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BYOB – Iron Man Spoiler Thread

Here you go…
If you enter the comments section, you cannot be protected from spoilers.
Good luck.

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34 Responses to “BYOB – Iron Man Spoiler Thread”

  1. EDouglas says:

    Shh…. don’t tell anyone but Tony Stark is really Iron Man.
    For those who hadn’t heard… stay until the end of the credits for a special appearance by another Marvel character setting up a future Marvel Studios movie… they left it off the press/junket screenings, the bastards.

  2. JPK says:

    Saw it last night and still haven’t digested everything so I will resort to a quick list…
    1. I could not see where the practical effects ended and the CG began. The integration of the two was incredible. Just as a piece of eye candy, this is great achievement.
    2. I didn’t fall into the uncanny “physics” valley while watching this film. Unlike the Spider-Man films, the weight and movement of Iron Man felt genuine.
    3. RDJ had his charisma output set to 11. I hate to use a cliche but women will want to fuck him and men will want to be him and kids will want to sit on his lap and call him Uncle Tony.
    4. Jeff Bridges rocks the baldness. I hope to hell he survived the big blast at the end and they spin him off into a Wall Street type TV show about a ruthless executive who, after a short stint as a super-powered bad guy, decides to channel his evil desires into corporate raiding, stock manipulation, and kicking babies.
    5. Tony Stark kills! Literally. I was amazed that Iron Man had a fairly large body count by the end of the film.
    6. I hated, hated, hated the score. I’m not sure what Ramin Djawadi was trying to accomplish. Not once did I feel like the music and the character were connected. Generic and useless.

  3. JPK says:

    Damn. Posted too quickly.
    7. Wife loved it but will be with her girlfriends and drooling over Patrick Dempsey on Saturday. Daughter loved it and wants to see it again over the weekend.

  4. doug r says:

    5. Tony Stark kills! Literally. I was amazed that Iron Man had a fairly large body count by the end of the film.
    “Yeah, but they were all bad

  5. Amblinman says:

    I can’t believe how critical Dave was of the film. It was such a pleasure to watch a completely unpretentious comic book adaptation without it having to slide off into camp. Jeff Bridges chews the scenery? That had to be one of the most understated villains I’ve seen in one of these films. Howard isn’t given much to do, granted, but the character is obviously inserted in this one as a placeholder for his eventual turn as War Machine in the sequel. The “Next time, baby!” line is pure meat to every comic book nerd in the house and worth every empty minute of screen time Rhodes takes up.
    My only problem with the movie was the conclusion to the last fight between Stark and Stane. Really pedestrian choice. Granted, a lot of their fight resembled the Battle of The Robocops in Robocop 2, but I at least liked the “gotcha” bit with the ice forming.
    Great kickoff to summer.

  6. Amblinman says:

    By the way, I just wanted to add that the new trailer for The Incredible Hulk leaves me with the impression it’s going to be the single biggest bomb released this summer. The effects look like garbage. In theory, Norton should be the perfect Bruce Banner, but in the trailer he feels completely wrong for the role. I hope Roth at least got a big payday out of it.

  7. doug r says:

    Yeah, the Incredible Hulk trailer stunk up our theater too. The new trailer for Love Guru actually got a few laughs.
    The new suit stomp landing in A-stan got a good reaction and the fire extinguisher after the “power off” fall got a great laugh.

  8. LexG says:

    Hey, we never had a STREET KINGS BYOB devoted to spoilers/discussion!
    I know, I know, this is the first “huge” summer movie… but aren’t we supposed to be the people who know better, who DON’T just see the big blockbusters? By that logic, the enthusiasm for this should be no more or less (from the regular posters, say) than it was for STOP-LOSS or RAMBO or BANK JOB or the latest Romanian arthouse fave.
    Again, obviously there’s excitement about this movie for reasons of both box-office prognostication AND the irrepressible fanboy/movie nerd in us all…
    …but next time anyone gets high and mighty about the “masses” not caring about “smart” movies, let’s remember that even on a blog by and for industry wonks and creative types, we’re lining up like regular Ain’t it Coolers to discuss THE LATEST SUPERHERO MOVIE, to the exclusion of any- and everything else that’s out there.
    Even D-Po, a shrew commentator with eclectic tastes, has many times in the past few months downplayed some really cool stuff that’s been out… I know he has an audience to keep in mind and obviously wants readership… but even he fairly well dismissed a lot of “good” movies to focus on the umpteenth analysis of potential IRON MAN or SPEED RACER numbers.
    In short, I don’t know why anyone HERE is more eager to see this movie and discuss this movie than they’ve been about at least 15 movies over the last four months that have garnered next to zero discussion.
    YOU ARE ALL TO BLAME. (Kidding.)

  9. crazycris says:

    Damn! There was a surprise scene at the end of the credits?! I stayed almost until the end!!! argh!!!
    How ’bout spilling the beans on the scene in question since this a spoiler thread anyway? ;o)

  10. doug r says:

    I might tell you about it after I take my 13 year old to a showing this afternoon. It is rated PG-13, after all…yeah…that’s it-that’s the reason I ran out to catch a 8:00 pm DLP screening 🙂

  11. christian says:

    I love how they put a pretty major Marvel moment at the tail end of the movie. But gawd, the score is utterly forgettable. Still, I enjoyed it immensely and give props to Favrea for fighting for limited CG and for dear Downey, who simply owns the film.

  12. David Poland says:

    S.H.I.E.L.D., Cris

  13. LexG says:

    I guess I should shut my yap until I actually see this tonight/tomorrow, but question:
    The DP is Matthew Libatique, one of my current faves, but the trailer doesn’t make the movie look very… Libatiquey.
    His work for Aaronofsky, Schumacher, and even in JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS is EXTREMELY distinctive, to the point where otherwise very dissimilar movies look more like each other than their own directors’ other work.
    While the lensing for IRON MAN appears to be sharp and handsomely oversaturated, it definitely looks more “unobtrusive” than his usual distorted, grainy, subdued purple-green aesthetic.
    Are there memorable shots throughout, or is it a rather anonymous hired-gun job? From the looks of things, it’s akin to hiring Rodrigo Prieto and ending up with a film that looks like a Shawn Levy romcom. Is Libatique pulling a Toll/Sandler movie job here, or IS there a cool look?

  14. christian says:

    I’d say the style fluctuates a bit, and some shots are rather mundane given the premise. I really hated the Arc Reactor shots and in a couple years those scenes will look like bad mattes. In fact, the whole big explosive finale looked like HOWARD THE DUCK or other’s 80’s cartoony pyrotechnics.
    What IM needed most is simply long takes where the metalheads duke it out in clanging awkward glory. And I would have liked more scenes of Downey moving in his armor. Hopefully in the next one.

  15. doug r says:

    Anyone else notice the Lebowski reference?

  16. crazycris says:

    what’s the surprise with S.H.I.E.L.D.? They already mention it at the end of the movie… (after the poor fella is told 3-4 times he needs to find another name for his organisation).
    you mean there’s actually a final scene showing its creation?! or something…

  17. SJRubinstein says:

    Now, if only they can do a three-part “Ultimates” movie and create the first franchise to go into production with a $1 billion combined budget.
    Oh, and if Mark Millar and Warren Ellis can split screenwriting duties, that would be peachy.

  18. Jerry Colvin says:

    Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury recruits Iron Man for the new Avengers initiative.

  19. Jerry Colvin says:

    That’s the final scene.

  20. Blackcloud says:

    ^ The fan boys in attendance whooped up a storm, but it went right over my head. It must be important, that’s all I know. I mean, it was SLJ.
    Liked the movie. The plot is pretty formulaic. I like the idea of Stark getting a new sense of responsibility/humanity when he gets his new heart, but it wasn’t played up. Definitely a case where the actors are better than the material and do their best to keep it from becoming so thin it develops holes. Downey was inspired casting. I liked Gwynnie, too. Not sure it was worth the $11 I paid, but definitely $7-8. Still, it hasn’t done a thing to dim my anticipation for The Dark Knight.

  21. IOIOIOI says:

    Cloud: what the fuck ever. It’s that sort of stuff that leads to the Rosenbalt Sisters becoming really freakin antsy. Seriously… the DARK KNIGHT new trailer looks like it damn near ripped off the set-up of a BATMAN animated episode. Sure. Bruce Timm and Co. owns your ass, but Iron-Man is the best of an entire genre. Dismissing it out of hand like Heatsicle did. Demonstrates a complete lack of imagination or grasp of what you sat through. Try better next time. I am sure your gushing over The Dark Knight will be as compelling as the eventual Kumgasim Heatsicle will have this coming week for SPEED.

  22. No way is Iron Man the best of a genre. For someone who proclaims to be a “geek”, you’re praising a movie which doesn’t have nearly as many “geek” scenes as Spiderman 2 or Batman Begins.

  23. Blackcloud says:

    IO, WTF are you kvetching about? I said I liked the movie. Not as much as you did, obviously, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. That’s the same logic that lets people get away with saying Obama isn’t patriotic because he doesn’t wear that stupid flag pin: “He doesn’t wear that flag pin, so he’s not as patriotic as I am, so he’s not really patriotic at all.” C’mon, IO, you can do better than that. It’s obvious you were invested in the movie even before it came out, which is fine. But don’t discount my opinion because my investment doesn’t match yours. I went to see it opening night, something I do with few movies. I must have had some enthusiasm for it.
    I had a fine grasp of what I sat through: a fun flick where the actors were better than an uneven, somewhat opaque script. I’ll agree Iron Man is best of genre: best of the Iron Man genre.
    Rosenbalt Sisters? Is that a typo for Rosenblat Sisters? Either way, I don’t know what that is, or who that is.

  24. IOIOIOI says:

    Bart: you daffy git I never once stated that I am a geek. Seriously… get a fucking handle on your life and step back. If you get this close again. The Rosenblat Sisters will be none to happy about that situation.
    Also… I need GEEK SCENES in a movie? What are those? Where are those located? I got to see ILM CG of Iron-Man freaking FLYING, FIGHTING, and FALLING on-screen. I also got to see Iron-Man portrayed in such a way that makes one of the more smug and silly bastard characters of comics come to life in ways that NO OTHER SUPERHERO EVER HAS. The only person who may get more into character with their comic book character this Summer is Ledger with the Joker. Until then… there is no one better right this second than Downey as STARK.
    Cloudy: statements such as the above are shit people use on the internet to make their lame, sorry ass, and triffling analogies seem some what logical and deep. You posted a bunch of bollocks. If I hated the movie. I would still be rather put off by your whole comme-ci, comme-ca bullshit post.
    It’s bullshit. It’s bullshit from a fence-sitter who does not want to really state how he/she feels. If you feel a movie is not worth your money. Yet you liked it. You really need to get a handle on what makes you tick because it would seem you may be a land of confusion.
    You think the film sucks. Be honest about it. If that’s too much to ask of a fellow commentor on this blog, then I need to find a place where people do not post such BULLSHIT, and expect you to eat it up with a spoon.
    But hey; this is Heatsicle’s blog. You are only doing what he does. So good on you for being so freakin obtuse. Also… opague? Opague? You know what’s rather opague? Nolan ripping off the story of a cartoon from the 90s. That’s opague Mr. “I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO ANTICIPATIN THE DARK KNIGHT.” Save your money and spend it on an animated series that Nolan couldnt touch with his talent, his brother’s talent, Bale’s talent, Gyllenhall’s talent, and Ledger’s talent combine.

  25. Blackcloud says:

    IO, if I though the movie sucked, I’d have no problem saying so. I’ve blasted plenty of movies here over the years. Iron Man is good, but it has flaws. If you think I’m attacking it by saying that, then you’re even more thin-skinned than you usually come off as. That’s your problem, not mine. Get over it.

  26. IOIOIOI says:

    I am not thin-skinned. I simply do not suffer bullshit. People like you — who spew it with damn near every third breathe you take — sort of miss that point. Good on you.

  27. The Big Perm says:

    Hey IO, when you want to flip through your Iron Man funny books, does it piss you off that the pages are stuck together with your cum? Or is that a badge of honor?

  28. storymark says:

    Clearly IO falls into the camp that believes that anyone’s opinion of a given film can only fall into one of two categories: It SUCKS, or It’s THE BEST DAMN MOVIE EVER!!!.
    You know, the AICH Talkback mentality.
    Myself, I thought it was a hell of a lot of fun, and will go see it again. But it didn’t really tread any new ground, had some clunky bits (how stupid was the guy that he couldn’t come up with an acronym by simply useing the first letters of a rediculously long name?) and wouldn’t be nearly the movie it is without Downley.

  29. SJRubinstein says:

    I really, really loved “Iron Man.”
    But am I alone in thinking it must be an election year because as soon as Tony went all, “I’m cutting weapons manufacturing out of Stark Industries,” I was like, “OMG – ALL THOSE JOBZZ!!1”
    Or maybe it’s because my grandfather worked at LTV-Vought for 45 years building fighter planes in Dallas.

  30. SJRubinstein says:

    BTW – was the Sam Jackson bit a re-shoot that happened after the internet made people “expect” Sam was in the movie after his role was cut from the film? Or was that always going to be the nature of his cameo?
    What I’m really trying to figure out is, what was Hilary Swank’s cameo?

  31. Eric says:

    Hilary Swank played the big robot that Iron Man fought at the end.

  32. Jeremy B says:

    While a lot of the reviews praised RDJ’s performance as Tony Stark, I think they may have missed the boat. I feel Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts was just as important in keeping the movie together. If her role had been as small as, say, Terrence Howard’s, the movie would have been every bit as bad as David says it is. (And the direction and score are pretty mediocre.)
    I liked it. It’s no Batman Begins — and it could have been — but it was OK.

  33. hendhogan says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. it was fun. it delivered on it’s promises. i was entertained.
    if it’s depth you were looking for, then this was clearly not the movie to see. but i don’t think it wanted to be particularly deep. it wanted to be fun. on that level it succeeds.

  34. LexG says:

    Especially in the morning when she’s all WALKING AROUND all HOT and YELLOW and AWESOME.
    B O N E You know the rest.
    OWNED. He should have been ON THAT again at the end with the MECHANICAL HAND. I know I needed one.
    ZING. YES.

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