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Back in LA… breathing in that air… sea legs wobbling on land…
We’ll catch up soon…

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24 Responses to “BYOY Back”

  1. sloanish says:

    Yes, this Marion Cotillard thing is dumb. She’s clearly stupid (or naive). The folks who are actually riled up over it are overreacting. And the people who think it’s a non-story are fooling themselves. Question is, does this REALLY affect her career? It didn’t seem like she had any plans to be America’s sweetheart, and the indie world could care less about the story, but her Oscar is less valuable as a selling tool if and when she wants to do a mainstream American film.
    PS — I think we’ve been through the conspiracy stuff a couple dozen times here, so no need to play that record again.

  2. LexG says:

    Well, it’s not gonna work in her favor that she’s FRENCH, which apparently according to hardline wingers and half of flyover is like the worst thing anyone can be, ever. Maher regularly and amusingly points out how “France” has become a new go-to villain in current political discourse.
    I don’t know, was anyone really banking on this chick becoming some huge A-list presence in American movies? The language barrier seems pretty thick in interviews. And even though she’s kind of hot, she has the blowzy, worldly, Euro sexuality that’s pretty much lost on these shores.
    At most I would expect a Tautou-style appearance in some generic blockbuster, then back to coffeehouse beret movies in her native Europe about the lives and loves of some ragtag crew of horny, politically-awakening Socialists.
    She was already in that Crowe/Scott movie, admittedly not a hit, but she didn’t garner much heat from that.

  3. Did anybody see Andrea Arnold’s Red Road? Just watched it this evening, left me feeling very disturbed. The opening 40 minutes are some of the scariest cinema I’ve seen in a long time. Arnold, in case you don’t know, won an Oscar a few years back for her short Wasp.

  4. doug r says:

    So who had this lined up waiting for her to win? Old news, man.
    That’s such 9/12 thinking.

  5. Wrecktum says:

    Yes, but she’s so pretty…..

  6. Dave Vernon says:

    If Hillary Clinton had been up for Best Actress, you know this would have come out before the oscars, not after.

  7. I leave for Austin Friday…..I really, truly cannot wait! Anyone else going to SXSW??

  8. mutinyco says:

    She’s co-starring in Michael Mann’s new movie with Depp and Bale.

  9. David Poland says:

    Yes Dave… and if Barack Obama went to a McDonald’s drive-thru and it turned out that the fry cook had a swastika tattoo, the Clinton campaign would be saying, “We’re not saying Barack is Nazi affiliated… but you have to look carefully at these things… but we’re not saying anything… just that Hillary went to the Burger King on the other side of the road where a Hispanic paraplegic is the fry cook… and she rubbed some moisturizer on his legs and told a joke that made him laugh really hard… in perfect Spanish… but the media REFUSES to cover that…not that they should cover the Nazi thing… unless they feel it might lead somewhere…”

  10. Blackcloud says:

    Cotillard has the right to be an idiot. She also has the right to suffer the consequences.

  11. Richard Nash says:

    Cotillard will probably get more work from this dumb anti American comment than from winning the Oscar. But hey, thats Hollywood for you.
    How funny and well ironic is the Clintons asking for fair reporting from the MSM??

  12. Stella's Boy says:

    If it’s that easy to get work, there are a lot of actors and actresses out there who could quickly revive their careers by simply saying something anti-American.

  13. leahnz says:

    the french did underwater nuclear testing in the south pacific for decades, despite zealous protest from all the nations in the actual area and proof of leaking contamination, and then the french government sent two terrorists into auckland harbour to blow up a greenpeace boat which was due to protest the nuking of mururoa atoll, which killed a guy. the terrorists were sentenced to live on a tropical island, and now they are back living in france. the french have blood on their hands just like every other powerful nation.

  14. jeffmcm says:

    Aren’t the words ‘saboteur’ or ‘spy’ adequate?

  15. Blackcloud says:

    They weren’t terrorists. They were French secret agents acting as saboteurs, as Jeff called them. Hyperbole does not make an argument, and usually weakens it.

  16. Blackcloud says:

    Although it’s interesting that leahnz calls them terrorists, since of course it’s the French who gave the world the concept in the first place.

  17. leahnz says:

    that’s bullshit. they were sent into a foriegn country, attached explosives to a boat with an undisclosed number of civilians sleeping inside under cover of darkness, blew up the boat and killed a man. that’s terrorism in any language.
    i seem to remember some men who were sent into a foriegn country, used airplanes as bombs and killed a lot of civilans, i suppose they aren’t terrorists either? wank on.

  18. jeffmcm says:

    They weren’t under the orders of a national government. It’s a semantic point, but I think it’s an important distinction to make.

  19. leahnz says:

    it’s called ‘state-sponsored terrorism’, and is a particularly despicable act of aggression and intimidation when carried out in peace-time against a historical ally.

  20. jeffmcm says:

    I don’t totally disagree with you, I’m just of the opinion that the terms ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ have become overused and abused in the last seven years to the point of losing their useful meaning.

  21. LexG says:

    So, do other dudes get PUMPED UP by drinking gallons of beer and looking at themselves shirtless in the mirror, CRANKING the TOP GUN soundtrack, ESPECIALLY MIGHTY WINGS and PLAYING WITH THE BOYS and studying their own face in AVIATOR GLASSES for hours on end?

  22. Blackcloud says:

    “it’s called ‘state-sponsored terrorism'”
    No it’s not, and you obviously have no idea what state-sponsored terrorism is if you’re calling the attack on the Rainbow Warrior that. You would in fact be on much firmer ground if you called it an act of war, which it is much closer to than anything that goes by the name “terrorism.”

  23. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Getting away from right-wing fantasies . . .
    The post-Oscar bounce on “No Country for Old Men” is in the sticks. A lot of suburban theaters will drop “No Country” this Friday, megaplexes included. It’s all about the product flow.

  24. leahnz says:

    blackcloud, you’re right. i quickly looked up the definition of ‘state-sponsored terrorism’ before i ran off at the cyber-mouth in defence of my positon, and what france did far better fits the definition of an act of war than ‘state-sponsored terrorism’, but it was still terrorism in my book, i’m stubborn.
    lexg, please don’t ever go off your meds

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