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Weekend Estimates by Klady


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33 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Klady”

  1. IOIOIOI says:

    Nice haul for Hellboy. Thank the gods for DVDS and CABLE and the people for taking the time to check out the first Hellboy film. Good on the people.
    Also, good on the people for not buying into the company line on Hancock. Sure, it’s not a film for everyone, but it’s a lot better than the way the fucking critics slammed it. Choke on the big willie Critics. CHOKE ON IT!

  2. anghus says:

    i agree with you IO. i don’t think hancock was nearly as bad as everyone was saying. it was no worse than Hellboy 2.
    Both were entertaining, empty spectacles that kept me interested for 2 hours. That’s about all i ask from May to August.

  3. sloanish says:

    Perhaps if we all asked for more from May to August we would get it.

  4. Rothchild says:

    I’m really glad The Wackness is kickin’. It’s my favorite movie of the year.

  5. IOIOIOI says:

    Empty spectacles? Yikes. Did somebody’s inner-child crap the bead today or what?

  6. Chicago48 says:

    Woo hoo for Will Smith! Still at the top of the heap….take THAT Eddie Murphy!

  7. Joe Leydon says:

    Er,IO — not all of the big, bad critics dissed Hancock. For openers, Heat had nice things to say. And then there’s… well, me.

  8. doug r says:

    Even though it was cut and reshot for PG-13, Hancock was willing to take a few chances. I, for one- appreciated the “hand” of Peter Berg.

  9. Indiana Jones: 2.9mil away from Iron Man. And Sex and the City will definitely reach $150mil, which makes me happy. The Happening can at least say it grossed double to what it opened to and how much of Journey‘s gross was made in 3D cinemas?

  10. waterbucket says:

    KamikazeCamel, why would you be happy that Sex makes so much money? That movie sucks. And I’m saying that as a gay dude who loves the tv series.
    WALL-E, on the other hand, is so good, it deserves about $100 mil more.

    nah, I did like it. I’m just glad something other than a big action movie has made some serious cash this summer.

  12. scooterzz says:

    the first half of ‘wall-e’ is so good it deserves about a $100 mil more…
    the second half, however, deserves about a $100 mil less….

  13. bluelouboyle says:

    Isn’t Wall-E’s drop quite big? Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought Pixar movies usually hold up better, and longer.
    good to see hancock doing well, though.

  14. Rothchild says:

    The “R rated Hancock cut” is a stupid telephone style internet rumor. The real story is that they intended to make a PG-13 movie. When they submitted it to the MPAA they couldn’t get them to give it a PG-13. They then did small reshoots and cut a few things to make it PG-13. Sony would have never spent that much money with the intention of making an R rated movie.

  15. bmcintire says:

    I can’t decide which flop makes me happier – THE LOVE GURU or MEET DAVE. And seeing THE ZOHAN crumble as quickly as it did also brings a smile. Next at bat: STEPBROTHERS!

  16. Rothchild says:

    You’re a huge piece of shit if you’re lumping Zohan and Step Brothers in the same category as Love Guru and Meet Dave. You have no sense of humor whatsoever.

  17. Rob says:

    I think the whole “let’s only release two movies a week in June” strategy was a good one. Of the eight June wide releases, only The Love Guru and The Happening won’t make $100 million (that’s assuming Sony keeps Zohan in theaters long enough to crawl to nine figures).

  18. Wrecktum says:

    “Isn’t Wall-E’s drop quite big? Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought Pixar movies usually hold up better, and longer.”
    You are correct. WALL-E’s weekend drops are significantly more than Pixar’s last two summer releases. Word of mouth must finally be sinking in.

  19. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Breakdown on “Journey” per Variety: $11.7M from 854 3-D theaters, $20.6M from 2811 overall. Average take for the 3-D theaters ($13,736) was more than 3 times that of the regular run.
    Get ready for more 3-D remakes.

  20. LexG says:

    Kind of curious who would go and pay 10 bucks to see that (excellent) Polanski doc, seeing as it’s been on HBO nonstop for a month. Sure, not EVERYONE has cable… except, er, pretty much all the cineastes who would be interested in such a doc.

  21. jeffmcm says:

    Everyone I know loves Wall-E just fine (I don’t really know Wrecktum) but like I said after I saw it, it won’t make any more than their last few movies and it’ll end up in the $250m territory.
    Journey to the Center of the Earth doesn’t really count as a ‘remake’ since most of the elements that are in it were never in any previous version – it’s a re-adaptation of the book.

  22. bmcintire says:

    Rothchild – I haven’t seen ZOHAN, nor do I ever intend to. You and Adam Sandler can eat the same dick for all I care, douchetard.

  23. JohnBritt says:

    Stepbrothers will be a hit for one simple reason: the bunk bed joke. That is a money shot and people will come based on that. If not, I will be surprised.
    Also, big fan of the Scream franchise. Great to hear that another one is in the works. I prefer Screams over the Saw movies.

  24. jeffmcm says:

    Zohan is actually pretty entertaining.
    Scream is definitely > Saw, but I don’t need another one.

  25. LexG says:


  26. Hopscotch says:

    I finally saw The Visitor this weekend. Lovely, small, very satisfying little movie. Easy to see why it’s had the legs that it has.
    Curious why Wall-E doesn’t have the bigger legs, but we’ll see. You never know. Indy IV dropped but has hung around quite significantly.
    For Hancock to NOT come in 3rd for the summer is pretty remarkable. It might comes in below Panda.

  27. Hallick says:

    “Scream is definitely > Saw, but I don’t need another one.”
    Considering its sequels, Scream hasn’t been better than ITSELF for quite some time now.

  28. Cadavra says:

    Not that anyone cares at this point, but I caught up with GET SMART this weekend and was very pleasantly surprised. They found a nice balance between respect for the series and charting a new path, and Carell, a comic I’ve never cared for, did quite a good job. The much-welcome appearance at the end of another character from the series seems to herald a sequel, and I for one would welcome it. So a picture I was dreading turned out pretty well–wish that would happen more often.
    Also saw TRUMBO and found it remarkable, but I pretty much knew that going in. Too bad it’s already on its way to DVD.

  29. jeffmcm says:

    Scream 2 was just fine, and is better in some ways than the first one. Scream 3, however, is a huge step down.
    The overall lesson, though, is that the Weinsteins must be hurting for money.

  30. LexG says:

    The SCREAM movies were a veritable ROLL CALL of HOT-ASS late-nineties SQUACK.

  31. jeffmcm says:

    I think we may have a winner for the Award for “Best/Worst Thing Lex Has Ever Said”.

  32. jeffmcm says:

    Let me emphasize, reading that above phrase makes my eyeballs shriek in agony against this new fresh hell.

  33. “You are correct. WALL-E’s weekend drops are significantly more than Pixar’s last two summer releases. Word of mouth must finally be sinking in.”
    You make it sound like Pixar have deserved it for a while now. Not a fan?
    Jeff, I gotta agree with you there. Squack? Really? Yikes.
    Nevertheless, as I said in another entry, how can they make a fourth Scream film when the third one was a parody of the franchise? Also: I’ll still see it, purely because I watched Scream and Scream 2 over 100 times each growing up.

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Venom 33 4250 NEW 33
A Star is Born 15.7 3686 NEW 15.7
Smallfoot 3.5 4131 -46% 31.3
Night School 3.5 3019 -63% 37.9
The House Wirh a Clock in its Walls 1.8 3463 -43% 49.5
A Simple Favor 1 2408 -50% 46.6
The Nun 0.75 2264 -52% 111.5
Hell Fest 0.6 2297 -70% 7.4
Crazy Rich Asians 0.6 1466 -51% 167.6
The Predator 0.25 1643 -77% 49.3
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4.8 (1,630) -26% 181.1
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