Revoked” was watered down to the vastly inferior “Licence To Kill” when executives worried that the average filmgoer wouldn’t know what the word “revoked” meant. (Answer: more people than know what “quantum” or “solace” means.)
    True, it doesn’t have the elegant flow of sounds that a great title should have, but it is evocative and intriguing, and that’s ultimately what counts. I’ll take that title over such illiterate tongue twisters as “Lara Craft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” any day, and it’s a far sight better the simplistic marketing punches like “Hook”, “Cobb”, “Crash”, “Awake”, “Hitman”, “Shooter”, “RV”, “Next”, “Once”, and “Cars,” too.
    Bond 22 dares to be better, and it gets slammed for it.

  17. JBM... says:

    To be fair to Shooter, the title of the novel it was based on, Point of Impact, does sound kind of “porny” (then again, Shooter does too, if you think that way :D)…
    …the first teaser for Quantum of Solace will have a narrator recite the title, that’s a bet…
    …but does the title of a Bond movie, evocative or not, really matter? I worked in a theater (God forgive me) when Casino Royale came out. Half the time people asked for “one ticket to 007” or “one to the James Bond movie” or “Casino Royal.” The brand’s still the most important…

  18. hendhogan says:

    it’s no worse than “a view to a kill” or any of the instantly forgettable brosnan films (with the exception of “goldeneye”).
    but i’ll probably just think of it as the next bond film.

  19. Joe Leydon says:

    Actually, A View to a Kill also is the title of an Ian Fleming story.

  20. hendhogan says:

    yes, but “quantum of solace” is the name of an ian fleming short story. don’t make the title that more appealing.

  21. Chucky in Jersey says:

    “Definitely, Maybe” is a definite loser. It’s name-checking a pic that opened opposite “Star Wars: Episode 1”.
    “Leatherheads” is old-school + good looks = potential winner. The trailer was attached to US prints of “Charlie Wilson’s War”.

  22. jeffmcm says:

    If Definitely, Maybe is a loser it’s because its own title is vague and not catchy. Nobody, let me reemphasize that, NOBODY cares what other romantic comedies it references in its ad campaign. That has zero effect on the target audience.
    On the other hand, Leatherheads’ closest analogues are probably O Brother Where Art Thou and Intolerable Cruelty, which made $45m and $35m respectively, so the new movie will probably fall in that general area.

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