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No Mo MoJoe

It’s funny/sad… I just did an interview on Tuesday about the state of the movie sites and I literally said, “This guy, Joe Adalian, who I have never met… don’t know if he’s a kid or a senior… but he is the one guy I have seen out there in the last few years who is built to blog. He is relentless, prolific, and he usually gets it right. He is the only reason to read The Wrap and he could keep the site alive on his steam alone, at least through the Emmy season, or until he gets smart and gets out of there.”
I had no idea he was in the process of doing just that as I was saying those words. (And though “a good gig,” I don’t actually see him being as important to or as fully functional for Vulture as he’d be on a smaller site or on his own.)
Someone dropped me a line because Crazy Fucking Nikki was gloating about the loss for The Wrap.
Thing is, the only real difference between her financial situation and The Wrap’s is that she has a crazy billionaire in her pocket and Sharon Waxman has to do her best fake Arianna to get more good money to throw after bad.
Both models are financial disaster areas. And it has little to do with quality. There just isn’t a business model that currently exists and throws off the kind of cash that these two spend. And of course, like the good little brainwashed people they are, they want to be the new daddy, aka trade, never seeming to realize that they are essentially battling to be the hot new dial-up provider in a wi-fi world.
I guess the good news is that Nikki’s site has become a bigger bore than either trade. (New Pitchline – “And after every 5 boring entries, the 6th entry will feature Nikki telling someone that they are a fucking idiot! Sign up NOW!!!!”). Bill Condon’s pilot is getting less like Nancy Grace being mocked on L&O and more like Kinsey every day.
And so it goes. Yeah… this could end The Wrap. Every valuable hire has walked out the door. But they are no more vulnerable than the many Billionaire Movie News Club entities out there. Times is hard.

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2 Responses to “No Mo MoJoe”

  1. Foamy Squirrel says:

    “There just isn’t a business model that currently exists and throws off the kind of cash that these two spend”
    There might be, depending on what kind of kickbacks they can wrangle to launder PR spin.
    If both the ads and the content (actually… that makes it all “ads” really) are revenue streams, then I’d imagine that could put them in the black… for a while.
    On an aside note, I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t see a news item somewhere about some crazy rich person losing millions over a dumb investment. How do these people get and stay that rich, and where can I find them?

  2. NickF says:
    The article is very interesting. The car ride stuff was a riot to me.
    And I think your take on what’s happening or actually, what has happened to Nikki’s site is on the button. There are too many cooks in the kitchen and for it was, the Nikki’s personality was the draw. Her sniping comments about everyone in Hollywood, the scoops, valid or otherwise were the draw. The content not written by her is stuff I prefer to read elesewhere on Dark Horizons, ComingSoon, /film, Joblo, and Chud.

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