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Golden Globes BYOB

Have at it if you like… not much for live blogging…

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54 Responses to “Golden Globes BYOB”

  1. Ju-osh says:

    Anyone know of any websites streaming the Globes live?

  2. anghus says:

    “Animation is not just for children. It’s also for adults that take drugs.” – Sir Paul McCartney announcing the nominees for Best Animated Film at the Golden Globes

  3. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Question: Did Michael C Hall come out with his cancer battle before the voting or after? Cause it would be disappointing if they just gave him an award for being sick.

  4. If anyone has Twitter get online NOW and let us get #tbonestreep as a trending topic. T-Bone Streep will probably remain gag of the night. Loved it.

  5. Tofu says:

    The news about Hall was just released last week, so…
    McCartney is finally looking his age. And the camera can’t seem to stay away from him.

  6. aris says:

    Because that 30 second promo for Paramount Pictures Shutter Island!… didn’t cheapen the fact that this is an achievement award, no. Not at all.

  7. Joe Leydon says:

    So does the Best Picture, Comedy or Musical win for The Hangover help its chances to make the Best Picture list for the Oscars?

  8. aris says:

    God, I hope not. It’s bad enough Sandra Bullock’s win just now will… what a joke!

  9. Joe Leydon says:

    Actually — seriously — I think this makes Bullock the front-runner.

  10. EthanG says:

    I actually think Avatar will get a bigger bump than normal despite the high box office because the Globes attract an older audience that may actually have not seen the film.
    But the question of the night:
    Does the Globes win give Zoe Saldana a boost????

  11. Rob says:

    So…Hurt Locker wins nothing? Ugh.
    James Cameron is obnoxious.

  12. Tofu says:

    AVADAR wins big. Love how Cameron is trying to reflect the King of the World speech with these “Pat yourselves on the back, folks!” speeches.
    Arnie and Iron Mike in the same room? Madness.

  13. Blackcloud says:

    “AVADAR wins big.”
    That’s what you get when you cross “Avatar” with Avodart, right?

  14. Tofu says:

    Just riffing on Arnie’s unique slip of tongue. Which is to say, his everyday manner of speaking.

  15. I thought Arnie was pronouncing it like a brand of bottled water. Avidah or something.
    Apart from the wins for The Hangover and Robert Downey Jr, I can’t say the winners were embarrassing or anything. About as good as we could expect. Just… The Hangover? Downey Jr? Really? How very strange.

  16. Ju-osh says:

    NBC took the first step to repairing its tarnished image by airing a three hour awards ceremony where countless people made anti-NBC jokes. Uh…right?

  17. Tofu says:

    Downey’s acceptance speech was fantastic enough that others should just outright ripoff his approach.
    The Hangover win was a bit of populism, a bit of weak competition, and a bit of justified recognition. Philips’ character work has always been fine tuned to near perfection.

  18. Tofu says:

    Plus he made his rounds to all the gangbangs, so…

  19. EthanG says:

    God I hated the Hangover but love Downey. And god Im sad he spurned Cowboys vs Aliens for a Sherlock sequel…

  20. Me says:

    Speaking of NBC… and I know it’s cool to hate the network and all… but did anyone else think all the previews for Parenthood look like maybe they’ve finally done at least one thing right?

  21. Geoff says:

    Wow, that had to be one of the worst-produced shows I have ever seen – is it me or did it seem like EVERY winner had to navigate inpenetratable maze just to get to the stage? And the weird thing is that you figure they knew the winner in advance or at least…..they thought they knew the winners in advance. Paul McCartney is front row, center, and the camera is on him about every five minutes….I was genuinely shocked (but pleased) when T Bone Burnett won and I get the sense the producers were, too.
    Most winners were somewhat deserving and Downey gave a good speech, but wow….to see him beat Stuhlberg, just pitiful. And I’m as a big a fan as any one of Avatar, but I was embarassed to see James Cameron up there – would have been cooler to see Bigelow get the award and she probably would have given a more coherent speech.
    And they really have to recategorize some of these things – might even bring more balance to avoid the embarassment of films like The Hangover getting the Best Film win for Comedy and Nine even getting nominated. Inglorious Basterds and Up in the Air were more comedies than anything, even if they were dark – you put them in that category and you have more interesting competition on both sides.
    It was actually a kick to see Mel Gibson again – Gervais’ lead-in to him was the best moment of the night. And I think at this point, Arnold is in the joke – why else would he keep calling it “A-vuh-dar?”

  22. Hallick says:

    So agree with Geoff on the maze navigating. But then, it wouldn’t have been so blatant if some of the goddamn winners didn’t drag a twenty man entourage along with them. Waiting for the 16th listed cast member of some show or made for TV movie to go, “oh, aw shucks, what the fuck, yeah, I’ll come up too…” was pure stupid. Half of the winners’ speech time got smoked by that crap in a couple of instances. I was waiting for the band to play off the winners while people were still ascending the stairs.

  23. movielocke says:

    nice, I was perfect on movies, not so on TV.
    in relation to the long friday box office thread, and worth pointing out, box office leaders that had premium pricing
    Birth of a Nation (premium pricing for all tickets, from $.10 average ticket for other movies to $2/ticket for BoaN, quite the increase, only available in the big palaces, and it played six years in some of them)
    Gone with the Wind (from .25 for other movies to .75 for GwtW, the nice palaces charged 2.50-2.75, again not remotely comparable to a modest 3D charge)
    Sound of Music (don’t have the road show prices off hand, but that’s one reason why, starting with Quo Vadis, they began making road show release A-list pictures. After the Paramount decision in 48 the studios stopped gradually stopped making B pictures (AIP et al took over) and started hitching their horse to making more money with fewer pictures and the best way to do that is to charge more. So big movies, like Ben Hur, Ten Commandments, 20,000 Leagues, Mary Poppins, Cleopatra, My Fair Lady, Lawrence of Arabia and yes, Sound of Music (the film that took the box office crown from Gone with the Wind, iirc) all had Premium pricing, it was known as Road-Show pricing, and these films grossed enormous amounts and were the box office leaders of their day. If it had an intermission, chances were it had premium road show pricing.
    Box office all time leaders, that as far as I know, did not have premium pricing ala Avatar and the older epics:
    The Exorcist
    The Godfather
    Star Wars (though 70mm re-release would have been more, I think)
    I think (though I’m doing this from memory, that those are the only movies to have led the all time domestic charts:
    Birth of a Nation
    Gone with the Wind
    The Sound of Music
    The Exorcist
    The Godfather
    Star Wars
    The first three all had premium pricing, like Avatar, though they enjoyed a bump from their premium pricing that was FAR more significant than the bump Avatar is getting from 3D or IMAX
    oh, and IOIOIO in the 1930s would be bitching about how the box office numbers of Gone with the Wind were imaginary because people only went to see it because it meant four hours in air conditioning, no one was actually watching the film, it was just getting an air-conditioning bump. 😉

  24. brack says:

    I enjoyed it. Ricky Gervais didn’t miss a beat.

  25. LexG says:

    These shows always remind me of JIM CARREY’S MOST BRILLIANT MOMENT EVER, when he took the stage at some MTV Awards as some Morrison-esque rocker, surveyed the crowd and declared, “MMM, lotta hot pussy in this room” — HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SO funny and SO true, just totally wish someone would always get up and straightfacedly announce that. God knows it’s the only reason for any straight man to watch, to see some hot-ass puffin in LITTLE DRESSES and HEELS showing LEG and CLEAVAGE with an OILY SHEEN.
    So the LEX SQUIFF AWARD for HOTTEST OF THE NIGHT is a dead-heat TIE between EMILY BLUNT (PLEASE someone rescue this GODDESS from that vanilla, Must-See-TV douche Krasinski) and OLIVIA WILDE.
    Shoutouts to other tang looking HOT: January Jones, Melanie Laurent, Zoe Saldana, Reese Bonerspoon, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Garner, Fergie, Marion Cottilard, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire.
    And congrats to the FOREIGN PRESS for inviting two of THE MOST AWESOME motherfuckers IN THE WORLD, amidst all the usual suspects and Hollywood elite:
    Classiest, most awesome winning speech: KEVIN BACON. Also loved Bridges getting the STANDING OVATION, though I bet somewhere BEAU BRIDGES was tightening a NOOSE.
    I’d kinda bag on Drew Barrymore’s goofy speech, but come on, it’s Drew Barrymore. Picking on Drew is like not liking puppies: Impossible.
    Will say, JESSICA LANGE looked PISSED she lost to Drew though.
    I choked up like a DOUCHE when Jason Reitman gave props to his AWWWWESOME old man, Ivan.

  26. Brack, really? A couple of jokes really hit the mark, but he did just vanish after a while (which is a big complaint people had about Hugh Jackman at the Oscars) and the running gags weren’t that good. But then again, I was never keen of Gervais when everyone was asking for him to host the Oscars.

  27. EOTW says:

    Christ, I can’t believe JR won anything. UITA is such vapid, rich boy, work of a hack crap. Yeah, he better thank his rich daddy cause he wouldn’t be a fucking director without him.
    meanwhile, these awards mean shit, but it’s nice to see WHITE RIBBON get some love. One of the two or three best films of last year. Easily.

  28. movieman says:

    Did I miss something, or was “New York, New York” the one Scorsese film left out of his clip reel? WTF?!
    “NYNY” is one of Scorsese’s masterpieces, and definitely deserved place of pride over such lesser works as “Bringing Out the Dead,”
    “Cape Fear,” “Casino,” “Kundun” and yeah, even “The Departed.”

  29. anghus says:

    I would like to nominate jim cameron for a golden douche award.
    For your consideration…..
    For using a made up language in an acceptance speech
    For jerking off everyone in the audience with the “weve got the best job in the world” bit.
    For requesting the audience give themselves a round of applause
    For thanking your wife for inspiration when youve had eight wives. That clip might come up in the divorce hearings when shes going after half of his avatar money.
    Hell, he might be up for a lifetime acheivement award aka the Mickey Rourke.

  30. Ju-osh says:

    Cameron’s got the same weird, almost-but-not-quite way of mimicking human emotions as the Terminator in T2. His acceptance speech was sorta like an audio-only clip reel of his films’ atrocious dialogue.

  31. The weirdest part was watching the end of the Globes, having just seen Cameron give his second somewhat pompous speech of the night. So we turn off the Globes, and start watching 24 and low-and-behold we see a random extra (the homeless junkie who takes the red coat) who looks exactly like a younger and coked out James Cameron. It might be a ‘you gotta be there’ moment, but everyone in the room just looked at each other and started laughing.

  32. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Lex, not putting Halle Berry near the top of your Globe squack list is kinda worrying in a David Duke-ish way. She looked incredible. Talk about vanilla tastes. You need some color in your life boyo.

  33. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Can Cameron be a bigger douchebag? The guy couldn’t be less sincere if he tried. Even his most ardent fans (lookout) would have to admit this pedo-coiffed creepo just oozes arrogance and has the social etiquette of a waiter with tourettes.

  34. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    FTR Lex I know you’re not a racist. Team Berry.

  35. christian says:

    Remember, Cameron told everybody at the Oscars to give a long moment of silence in tribute to the Titanic. And they did! That’s REEL power.

  36. Sorry, you absolutely can not put Halle Berry on your list for reasons aside from race. Sure, she’s ‘hot’, but I have so little respect for most of her film work and her public statements (ie – calling Storm a meager supporting role in some cartoon, trying to claim that Jinx was the first bad-ass Bond girl ever, shirking responsibility for Catwoman, etc) that I can’t even lust after her in good conscience. Even pure lust has to have a little bit of respect tossed in, or at the very least indifference.
    Slight digression, but I find that people put Halle Berry on their ‘list’ when they want to show how multicultural they are and can’t name any other minority actresses. If we’re picking from the non-Caucasian pool, I’ll take Aisha Tyler, Zoe Saldena, Thandie Newton, or Sofia Vergara.

  37. EOTW says:

    Zoe Saldena can ride this baloney pony any time she likes (if you know what I mean!)!

  38. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Scott you are obviously a gentleman and a thoughful individual but you’re letting your inner geek trump your loins and thats a dangerous place to be. If I let idiotic things stars say cramp my wishful thinking I’d be left with Frances McDormand. Berry is on the list for being smoking not as some multicutural token nod.
    Is Harrison Ford on prozac or something similar?
    Is the President of Foreign Press an alien?
    Is Tarantino still banging blonde actresses?
    Is Felicity Huffman a ditz?
    Will anyone ever be as effortless as Hanks in front of a crowd?
    Is Downey as much fun as he seems?
    Is anyone better at sincere than Lithgow?
    Does anyone else feel sad that one day Marty will be gone forever?

  39. LexG says:

    I had Zoe Saldana on the list, and I should have also added Alfre Woodard’s SMOKING daughter who was Miss Golden Globe or whatever. Everybody knows that from firecrotch to Korean Party Girls to Persian chicks to, yes, Halle Berry, I am all about the RAINBOW COALITION of hotness. For that matter, I also left off Anna Paquin (more like RACK-UIN last night) out of sheer oversight.
    Only thing with Halle is she’s one of those people who’ve been around long enough I kind of take her for granted. For someone older than me, she’s kept her looks and remained looking “herself,” unlike a lot of 20-somethings who already look obviously distorted facially or gone to seed. Halle’s kind of like Charlize Theron in that, yes, they’re still gorgeous and if they’re on a talkshow I’m all YEP YEP. But in a room with 18-to-25 year old NEW CHICKS, my eyes would naturally gravitate toward THE NEW HOTNESS, not the chick I was drooling over in 1996.

  40. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Lex does the coach’s daughter from FNL slip under your moral cut off line? This is getting slightly sleazy, so will stop here.

  41. LexG says:

    BIG FAN of all three major FNL chicks: Minka Kelly (at least before she got JETER’D), Adrianne Palicki (LEGION POWER), and Aimee T., though for all I know the two former aren’t on the show anymore — only watched the first two seasons.
    And Aimee Teegarden was born in ’89, so it’s ALL GOOD. YEP YEP.

  42. brack says:

    Kam – The thing I like about Gervais is how committed and confident he is with his jokes. It’s shtick, but brilliant shtick.

  43. Fair enough. It’s just always amused me how black characters, even those written by black writers (think Tyler Perry shows) only lust after Halle Berry and Beyonce Knowles or Denzel Washington and occasionally Will Smith. It’s like they think (perhaps correctly?) that those are the only black stars that ‘mainstream white America’ will recognize.

  44. EOTW says:

    Aimee T is SUCH a hottie.

  45. You totally know that Halle Berry hates Zoe Saldana with every fibre of her being. Zoe just does everything that Halle does, but does it better and more successfully. Team Zoe!

  46. leahnz says:

    team zoe should watch her ‘unscripted’ video with sam down on the right on this site, those two are just too cute for school together (plus, proof of the existence of ‘astrains’ as i like to call them at about the 1:40 mark, lol. sam’s a bit of a honey. and his accent is still hard-out unlike the diluted brogues of kidman and jackman and co)

  47. Lota says:

    I will take a crack at this tough quiz JBD posted.
    Is Harrison Ford on prozac or something similar? botox
    Is the President of Foreign Press an alien? the DNA testing is not yet complete but I am almost sure from the display of his ’emotions’ that may be an older Nexxus model.
    Is Tarantino still banging blonde actresses? I think that was a fad. or a phenomenon. Ask Niccol.
    Is Felicity Huffman a ditz? champagne
    Will anyone ever be as effortless as Hanks in front of a crowd? No
    Is Downey as much fun as he seems? Champagne
    Is anyone better at sincere than Lithgow? among males, maybe not.
    Does anyone else feel sad that one day Marty will be gone forever? yes. I’ll be in NYC in a few days and I am always intensely reminded of that there. : (

  48. leahnz says:

    “Is Tarantino still banging blonde actresses? I think that was a fad…”
    i think while going at it he accidentally head-butted one with his ginormous forehead, killing her instantly, and thus blondes now give him the jeebies

  49. LexG says:

    QT getting Melanie Laurent is the best argument EVER for getting famous at all costs. He’s come a long way from Margaret Cho.

  50. leahnz says:

    re: RDJ’s priceless smart-assery,
    apparently as cameron tells it, a reporter on the red carpet asked him (re: titanic’s/avatar’s box office), “how does it feel to beat yourself?” and as he happened to be walking by, RDJ quipped, “i respect a man that beats himself”

  51. polarbear2 says:

    Don’t be so hard on Halle Berry, Mandelson.
    1-‘Storm’ IS a meager supporting character/token, in the movies and in the comics. She hasn’t had a storyline in ‘The Uncanny X-Men’ in 20 years.
    2-Bond girls are ALL required tom say something about how their role is ‘…the first Bond girl to be her own character, and not just an ornament blah blah blah…’. It is a standard part of the EON contract.
    3-And you can’t blame Berry for Catwoman. Zoe Saldana could have starred and the movie still would have stank.

  52. yancyskancy says:

    Sam Worthington looked so ill at ease at the podium. He also looked like he had just learned to walk about an hour before the show. He held his arms in an odd way, like a monkey or something.

  53. I’d take 100 awkward-giving-an-award-away Sam Worthingtons than just one can’t-read-a-teleprompter-at-the-beginning-of-the-night Felicity Huffmans.

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