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Super Movie Friends 7

SMF is SUPER-SIZED this week… over an hour on three segments with HitFix’s Drew McWeeny, Jen Yamato, and Cinematical’s Todd Gilchrist on HORROR. All three segments link to the others and there are mp3s for the whole thing. Enjoy!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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30 Responses to “Super Movie Friends 7”

  1. Aladdin Sane says:

    It’s 3AM. That was fun to watch. I’m going to bed.

  2. tjfar67 says:

    Thanks for the mp3’s. Fun to listen to while getting ready for work. This is the first SMF’s. I listened to.
    However, you should either introduce or have the guest introduce themselves so the listener knows who is who.

  3. loyal says:

    I’m still trying to understand how McWeeny could talk about certain online fans trying to destroy Jim Cameron and Avatar (nothing new in the world of fandom) and yet somehow not mention one of the biggest culprits who actually has a viable platform and audience, Devin Faraci at CHUD (who I believe has taken part in SMF before).
    McWeeny had to have excluded Faraci on purpose.

  4. lazarus says:

    After that semi-recent joint television appearance (on G4?) where Drew wouldn’t so much as look in DP’s direction, I’m surprised he was willing to sit at a table with him at what I presume is David’s residence.
    I look forward to the upcoming installment with Jeffrey Wells breaking the bread, so to speak.

  5. Aladdin Sane says:

    If Wells and Poland did one of these together, I think the internet might implode.

  6. indiemarketer says:

    Where’s the hot blonde super friend?!
    Did the dude in the glasses, goatee, and hoodie eat her?!

  7. LYT says:

    Lex’s Youtube video of a potential Poland/Wells SMF was the best thing he ever did. I still go back and watch it again occasionally.
    I am certain the real thing would make for good TV, but not, perhaps, for David’s disposition.

  8. That was a damn good conversation. Best I’ve seen in awhile.

  9. martin says:

    Even though he’s banned here, I think a SMF with Lex, Wells, that hot blonde chick, and Poland, would be a great entertainment. Also, maybe I’m the only one that noticed this, but was Dave smirking for one reason or another at this week’s participants? Like when Drew got into ponderously detailed answers showing off vocabulary or Jen’s defense of Twilight, just something I noticed.

  10. leahnz says:

    the ‘hot blond’ has a name: kim morgan
    show some respect, morons

  11. LYT says:

    HAH! David admits he hasn’t even seen Paranormal Activity!
    No more commentary, please, until you check it out.

  12. indiemarketer says:

    At least you know the hot blonde i was referring to…and you didnt deny that the guy in glasses with goatee and hoodie has eaten her.
    Bitter Waitress from Myrtle Beach?
    39 year old female from Auckland, NZ?
    Gotta love Google
    Happy November Hot Bloggers, no matter what your hair color 😉

  13. LYT says:

    This is fun viewing, maybe because I know all four of the folks involved fairly well.
    But I do take issue with the point that people should leave Twilight alone because it’s a new group of geeks who have their franchise, and they’ll eventually move up to other geek stuff.
    Because you know what else are franchises?
    Left Behind
    Tyler Perry’s Madea
    Star Wars – The Prequels/Clone Wars
    Should we not say a bad word about those either? Do we assume that fans of all of those will move on to better stuff? I agree that pre-emptive dismissal is stupid, and will admit that the newest trailer for Twilight 2 actually looks okay, but I bag on Twilight because I found the first movie to be dumb. If it had been a straight high-school drama I might have liked it, but the vampires were just too silly.

  14. LYT says:

    On a side note: do mute people ever get mad at the derogatory use of the word “dumb,” which was originally meant to describe them rather than stupid people?

  15. Drew McW says:

    Luke… my point (not speaking for anyone else) isn’t that “Twilight” is some sacred off-limits thing, only that fanboys who shit all over “Twilight” fans for their enthusiasm are hypocrites.
    Fanboys are nothing but blind enthusiasm, and there is a lot of what they love that is crap. Them acting like it is the exclusive domain of smelly 20-something dudes to be rabid fans is what disturbs me. So what if girls get crazy about these movies? At least they’re getting crazy about movies, and anything that helps form that habit, one they will hopefully continue after the series is over, is a good thing.

  16. LYT says:

    Drew – do you think it’s *just* the enthusiasm that’s being shit on? Or the content?
    For example, a lot of people make derogatory comments about the Saw franchise that I enjoy. I don’t think it’s because they dislike my enthusiasm per se, but because the content, or at least what they know of the content, strikes them as being awful.
    But I will say that I have gone from metaphorically shitting on Tyler Perry fans to trying to understand the appeal, and maybe that’s not happening enough in this instance. I don’t think the Madea base will necessarily move on to other movies, though. Thus it also may not be a given with Twilight.

  17. leahnz says:

    “At least you know the hot blonde i was referring to…and you didnt deny that the guy in glasses with goatee and hoodie has eaten her.
    Bitter Waitress from Myrtle Beach?
    39 year old female from Auckland, NZ?
    Gotta love Google”
    uh, are you addressing me, Offbase Marketing Tool from Hollyweird, CA?

  18. IOIOIOI says:

    LYT: your comments bring up something that you are missing. It has nothing to do with the content because you like something that’s worse than Twilight. It has everything to do with you and other fanboys inability to let a certain group of people enjoy what they want to enjoy. You can enjoy your pieces of rotting shit from a buffalo’s ass but HOW DARE ANYONE ENJOY WHAT THEY WANT TO ENJOY, WHEN I DO NOT LIKE IT!
    Again, fanboys are funny, and their reactions to Twilight remain rather hilarious. Let people enjoy the silliness of Ed Cullen and Bella Swan. You got watch the shitty Saw series, and I will try not to laugh too hard about it.

  19. leahnz says:

    “You can enjoy your pieces of rotting shit from a buffalo’s ass…”
    (and io, you have a point, who decides what is ‘better’? one woman’s trash is another’s treasure. i’d rather watch ‘twivirgins’ than ‘saw’ any day, but i don’t care for either so i won’t)

  20. IOIOIOI says:

    Leah: Fanboys obviously believe they are the arbiters of taste. It’s rare you come across a fanboy that can state his dislikes something, but be okay with someone liking it. I know that I can come across as being that way from time to time, but I really do like all sorts of shit.
    So if I can like everything. What right do I have to state no one else can enjoy what they like? I like Twilight, I hate Saw, but like what you like. Just do not jump down my throat if I like something, you rat bastiges!

  21. LYT says:

    Who’s taking away your right to enjoy anything?
    I happen to get paid to assess things, qualitatively, based on my POV. If I think you like something that is incredibly stupid, I will say so. I don’t think you’re beyond criticism just because you happen to be a fan of anything. Nor am I. Jeez, the crap I still take for loving Revenge of the Sith will echo forever.
    The only issue where the Twilight fandom actually directly affects fanboys of other stuff is Comic-Con. The existing audience is mad that it now sells out quicker than before (2010 is already sold out), thanks to fans who show up for Twilight and care little for anything else there.
    If Drew is right, this fanbase will move on to other movie series-es once Twilight is done. But I don’t know that that’s a given.
    I liked it better when Neil Gaiman was the geekdom gateway for girls, and not Stephenie Meyer.

  22. leahnz says:

    just to pose this question:
    if ‘twilight’ was a cheesy vampire action movie with the same production values but aimed instead at young males, based on a mediocre book series geared toward the tastes of teen boys, the film version of which heralded the discovery of some hot new young female sex symbol for hoards of horny teen guys to, um, drool over, those horny teen boys having swamped comicon and made the film a success — would those hoards of teen boys be dismissed rather scathingly as annoying and silly – not TRUE geeks! – like the girls have? or would the boys be grudgingly accepted (even if they are a bit overzealous and green) as ‘the new wave’ of fanboys?
    there is a reek of sexism and misogyny in the dismissal of the twilight fans as silly fans of a drippy movie, but if the tables were turned and it was teen boys who were rabid fans of an equally silly movie (tho silly action movies for boys are so often labeled ‘fun, entertaining popcorn blockbusters!’ instead), would the boys incur the same general disdain as ‘fans of rubbish’ shown the girls?

  23. Hallick says:

    There’s a reek of sexism and misogyny on most every level of cinema, whether we’re talking about something that plays at ComiCon or the latest “period piece” movie. The same people who kick on the drool spigot for Megan Fox will moan over the idea that Robert Pattinson’s mug is everywhere too.
    Not that this doesn’t cut both ways. The same women who trash the violent emptiness of a Transformers movie will spoon and snuggle the uber-materialist void of a Sex & The City film.
    I think one of the things fueling the distain for the Twilight franchise is the fact that girls encroached on the boys territory, i.e. the broody vampire genre. It’s kind of like a kid having his sisters start putting make-up on his G.I. Joe action figures and give them Harlequin romance storylines.

  24. leahnz says:

    good points, hallick (realistically tho i don’t think the vampire genre has ever been just ‘boy’s territory’, but i do think the boys consider comic-con their territory)

  25. The Big Perm says:

    Geeks will DEFINITELY stick up for shit movies as long as it’s aimed at them and has violence. Like the geeks who championed Equilibrium as a great movie but dumps on Twilight fans for liking garbage.

  26. KristenStewartIsAwesome says:

    Are she and Gilchrist a couple?
    Because she seems FUN and CUTE in that HAPPY-VOICED L.A. ASIAN CHICK WAY, and Gilchrist seems like a total rod.
    I say this because he apparently hates my friend from Kristen Stewart fandom who used to post here.
    That dude on the left seems cool.
    They should have JEN Y. and L-to exG on SMF on the week NEW MOON comes out.
    That SERIOUS MAN on the far right can STAY HOME that day! HE HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR.

  27. LYT says:

    Leah, your mistake is in assuming that a book series would target horny teen boys.
    Horny teen boys don’t read books.
    But yeah, the franchises I like are often ridiculed. I can generally defend their logic, such as it is. Do not understand the logic of Twilight part 1 though.

  28. leahnz says:

    ok, no books or reading for the boys, how about a comic series then? (a few even come to mind)

  29. I have some problems with displaying this page with Opera 10.01

  30. martin says:

    Haha, Taylor Negron wtf.
    Lex is back and I think he’s drinking.

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