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Box Office Hell Clashes In 3D

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11 Responses to “Box Office Hell Clashes In 3D”

  1. Eric says:

    Saw a Clash of the Titans matinee and it wasn’t so great. I was pretty excited, too, based on the trailer. But everything interesting is already in the trailer itself.

  2. LexG says:

    Is this the first Tyler Perry movie that WON’T open #1? How’d they settle on this date?

  3. LexG says:

    I want to be Miley’s friend.
    Her special friend.
    YEP YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Since she guest-mentored on Idol last week I am A HUGE FAN.

  4. Stella's Boy says:

    Daddy’s Little Girls opened at #5 in Feb. 07. Meet The Browns was #2 in March 08. The Family That Preys was also #2, in Sept. 08.

  5. Chucky in Jersey says:

    LexG must be a perv. Ms. Cyrus and her movie are obvious contenders for the Razzies. Even the right-wing quote whore Peter Travers doesn’t like it.
    BTW those estimates look awfully high. Theaters jacked up ticket prices across the board last Friday … and forgot that Easter is this Sunday.

  6. tfresca says:

    I think the tracking may be off. WTIGM 2 will probably finish second. I was at a theater in a pretty non-multicultural area and the 3 screenings were slammed.

  7. My favourite thing about The Last Song is how eternally confused Miley Cyrus looks on the poster.
    I’m so confused myself, actually, my Finke’s site atm. She seems to have forgotten that Janet Jackson appeared in the first Why Did I Get Married (“The fact this new one also stars Janet Jackson … will help it at the crowded box office.”) and the image she uses for Clash of the Titans is so lo-res that I can see pixels the size of Laurence Fishburne. She also has to remind everyone that Scary Movie 2 was not in 3D “Clash Of The Titans is certain to record the biggest Easter weekend ever helped by higher 3D ticket prices (2000’s 2D Scary Movie did $40M)”
    Are we really at the stage where movies that’s aren’t in 3D get a 2D tag? :S

  8. Geoff says:

    Finke is an outright idiot – she called The Bounty Hunter opening disappointing two weeks ago and is insistent (as many others are, surprisingly) that the Dragon opening was disappointing, last weekend.
    Sure, it could have done over $50 million, but the movie still made $63 million in its first week and looks to hold very well, this weekeend – I can see it coming close to Monsters vs. Aliens numbers.
    Big opening for Clash – I know some were expecting $70 million, but if this thing does in the ’60’s, that’s a huge marketing win for Warners. Seriously, how many other fantasy epics open to these kinds of numbers outside of Potter or LOTR? I could have easily seen this thing flopping. Maybe the next time, Sam Worthington will get his name above the title.
    Speaking of Ava-stars trying to prove their box office mettle, we have two Zoe Saldana vehicles over the next two weeks, though surrounded by solid draw casts – Death at a Funeral and The Losers – any one think both of these will hit?

  9. Cadavra says:

    She’s also got a third picture this summer: TAKERS. I saw the trailer, and it billed eight cast members–but not her. Very odd.

  10. Triple Option says:

    I think Death at a Funeral will hit pretty big. I don’t know much about The Losers. It seems like it shoulda come out in late Feb or early March. I’m hoping for something original but it seems like it’d be a movie that would have a better shot of developing legs than one to do gangbusters on its opening w/e.

  11. And Finke had the wrong Scary Movie. It was 2006’s Scary Movie 4 that opened to $42 million over Easter weekend (Scary Movie in 2000 DID opened to around $42 million… in July 2000).
    As for her calling the Dragon opening disappointing, I have to agree with her (for once) on that one. But I must acknowledge that my expectations were skewered because I liked the movie so much, so I (stupidly?) presumed that others would follow suit. I still think the opening could have been bigger, but the film’s quality is what is giving it legs. Whether it’s 3+1 or 2+2, either way gets you to 4.

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