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People needs some room to run…
(PS: There have been a few comments held up – all published now – including links to an interview with the guy who did the beach images in an earlier entry… so take a look and see if you missed anything.)

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35 Responses to “BYOB”

  1. Nick Rogers says:

    David: Just didn’t know if you thought it was tapped out in the foreign markets as it is here. That’s all.
    As for the GnR song in BoL, I thought it was a woman at first. It wasn’t horrible, but nothing worth waiting 15 years for.

  2. jeffmcm says:

    I was in too big of a hurry to get out of the theater to listen to it. (Not really, but I didn’t care for the movie, so…)

  3. Nick Rogers says:

    Oh, I get it. don lewis’ message is in code, and we’re really only meant to take in the words without crack-addict formatting. So it’s meant to read:
    “If in or this come see my short film DRAG KING! It’s in 10 which is at 3:00 on and again (in 10) at 6:00 on Tuesday, 21 is also my. More info about my film here: and the worth a look: See you in. Buy me a beer!”
    Yes, that makes sense.

  4. Joe Leydon says:

    Please allow me to expand on Nick’s post, kinda-sorta, and ask: A few days ago, I showed my students two Depression Era movies — Public Enemy and 42nd Street — and discussed with them the various ways both films reflect the zeitgeist of their era. Forty or 50 years from now, when people look back at The Dark Knight — obviously the most popular movie of the 21st century, so far — what do you think they will point to as specific elements that reflect the mood or mores of our time?

  5. Bad cut n paste job from a myspace bulletin….I’m lazy and have 2 episodes of THE OFFICE and 1 each of MAD MEN and HEROES to catch up on before tomorrow 😉

  6. doug r says:

    Top of my head, the all-knowing cell network tied into the unconstitutional wire-tapping. The two ferries ties into a community coming together like NYC in the past little while-like the folks on the bridge in Spider Man and the folks on the subway car in Spider Man 2.

  7. LexG says:

    What is going ON in this thread? Are these just random reposts of the aforementioned lost posts?
    Joe and Doug seem to be responding to points that weren’t made… I think?
    But to answer Joe’s question definitively, film students in 50 years who watch “Dark Knight” will come to the conclusion that MOVIES FUCKING OWNED in this era.
    They’ll come to the same conclusion when they watch SAW III in Classic Hollywood Cinema courses.

  8. Nick Rogers says:

    don: Just joshin’ ya.
    Joe: While “The Dark Knight” takes this to dramatic extremes, I think it’s the idea that in a new America, individuals’ sacrifices – and learning the crucial distinction between seeming heroic and being a leader – can trump the collective failings of our elected leaders and bleak future for tomorrow.
    Batman is whatever the people of Gotham need him to be. In “The Dark Knight,” it’s the scapegoat America often needs to put a “face” on a problem.
    Conservative or liberal isn’t the driving issue of the movie. It’s that things are going to get much worse before they’ll get better. (Financially, that happened not two months after the movie came out.) It’s only then that people will stand up, take notice, and either find the innovation within them – or champion those who do – to really work to find practical, productive resolutions to our problems.
    That is, of course, given that we’re still around 50 years from now to see how that all turned out for us.

  9. Nick Rogers says:

    Lex: I had posted the question to David in another thread of whether “The Dark Knight” would OWN its way to $1 billion worldwide.
    It’s at $990 million right now, and I didn’t know whether it had petered out overseas enough to where that might not be a possibility.

  10. LexG says:

    By the way, Nick, re: that GNR tune: I didn’t recognize it as such either.
    How depressing is that a cover of “Sympathy for the Devil” seemed so cool — NEW GNR MATERIAL — when it dropped over the end credits of Interview With a Vampire…
    14 YEARS AGO.

  11. jeffmcm says:

    The only thing Saw III was better than was Saw IV.

  12. Nick Rogers says:

    I knew going in that it would play, in part, over the end credits of “Body of Lies.”
    But honestly, when I heard that first song, I thought I’d need to sit for awhile to hear GnFR. Then it slowly crystallized in my head that it was W. Axl and that, perhaps, “Chinese Democracy” is now ready to go because all the injections have finally taken and he’s pre-operative no longer.
    Even stranger: I watched / heard it in Axl’s old stomping grounds – Lafayette, Ind., where I now live.

  13. LexG says:

    I reeeeeally wish the original lineup would get back together. Fuck, even Weiland thinks so.

  14. LYT says:

    I’m curious why Lionsgate is slightly hiding “W.” Spoke to a publicist tonight and asked why I hadn’t gotten any screening invites, and he said it was because there weren’t any other than the junket screenings and those for “select media.”
    I’ve no delusions of specialness (not many, anyway), but am a LAFCA voter. And yet no screenings for me.

  15. Triple Option says:

    First American Gladiator reboot. Now a new G-N-R song. Oh boy!!! Lemme guess, Arsenio Hall’s getting a new show to go opposite Jimmy Falon???
    Where have these guys been for the past umpteen years, secluding themselves in a Castilian Monastery depriving themselves of all sensory stimulus in order to come up w/an original sound? I can’t believe anybody would want to hear any music from a buncha guys who are either too stoned or inarticulate not to have their own whoring reality show. What is Axl gonna give some more F- the universe interviews, with a cig dangling from one hand and an open Coors in the other? Then get in his limo and have the driver drop him off at his accountant so he can sign his HOA dues checks? How soon before he spouts off how other nations won’t respect the US of A if we put a Black man in office? Of course, he’ll drop the n-word instead. He’ll try to clarify his answer in talking about Palin’s hotness would be the same thing and then it’s not what he thinks, “just saying how the world will perceive us.”
    Maybe he’ll get in some skirmish with T.I. or Kayne at some giant outdoor fest. He won’t mess w/Fiddy since he knows some of his peeps will smoke his ass for real. Then start whoring his songs out w/Russell Crowe films so he can have a shot at an Oscar.
    Just like Holyfield, just like De La Hoya, just like Clemens, Jordan and now Lance Armstrong, the world would be better served if they just STAYED RETIRED!

  16. LexG says:

    Holy shit, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” *drops* this weekend, too?????????????
    MASSIVE MEGAOWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May the Best God of the Universe WIN.

  17. IOIOIOI says:

    Nick: Axl has tweaked his voice to such an extent on Chinese Democracy, that his rather unique voice is almost digitally scrubbed on every song on that album. I am still shocked we are getting that album in under six weeks,and it’s a freakin BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE! What a different world we live in, where one of the more anticipated albums over the last 15 years, is a fucking exclusive. Good fucking grief. Nevertheless; you saw P2 Jeff. You at least did not like it, but you stated on a thread last year that you did see it.

  18. jeffmcm says:

    IOI, I most certainly did not see it at all. I do see a lot of bad-to-mediocre horror movies – this year, Mirrors, Cloverfield, Prom Night, One Missed Call, and Midnight Meat Train – but you are mistaken in that particular case.

  19. SJRubinstein says:

    The exclusive thing kind of drives me nuts. Other than driving all the way down to the Wal-Mart at the Crenshaw/Baldwin Hills Mall, how the hell am I supposed to get the new AC/DC record (Really?!)? It’s not bad enough AC/DC isn’t on iTunes, but now they make their new one – the single of which is actually pretty solid – difficult to access for certain populations.
    Guess they don’t consider me their core demographic, though like it or not, I have tickets to their show at the Forum.

  20. Nick Rogers says:

    IO: As far as I see it, that’s still six weeks for Axl to get nervous at the sight of a ferret crossing his path (or something), decide to pull the deal and crawl back in his hole. I’ll believe “Chinese Democracy” is here when I’m listening to it with my Dr. Pepper in hand.

  21. Finally saw Iron Man today and I thought it was amusing that when it was over I was bitching to myself about how much I hate Terrence Howard and everything about him and then, voila, i go online and find he’s been dumped from the sequel from Don Cheadle! Hazaa! That cretinous little worm is terrible. Hate him. He doesn’t deserve to be in the sequel. It’s a good sign when people like Howard get treated like the b-graders they really are. He’s a Wayans brother when he thinks he’s Will Smith.
    On the music topic, omg Grace Jones’ Hurricane leaked today. GRACE FUCKING JONES!!! I’m desperately trying to get my hands on a copy before it’s released physically.

  22. Kim Voynar says:

    “I’m curious why Lionsgate is slightly hiding “W.” Spoke to a publicist tonight and asked why I hadn’t gotten any screening invites, and he said it was because there weren’t any other than the junket screenings and those for “select media.”
    I’ve no delusions of specialness (not many, anyway), but am a LAFCA voter. And yet no screenings for me.”
    I think someone’s bullshitting you, LYT. They’re certainly not hiding it here in Seattle. It screened for press last night here, there were over 150 press and their guests there, and they had to turn away well over 40 (non-press) people who waited in line for hours to get in, because of the number of press there. I know it screened in LA last night as well, and from what I hear it was the same sitch at that screening — packed with press, lots of “free screening” folks who didn’t get in.

  23. Joe Leydon says:

    No press screenings in Houston, either.

  24. RoyBatty says:

    Meanwhile, millions of hard core GOP base folks are walking around today with fingers in their ears going nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah! so that no one will shatter the illusion that Sarah Palin is nationally beloved and will save the day. To wit:
    CBS/New York Times poll that had Obama up by 14 points also asked about the individual candidates. While McCain outscored Obama on preparing himself for the presidency (64 to 51), Palins numbers have only gotten worse on the only thing she was bringing to the table for McCain, her favorablity.
    Right now, she has dropped another 8pts to just 32% favorable while her unfavorable numbers have jumped up to 41%.
    Ironically because of these numbers, her favorable rating with me has shot through the roof…
    If you want to read all the poll results:

  25. LexG says:

    I saw “P2” and it FUCKING OWNS.
    I’d like the give the main chick a “P69.”

  26. christian says:

    It’s early Lex. Must you yell?

  27. LYT says:

    Kim – yeah, I was there at the theater it screened at (to see SEX DRIVE, alas), and that was when I spoke to the publicist.

  28. LexG says:

    Did Terrence Howard run over Kamikaze’s dingo or something?

  29. Joe Leydon says:

    LYT: Speaking of screening: Why did they screen Sex Drive, but not screen Quarantine? Yeah, I know — two different distributors. But you know what I mean.

  30. Kim Voynar says:

    LYT, so far as I know, W didn’t screen early for press here either. Just the screening last night, which they half-filled with press and their guests before letting the public folks in. Then again, I usually tend to go to the evening screenings, since I’m almost always tied up during the day and it’s a major PITA for me to break away for a daytime screening. Plus, it’s generally more interesting to me to hear the crowd reactions post-screening at the public screenings anyhow.
    On that note, I did find it interesting that the Seattle crowd seemed largely quiet after, and mostly unimpressed by W, but I heard many folks praising Body of Lies, which I thought was mediocre at best, following that screening last week.

  31. leahnz says:

    nah, kamikaze’s dingo is alive and well (it took lindy’s baby, doncha know), and he’s trained it to attack terrence howie if he ever dares violate kam’s territorial bubble.
    speaking of kam the lad: i hope you have a dvd of ‘conan the destroyer’ so you can obsessively skip to all the ‘zula’ bits and ignore the rest

  32. Lex, I think I detected a joke in there, right? Cause it wasn’t funny.

  33. LYT says:

    Joe, I can only speculate, so here it goes…
    Most distributors of horror movies have decided that critics rarely help them (and the numbers for stuff like PROM NIGHT back that up). Even if the critic is a horror fan like me. Upstart distribs tend to think differently — there was a time when Lionsgate liked to show Saw and Devil’s Rejects early, but now they don’t. Magnolia’s great about it now, but may change if horror turns into big money for them.
    With Sex Drive, I think the distributor believes they have something better than the typical sex comedy, and want to get some good buzz going. Given that everyone I’ve spoke to about it had a good time, they may be right. My opinion was not so high, but I won’t elaborate before my E! online review runs

  34. leahnz says:

    we posted at the same time

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It shows how out of it I was in trying to be in it, acknowledging that I was out of it to myself, and then thinking, “Okay, how do I stop being out of it? Well, I get some legitimate illogical narrative ideas” — some novel, you know?

So I decided on three writers that I might be able to option their material and get some producer, or myself as producer, and then get some writer to do a screenplay on it, and maybe make a movie.

And so the three projects were “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” “Naked Lunch” and a collection of Bukowski. Which, in 1975, forget it — I mean, that was nuts. Hollywood would not touch any of that, but I was looking for something commercial, and I thought that all of these things were coming.

There would be no Blade Runner if there was no Ray Bradbury. I couldn’t find Philip K. Dick. His agent didn’t even know where he was. And so I gave up.

I was walking down the street and I ran into Bradbury — he directed a play that I was going to do as an actor, so we know each other, but he yelled “hi” — and I’d forgot who he was.

So at my girlfriend Barbara Hershey’s urging — I was with her at that moment — she said, “Talk to him! That guy really wants to talk to you,” and I said “No, fuck him,” and keep walking.

But then I did, and then I realized who it was, and I thought, “Wait, he’s in that realm, maybe he knows Philip K. Dick.” I said, “You know a guy named—” “Yeah, sure — you want his phone number?”

My friend paid my rent for a year while I wrote, because it turned out we couldn’t get a writer. My friends kept on me about, well, if you can’t get a writer, then you write.”
~ Hampton Fancher

“That was the most disappointing thing to me in how this thing was played. Is that I’m on the phone with you now, after all that’s been said, and the fundamental distinction between what James is dealing with in these other cases is not actually brought to the fore. The fundamental difference is that James Franco didn’t seek to use his position to have sex with anyone. There’s not a case of that. He wasn’t using his position or status to try to solicit a sexual favor from anyone. If he had — if that were what the accusation involved — the show would not have gone on. We would have folded up shop and we would have not completed the show. Because then it would have been the same as Harvey Weinstein, or Les Moonves, or any of these cases that are fundamental to this new paradigm. Did you not notice that? Why did you not notice that? Is that not something notable to say, journalistically? Because nobody could find the voice to say it. I’m not just being rhetorical. Why is it that you and the other critics, none of you could find the voice to say, “You know, it’s not this, it’s that”? Because — let me go on and speak further to this. If you go back to the L.A. Times piece, that’s what it lacked. That’s what they were not able to deliver. The one example in the five that involved an issue of a sexual act was between James and a woman he was dating, who he was not working with. There was no professional dynamic in any capacity.

~ David Simon