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Over the transom tonight…

The Envelope | Feb. 9, 2008 | 7:55 PM PT

WGA strike not over Monday
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This link doesn’t as of this writing, link to the story.
There is this story.
All of it hinges on an LA Times-er in the hall, who is not supposed to be reporting. Kinda scabby. On the other hand, we are all getting and hearing text messages.
NY went fine. LA is going fine. The strike is over. The only question is what day it ends.
One group of people are pretty sure that the committees voting tomorrow late morning will approve and then suspend the strike. Others are saying that they will wait for a membership vote. But going into the meeting, the expectation was that the vote was 10 days to 2 weeks away, but the strike would be suspended on Sunday afternoon.
Just what working WGA members need… another week off! Genius.

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13 Responses to “Uhhhh…”

  1. Devin Faraci says:

    I keep hearing Wednesday.

  2. digitalhit says:

    So can Gil Cates breathe easy if there’s a Wednesday ratification or even the 10 day one? Or does he still ask for a waiver to get Jon and friends writing on Sunday?

  3. anghus says:

    sweet jesus. they are wringing every last ounce of nothing out of this story.
    As if the day the strike ends, the birds come out singing, rainbows stretch across the sky and everyone skips back to work.

  4. BTLine says:

    “As if the day the strike ends, the birds come out singing, rainbows stretch across the sky and everyone skips back to work.”
    Not everybody. My show has been canceled. Lots of shows actually.
    There will be less work out there.
    But that’s OK. As long as few writers can have that 100 dollars more in their pocket.
    Seems fair to me.
    Not that anybody cares, anyway.

  5. mutinyco says:


  6. T. Holly says:

    It’s good, the scabs get 2 extra days.

  7. IOIOIOI says:

    I am just curious as to how the TV studios rectifying everything with their audience. Do they bring shows back in July or August? Will we have ridiculously over-long seasons to make up for what we lost this season? I just want these schmucks to get the ball rolling on the FALL.

  8. anghus says:

    BTLine, that was sarcasm. I guess i didnt lay it on thickly enough.

  9. jeffmcm says:

    IOI, most audiences across the country haven’t really noticed. They’ve been watching American Gladiators and mid-season starters.

  10. Joe Leydon says:

    Mutiny: Damn, but that made me laugh. Wonder how many others caught it?

  11. anghus says:

    oh man.
    it’ll end Wed. or Thurs., and every lazy newswriter will get to do variations on Valentines Day.
    Writers and Studios Kiss and Make Up
    Studios decide they can’t quit the Writers

  12. Working AD says:

    I believe the “Back to Work” instruction will come before 9PM on Tuesday night, if not earlier.
    This will allow most of the writing staff members on TV shows back into their offices on Wednesday morning.
    In the meantime, while no pickets are going on, the writer/producer types and showrunners will be working out the schedule of exactly how many episodes each of these shows can produce, and when we can expect to air them.

  13. Well, Ronald Harwood told the BAFTA audience that he is “no longer on strike”, so…

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