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By David Poland

If It's Friday, It Must Be BYOB

Here’s a little grist for the mill…

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28 Responses to “If It's Friday, It Must Be BYOB”

  1. bluelouboyle says:

    Apparently X-files 2 is small scope and dull. Like an extended episode with boring subplots as filler and no excitment or tension.
    Maybe they had to get it out now or too much time would have passsed since the show ended, and then there was the threat of the writers’ strike, so they rushed it. Still hoping I might enjoy something in it, though.
    Can’t believe the budget was only $35 million.

  2. ployp says:

    just saw the trailer for Terminator 4. Here’s the link.
    I nearly laughed when I saw the ‘The End Begins’!! It doesn’t look too bad though. I did notice that the name of the director is conspicuously absent. And quoting Mr. Poland “You probably don’t have to be Mulder or Scully to figure out why.”

  3. repeatfather says:

    I read somewhere Chris Carter rushed to finish the script before the writers’ strike. I guess that was some part of the deal.
    That might account for why it apparently is so awful. I’m going to be taking a pass.

  4. MDOC says:

    The X-buzz has been pretty negative, but Ebert just gave X Files 3 and a half stars. Now I’m curious, I want to believe. I think it may have a hard time finding an audience, maybe a summer release was a bad call.

  5. The Pope says:

    Okay, so we can all pretty much guess what T4 is going to be like. However, the teaser is quite good. Whoever cut the teaser did a good job. So, we have seen the visual distortion oh-so many times before, but what I like was seeing the images of destruction without any sound accompanying it. That added a little something. And then, the way the picture kept glitching out, with the sound and then after the second time, you suddenly click that the sound is synching in to the theme music. That I thought was nice. But the rest? Meh.

  6. ployp says:

    X-files got a 28% on rotten tomatoes. Somehow, I’m not surprised. However, I think I will enjoy the movie.
    The trailer for Termenator 4 is indeed good.

  7. Rob says:

    “The end begins” is the funniest tagline I’ve ever seen. The entire theater laughed out loud when it played before The Dark Knight.

  8. Wrecktum says:

    “The entire theater laughed out loud when it played before The Dark Knight.”
    I find that extremely difficult to believe.

  9. The Big Perm says:

    I hate to chime in with the same old same old, but these days Ebert saying something is wonderful really doesn’t mean much. I hear the X-Files is awful. I’ve only talked to people who have seen it who were semi-fans of the show though, so maybe real fans would like it more. But it sounds like there’s barely anything supernatural in it at all, which makes it…another FBI looking for the bad guy type of movie. Bleh.

  10. Rob says:

    “‘The entire theater laughed out loud when it played before The Dark Knight.’
    I find that extremely difficult to believe.”
    Okay, without the hyperbole: The sound of laughter was audible throughout the theater when it played before The Dark Knight.

  11. sloanish says:

    Re: McG
    The desert? Did they give him 80 million and say deal with it? Looks like T4:DTV

  12. chris says:

    Not sure I get the “you don’t have to be Mulder or Scully to figure out why” reference. I mean, both movies were screened.

  13. jeffmcm says:

    When I saw the trailer for Terminator 4, in front of The Dark Knight, some dude behind me started to get really excited once he realized what it was a trailer for and started going, “No way. No way! NO WAY!” behind us.
    So that had me laughing out loud.

  14. crazycris says:

    Just got back from seeing the X Files with my dad. His comment: “doesn’t seem much like an x-file to me, just another FBI procedural”
    Basically it’s a double episode, that’s just not scary enough! But for fans of the series (myself included) it’s like catching up with old friends you haven’t seen for a while, very comfortable. But no need to rush to the silver screen, wait for the dvd.
    Now I need to catch up on the last 2 seasons of x-files which I only saw in bits and pieces (they went crazy here in Spain and showed them at really odd hours…), I knew there was a baby involved… and whose it was, but did something happen to it?

  15. hcat says:

    I know this is television news but…
    In Russia the Office watches you,
    This makes the fifth country to create an Office adaptations. As a big fan of both the English and American version, I would love to see these others released on DVD for the states.

  16. Joe Leydon says:

    Hcat: I vaguely remember reading somewhere that French TV is preparing an adaptation of Law & Order. I wonder if such “localization” of TV shows is more common than we realize? (And, no, I’m not talking about the various versions of American Idol around the globe.)

  17. Joe Leydon says:

    BTW: This has nothing to do with movies, but I am not at all ashamed to admit I can relate to this story. I mean, I can feel the guy’s pain:

  18. Triple Option says:

    Bluelou – I saw X-Files 2 and I can’t believe it cost $35M either. The only reason that thing should’ve top $10M was above the line talent commitments. Holy smokes, it was like Sci Fi channel picked through the discount bin at AFM – circa 2001.
    I was a fan of the show, not an X-Phile but watched fairly consistently from partway through the 2nd season up through the 2nd to last season. Even as a two-parter, it would’ve been the most innane episodes they’d aired.

  19. digitalhit says:

    Joe Leydon,
    “And, no, I’m not talking about the various versions of American Idol around the globe.”
    Okay, correcting you on this is proof that I’m suffering from a terrible summer head cold, and now that I’m discussing Idol I will have to find a bridge to jump off…
    However, you do realize that it’s actually “the various versions of Pop Idol around the globe.”
    After all the Brits did it first and produce AI still.
    [Banging head on desk for even bring this up.]

  20. Alpha Base says:

    Drop the X-Files hate. It’s a very decent movie, extremely well acted, with interesting themes, just not your typical scaaaary movie. Emotions are flying rather than saucers, and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned, and I”m an old X-phile.

  21. leahnz says:

    ployp, at least they didn’t call it ‘terminator 4: the end begins’! that would surpass even ‘a new hope’
    wildly varying ‘x-file’ opins…. yet another example of ‘eye of the beholder’ i guess. i’ll still go see if for spooky and scully

  22. ployp says:

    crazycris, Re: Baby in The X-files
    SPOILER for The X-Files season 9.
    You’re probably referring to baby William who is Scully’s and Mulder’s baby. Scully decided to give him up in episode ‘William’ 9.16 for his own safety. I almost cried when I first watched it. Being a woman, I can’t imagine giving my baby away.

  23. ployp says:

    leahnz, actually, ‘Terminator 4: The End Begins’ could lead to ‘Terminator 5: The End Continues’ and, finally, ‘Terminator 6: The End Ends’… LOL

  24. leahnz says:

    😀 (me laughing out loud ployp)
    re: x-files spoiler
    i also missed that baby episode, did mulder and scully finally bump uglies or was it an insemination of some kind?

  25. Joe Leydon says:

    Digitalhit: Of course, you are right. Which, of course, makes me STOOOPID. Sorry.

  26. ployp says:

    leahnz, RE: X-files series SPOILER
    Scully tried articificial insemination with Mulder as the donor but that didn’t work. In the final episode of season 8, when Mulder visits Scully and baby William at her apartment it is implied that they had sex from their dialogue. Here’s the link to their actual words.

  27. crazycris says:

    thx for filling in a blank polyp!

  28. leahnz says:

    ditto, ployp, thanks for the link. very mysterious!
    we’ve been having driving wind/rain/sleet/hale here for more than a week now almost non-stop, i feel a bit depressed, going bugshit indoors without any solar radiation to lift the spirits

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