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BYOB Tuesday 3910

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43 Responses to “BYOB Tuesday 3910”

  1. Rob says:

    Looks like a certain once-promising actress is even more desperate for cash than Variety:

  2. LexG says:

    With every peg Lohan drops…
    YEP YEP.

  3. Triple Option says:

    @Rob: that might’ve been the best commercial from this year’s crop. I didn’t even see & hear it until after online. That “Milka-wah?!” still cracks me up. It’s up over 2 million hits when it was a few hundred K when I first saw it. At no time since did I associate that baby or the name w/Lindsey Lohan. No one better re-record Carly Simon’s Your So Vain or I’m sure she’ll want a cut of that as well.
    The legal system to generate income. Take another axe to a pillar of a stable society. I wonder if Lindey isn’t cashed strapped or looking for ways for people to believe she’s relevant but if the firm her counsel is from hasn’t been undergoing restructuring. I hate the whiny entitlement but a lot of these frivolous suits wouldn’t happen if lawyers weren’t constantly chirping in people’s ears saying how much they’ll get or what they think they deserve.
    I’ll get off my barstool now. I did want to throw out a question to the populous here, why do you think Hurt Locker won (or Avatar lost) best picture?

  4. Lota says:

    I think Hurt Locker won more than avatar lost.
    I think regardless of a person’s feelings about the war in Iraq, the subject was compelling and sad and many people, my family included have had relatives sent over there, some coming back intact, most not.
    Iraq is a subject that affects many people directly now, as compared to a few years ago…and if that is what got people to GO to/ watch the movie, while they experienced the movie, realized it was very good or excellent.
    I liked Avatar but I wouldn’t have picked it for Best picture–not compelling enough for me even though it was a fun movie, great ride.
    I would even put District 9 and Coraline above Avatar for being more important, or relevant or compelling which is how I feel about a Oscar-worthy picture–so I would have picked LA Confidential for its year for example.

  5. leahnz says:

    avatar was far more emotionally compelling for me than HL (i think it’s a case of you either feel the magic or you don’t with the gangs of pandora), but like i said in the other thread i know for certain why it lost BP: the insecure actors branch. in the words of morgan freeman, “avatar is cartoons”. ignorance is bliss
    (environmentalism and anti-imperialism are always important and relevant if you ask me)

  6. leahnz says:

    just read this on “movieline”, copied over, quotes by some dude i have no idea who he is but it seemingly backs up my theory above:
    “The consensus I had drawn in recent weeks from talking to academy members of other branches strongly pointed to Avatar winning, but with few exceptions, most of the actors I asked thought the movie

  7. leahnz says:

    SAG is forming a committee? paranoid much, actors?

  8. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Back in real life we see Sean Penn is becoming the liberal version of Glenn Beck.

  9. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Leah. No offense but insecure actors sounds like paranoia from the other side. Perhaps it was simply the case that Avatar didn’t feature any performances that SAG felt worthy of acclaim. Or harsher, that it didn’t feature any performance at all.
    I don’t think Fear of a CG Hat was what caused the loss of a BP win for Avatar.

  10. Lota says:

    environmentalism and anti-imperialism are always important, definitely. I just did not feel that Avatar did this in a compelling way for Me, and it was partly due to some of the dialog. It was in my top 10 for US films; it’s a good entertaining movie.
    It might be Cameron–he does great high adrenaline but I did not get as emotionally involved/drawn in as I am capable of being when I “go native” in a movie or real life situation.

  11. LexG says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the environment WHAT. SO. EVER.
    Fuck environmentalism. I throw three dozen beer bottles and 60 pounds of PAPER JUNK MAIL right into the regular trash every single week. Leave my lights on all day and night.
    Couldn’t give less of a fuck. I got money. Couldn’t give a shit if my power bill is a THOUSAND dollars a month.

  12. christian says:

    Dennis Leary called and wants you to keep his 1992 MTV material.

  13. LexG says:

    Well, since DENIS Leary is one of my five favorite comedians of all time, I’ll take that as a compliment (Dice, Pryor, Dane, Leary, Paul Mooney.)

  14. LexG says:

    Wait I forgot Barry Sobel. And while Mooney is historically important (like Carlin) for all comics, I might switch him out for either the Belz or Bill Maher. Maybe pre-neocon Dennis Miller.

  15. leahnz says:

    christ lex, could you be any more of a repetitive bore? get some new material
    JBD. did you read the quote? i didn’t make it up. take it up with hammond or whatever his name is. you don’t like avatar, so of course you think the way you do. i couldn’t care less avatar lost, i was just offering my opinion as to why, and it would seem i’m not alone or out on a limb in my way of thinking

  16. Lota says:

    Well I am greatly consoled about the environment now Lex since you won;t live long enough to erode it much further with your years of no sleep, too much alcohol, take-out food, self-destructive h8ter-self lifestyle.
    The environment will be AOK in about 5-8 years after you PASS since right now you FAIL with your community loserTude.
    Keep eating and growing, we can maybe send you to Japan, house you in a quiet secluded harbor as a whale. Go play with the tuna there son.

  17. leahnz says:

    yes, may i suggest the taiji harbour, lovely this time of year…

  18. LexG says:

    Lota, you don’t know jack about me.
    Plus I’ve lost 24 pounds since I switched to coke.
    Now email me a picture of your toes.

  19. Lota says:

    “Fuck environmentalism. I throw three dozen beer bottles and 60 pounds of PAPER JUNK MAIL right into the regular trash every single week. Leave my lights on all day and night.
    Couldn’t give less of a fuck. I got money. Couldn’t give a shit if my power bill is a THOUSAND dollars a month.” by Lex
    I know all I want to know.
    Cry to someone else they don;t know jack about you.

  20. leahnz says:

    but lota, lex is a rebel! he throws paper into the REGULAR TRASH! you know chicks dig a bad boy

  21. rossers says:

    toes. now.

  22. leahnz says:

    uh oh. lex’s confederacy of dunces: the backlash

  23. LexG says:

    Leah/Lota, you know the email. I would be positively DELIGHTED to entertain some private correspondence with either of you. I don’t know where all this animosity started, but at least with Leah I thought we used to enjoy a bit of a playful and friendly banter. What’s with the hostility?
    Little to your fellow SISTER-IN-ARMS Kim Voynar, who recently posted about what a nice, humble, and good-natured chap I am.
    And shouldn’t there be an ironclad rule that if you’re gonna slag someone’s appearance, or sense of humor, or personality, or very essence, you need to put up or shut up? Let’s see some pix, ladies!

  24. Lota says:

    don’t have/want your email address.
    maybe stick to movie discussion, you aren;t bad at that.

  25. Lota says:

    Samsung will sell 3_D TVs starting at about $3,000 for a 46-inch screen. This Low Price includes the required 3-D glasses, and a 3-D Blu-ray player.

  26. Cadavra says:

    I’m just guessing, but perhaps people didn’t vote for AVATAR because most of them felt it’s a tired, derivative tub of shiny tinfoil from an abusive, egomaniacal director that made more money than the GNP of many nations.

  27. Foamy Squirrel says:

    How many glasses? I’m guessing they’re the bluetooth ones so they’re probably reasonably expensive individually…

  28. leahnz says:

    that depends, lex, am i speaking to ‘shoot-the-shit-fun-movie-lex’, or ‘vicious-bully-narcissist-sociopath-lex’?
    honestly i don’t care what you think/say about me – for some reason i’m not bothered – but when you engage in those nasty out-of-the-blue hits on others in some bizaree effort to assert your ‘hot blog alpha dog’ status or whatever the rationale is behind such behaviour, and somehow you have DP bizarrely convinced that you’re the victim rather than the instigator 90% of the time, perhaps it’s the mother in me or my inner egalitarian but that sort of thing leaves a nasty aftertaste. nobody could get away with the shit you pull around here but you. for the millionth time, if you insist on acting the jackass and revelling in it with such glee, learn to TAKE YOUR LUMPS. you’re the thinnest-skinned asshole i’ve ever come across.
    and really, if you can’t understand that talking ENDLESSLY about the appearance of (barely legal) girls leaves you WIDE OPEN for potshots at your own personal appearance, then what can i say. apart from the fact that ages ago when i commented on your blog i believe there was a little pic of me in the dunes with my name, so there you go. as close as you’re ever gonna get
    (lota, you sound so cute there, like the samsung tv spokesmodel)
    “I’m just guessing, but perhaps people didn’t vote for AVATAR because most of them felt it’s a tired, derivative tub of shiny tinfoil from an abusive, egomaniacal director that made more money than the GNP of many nations.”
    MOST of them, cadavra? you obviously have a bug up your ass about cameron, that much is obvious from the numerous disparaging remarks you’ve made here, but do you know the ballot breakdown and how much avatar, or basterds for that matter, lost by to say MOST people didn’t vote for it?

  29. leahnz says:

    also, do you have some proof that MOST people think avatar is a tired, derivative blah blah blah, or is it actually that YOU think that’s what is it? do you speak for most people?
    why is it so many commentators here mistake their own opinions for those of humanity at large?

  30. Foamy Squirrel says:

    But my opinion is self-evidently correct! I’m shocked how you couldn’t see that… there must be something wrong with you.

  31. LexG says:


  32. LexG says:

    I don’t suppose any of you ARE AWESOME enough to watch American Idol, other than POLAND, WHO I KNOW GODDAMN WELL IS WATCHING EVERY SECOND…
    Also liking that LILLY SCOTT chick.

  33. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Oh god, Lex is an autodialer…

  34. CleanSteve says:

    “I’m just guessing, but perhaps people didn’t vote for AVATAR because most of them felt it’s a tired, derivative tub of shiny tinfoil from an abusive, egomaniacal director that made more money than the GNP of many nations.
    Posted by: Cadavra”
    Lex’s schtick gets repetative but is mostly funny. All-knowing statements claiming NOBODY ANYWHERE EVER liked AVATAR are bottom-barrel. This is why I am happy to critics joining the unemployment line. If there was a way to fire brainless message board posters I’d be on board with that, too (and probably a victim at some point).
    Every time somebody says “I don’t know anybody who likes AVATAR” my personal Atomic Clock moves 5 minutes closer to midnight.
    Move the fuck on. See a therapist. Take your meds. Finger paint. Do something else with your time before you keel over from anger. Lex will outlive the bitter, miserable, joyless Cadavras of the world 10-fold.
    And BTW, get over the “Cameron is abusive” bullshit, too. Big fucking baby. Nobody is forced to work with him. Many have worked with him time and again. He is The Boss. You do what the boss says, whether you are filming AVATAR 2: LICK MY SACK, FARACI or cooking my french fries. That’s…ya know….reality. But reality does not exist on the internet, for the most part.

  35. CleanSteve says:

    Now it’s Corey Haim dead. The humanity!! Which ex-child star will I hire wash my car now???? At least he got to screw Ginger Lynn. Wait….that was Feldman, who is still alive (knock on wood).
    Sigh…and I was so looking forward to LICENSE TO DRIVE 2.

  36. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Maybe he was trying to make the “In Memory Of” segment at the Oscars and was too coked up to get the right day.

  37. rossers says:

    “The idea that there’s a new consumer class and you have to be consumer-friendly when they’re stealing stuff. No. There should be the same level of sanctity as there is around property. Content is no different. They’re not crazy kids. No. Punish them.”
    Is this not infuriating to everyone who has to deal with these digital rights management jagoffs? They preach about the “sanctity” around properties as if they actually treated the creators of these properties with any respect at all. In fact, (as evidenced by myriad diatribes on the matter and the most recent Pink Floyd lawsuit) every single major record label commits theft everyday, and not petty theft that could be compared to stealing a pringles can or a purse, but widespread and incoherent theft. The industry should really start treating they’re artists with respect before they demand consumers to treat the distributors with any.
    There’s really a lot to say about all of this (much of it having already been said before) but is it possible to salvage this BYOB and talk about something that matters (i.e. nothing that has to do with Lex’s libido or Leahnz scum manifesto)? I’d love to hear y’alls comments

  38. christian says:

    Pirates crying about pirates. Irony!

  39. rossers says:

    pirates don’t cry. but if they did, I bet it would sound pretty ironic.

  40. Cadavra says:

    Jesus, lighten the fuck up, everybody! Tongue was firmly planted in cheek! Given that it became the biggest-grossing movie of all time in barely two months, isn’t the joke obvious? Do I have to resort to smiley-faces to reassure everyone when I’m goofing around? Chill, people.

  41. LexG says:

    YOU, YES YOU, are going to stop WHATEVER you are doing RIGHT NOW and WATCH THIS.
    OH, MY… GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. This is LITERALLY the singlest GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I didn’t blink ONCE for 2.5 minutes. I may have forgotten to BREATHE.
    YOU WILL BOW. I am not religious but they were right along. GOD HAS COME TO EARTH, and GOD looks like THIS:
    I expect, nee DEMAND, equal enthusiasm from EVERYONE.

  42. Foamy Squirrel says:

    My enthusiasm costs $100 per millithuse. I accept cash, cheques, and major credit cards.

  43. LexG says:

    Enough antics. Watch the video.

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