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By David Poland

BYOB – It's Hump Day!

from the streets of los angeles

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27 Responses to “BYOB – It's Hump Day!”

  1. Blackcloud says:

    What is his Kryptonite?

  2. christian says:


  3. mysteryperfecta says:

    Media vetting?

  4. Joe Leydon says:

    OK, when Speed Racer tanked on opening weekend, there was some loose talk here and elsewhere about how word of mouth would help the movie in the long run. But that didn’t happen. Then the apologists claimed it would do gangbusters business in the foreign markets. But that didn’t happen either. Then we heard that it would be a big seller on homevideo. But so far…
    Look, isn’t it about time to admit that this just isn’t a movie that significant numbers of people want to see?

  5. Blackcloud says:

    Those are too prosaic to be Kryptonite, no?

  6. leahnz says:

    stupid bloody bastards. words fail me. (past those six, anyway)

  7. jeffmcm says:

    Mystery, ‘media vetting’ would imply that greater public attention would lead to lower levels of public support.
    So since we’ve been looking at this guy for well over a year…what don’t we know yet?

  8. leahnz says:

    re: obama as superman and blackcloud’s kryptonite crack, this should be obama’s official theme song (one of my all-time faves); he should rock out onto the stage to it at all his rallies, then he couldn’t possibly lose:
    you can sing along, it’s like karaoke!
    (just trying to liven up the ‘bring your own beer’ a tad. i’ve got my beer)

  9. LexG says:

    That would fucking rule. Politicians never court the METAL VOTE. I’d vote for anyone who played fucking METAL on their way to the podium, especially if they threw up the horns and banged their head or something. FUCK YEAH.
    Why do people listen to anything that isn’t hardcore as FUCK?
    I have one motherfucking mood: INTENSE.
    Weak shit is for pussies.

  10. LexG says:

    Also I want to say that that PRIDE AND GLORY movie is going to OWN, but what the fuck were they thinking with that title? Wasn’t that the name of that JIMMY SMITS BOXING MOVIE just a couple years ago?
    From MAN WHO WASN’T THERE to THE CHANGELING, isn’t it kind of un-creative to go with A TITLE THAT’S ALREADY BEEN USED? Unless it’s a remake, they shouldn’t be allowed to use the same title twice. And yes, I know that even extends to RUNNING SCARED, the best movie of the decade.
    Also, HILARIOUS that NOAH EMMERICH finally got his New Line Ass Mug on the ONE-SHEET of one of his bro’s studio’s movies.
    I’m sure Noah Emmerich is a nice enough guy, but has anyone else ever put him in a movie?

  11. christian says:

    Mystery, do you that O’Reilly interview was a soft ball? He was a loud rude finger pointing bully and Obama made it through.
    How about one press conference with Palin?
    Instead, a 10 minute conversation with Hugh Hewitt.
    Where she still said that she wanted to rep “Joe six pack America.” Yeah, that’s what’s missing.

  12. LexG says:

    By the way,
    The forecast for that movie is AWESOME with a 90% chance of TOTAL OWNAGE.
    Too bad it’s up against Body of Lies. What, do 509 MOVIES come out in the next four weeks?
    Instead there’s like 14 major-release movies every weekend in Sept and Oct, and in the summer the choice is usually the Hulk vs some Pixar shit.

  13. IOIOIOI says:

    Joe: rentals. Seriously man; if you want to support people that hate on a brilliant family film, then you go right ahead Mr. Variety Lad. If not; good move Sherlock. It’s a great film that many of those NUMEROUS people were scared to try. Why? Oh I don’t know. They are scared of the FUTURE?
    YES… IN THE FUTURE… people will not make dickhead decisions and decide to give quality family filmmaking a chance.
    Yes it does. Yes it does.

  14. Spacesheik says:

    “Weak shit is for pussies.”
    I don’t think you’d approve of my Phil Collins and Wang Chung CDs.

  15. Joe Leydon says:

    IO: Sorry, Sport. Check the rental charts. Not such good news there, either.

  16. movieman says:

    That boxing flick was “Price of Glory,” Lex, but your point is well taken. “Pride and Glory” is a totally meaningless, generic title for a standard-issue, “been-there; shot-that” cop movie that won’t find an audience until dvd.
    The actors all do nice work–Farrell is particularly good–but we’ve all seen this same basic story played out a countless # of times in cop films and TV shows over the past 50 years.
    I guess WB is making it the designated “sacrificial lamb” opposite “HSM3” and “Saw 5” the weekend of October 24th for tax shelter purposes.

  17. mysteryperfecta says:

    “Mystery, ‘media vetting’ would imply that greater public attention would lead to lower levels of public support.”
    It implies that the media hasn’t done the amount of dumpster-diving in a year that Palin has been submitted to in a month, and yes, it would lead to lower levels of public support. What has the mainstream media told main street about Obama’s work as a community organizer, beyond framing it as some kind of philanthropy work? Is acorn just a nut? Why hasn’t Rezko been an albatross around Obama’s neck?
    Meanwhile, Palin asking a librarian how she would respond to a request to ban a book makes her a Nazi book burner; every awkward answer of Palin’s is featured on every video site on earth (and on DP’s blog). Yet, has anybody seen the video of Biden asserting that FDR was president when the stock market crashed, and got on TV, ten years before television was publically introduced? What would be the response if Palin offered that some other specific person would have been a better pick for McCain’s VP? What if Palin had called a McCain-approved ad “terrible”? What if Palin had asked a wheelchair-bound person to stand up?

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    Maybe it depends on where you live mystery. Until Labor Day weekend I lived in Chicago. The Chicago media did plenty of Obama dumpster diving. There were a ton of stories about Rezko, Ayers and Wright. Every single day the Trib and/or Sun Times wrote something about at least one of them. Plenty of writers tried to make that trio an albatross. No one who reads the Chicago papers on a daily basis could say that the media didn’t dumpster dive on Obama.
    I have seen coverage of the Biden gaffes. I read stories all the time about them and how much it worries the Dems. I’ve read numerous stories about the FDR/TV comment.
    The major difference is that Joe Biden has been around for three decades and everyone knows all there is to know about him. His strenghts and weaknesses have been covered and then some. The same can’t be said of Palin. She was an unknown governor of a sparsely populated state way up north. Of course the media was going to go to town. That could not have come as a surprise to someone like John McCain.

  19. hcat says:

    Joe, what site would you recommend to find rental data, BOmojo used to have the dollar amounts but now they have switched to the percentage ranking which is absolutly meaningless from week to week.
    Still a 35% drop in rental activity in the second week is abysmal, most of these drop less than 20% from week to week. And with Iron Man out this week (finally saw it, quite good, almost all due to Downey, but $300 million?) Speed will continue to be ignored.

  20. Joe Leydon says:

    Please don’t get me wrong: I don’t have anything against this particular movie. But I find myself amused by the all-too-familiar claims spun by people (on this blog and elsewhere) — “Oh, it’ll do better in foreign markets!” “Oh, it’ll be a big homevideo hit!” — whenever a movie they like tanks. Sometimes, a movie just stiffs. Period. End of sentence. It can break your heart, sure. But such is life

  21. frankbooth says:

    So McCain is Luthor, and Palin a perfect fusion of Miss Tessmacher and Otis.
    “Oooh, Mr. Luth-or, I tried to shoot the moose, but I shot you in the foot instead!”
    Biden would have to be Perry White, I guess. He’s not cute enough to be Lois, or young enough to be Jimmy Olsen.

  22. mysteryperfecta says:

    Stella’s Boy-
    You’ve highlighted part of the problem. The only MSM outlet I can find that really dug into Rezko was the Chicago Sun Times. And they said it was going to be a problem for Obama. But it hasn’t been.
    My assertion doesn’t rely on anything dubious coming from Rezko, or Ayers, or ACORN, or other work as a community organizer (just as nothing will come from Troopergate, etc). But the mere existence of articles vetting these issues will change perceptions. I’m coming at this strictly from an ‘average Joe’ perspective. The stuff that’s noticed is news headlines on Yahoo’s frontpage, the frontpage of newspapers, radio news bytes at the top and bottom of the hour, and any issue that penetrates into pop culture. These people don’t read the Sun Times, they may have heard of Biden, but don’t know a thing about him. They weren’t paying attention during the primaries. From that vantage, if one has an objective bone in his/her body, one must conclude that the MSM has been much easier on Obama than McCain/Biden. There has been next-to-nothing in terms of negative MSM stories about Obama in the recent past– the few I’ve seen lately are concerns about Biden, whether there are too many bigots for Obama to overcome, or whether Obama can be aggressive enough.

  23. Stella's Boy says:

    Because my father-in-law watches Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and gets all of his other news from Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News Channel, I feel like I have heard nothing but Obama and Rezko stories.
    I feel that the information is there. I have certainly come across it. I’ve read about it and seen it. A whole lot of people are ignorant of it because they don’t read newspapers or watch the news.

  24. Krazy Eyes says:

    Now McCain’s crying that “Life Isn’t Fair.” Poor John McCain. How many times is this guy going to trot out the victim card. I used to like and respect McCain but this election has not had a good effect on him. I can’t even imagine him running this country any more.

  25. jeffmcm says:

    Mystery, you’re talking about things that were aired during the primaries for Obama, that the Media basically exhausted back when the race was only happening in Iowa/New Hampshire/South Carolina/Nevada. If those stories had any traction they would have lasted, but they (apparently) don’t. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, was a cipher on the national stage, and so it was necessary for the media to figure out who the hell she is since in theory she could be President in four months, so rapid media fixation was appropriate (you know, doing their jobs etc.) And it’s not the media’s fault that she seems to have a pattern of deception and weirdness in her political life. Biden, on the other hand, is known to not be a dummy so when he says dumb stuff it’s dismissed as ‘there goes Joe again’.

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