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Wow… they read the lists of Oscar frontrunners and added Clint Eastwood twice. How important!
Slumdog Millionaire should be a little concerned about winning Best Picture from this group. 80% of the films film they have given the award to in the last decade have been nominated for a BP Oscar… but only 20% have been winners. They’re almost as bad off a an Independent Spirit Award winner.
As always, the wealth has been spread. Some choices I love (like Brolin for Milk) while others are silly.
NBR is the idiot drunk at parties… who also happens to be your first cousin. You can’t really pretend it isn’t there, but taking it seriously in any way is a sign of brain damage.
Nods after the jump, if you must…

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7 Responses to “NBoRe”

  1. lawnorder says:

    GRAND TORINO – screenplay and best actor?!!!!!! These guys are so fucking bought and paid for. GRAND TORINO is going to sweep the Razzies. Yes, it’s that bad.

  2. jeffmcm says:

    I feel like the guts of this post could have been written last year or the year before with only the movie titles plugged in like Mad Libs.

  3. LexG says:

    How is Viola Davis a breatkthrough ANYTHING? Hasn’t she been in big, acclaimed movies for a decade? Critics have been talking her up AT LEAST since ’02, when she had Far From Heaven, Solaris, and Antwone Fisher all out around the same time.

  4. yancyskancy says:

    Guess the first Viola Davis breakthrough didn’t take.
    Haven’t see Gran Torino yet, but it is pretty funny to see those wins after all the Clint debate around here lately. I didn’t see either of those coming, even from the NBR clowns. Makes me all the more interested to see if the film impresses me or not.

  5. Deathtongue_Groupie says:

    Spotlight Award: otherwise known as “What We Would Give As The Best Actor/Actress Awards If We Didn’t Have A Pathological Need To Star Fuck In Order To Get Written About” Awards.
    How pathetic.
    But a nice timely reminder of why I don’t give 2 shits about any of these awards anymore. Only the Indy Spirit Awards actually reveal films and performances that I might have missed. The rest is just PR bullshit…

  6. Sam says:

    Does the NBR’s Top 10 Films list normally not contain their pick for Best Film?
    Either way, it’s weird.

  7. yancyskancy says:

    Sam: I’m almost sure they used to list their top ten in order, not number one plus 10 alphabetical runners-up. Odd.

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