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Weekend Estimates by Klady – 3/21/10


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25 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Klady – 3/21/10”

  1. MeekayD says:

    Now I feel guilty for drinking beer and watching my “Breaking Bad” Blu-Rays instead of going to “Repo Men”.
    A little guilty. Not that guilty.

  2. Lota says:

    not sure why, but:
    I really enjoyed Alice, problems aside
    I am really glad Bounty did poorer than expected as it was lame lame lame LAME. No chemistry…and Gerry needs to go back to Dear Frankie mode. He looks like shit and has become so unattractive. Not Awesome.

  3. Don’t feel guilty. Repo Men is shockingly terrible, and stunningly immoral when you think about it.
    Spoilers –
    In the third act, the hero basically slaughters two dozen or so innocent people (not necessarily people sent to bring him) because he was unable/unwilling to pay a debt. If the movie is supposed to be commenting on the current credit crisis, what exactly are the filmmakers suggesting?

  4. gradystiles says:

    “I am really glad Bounty did poorer than expected as it was lame lame lame LAME”
    I said this in another thread, and I’ll say it here: it didn’t do worse than expected. Just because a few random people on the internet or in Entertainment Weekly predict a certain amount does not mean that’s what the industry “expects” a movie to make.

  5. As I mentioned yesterday, every box office pundit site I could find (including Entertainment Weekly) pegged The Bounty Hunter as opening between $21 and 24 million. Not exactly a disappointment, especially as they smartly kept the budget around $50 million.

  6. LexG says:

    Mendelson, get the dick.
    REPO MEN POWER. TOTALLY awesome. Some GENIUS critic said it’s going for a Verhoeven vibe, but the results are more like ROBOCOP 2. EXACTLY.
    A perfectly Lexian mix of hardcore, gory, sterile, stylized awesomeness AND mind-blowingly retarded comic relief. In other words, GOOD MOVIE.
    Nice of them to pair suave, smarmy GODLIKE Jude Law with two of the most pill-like, icy female leads EVER. Carice Van Houten might’ve been MILDLY sexy in her Verhoeven flick, but here she’s about as appealing as a lint filter. Thus managing to make the usually loathesome and detestable Nouveau Conchita-Alonso known as Alice Braga actually MILDLY preferable by compare.
    And the more I think about it, the more stunningly, AWESOMELY low-rent the “villain’s” scheme is; Usually these things have some anticorporate conspiracy vibe, but here everyone’s pretty much on the up-and-up and one character’s hidden motives are kind of humorously human-scale.
    Also gotta love good-time guy Whitaker interrupting a family BBQ to go hack up some sadsack in a taxicab outside, then acting like it’s no biggie just chillin’ in the front yard soaked in blood and brandishing a robotic kidney in front of Law’s family. (What was up with Law always casually putting blood-soaked scalpels in his mouth when doing his eviscerations?)

  7. LexG says:

    Also from my weekend moviegoing BONANZA:
    ALICE EVE POWER. YEP YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Even without the 106 minutes of onscreen nudity she provided in CROSSING OVER, still charming.
    She and Krysten Ritter = DOUBLE YEP.
    Cute movie, too… Should be bigger, though looks like it’s holding okay. Except for ten minutes of TERRIBLE shtick at the end involving a chase around the airport and Baruschel’s shrew ex being embarrassing, pretty much delightful (if low-stakes and genteel) all the way through.

  8. LexG says:

    Is that DRAGON TATTOO shit really 2 hours and 35 minutes?

  9. Actually Lex, it was your prior Twitter quote re- Robocop 2 that convinced me to see it today, as I enjoy B-movie trash as much as anyone. But I was absolutely bored to tears for most of the picture, but when the third-act carnage arrived, I was so annoyed by the moral wrongheadedness on display than I couldn’t really enjoy it. And that’s not even taking into account the real-world logic issues with the set-up (re – no worker’s comp?). If I didn’t believe that the filmmakers were trying to make some statement about debt and today’s economic climate, etc, I wouldn’t have minded. But taken as some kind of sci-fi parable, it’s absurd. There were a few nutty moments (the bbq scene, the bit with the surprise surgeon, the climax), but overall I was severely underwhelmed.
    We can agree on She’s Out of My League though, although I much prefer Ritter to Eve. A pleasantly charming and surprisingly low-key little movie, with stock ‘friends’ who actually act like supportive friends and characters who generally react in plausible human ways to the slightly outlandish situations (I loved that the shaving scene wasn’t played for gay panic, but instead a testament to friendship).

  10. Don Murphy says:

    Trust me Lex- The Dragon Tattoo flies by. It is wonderful. Awesome time.
    The number is astoundingly pathetic for THE RUNAWAYS, clinching once and for all that the Twilight actors mean shit outside of the Franchise. Stretch Armstrong my anus.
    David, why is no one doing the story about how Pohlad committed $10m in ad money to the film then saw the tracking and cut out $9m? Sure he might still spend that but I doubt it with those per screen numbers. Pohlad keeps getting these BS press stories and the guy is full of it. Call him out please.

  11. pchu says:

    I watched the Runaways this weekend. The material is pretty thin, but the performances from Stewart, Fanning and Shannon saved it. I was actually pretty surprised with Dakota Fanning, I just watched her in Man On Fire the other day. Didn’t expect this at all.

  12. LexG says:


  13. movieman says:

    Aside from everything else that’s wrong with it, was anyone else bothered by the berserk casting in “Repo Men”? Are we really supposed to believe that Law (with his posh British accent) and Whitaker (sounding as American as chicken fried steak) were childhood friends? OK, if the Law character was born in England but grew up in the U.S., wouldn’t he have lost his accent after three decades and change? Why bother casting an actress of van Houten’s stature and not bother writing a role for her? (Was she so anxious to break into Hollywood movies that she took anything that was offered her?) And where the hell was this supposed to be taking place? LA, Houston, Miami, Bangladesh, Shanghai, Atlanta, Newark….?! With a different/more seasoned director–and an almost entirely different cast (Liev Schreiber is the only one I’d keep)–the not-terrible script might have made an interesting genre mash-up a la “Gattaca.” In its present state, Universal should be happy with a $6-million opening weekend.
    Glad to see that “Wimpy Kid” exceeded even the most generous b.o. estimates. It’s a nice film in the classic (e.g, “16 Candles”) John Hughes tradition.
    Guess I was right about Apparition making a mistake by deciding to platform “Runaways” at the last hour. Even with better-than-they-were-in-Sundance reviews, it still laid a giant goose egg. I’m curious to see just how wide their “wide” release is gonna be now on April 9th. Not very, I bet.

  14. pchu says:

    I agree that She Is Out Of My League is a pleasant movie, but I really have a problem with a scene between Eve and Baruchel before the ending sequence. Don’t want to spoil it, but I was screaming ‘Bullsh**’ in the theater with that scene.

  15. indiemarketer says:

    Apparition could use more talent and fire power in Marketing

  16. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Lex you made me snort hot coffee out my fucking nose with that Kiel/ Shannon comparison. Jesus when you are on you are ON!
    Unfortunately this incessant caterwauling about Stewart and Fanning is obvious baiting and frankly retarded. She’s like some chunks from a Lohan vomit woke up and decided to have an acting career.
    DRAGON TATTOO is long but it moves well even though the unpleasant scenes from the novel look totally out of place without all the background context the book provides. The ending of the film manages to jam 100pgs of detailed ‘how to’ into 3mins of screen time which only vaguely sets up the two sequels which have already been made. Still any movie that focuses on the much neglected topic of Swedish Nazis is all right by me.
    Lota you are dead on with BOUNTY and the ab man. Three strikes and you’re out GB.

  17. I wasn’t crazy about the ‘pre-climax’ in She’s Out of My League either…
    vague SPOILERS…
    It came so close to the end of the movie that it felt like a tacked on ‘conflict’ so that there could be a redemptive climax. Having said that, the scene in question felt genuine and plausible to those characters, as opposed to a third-act misunderstanding or inexplicable plot twist. Without going into details, I liked that the conflict arouse out of them being too honest with each other, but that’s pretty much what resolved it as well. And while I could do without yet another rom-com finale involving airport hi-jinks, I do love how they subverted at least one tried-and-true cliche to amusing effect.

  18. Tim DeGroot says:

    Speaking of Maria Conchita Alonso, I just watched Extreme Prejudice. POWERS BOOTH POWER. BOW.

  19. movieman says:

    Glad to see that “League” is beginning to find some fans.
    As I recall, I was pretty much the only one who had nice things to say about it last weekend. Next to “Wimpy Kid,” it’s one of the only 2010 movies so far that deserves to achieve “sleeper hit” status (even if it takes “League” until DVD to finally get there).
    Also pleased to see that I’m not alone in my puking-my-guts-out revulsion towards Gerard Butler. His last four performances–and movies–were so genuinely wretched that they’ve pretty much obliterated whatever affection I once had for him in (good) films like “RocknRolla,” “Dear Frankie” and even “300.”

  20. anghus says:

    Butlers american accent is so bad i get angered when i hear it.

  21. pchu says:

    Scott, it’s very tacked on and it can be a lot better. I will just say that
    very mild spoiler…
    no guy in that situation would react the way he did. Maybe in another setting, but not there. It’s like, we got to make them have a conflict, and so we can do the finale.

  22. Geoff says:

    I’ll do you one better, LexG – I loved Repo Men and would mark it as a my favorite film of the year, outside of Shutter Island.
    Sure, it’s derivative trash, but truly well directed and well acted trash – the action was fast, well-shot and just the right amount of it, the casting was kind of cheeky inspired(Whitaker and Law work well together, Shrieber plays a good blue-blood, ALSO the first time I ever enjoyed Braga), wonderfully Verhoevian/Kronebergian climax with two characters intimately repo-ing each other, and a ending I could kind of seeing coming from miles away….but just loved for its cheekiness.
    A few weeks ago, there was the old speculcation about how Minority Report really ended and what it meant…..well, this movie does it the right way. What was funny was that half of urban audience I saw it with walked out before it even happened – just as the music is playing and Law and Whitaker are sitting on the beach, half of them had fled thinking this was the happy capper.
    Just dug the movie more than I could have imagined – even the effects were better than I expected. This is probably my favorite pure guilty pleasure movie since 2 Fast 2 Furious – sorry, I though Tyrese was awesome in that one. Definitely a movie I will buy on BluRay and I’m probably the only one.
    I also enjoyed She’s Out of My League – a friend took me to see it for my birthday. Good fun, but it was really missing Paul Rudd – prefer I Love You, Man. Alice Eve is quite gorgeous, but I just adore Rashida Jones. RASHIDA POWER
    Oh, and watching this healthcare stuff play out on the cable news networks today has been a kick – PELOSI POWER. Looks like she could pull this off.

  23. berg says:

    Roger Deakins is the visual consultant on HTTYD and it shows in the noirish night exteriors and overcast daylight exteriors … I second Girl w the Dragon Tattoo although for pure crime pleasure I preferred Red Rising 1980

  24. LexG says:

    ALMOST as funny as THE WORLD’S FUNNIEST HUMAN, aka Jonah Hill.
    That shot of JONAH tripping balls in the GREEK TRAILER is the single funniest image of all time; I double over EVERY time I see it.

  25. SJRubinstein says:

    That’s the weird thing about “Repo Men” – I pretty much agree with everything that’s been said in this thread. I was bored shitless in certain parts, thought it rose to Verhoeven-like brilliance at times (though the climax was pure Cronenberg, absolutely beautiful in one of the most interesting body horror bits I’ve seen in years), thought it was derivative as all hell – so many scenes borrowed from/inspired by other films, etc. – definitely see the “Robocop 2” AND “Highlander 2” comparisons, but I just can’t not like the film. I loved Whittaker in that part, just loved him, moreso than Law, though Law really committed to the lunacy. And this from LexG:
    “And the more I think about it, the more stunningly, AWESOMELY low-rent the “villain’s” scheme is; Usually these things have some anticorporate conspiracy vibe, but here everyone’s pretty much on the up-and-up and one character’s hidden motives are kind of humorously human-scale.”
    Absolutely dead-on and why the movie is hard to write off.

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