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BYOB Sunday

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27 Responses to “BYOB Sunday”

  1. doug r says:

    I noticed a few local theaters getting a digital screen in the past week or two. The DLP screen is back at Riverport-ironically, they had one of the first digital screens in Canada (Phantom Menace) but they lost it before Revenge of the Sith.
    Cinemark Tinseltown gets a DLP as well, which means TWO chains with a digital screen downtown.
    Monsters vs Aliens could be getting Iron Man numbers.

  2. anghus says:

    i live in the 187th biggest market in the country, and somehow we have 2 cineplexes with 16 screens, and one of them went digital last year.
    So even though we don’t get independent films until months later, but we do get 3D flicks.

  3. leahnz says:

    just a little shout-out for my beloved sam raimi, with whom i’ve had long affair of the heart; here’s hoping ‘drag me to hell’ with the wonderful alison lohman signals a return to his signature cheeky horror form.
    i personally fell for the genius of raimi and bruce campbell at the same time after seeing sam’s short ‘within the woods’ at school as part of a horror film festival – bruce must have been a mere teen himself when that was shot – and my adoration just grew from there with raimi classics such as ‘the evil dead’, ‘army of darkness’ and the criminally undervalued ‘darkman’ with neeson and mcdormand. and while he’s stumbled along the way with gimpy misfires like ‘for the love of the game’, i actually enjoy some of his non-genre/tamer efforts like ‘a simple plan’, ‘the gift’ and of course ‘spidey/spidey 2’ (the less said about ‘spidey 3 the better, i just pretend it doesn’t exist); i even have a soft spot for ‘the quick and the dead’ tho raimi’s western doesn’t really work for me.
    so here’s to sam, may the genre maestro get back to his gnarly roots with ‘drag me to hell’ and make me jump/cower/laugh/cringe/gape-in-awe again. fingers crossed

  4. Hallick says:

    What the hell is up with this Movie City News headline?:
    ” And – Lim on the ‘homosocial intimacy’ of Paul Rudd’s first co-starring role”
    His first one? Did somebody film “I Love You, Man” way back before “The Object of My Affection”, “The Chateau”, “The Shape of Things”, etc? Has the negative of this movie been lost in a pumpkin patch or something?

  5. a_loco says:

    Weird, my post from half an hour ago didn’t seem to work. Sorry if this is a double.
    Leahnz, I agree that the DMTH trailer is pretty awesome, but I don’t know how worried I should be that the movie is rated PG-13.

  6. LexG says:

    Usually Allison Lohman is smoking hot (especially Delirious) but she looks pasty and powdery in that Raimi trailer.
    It also looks a little too much like a cross between his produced Grudge stuff and the similarly themed “The Gift,” which I wasn’t especially taken with, beyond Katie Holmes ownage.

  7. mutinyco says:

    Ron Silver is dead.

  8. IHeartThatCurtis! says:

    Ron Silver: American, Character Actor, and Wicked Bad Ass in Timecop. Three Huzzahs to him. HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

  9. leahnz says:

    i know someone who’s seen a cut of ‘drag me to hell’ in the UK and claims it’s a return to trademark form for raimi with some good scares and bonza lohman, but having said that the guy is goofy so ‘eye of the beholder’ and ‘a grain of salt’ and all that, but at least he didn’t say it blows toxic farts

  10. CaptainZahn says:

    You know, I figured Brittany Murphy’s career was on the downturn, but it’s a bit soon for Lifetime movies, no?

  11. Joe Leydon says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am I blew off seeing 20 minutes of Bruno tonight here at SXSW. No offense to Sacha Baron Cohen, but I saw something far more substantial instead.

  12. scooterzz says:

    leydon — since you didn’t see the twenty minutes you don’t know that to be true (but, um….you are most likely right)…but still……

  13. LexG says:

    Did anyone else actually see “Crossing Over”?
    Caught that tonight and actually sort of… like it? It’s obviously gutted beyond belief — just as the momentum starts building, the second half starts wrapping up hastily and whole sequences are pretty clearly missing.
    But as a weird, edgy, somewhat passionate mix of Crash heavy-handed preachiness and Running Scared-style Kramer INSANITY (I realize that combo probably sounds like the LEAST appealing thing ever for most), it had a strange, propulsive energy. Especially since Kramer’s lecherous, nihilistic, violence and sex-obsessed instincts are so wholly at odds with the occasional flashes of embarrassing earnestness (having a dude sing the NATIONAL ANTHEM while all the shit goes down was a throw-tomatoes-at-the-screen moment if ever there was one.)

  14. Joe Leydon says:

    Trust me, Scoot: I know.

  15. LexG says:

    I started RUBBING ONE OUT ON THE SPOT but the commercial was too short and before I knew it, BYRON FUCKING ALLEN was back on. Of course I gave up after thirty seconds, but does it make me gay that for half a minute, I was punching the clown to Byron Allen?
    Actually, it was kinda hot.

  16. yancyskancy says:

    Lex: I suppose if you squint, you could fool yourself into thinking Byron Allen is Vivica Fox or somebody. Might help to mute the sound.
    Better yet, get TiVo so you can rewind that commercial next time.

  17. LexG says:

    Yancy OWNS.
    BYRON ALLEN’S CADENCE is golden though:
    30 years in showbiz, and the dude’s gift to the world of showbiz is the ability to emphasize ALTERNATE syllables.

  18. LexG says:

    Yesterday at the Arclight some tall 40ish Russki chick SMILED AT ME and instead of REMOTELY knowing how to be CHARMING, Joe Fucking Loser here just reciprocated the smile then SHUFFLED OFF like a *FUCKING DOUCHE*, and it’s just bugging me all night and day that some 42-year-old squack might’ve been down and I cluelessly begged off TO GO HOME AND DRINK ALONE, like that shit NEVER HAPPENS.
    I usually like the YOUNG STUFF but if some OLD STUFF wants the LEXMAN, I AM FUCKING DOWN, because I mostly I just want to GET FUCKING LAID.

  19. LexG says:

    Did you guys know they have chicks looking to HOOK UP on CRAIGSLIST? Holy shit, I just was on there and some of those chicks aren’t even that bad.
    If you guys had a choice, would you try contacting a CRAIGSLISTER CHICK or would you order out of the back of LA WEEKLY?
    It would be cool to get laid at least once in the latter half of the ’00s.

  20. LexG says:

    FUCK, I have to go to work in four hours.

  21. doug r says:

    Before you had to go put your head in the toilet, you had a great point-Elizabeth Banks-I think I know the commercial you mean-where she colors her hair that awesome blond. I’ve always been a Elizabeth Banks fan, but I did not know she could get even HOTTER.

  22. CaptainZahn says:

    The old age make-up in HBO’s Grey Gardens pretty much kicks Watchmen’s ass all over the place.

  23. EOTW says:

    LexG FTW!!!

  24. jeffmcm says:

    You know, I feel like an insensitive asshole when I’m walking down the street and fix my gaze in such a way to avoid looking at the alcoholic street people who are sitting with a cup in front of them waiting for money.
    So how is this situation any different for Lex, who is rapidly inventing a new persona – the online hobo?

  25. LexG says:

    And yeah, strangely WAY hotter suddenly than she was four or five years ago. She was on Leno in some little black dress a month or so ago, and it was Boner O’ Clock. Of course Leno STEAMROLLED all over her cute personality and self-deprecating humor.
    C H A R M I N G.
    Anyone else watching today’s SPRINGER? Awesome episode. SPRINGER = GOD.

  26. christian says:

    Lex, the more TV you watch the less intelligent you become.

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