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Klady's Weekend Estimates – 6/8/8

Adam Sandler’s newest, which got surprisingly pleasant reviews from AO Scott and Ella Taylor, amongst others, has turned out to be right around the middle of the Sander/Sony list of releases. (The final numbers could well be up from the Sunday projection.)
My personal observation here in Los Angeles was surprise at the number of unexpected Sandler attendees at a sold-out Friday 1:30p performance and one close to sold-out shortly thereafter at 2:40p who were Hassidic and/or female. I don’t really trust observational analyses, especially at Los Angeles theaters. But the idea that this film is reaching this unexpected audience is interesting.
Also, the movie itself has a completely unexpected embrace of what can best be described as The Angry Hillary Voters

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32 Responses to “Klady's Weekend Estimates – 6/8/8”

  1. Rothchild says:

    I’ll just repeat what I said in the other thread. Get your expectations lowered as much as possible for The Happening. That’s all I have to say about that.
    And I hope Zohan continues to kick ass.

  2. LexG says:

    If that’s true, Rothchild, that’s sad news.
    I realize Shyamalan is a love-or-hate hot potato, but mostly I just think Wahlberg and Zooey are two of the coolest people going these days, and for their sake I was hoping it would surprise creatively and break out financially.

  3. AH says:

    agree about zooey but wahlberg???

  4. martin says:

    There was a press screening in NY tonight and I was told it was better than expected. Rothchild has his opinion but it’s certainly not the consensus on this film.

  5. Rothchild says:

    That’s unlikely.

  6. martin says:

    Just out of curiosity, where did you see it, and what were your problems with it?

  7. movieman says:

    Martin- I saw that you referred to “Hancock” as the “dog of dogs” in an earlier thread.
    I’m assuming that you must have seen it: care to elaborate?
    Cleveland press doesn’t get a peek until June 26th.

  8. martin says:

    That’s another Martin. Not sure where that screened so early, but based on the trailers that certainly does not look like it will do well with critics. I doubt that bad reviews will have a major impact on Hancock’s opening weekend.

  9. ployp says:

    Go go SATC!! I feel bad for Prince Caspian. I really enjoyed it but was really surprised how violent it was for a disney movie.

  10. leahnz says:

    wow, ployp, ‘caspian’ is out in your neck of the woods already? we seem to be last of the bunch, which is weird, it opens this week. the boy is keen to go so i’ll soon see for myself…kiwis seem to feel some strange obligation to see all the movies filmed/made here, so i imagine it’ll probably do well down in our very small neck of the woods, which won’t do squat for it’s box office tally

  11. counthaku says:

    Is this a record for the largest number of movies to earn over $20 million in a weekend? (4)

  12. ThatAutGuy says:

    Everytime I see the Hancock preview at the theater it only seems to be getting yawns (at best.)
    “Hancock” will be Will Smith’s “Last Action Hero”…

  13. Rothchild says:

    There’s really no way Hancock can make less than 200. If it’s great, it will make more. If it’s a fun mess (which is the most likely scenario) it will still make a ton of money. It’s Will Smith. He’s the biggest star in the world.

  14. David Poland says:

    Nope, Count… happened last summer too.

  15. Hallick says:

    “Everytime I see the Hancock preview at the theater it only seems to be getting yawns (at best.)”
    Maybe because the Hancock preview gets shown over and over and over again. We’ve all seen it many times. Not that this is the case, since I have no idea if you’re right about Hancock or not, but I’m also getting sick of the people who say this about comedic trailers:”everytime I see this one, nobody’s laughing”. Nevermind that such and such trailer has been shown a bazillion times over several months and whatever laughs there were had long worn out their welcome. Even if I still like a trailer, I don’t react much to it the fourth, fifth, etc time around.

  16. ployp says:

    leahnz, we Thais usually get to see the tentpole movies one day ahead of the US because they are released on Thursdays here. Prince Caspian has been here for 2 or 3 weeks already. I saw it in Chiang Mai (the 2nd largest city) and the theater was 3/4 full. It is a hit here.

  17. jeffmcm says:

    “Kung Fu Panda is the best non-sequel, non-Pixar animated film in history.”
    You mean ‘best opening’, right?

  18. Joe Leydon says:

    Anyone have any idea how Stuck is doing, boxoffice-wise?

  19. IOIOIOI says:

    Again… with Hancock… there is a twist that should make it more interesting. I at least hope there’s a twist that makes it more interesting. Nevertheless, the early review of the Happening may be the most hilarious thing I have read this year. So here’s to people talking to…

  20. I guess we can now add The Strangers the ever-increasing list of movies that unexpectedly made more money than Speed Racer. I saw an ad on the tele last night (it’s out here on Thursday) that was basically all about the monkey. I was a bit confused.

  21. Malone says:

    What’s SPEED RACER doing overseas?
    It’s a shitload better than Indy 4…

  22. The Pope says:

    Speed Racer has $33m overseas… which is less than Indy has done in the UK. ALONE ($54m and counting).
    I agree that Indy sucks but alas, such an opinion is in the tiny minority.

  23. leahnz says:

    my 9 yr old son is dying to see ‘hancock’, so the rather odd trailer appealed to at least one small boy (which, having seen the trailer myself, isn’t even close to the ‘target’ audience, but whatevah – i’ll still probably take him if it’s suitable for kids, cause he’s a funny little snotrag and if it’s a surly, washed up superhero he wants, then a surly, washed up superhero he shall have)

  24. brack says:

    “i’ll still probably take him if it’s suitable for kids”
    it’s called Hancock, not Handcock.

  25. anghus says:

    ive seen the hancock trailer so many times now, ive noticed little things in it that basically spoil the whole movie.

  26. crazycris says:

    Leah, you get to see Caspian this week? Lucky you! I have no idea as to when it’s hitting the screens in Spain! (plus I’ll be stuck watching a dubbed version)
    I gave up years ago trying to figure out the international release calendars… I hear Audrey Tatou’s movie “Priceless” is hitting the screens in the UK and US, but it’s been out on dvd for almost a year now! (in France and Belgium).
    In the meantime the big release in Spain last weekend was Leatherheads! Go figure! :p
    I’m going to avoid the commercial theaters until something worthwhile comes up and instead head out this evening to an old theater reconverted into a “filometeca” to enjoy “Once” again. (in VO)

  27. Tofu says:

    Indy held okay, but not great. The film will have a hard time holding screens as we get close to Hancock and beyond, but about $310m looks to be where we

  28. doug r says:

    We decided to see a matinee of Kung Fu Panda at a place with cheap matinees. The 3:45 show was SOLD OUT! We went to next closest place where apparently their 2:35 show had sold out and their 5:00 show was packed. It was PANDAMONIUM! It was good to see a 12 screen theater buzzing with families.
    Movie was pretty good, too.

  29. doug r says:

    Think they’re going to revise KFP Sunday up a bit, judging from the crowd I saw. Mojo’s got $60 million weekend already…

  30. Hallick says:

    “There’s really no way Hancock can make less than 200.”
    It could suck the balls off a dead drag queen. That would stop it!

  31. leahnz says:

    crazy, the international release schedule is crazy! i gave up trying to figure it out long ago…some movies we get first, some are out on dvd here before they hit the US cinemas like you mentioned about ‘priceless’, and some we wait a year for, it’s completely nonsensical!
    my boy’s looking forward to ‘kung fu panda’, too, so i guess he has eclectic taste…

  32. doug r says:

    “There’s really no way Hancock can make less than 200.”
    It could suck the balls off a dead drag queen. That would stop it!
    Posted by: Hallick
    That would only ensure Will Smith’s NEXT movie making $125 million. Hancock would still make $200 mil.

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