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David Poland

By David Poland

Morning Poli-Roundup

The McCain TimelineObservers, critics, even fellow Republicans, were left wondering: where did this sense of urgency come from? After all, it was this past Sunday that McCain hinted on 60 Minutes that he would support the bailout — “we have to stop the bleeding” — only to express deep criticisms on Monday and then admit he hadn’t even read the three-page proposal on Tuesday.
“I have not had a chance to see it in writing,” said the Senator. “I have to examine it.”

Counting Every Question That Sarah Palin Answers Sarah Palin fielded four questions from a small group of reporters Thursday That makes a total of 6 questions asked by working press in the 27 days since she was nominated by John McCain. There have been three sitdown interviews, one by Fox.
Disenfranchised – It struck me yesterday that the idea of disenfranchisement, a word thrown around often these days, is actually a lot less relevant when talking about women as a group or races or ethnic groups than about The Clintons and those who followed them slavishly. Why? Because they were actually enfranchised. And it is absolutely true that an Obama win will disenfranchise them. And they are ANGRY. And I understand. And I still think they are shit for being so selfish and abandoning what they so ferociously claimed to believe.
Speaking of which

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15 Responses to “Morning Poli-Roundup”

  1. mysteryperfecta says:

    No, he’s stating the obvious. Obama is the one that rejected some 10 extra debates that McCain wanted. Inferring that McCain is chicken makes absolutely zero sense.

  2. jeffmcm says:

    I don’t think he’s chicken, but he does seem to be avoiding the debate – or trying to eliminate the VP debate.

  3. mysteryperfecta says:

    The press would crucify McCain if he tried to eliminate the VP debate. Better to let Palin look bad in a debate. The suggestion that he’s trying to avoid a debate is very tenuous.
    What I think he’s doing is attempting to showcase his priorities.

  4. jeffmcm says:

    Okay, so then we both agree it’s a purely political tactic with little basis in the actual reality of the bailout situation?

  5. Martin S says:

    It’s frightening how much of a bubble Poland has been able to create.
    What’s going on is no bullshit. It’s not going to be 700 trillion with guaranteed return. In the end, it’s around 1.5 trillion. This isn’t a bailout, it’s a national parachute and we’re fumbling for the ripcord. I guess reality won’t sit in around here until we’re down to three studios.
    Whoever thinks this is about Palin, honestly, grow up.
    As for what’s horrifying – how about a guy who wants to be President and says “call me” during the biggest crisis imaginable. Let’s forget that he’s collecting a government check . That’s some “nuanced” leadership.

  6. David Poland says:

    Funny, Martin S… McCain didn’t go to Washington until after making a campaign stop to the Clinton event this morning, went to the photo op at the White House that did nothing, and is now leaving Washington again for God knows where, never putting a foot down in the Senate.
    yeah…not a stunt at all.

  7. jeffmcm says:

    Martin – nonsense. This isn’t everybody huddling around a map in a war room. It’s a bill that got drafted and then they vote on it. A momentous bill, sure, but most of what you just posted sounds meaningless.

  8. IOIOIOI says:

    Martin is pretty much ignoring how McLiar ruined the freakin deal that they HAD ON THE TABLE! Good going, dick. I am sure everyone voting for you are so happy, that they are voting for a dick.

  9. christian says:

    As for what’s horrifying – how about a guy who wants to be President and says “call me” during the biggest crisis imaginable.
    Martin, come on. Obama was on top of this as McCain was saying the economy was sound — how’s that for horrifying? Obama had been talking with Paulson everyday and others.
    Why don’t you explain the reason why McCain would announce a suspension of debate long after Obama called him earlier to suggest a joint-statement?
    You know why? So all of the AM minions would come out and say, “Obama must follow or he’s running!”
    And America has officially called BULLSHIT on that.
    And Martin, you better accept that a Palin as President scenario is likely. And she is not fit to lead. Not at all.

  10. mysteryperfecta says:

    “Okay, so then we both agree it’s a purely political tactic with little basis in the actual reality of the bailout situation?”
    You know, I actually believed that the seriousness and urgency of the matter might force some bipartisan cooperation. That opportunity was eschewed with disheartening speed. It’s now full-on C.Y.A. time.
    But no, I don’t think McCain’s decision was purely political. I think the will to participate was genuine, and that the “suspension of the campaign” was a political tactic.
    I agree with Martin that any legislation that gets passed is only going to pull this baby out of the tailspin, with a possible landing in an open field. There is no ‘rescue’. And I’ll leave you with this: the knee-jerk fingering ‘deregulation’ is a red herring.

  11. Martin S says:

    My point was pretty clear – this has nada to do with Palin, yet the obsession with her is all-consuming. The left needs a boogeyman, and they found a boogeywoman. If you didn’t have her to build conspiracies around, you’d say the Street freefall was Rove’s October Surprise.
    I didn’t say there was no politics involved. McCain at CGI was just as political as the no-show, half-assed satellite read by the internationalist du jour to a major meeting of internationalists.
    As for not being in the Senate – it’s the House Repubs at issue.'Never%20Was%20A%20Deal'%20On%20Wall%20Street%20Bailout
    After that, he went to his home in Arlington to work the phones for the 8pm meeting. Dave, why do you presume to know every iota of McCain’s day?
    Jeff – this isn’t a bill akin to the stimulus package, and it’s not the typical Washington game. I’ve been waist-deep in this all week. The fallout is going to be big if this is a “bailout-only” proposal. There will not be enough liquidity in the market to make companies take the needed risks so we’re going to see another freeze in a few months. That one will have more impact because by then it should envelope personal loans.
    Christian – you feel the need to believe the 527 health-scare ads, have fun. I won’t talk about Biden’s aneurysm, or Obama’s decades-long smoking addiction.
    Joint statements…this is exactly why I’ve stayed away from posting. What fucking good does a statement do, other than get Barack out of making a decision? It changes zero in the market or Congress.
    Your point about the Paulson phone calls brings up something interesting; if Obama knew it was so perilous, which he must have by calling it the Great Depression, why didn’t he go on Monday? Buffet, his boy, called it Pearl Harbor. This decision has massive repercussions for whoever wins, but he literally couldn’t be bothered to leave Clearwater. It’s the equivalent of buying a business, getting a call that the building’s on fire, and deciding to watch it burn on television.
    If Obama’s such a bipartisan master, why didn’t Paulson ask for him to come and help?

  12. christian says:

    What it boils down to Martin is the de-regulation preachers of the GOP are once again forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill for their free markets. McCain is a central figure in the racket and him saving us from himself is goddamn funny.
    And McCain’s fast, cynical choice of Palin, who he should have seen would have some pr problems, shows he is unfit to steward the nation. His impetuous decision to “suspend” the campaign was an obvious stunt to force Obama into following his lead. And Palin is clearly being caged.
    It all reeks and Obama can’t save us anymore than McCain – but I trust the man who understands why de-regulation continues to strangle the nation over the man who has been propagating the worst of the GOP economic principles.
    But be of good cheer – I may not need you to buy me that first-class ticket to Amsterdam….

  13. Stella's Boy says:

    Why not debate tonight? The election is only 39 days away. The Amercian people want and deserve to hear what these guys would do about the economy. A debate seems more important now than ever. mystery, Martin, wouldn’t you like to see it happen tonight? Or do you support McCain not showing up?

  14. Martin S says:

    Christian – de-regulation preachers of the GOP are once again forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill for their free markets.
    But that’s the point the House Repubs are trying to make – the taxpayer should not be on the hook. They want this to be a loan, plus incentives so investors put more of their money into play. As it stands now, it’s all on us.
    Wall St is not a Republican blockade. Leahy is tits-deep in Street money, just as is most East Coast Dems. It’s a willing suspension to believe that this is all one parties fault. Freddie/Fannie was a Dem bathouse who blocked oversight that Bush had been calling for since 2001. That was Clinton’s point yesterday.
    What you, of all people here, should be asking yourself is this:
    WMD, Fisa, GITMO, Patriot Act, Geneva Conventions – all of these decisions were made by this administration. The left considers most of these to have been rammed down the countries throat as a power grab. So what’s the difference now?
    Since most info here about the Repubs is disseminated by the MSM or left outfits, let me part this – McCain does not trust Bush on this, just as the House does not. W’s leaving. Whatever happens, he won’t be around to answer for. The guy is burnt out and the Repubs know it.

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