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BYOB 728

Sorry… but the good part is that you’ll get some Duvall time soon, amongst other goodies…

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138 Responses to “BYOB 728”

  1. Pete Grisham says:

    You know what’s almost as good as some quality Duvall time?
    A porn versrion of “The Girl Who Played with Fire”.
    “The Girl who Played with Herself”, “The Girl who played with her Firecrotch”… This stuff writes itself!

  2. Cadavra says:

    I’m working on one in which she takes up with an older Jewish gentleman: THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH MEYER.

  3. a_loco says:

    “The Vag With the Dragon Tattoo”

  4. I’m on vacation in Hawaii!!! Busy reading books and not seeing all the bad movies in theaters. And, I got a mani/pedi today which was….weird. I’d do it again, but getting over the initial homophobia proved daunting. Anyway…
    My new documentary is like, 2 weeks away from meeting it’s contribution quota so watch our trailer and, if you feel like it, help us out. Jeff- I bought you like, 5 beers in L.A. last year so shoot me some cash you cheap sonofa….

  5. Pete Grisham says:

    Your joke is missing a “Twilight” joke.

  6. IOv2 says:

    Vacation? In Hawaii? Nice.
    I saw Scott Pilgrim tonight. Seriously, amazing. Allison Pill has become my favourite actress and Mary Elizabeth Winstead has never looked prettier. Great film and a mark achievement in the career of Edgar Wright.

  7. chris says:

    You’re homophobic about your mani/pedi? That might make some sense if a dude was going down on you, against your will, while fiddling with your cuticles. Otherwise, it’s really lame.

  8. Foamy Squirrel says:

    I’m guessing it was less about “Ew… some dude is touching my pinky” and more about “REAL MEN DON’T KNOW WHAT CUTICLES ARE!”
    Btw, grats on the progress with the contribution quota.

  9. IOv2 says:

    Yeah I am with Chris on this one. Seriously, unless you are with another guy and sword fighting is involved, there is nothing “GAY” going on.

  10. IOv2 says:
    Now Tom Hardy apparently has had gay sex but does that exactly make him gay? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

  11. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Look up – Leah reported the source article 4 hours ago.

  12. IOv2 says:

    Well I glanced over that Foamy but you still have not MADE A CALL!

  13. Foamy Squirrel says:

    I think you’ll find that people who are attracted to both genders are called “bisexual”. 😉

  14. IOv2 says:

    Damn it, man! That’s a horrible call. I throw the flag on your flag! Seriously.

  15. LexG says:

    To paraphrase the mighty Rikki Rachtman, once a man smokes a pipe, even if it’s ONE TIME, for the rest of his life, he is a pipe-smoker.

  16. IOv2 says:

    I would agree with it, if it were not for… ze women! If the women can do what they do and it be called EXPERIMENTING. Tom Hardy can screw a man and not be considered gay. Especially given his explanation. Gender equality for all!

  17. LexG says:

    “If the women can do what they do and it be called EXPERIMENTING.”
    It’s also called “HOT.”

  18. Hey, I’m mostly joking about the feeling gay while getting a mani/pedi thing, but I’m still a dude who grew up in the 80’s. It was pretty awesome (the mani/pedi, not the 80’s) but still…it was me and 2 male relatives and we were all waaaaay too giddy. It was a slight hurdle and a leapt it. And I dug it.
    That reminds me…
    Lots of hullaballoo about young “critics,” mostly from Glenn Kenny who months ago became the smartest, yet most pathetic fired critic ever. He rails on Longworth and Kohn (both who, oddly, were both given really nice paid jobs while Glenn blocks facebook fans, remains unemployed and rails against others’s writing skillz) yet makes no valid or reasonable points. But that’s not really my point. Here.
    I often get bothered by the blogosphere and their attachment to anything glamourous and geeky. But on a Film Threat podcast I do, I wondered if the fact “we” all grew up in the 80’s has as much to do with sad, annoying, frothing fanoboyism as anything. I mean, much of what was thought of as crap in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s is revered now but man, the 80’s were when corporations took over and we got full ON crap that can never be reconciled by writers. Forget the fact no one writing now would dare take a closer look at 80’s cinema as a movement. It was all very money/star oriented in a bad way. And obviously, it continues today.
    I guess I feel like in the 80’s we were force fed “event” movies and movie events and the razzle-dazzle rarely matched the drapes. As a child movie fanatic, I bought it all early on and then was “meh” on some of it which was when I realized advertising wasn’t everything. But alot of these bloggers never got past that and maybe that’s why they fall all over one another…looking for that lost Saturday morning when the new cartoons rolled out.
    Anywho, back to getting sunburned,

  19. IOv2 says:

    Don, I think you need to move up a decade. The 90s seemed to be when things really changed and we were sold a lot of razzle dazzle. Seriously, all I have to bring up is TWISTER and that pretty much seals the deal.
    It’s not that the 80s are above reproach or anything, but there’s still a bit of innocence in that decade. Again, I know how things were back then now but back then, the events and what not paid off a bit more than they did once the calendars hit 1990.
    Lex, do not even get me started in the ridiculousness of that statement. It’s only hot when it’s two girls you find attractive. If it’s two hard working Arkansas truck drivers, I doubt you would have the same response and that’s the problem. It’s selective acceptance and lord knows that I have met some Christian dudes that are not even that selective. This country is so weird with sexuality and the way gay men are treated in this country, really pisses me off.

  20. A. E. Ase says:

    I think you’d find that there’s a generation (current 20-30’s also maybe) but definitely current teenagers thtat don’t care so much anymore about sexuality and put a premium on sexual/physical attraction rather than gender. In other words, sex is being democratized to the point that gay/ straight doesn’t matter so much anymore. (note that i say sex- lifestyle and relationships are now the defining factors. If a guy can have sex with guys but be predominantly attracted/ desirous of wanting to be in a relationship with women- that’s straight). Of course i’m only speaking of the major metropolisis- dunno so much about middle america.
    Seems to me Hardy falls into that bell curve.
    I’m quite happy about the turn of the conversations as it allows me to ask a question i’ve been wondering about for a while. IO actually brought it to mind in the last post on the ‘worst byob ever’, with the aintitcool link.
    What about aintitcool? When i was younger and not well internet traveled, it seemed like they were the biggest and best game in town. Moriarty/Drew was sometimes very fun to read, and Knowles actually seemed genuinely excited about what he was doing. More importantly though, the site had an energy; people who seemed to care alot about films were contributing etc.
    Nowadays i see the site as a bit of a dinosaur with a tiny bit of remaining bite (i may be dead wrong). It’s gentrified, and DP’s made the point quite a few times that it’s not as bad as it used to be in terms of ‘breaking news’.
    Anyways, my question is, what’s the opinion about aintitcool around here? Apart from the eternal feuds, the talkbacks here are one of the only places i genuinely enjoy reading, and this fits in nicely with the conversation (young guns vs new)
    (which i think, btw, isn’t the only model going forward)

  21. Stella's Boy says:

    Regarding AICN, as far as reviews are concerned, I don’t trust anyone there and rarely read them (and when I do it’s never the whole way through because I don’t need to waste my time reading about what they ate that morning or watched on TV the night before). It’s like IO raving about Scott Pilgrim. Of course he did. He made up his mind on that movie the second he heard it was getting made. I’m glad he liked it, and maybe it really is a good movie, but he’s not an objective source. I feel the same way about AICN. Harry is the worst. I also don’t feel that any of them are particularly good writers. I do enjoy Vern’s occasional DTV reviews of Seagal or Seagal-ish fare. Fun times. I go there often but hardly ever actually read anything.

  22. JPK says:

    Further speaking of AICN, I’m reading the Q&A they’ve been posting with Sly Stallone and, holy hell, that man is completely full of shit.

  23. Stella's Boy says:

    They did that for Rambo too. Strokes and feeds his ego for a few days. Everyone tells him how awesome and relevant and valuable he is. I found his critique of the Keaton/Burton Batman amusing. He basically blamed it for his career stagnation, not the shitty movies he made. Stallone is a tool.

  24. Lota says:

    Today on this day, many years before I was born the great and awesome Geddy Lee was born.
    Geez Don you’re on a slippery slope. I don;t think Geddy Lee would ever get a mani/pedi!
    Just kidding dude, **equality for all**.
    “These walls that still surround me
    Still contain the same old me
    Just one more who’s searching for
    A world that ought to be”

  25. IOv2 says:

    SB wrote; “Regarding AICN, as far as reviews are concerned, I don’t trust anyone there and rarely read them (and when I do it’s never the whole way through because I don’t need to waste my time reading about what they ate that morning or watched on TV the night before). It’s like IO raving about Scott Pilgrim. Of course he did. He made up his mind on that movie the second he heard it was getting made. I’m glad he liked it, and maybe it really is a good movie, but he’s not an objective source.”
    You want to know why this line of thinking is stupid? IT ASSUMES I AM A STUPID PHILISTINE THAT MAKES UP HIS MIND ONCE THEY ANNOUNCE SOMETHING! Not only is it offensive SB, it confers that you actually live in my head, know how I think, and thus can make that conclusion. Seriously, Scott Pilgrim is a great movie because it emulates the best part of the comic, Cera gives his best performance, and they surround him with a great cast. If you really think I am going in expecting to like everything, you know the words I have for you.
    Harry and I are as objective as anyone else but you have this twisted bit of thinking in your head that makes being a FAN A BAD THING! Not only do you have no heart for this sort of thing but you also have no idea how it works, so stop assuming until you do.

  26. IOv2 says:

    Stallone is a tool? Nah, look in the mirror and you’d probably see a Kobalt SB :D!
    Those questions are wonderful. His answer to freaking Edgar Wright just cracked me up but he’s apparently straining for credibility with his responses, and just need people to feed his ego. Sure. It has nothing to do with letting fans asking him questions and responding in his very Stallone way. If you think it’s about stroking ego, maybe a little, but he’s been doing this since Rocky Balboa and they have never come across as a man try to enhance his relevance.

  27. Stella's Boy says:

    IO, I’m sorry for offending you, but you’ll have to excuse me if I find it hard to trust you as an objective source on the quality of the Scott Pilgrim movie. I think it’s great that you love the comics and the movie. I’m glad you’re a fan. Nothing wrong with that at all and I don’t think you are stupid. And take it easy on the hysterics man. You tend to go a little, um, overboard, when you get defensive. It’s not the end of the world if I believe you were predisposed to loving and adoring Scott Pilgrim.
    Agree to disagree about Stallone and AICN.

  28. Stella's Boy says:

    And where’s Don? At the Mountains of Madness sounds awesome! Is the studio going to let Guillermo make it rated-R? I am so psyched to see this on the big screen.

  29. christian says:

    I cut school to see THE GOONIES opening day and felt ripped off for the first time by a movie.
    I still read AICN, knew Harry a bit when I lived in Austin and read his reviews only for fun. Drew was their best writer. It’s become less about scoops now so it doesn’t have the urgency it used to have. The talkbacks are horrifying but sometimes have the funniest comments ever written by strangers.

  30. IOv2 says:

    SB, even if you are not referring to me as stupid, supposing that I am predisposed to something is insulting my intelligence. It’s implicating that I lack the ability to be discerning and that is insulting. No one is predisposed to like anything. There are things that I like but it does not mean that I like similar things. If you do not believe I am discerning then that’s sort of insulting, even if you do not mean it to be insulting.
    Yes, I do fly off the handle but that’s a pretty upsetting supposition that you are putting out there SB and it’s not like you are alone with having it on this blog. Seriously, it’s frustrating to have people think you are not discerning when you just happening to like certain things.

  31. Stella's Boy says:

    I apologize for insulting you, but you have to understand that people believe certain things because of things you say. I’m not pulling it out of nowhere or making it up. My comments regarding Scott Pilgrim are based on reactions you have had to anyone expressing doubts about the movie, your intense passion for the source material, and your oft-expressed belief (prior to seeing it) that it was going to be awesome and stupendous. Is it that unreasonable for me to question your objectivity here?

  32. Foamy Squirrel says:

    “August is all about Scott Pilgrim… Scott Pilgrim is tremendous. Get with it now, so you do not seem out of it later.” – IOv2, 15 May 2010
    You’ll forgive us for jumping to the conclusion that you made your mind up beforehand. Just like it seems like you have for Avengers and Thor given all the comments about how they’re going to be bigger than Iron Man, and that’s ignoring the “greatest cinematic event of our generation” hyperbole over in the other BYOB.

  33. IOv2 says:

    SB, I admit to overreacting a bit but that interpretation does bug me. Sorry.
    Now, my problem with your above post is this: you act as if excitement clouds my judgement and I disagree. Excitement does not necessary mean I forget my head. I am not like Mark Blucas in Once They Were Soldiers, I can actually get excited, state something will be awesome, and then possibly not like what I thought would be awesome. Case in point: GODZILLA. Good lord. Just good lord.
    Nevertheless, yes, it is unreasonable to question my objectivity because something excited me. The Cubs make excited me in April but here in late July, I can pretty much give you and honest take as to why that excitement went away. I would even suppose that, people who get excited about something that are not just excited to get excited, but have real reasons behind their excitement, are better judges of something than those who do not have that same excitement.
    We can disagree on this but Scott Pilgrim is an awesome film, it uses Kim Pine better than the source material, but I like the ending of the books more. See? Discerning!

  34. Stella's Boy says:

    It’s not just that you’re excited IO. I get excited too. There’s nothing unusual about that. It’s your level of enthusiasm, your certainty, and the way you react to anyone who suggests it might not be as awesome as you think.
    Godzilla was a very long time ago. Got anything more recent?

  35. IOv2 says:

    ‘August is all about Scott Pilgrim… Scott Pilgrim is tremendous. Get with it now, so you do not seem out of it later.” – IOv2, 15 May 2010’
    You’ll forgive us for jumping to the conclusion that you made your mind up beforehand. Just like it seems like you have for Avengers and Thor given all the comments about how they’re going to be bigger than Iron Man, and that’s ignoring the “greatest cinematic event of our generation” hyperbole over in the other BYOB.”
    Foamy, what have you proved with the quote from May? Nothing! Why? You once again miss the point. August is all about Scott Pilgrim because it’s the best thing coming out next month. Seriously, that’s excitement and you are penalizing me for my excitement.
    You also sort of ignore that WARNERS believes HP7 pt. 1 and pt. 2 are the cinematic event of a generation and I agree with them. I also believe that Cap and Thor can do better than Iron Man thanks to the 3D bump. After seeing that Thor preview, I have no idea how that film does not kill it next year after seeing that trailer, but it seems to have split people down the middle. Nevertheless, you are once again PENALIZING ME AND MY OBJECTIVITY FOR BEING EXCITED and that’s just ridiculous. What am I supposed to do? Give up my sense of whimsy?

  36. Foamy Squirrel says:

    I’m not going to just take your word that you’re objective. People lie, sometimes deliberately or sometimes because they believe something that isn’t true. Hell, I say things that aren’t true all the time – and I expect people to pull me up on it.
    So as long as you’re going to ecstatically praise something without having seen any footage (like in the quote I gave), I’m going to continue to believe that you’re not objective on some subjects.

  37. IOv2 says:

    SB wrote; “It’s not just that you’re excited IO. I get excited too. There’s nothing unusual about that. It’s your level of enthusiasm, your certainty, and the way you react to anyone who suggests it might not be as awesome as you think.
    Godzilla was a very long time ago. Got anything more recent?”
    How would you react to someone that responds to something you are looking forward to with; “Yeah that’s going to suck”? Seriously? Should I act with some sort of ambivalence? Really? That’s not fun. Nevertheless, films have gotten better in the last decade but I remember being really upset with the year 2000, 2003, and I think 2006. Seriously, movies do disappoint me but when something excites me, I am going to go out of my way to try to share that excitement even if it gets me smacked in the face.
    Notice though: I never really posted that much about Inception.

  38. christian says:

    IO, your pro-Obama posts were pretty epic. But you threw him under the bus pretty fast…

  39. Stella's Boy says:

    You haven’t been disappointed by a single movie in 4 or more years? Wow. That’s something.
    Not everyone responds with a simple “Yeah that’s going to suck.” Sometimes more detailed explanations are given. Details with thought and analysis behind them. Still your reaction is far from ambivalent. It’s more along the lines of if someone killed your mom and dog in the same day.

  40. IOv2 says:

    Foamy, do we converse in two different forms of English because it seems that we do and I mean that without any snarkiness. Seriously, that quote had to do with being excited about there being a SCOTT PILGRIM FILM, which still gets me excited.
    The fact that you think I am lying is sort of stupid. Seriously, why would I lie? What does it behoove me to lie? My response on this blog is not going to stimulate box office either way my opinion goes, so why would I lie?
    Seriously, lying is just lame. If I am not truthful, if I do not have my word, then I have absolutely nothing. Thus explaining why I get pissed when people question my objectivity. See? SYMBOLISM!

  41. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Someone derail this topic quick, before we have another 60 comments about IO’s personal foibles like last time.

  42. Stella's Boy says:

    OK. Who is super psyched for Eat Pray Love? Anyone going to watch Jersey Shore tonight?

  43. IOv2 says:

    Christian, I will admit that when I get caught up, I get caught up, and I got caught up in CHANGE. Unfortunately change has not come, I could care about the watered down bills he has passed and the lame version of healthcare he passed that does not even include me. The dude has failed at why we sent him there with his centrist tendencies and hopefully he will get the clue that people want more from him in the future.
    SB, I have a good BS detector and avoid stuff that does not pass the smell test. Seriously, I watch trailers all the time that interest me and never see the film. Knight and Day being a prime example of this. I did like those trailers but I just avoided it. If you avoid stuff and see only stuff that seems interesting then, yeah, you can avoid disappointment.

  44. Stella's Boy says:

    Due to parenthood, marriage, and work, I have become much choosier about my viewing selections, but I still see a whole lot of movies every year and sheer numbers dictate the occasional disappointment.

  45. IOv2 says:

    Foamy, I stir the drink and the fact that you give me crap because you lie, is priceless. Seriously. That made my day.
    Who wants to see EAT PRAY LOVE on the day THE EXPENDABLES and Scott Pilgrim comes out? Good lord, that just makes me want to throw a shoe at my large and wonderful monitor.
    Oh yeah I saw the Devil trailer last night. Good lord that looks goofy.

  46. Stella's Boy says:

    Probably plenty of people who would prefer to see Eat Pray Love over Jingoism 2010 and Nerd Love.

  47. IOv2 says:

    SB, I have this wonderful place called HASTINGS. Where I can avoid the disappointment in the theaters, get the film on DVD, and another film for a buck. I find it to be a lot easier on the wallet to wait on some Winter films and Indie films then just get them on DVD later.

  48. Stella's Boy says:

    Yes indeed that method is much easier on the wallet these days. I am much more discerning about what I see in theaters now.

  49. I guess my point about 80’s/90’s movies and “our” generation” 20-40 (?) is that when I was a kid, I would sit around ALL DAY watching Showtime and HBO and just taking in crap film after crap film. Not to say critics older than myself like, sat around watching Fellini or Bergman all day, but there was “better” films available on TV. Pay TV forced those movies out and then we got like, “Any Which Way You Can” and “License to Drive 2” all day every day.
    My generation grew up with crappy movies available at the touch of the remote so I often feel my peers and colleagues are’t *really* as educated as they could or should be, but rather have just seen ALOT of movies. Granted, you can learn sometimes more about a film if it’s bad, but I kind of liken it to being raised on McDonalds and then your version of an awesome burger is crap.

  50. LexG says:

    I see Don Lewis had no problem finding his tweak in Hawaii.
    Just say no.

  51. Annnnd…prime case in point chimes in.

  52. LexG says:

    Also, whose brilliant idea was it to make the one enduring image of the CHARLIE ST CLOUD ads and trailers Zac Efron punching out a black guy?
    As if that movie didn’t look white enough to begin with, the TV spots they’re running make it look like Efron is a violent racist out committing hate crimes.

  53. Stella's Boy says:

    Charlie St. Cloud looks like a hate crime without Efron punching a black guy.

  54. IOv2 says:

    There’s a Charlie St. Cloud ad with him punching a black guy? Really? Good lord. JUST GOOD LORD!

  55. LexG says:

    Yeah, it could be a testament to supposed contemporary color blindness that no one thought this would be a big deal, and I haven’t seen the movie…
    But the lily-white star is clocking a well-dressed black man, seemingly unprovoked, to the shock and horror of AN ENTIRELY CAUCASIAN BAR. No one figured that would play as slightly queasy?

  56. jeffmcm says:

    “supposing that I am predisposed to something is insulting my intelligence.”
    IOI, you are clearly – through your own many, many words, predisposed to like certain things. You said yourself you were excited for the mere existence of a Scott Pilgrim movie. That’s predisposition. There’s nothing wrong with that, we all have our own preferences, it’s just a matter of being aware of them and not forcing them down the throats of others.

  57. Stella's Boy says:

    Dude probably moved in on Zac’s girl and he had to take care of business.

  58. LexG says:

    Incidentally, and this is a story NO ONE will find interesting, but CHARLIE ST CLOUD:
    This qualifies as one of those movies I have little interest in, beyond maybe the hot chick and because I rather enjoy Nicholas Sparks type movies. But basically I could take it or leave, and like most of America would just rent it on DVD in six months.
    BUT I work in the DVD biz, and within a week or two, this thing will all but certainly be waiting for me in my cubicle, and you don’t get to work on movies beginning to end; It’s split up with a handful of other sadsacks, so conceivably I’d have to watch, say, the last 33 minutes of it, then do a bunch of tweaks and shit and when all is said and done, I could very well see that 33 minutes anywhere between 10 and 30 times.
    So NOW I feel compelled to go see this in a theater, just because even though it’s a dogshit movie, the cineaste part of my brain won’t allow me to process a movie in that disrespectful way. I feel I have to see it properly before it’s ruined forever in the sands of time by seeing it piecemeal a dozen times over.

  59. jeffmcm says:

    What is it you do again to these DVDs? It can’t be a straight transcription because that wouldn’t make sense. ‘Tweaks’ in what sense?

  60. Stella's Boy says:

    My 60 year-old mother loves the book Charlie St. Cloud is based on and is irate that they made what is apparently a crappy Hallmark movie out of it.

  61. IOv2 says:

    Jeff, again much like with Foamy is insinuating, WHAT POWER DO I HAVE ON THIS BLOG? I cannot post content, I do not have moderator powers, and I cannot change the interface to work with Discus. Even if it would mean we could edit our post. God forbid. Nevertheless, I am not shoving anything down your throat if I have no power. If I have power then I have that ability, without power even if I stir the drink, that does not mean you have to give two cents about what I think.
    I am also not predisposed to like anything. If the thought of something excites me, that does not exactly necessarily mean the execution will. Again, you folks, through my many words, are misconstruing the difference between EXCITEMENT… PURE EXCITEMENT and being PREDISPOSED TO LIKE SOMETHING. There are no guarantees in life but you seem to believe there are, and I simply do not by that logic Jeff.
    Now if you want to state that I have preferences and not predispositions (which I still believe insinuate that I lack the ability to be discerning, when clearly I have to live with myself and know how I am) then there I will agree with you Jeff but you might see that as splitting hairs. Nevertheless, one seems more tolerable to me than the other, which insinuates I am a frakkin idiot fanboy.

  62. LexG says:

    Jeff, even at a transcription gig (which I’ve worked in the past), you use precise timecode to mark the dialogue and screen direction.
    With BluRay, SD, PAL, and various other frame rates, said timecode is different with every transcription, so you have to adjust all that shit. Also screen direction and even who’s on screen changes when you go from a 2.35 down to a 1.33, so that affects everything.

  63. jeffmcm says:

    Who cares about ‘screen direction’? I still don’t understand what you do.

  64. LexG says:

    Again, not my current gig, but…
    In-depth transcriptions make note of who’s on screen where, and what direction (L TO R, R TO L, CLOSE UP, ON SCREEN, OFF SCREEN, etc.)

  65. IOv2 says:

    You know what Lex does? HE GOES TO WORK!

  66. CaptainZahn says:

    Somebody really wants to make Kelli Giddish happen..

  67. jeffmcm says:

    Lex, in response to your most recent post –
    Why? What purpose does that information serve? You make $70k a year to jot down information that a bright middle-school kid could do?

  68. palmtree says:

    Eat Pray Love was a bestseller. Does that make it the film event of this generation?
    “You make $70k a year to jot down information that a bright middle-school kid could do?”
    C’mon…you gotta admit that’s kind of a douchey statement. Almost all jobs (outside of above the line folks) in the entertainment industry have a sort of hollow “anyone with an average IQ could do that” ring to it.

  69. lazarus says:

    “To paraphrase the mighty Rikki Rachtman, once a man smokes a pipe, even if it’s ONE TIME, for the rest of his life, he is a pipe-smoker.”
    Says the guy who goes by the little boy/queer diminutive of “Richard”, and spells it with two K’s, no less.

  70. Triple Option says:

    Wow, Lota, pulling out the Hemispheres. I think my favorite unheralded Rush song has got to be Vital Signs.

  71. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Let’s get to some happier news …
    There’s a new Roadrunner cartoon included with “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.” If you can’t make it on the day of release you can always set aside Caturday to see it. Beep-beep!

  72. Joe Leydon says:

    Chucky: It’s actually quite funny.

  73. A. E. Ase says:

    Mani/Pedi: what’s the big deal? Cleaner, more efficient, and generally not disagreable. Looks better too.
    Callback to AICN: meh. (Stallone seems to convey the seem faux humble attitude of almost every bodybuilder with a god complex I’ve ever met)
    It’s kind of cool in a way that Expendables (throwback to old fashioned action) and Scott Pilgrim (logical continuation of its modern incarnation) are battling it out for opening weekend.
    Eat Pray Love. I’m sure quite a few anxious suits are wondering if her star power has gone the way of the Cruise.

  74. leahnz says:

    once blokes cotton on to the fact that being pampered FEELS GREAT, they’ll be lining up around the block at the day spa

  75. A. E. Ase says:

    Leah PLEASE reply to Lex’s final question from the previous byob and elaborate for the entertainment of all 🙂
    Not entirely sure about the day spa thingp- anecdotal evidence but most guys I know seem to enjoy these things as one off experiences

  76. Lota says:

    LeahNZ don’t you think blokes are pampered enough by society?
    “bring me an ice-cold beer”
    “I’m going to put the footy on”
    and they never let go of the satellite controller and expect us to wear stupid undergarments that aren’t big enough to fit in on an envelope.
    Pampered enough I think.
    I have seen too many bad movies this week so I am cleansing my damaged brain by listening to RUSH then RATM frighteningly loud loud and y’all round here sing O Canada! since Geddy Lee’s bday is today.
    Christian, the hippy that Lex is jealous of posted a nice Rush thingy on his blogsite today.

  77. LexG says:

    Rush SUCKS, worst band ever.
    As in, Rush sucks so bad, 311 can only be considered the SECOND worst band of all time.
    I got dragged to a Rush show in 1992. I went with some groover chick and thought I was gonna get laid. And I fucking hated Rush, but I acted like I was all down, even bought a cassette of whatever album had that TREE song or whatever.
    The opening act was MR. BIG, in the height of their BE WITH YOU glory. They suck too, but were infinitely better than Geddy and co., who played for 3 mind-numbing hours… UGH… SPIRIT OF RADIO???? That lyric about the “music making your morning mood?” Fuck is that EMBARRASSING.
    “CONCERT HALL!!!!” So HORRIBLE, SO TERRIBLE, and the chick was drinking and blazing up and I thought I’d GET SOME, but nope, nothing, just “we’re friends, we’re at RUSH, isn’t this AWESOME?” No vag and three hours of fucking Rush.

  78. Lota says:

    what you posted is exactly why you didn;t get any Lex. Jeebus.

  79. Foamy Squirrel says:

    “Pampered enough I think.”
    Hrm… I’d have to test that scenario for a couple of days and let you know.

  80. christian says:

    Rush wrote this just for Lex too:

  81. Lota says:

    Careful Foamy, you may have to duck from a flying frying pan.
    Christian, I think Losing it is more appropriate–Lex’s wasted opportunities that he could still have before it’s too late.
    Listen to Geddy Lex, don;t want for the Bell to Toll for Thee, Lex.
    Some are born to move the world
    To live their fantasies
    But most of us just dream about
    The things we’d like to be
    Sadder still to watch it die
    Than never to have known it
    For you — the blind who once could see —
    The bell tolls for thee “

  82. LexG says:

    Rush sucks dick.
    BUT I have a GREAT STORY: A little earlier I was at work and decided to take something of a lunch break. I went to the nearby Subway as I so often do, and ahead of me in line was some prime piece of bait. Little shorts, flip flops. YEP YEP. Fresh out of the oven, 17, 18, somewhere in there.
    The one dude makes her sandwich, then my turkey on wheat (Lexman has dropped 20 pounds since I quit drinking)… So then like a second dude shows up to run the register, and hasn’t been paying attention, so he there’s her sandwich, and my sandwich, and my man goes “ARE YOU TWO TOGETHER?”
    BOOYAH, L TO THE G looking like I could pass for having a jailbait girlfriend, and without missing a beat and summoning all the dry wit of Timothy Dalton, I shoot back “I WISH.” GOOD LINE.
    The chick kind of did an uncomfortable “Ew” type “Noooo,” and the cashier dude seemed to think I was a giant TOOL. But it RULED.
    i am awesome

  83. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Phew… you haven’t found the knife rack yet…
    Speaking of which – Leeaaaahhh… extended family are descending on Welly and I need an excuse to flee.

  84. Lota says:

    If she did an “ewww nooo” look or sound or expression then you need to do some work on yourself.
    She wouldn’t have said that to Geddy Lee dude.
    Well if she’s a knife-rack sorta gal, then yes, you have to watch your language a mite Foamy!

  85. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Pfft, you can lose over a litre of blood before you lose consciousne…

  86. Lota says:

    well while it is Geddy Lee’s (who got laid WAY more than Lex) bday, let’s go whole hog.
    Even Southpark loves RUSH

  87. Lota says:

    sorry Lex, now the bashing is over.
    But You disrespected Geddy on his birthday.
    Hey Foamy…try not to get stabbed! Tell the family you have to help a friend and I am sure Leah can find chores for you to do.
    I wish I was in enZed! Trying to get there next year!

  88. IOv2 says:

    Lex I just saw that charlie St. Cloud TV spot and dear lord, is that just inadvertently racist. Jeez. What were they THINKING?

  89. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Oh, one for DP (if he’s even checking in these days) – Alanna from Santa Barbara Film Fest is engaged and getting married in October.

  90. LexG says:

    Poland is on The Douche List for me today because I sent him an email the other day begging him to get me a SAG card and asking if he knew any old-ass female producers who’d let me bang them in exchange for a SAG card or acting role.
    Dude didn’t even reply.
    Also my Subway Story is so great not even all these jerkoff insider New Zealand stories can dull its glow.

  91. leahnz says:

    ms. lota, re: pampered blokes, you make a valid point! i only meant so far as facials and manis and exfoliants and gels and steams and other such skin-softening agents
    re: rush, why are they such a divisive band? seems like people either love them or hate them no end. personally i really like some of their songs and i’m ambivalent about the rest. one thing is certain, the dudes from ‘i love you, man’ are gonna take it hard
    foamy, i’m down south at the mo working, come to queenstown. or buy some really good weed and repeat after me: blood is thicker than water, family is forever, this too shall pass, blah blah blah. i have to finish my lunch

  92. leahnz says:

    sorry if that sounded abrupt, someone was talking in my ear

  93. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Working?!?!? THIS. IS. QUEENSTOWN!
    Usually I’d just hit the town with my cousin, but he’s in the UK at the moment. Hopefully my new contract will get approved over the weekend and I’ll be off overseas again…
    And Lex – it was a nice story. Have you considered pipe smoking?

  94. IOv2 says:

    A little av for Lex’s taking on the current discussion:

  95. leahnz says:

    crap, i thought geddy lee had died! why the hell did i think that?
    this comment above will therefore make so sense whatsoever: “one thing is certain, the dudes from ‘i love you, man’ are gonna take it hard”. my bad

  96. hcat says:

    Lex: “what the hell, its on me” would have been smoother than “I Wish”
    Don’t recall if it was this thread or the previous one where someone mentioned Tron, and I just do not get the fascination with this property. People treat it like its some Blade Runneresque overlooked gem when it was simply a Last Starfighter level 80’s footnote that was largely ignored upon release. Which of Disney’s previous live action films have filled you with hope that this might be some epic bit of awesomeness? The Pirate movies were great and I have a soft spot for the Rocketeer but live action Disney has such a nuetered feel to it there seems to be a self imposed ceiling on the quality of the product. This seems to fall directly into the nostalgia rut that Don and Joe were talking about earlier.
    And Rush, dear lord, that’s almost as nerdy as Tron fans. The only deeper layer of geek hell fandom would be Dr. Who reruns.

  97. LexG says:

    HCAT: GOOD IDEA. Too bad I was broke, and I don’t think the chick was down with the 37 year old man in a 1998 Gap shirt regardless.

  98. IOv2 says:

    Hcat insulted Tron, The Last Starfighter, and THE DOCTOR IN ONE POST! GOOD LORD! I AM DISGUSTED! Tron rules, The Last Starfighter rules, and you better believe Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, et al rule! Shame on you, sir. SHAME!
    Lex, really?

  99. Lota says:

    I never thought I’d agree with IO on so many things, and I share his vile disdain.
    No one insults Tron and the good Doctor on my watch.
    Geddy D**D?! Bite your tongue Leah!
    Lex get a grip.

  100. yancyskancy says:

    Oof. Rush. Had a couple of friends in college who LOVED ’em. They’d crank one of their tunes while driving around, playing air drums, creaming over the tricky time signatures. I just bit my tongue. People can like what they like, obviously, but I never got the appeal, especially of Geddy’s eunuch-like warble.

  101. hcat says:

    IO – Tron was just another attempt at “hey we’re still relevant” movie making that Disney was shooting for in the early eighties. Do Black Hole and Condorman rule as well? How about Flight of the Navigator? Herbie goes Bananas?

  102. hcat says:

    et tu Lota?
    Now I have not seen the recent incarnations but am I to understand that you are defending the cardboard and foam calliope that plays at midnight Saturdays on Public television stations? These are the Godzillas of the English speaking world, perhaps watchable as nostalgic kitsch every once in a while.

  103. Lota says:

    hcat–have you seen all of those movies?
    I cannot believe that you have as they cannot be lumped together *except* for the Disney tag.
    TRON had a witty, computer literate script and Bridges was awesome. The music was dated, yeah, but for many movies that was the case.
    It was a great concept, a charismatic lead (Bridges), a cutie-pie (Boxleitner for gals and gays; Cindy Morgan for guys), and smart writing with excellent supoorting performances.
    Black hole did have some creepness factors, it gave me nightmares after I first saw it at my young age, even though it left something to be desired in some respects–pretty big name cast phoning in their perfs, even though Yvette M gets a pass.
    Flight of the Navigator was fun for little kids.
    DIFFERENT movies.
    TRON was good enough to be copied, nuff said.

  104. Lota says:

    Greetings Programs!
    Original TRON…before it gets erased.

  105. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Hell, Tron got the tv-series-in-all-but-name “Automan”.
    As for Dr Who – if you’ve read any of the stories regarding the production of the early Dr Who serials, it was a miracle that they could even afford foam. The 3rd Doctor spent most of his time fumbling around quarries in western Britain because they couldn’t afford to throw together sets most of the time.

  106. hcat says:

    Lota- Didn’t see the Herbie, did see all the others, and while Tron was the best of the lot, there is nothing that lifts it above a basic Saturday afternoon matinee trifle. Certainly nothing that would warrent this “at long last justice is served with a sequel” chorus that we are getting from the geek community.
    Now there is a lot of recent Disney that I have not seen, is there anything I am missing there? The point I was making originally is that looking at their output is there any reason to think Tron: Legacy will be anywhere as good as other Studio’s tentpoles like Star Trek, Avatar, or Iron Man?
    Not saying it will not be successful. Clash of the Titans made money and I feel the same way about that movie. Cheap cash in for the name recognition of a forgettable 80’s title.

  107. Lota says:

    I absolutely LOVE good ideas I don;t care how bad the sets are or how chintz something looks.
    Plenty of badly or broke-ly put together shows/movies had something really special.
    If remakes corrected the shite aspect (like low production values) I would be all for remakes, but they ruin the good things and there is an old saying if it aint broke don;t fix it.
    The good Doctor was at its most awesome with Tom Baker and David Tennant (best modern one BY FAR).
    Dcotor who is a show about imagination and the cheese, whenever present is just a side I don;t notice.
    Case in point, the “adipose”, the ridiculously cute aliens that made me say “Fuck no!” was still a great concept of how they invaded etc. Complete with Raquel from Corrie being the villain. Ha.
    Ideas that are awesome, even if in a less than perfect setting are still awesome and given credit.

  108. hcat says:

    Tron did spawn Automan, and I watched all seven episodes that aired. Not as spectacular as Manimal, but it did have that Glen Larson charm.
    Speaking of 80s tv shows, would A-Team have worked better if instead of doing an origin story, they would have simply made an extended episode exactly like would have aired during its run. Something like the team has to help some amish farmers who are getting muscled out of their dairy business and BA takes to the farm life while Face has issues with the chaste lifestyle of the comely daughters? If they are going to play on our nostalgia, why don’t they give us exactly what we are after?

  109. Lota says:

    matinee trifle? Hardly–at the time youngsters had them in school so it was a Challenging movie with smart dialog for the younger people target audience.
    You are appraising a movie of nearly 30 yrs ago on present-day criteria. Quaint today, but the dialog is still witty, and at the time, pretty awesome visuals.
    My dad (who never used a computer in his life) didnt have the least idea what anyone was talking about in the movie during the movie but he still enjoyed it. A few days after the movie, it dawned on him that the gladiators were actually a computer game and all the post-laser zap was Inside a computer. A great AHA moment for him, and I am sure for many who saw it had similar experiences.

  110. Lota says:

    had them–meaning “had computers”

  111. IOv2 says:

    Hcat first wrote; “IO – Tron was just another attempt at “hey we’re still relevant” movie making that Disney was shooting for in the early eighties. Do Black Hole and Condorman rule as well? How about Flight of the Navigator? Herbie goes Bananas?”
    Black Hole? RULES!
    CONDORMAN? RULES! I need a new Black Hole DVD and a new Condorman DVD. If I have to join the Disney Movie Club to get them. Walt’s will shall be doe.
    Seriously, I spent entire weekends with those movies. Every Friday I would go to this awesome video store and rent those movies. I love them still. Dismissing them for whatever reason is simply ridiculous to me. Those movies, TRON being the best of them however, are beloved my be. They are beloved and they are all a good time.
    The fact that you dismiss Tron Legacy as anything more than a cash grab. Sort of ignores the history of this film, how long it’s been gestating, and much TRON is loved. You and Drew McWeeny may be in the crowd that do not love it but I picked TRON over ET back in the day, and I still stand by that choice.

  112. hcat says:

    ‘You are appraising a movie of nearly 30 yrs ago on present-day criteria. Quaint today, but the dialog is still witty, and at the time, pretty awesome visuals.’
    No, I saw it in theaters, and as a nine year old was right in the target audience. But I remember being completly meh about it leaving the theater. Not a bad movie, but quality wise nothing more special than say High Road to China and nowhere near the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Superman movies it was designed to compete with.

  113. Lota says:

    well it may have been over your head at 9 dude. Did you know what a User and a bit and a Master Control Program was? I had to have it ‘splained to me later.
    Indy and SW are almost impossible to compete directly with–very big movies. Empire Strikes Back and SW both had so many tech advances and the best director they could have had at the time.
    It doesn’t make TRON anything less smart, but a poorer relation in costs for sure. It was a fairly intellectual Indie foray for Disney and I am amazed they did it.
    I was never a Superman fan or ET fan.
    I am not sure how I will like LEGACY but the old TRON was quality.

  114. hcat says:

    “sort of ignores…how much it is loved”
    I am acknowledging it is loved, just questioning why. But mostly questioning why anyone would think that Disney, which has a very poor record of quality outside of Pixar, will somehow get their shit together to make a monumental cinematic experience out of a sequel to a three decade old film? Is Disney somehow above mining their library for a cash grab (Flubber, That Darn Cat, Witch Mountain etc…)?
    IO, I dismiss those films that I listed because they are weak and deserve to be dismissed. Not that there isn’t room for entertaining distractions but there are new mediocratities being released every day, why spend the time with the nostalgic ones. There are plenty of films from your youth that deserve to be revisited, its just that none of them have been mentioned in this conversation.
    And just to throw another log on the fire—- The Dark Crystal is pretty much a complete pile of crap.

  115. hcat says:

    “Did you know what a User and a bit and a Master Control Program was? I had to have it ‘splained to me later.”
    No, I got all that, the movie was not over my head. Plus Disney actually did a fantastic job marketing it. They would often use the Wide World of Disney or whatever it was called to promote upcoming films and they spent a lot of time on TRON. There was a huge push on their part for this film and they expressly said that this was their answer to Star Wars and Star Trek, that Disney was taking back the movies.
    You seem to agree that it did not reach those benchmarks, and that is simply what I am saying. That the geek community is treating this as they did the second Trilogy or the Star Trek reboot, when I just don’t see the reverence.

  116. IOv2 says:

    Hcat, again, I love those films. I even watched Condorman six months ago. My co-workers at the time did not get it but it still worked for me like all of those movies still do.
    If you hate them, you hate them, but Trong Legacy exist for one reason and one reason only: a 27 year old movie refused to go quitely into the night, it’s fans demanded a sequel, and the right crew came along to make one. Seriously, it will not be lost on me at that midnight show, that I am seeing a Tron sequel. It makes me giddy that it’s happening and that finally, a film that’s as important to me as any Star Wars film, finally has another chapter added to it’s story.

  117. hcat says:

    IO – you do this quite a bit, getting indifference confused with hate.

  118. IOv2 says:

    Indifference is like the first step to hate and the way you are responding about these films, comes across as more strong dislike than hate, and that’s what I am responding to hcat. Seriously, the slams on Tron, are, totally harshing my mellow man.

  119. hcat says:

    ‘My co-workers at the time did not get it but it still worked for me like all of those movies still do.’
    It’s a bit of a stretch to refer to the other Plasma donors co-workers-
    “Hey man, grab a bunch of those cookies and we can go back to my place and watch Condorman.”

  120. hcat says:

    -Plasma donors as co-workers-
    I fucked up my own cheap jab.

  121. IOv2 says:

    Don’t be transferring your time on the streets of Toronto as a transgendered prostitute on me, hcat!

  122. LexG says:

    HOLY SHIT has anyone seen this new GREEN HORNET clip? AWWWWWESOME:

  123. IOv2 says:

    Seriously Lex? Please Baby Jesus, get this man lady by a foxy 5’10” blonde 19 year old. Do the world a service! A SERVICE!

  124. LexG says:

    IO, your prayers to Baby Jesus are appreciated more than you know.
    I need to get laid SO BAD. I am SO DEPRESSED and SO HORNY, I work in a sausage factory and I can’t go on dating websites because my ex-wife might see my pic on there… I can’t get set up by friends because I’m such a douche, any woman would be rightly repulsed. I’m on a crash diet, shedding pounds by the day, but still have hideous baldness…
    I am TOTALLY FINE that my lot in life is to PAY FOR SEX from here on out, I would GLADLY pay upwards of 10, 20K for ONE NIGHT OF SEX, but I just don’t know any escorts, and my OCD makes me super paranoid about the inevitable herpes.

  125. IOv2 says:

    1) YOU HAVE AN EX-WIFE? REALLY? Wow. I now believe that all of your drunken rantings and ramblings. I know it’s sort of ridiculous to ask this but do you, maybe, want to vent about the EX-wife? It might make you feel better.
    2) Do you know how many douche bags are set up on dates by their friends? You cannot be as bad as those douche buckets.
    3) There are countless date sites out there. Try one you know of to avoid your ex.
    4) Bald dudes get laid all the time. Shave it off, grow a wicked beard, and keep on rocking in the free world.
    5) If you really want to be with a hooker: go to Nevada.
    Oh yeah, I am watching the non-sci-fi Sunshine and it has one of the craziest scenes ever in a movie: THEY TURN RALPH FIENNES INTO A HUMAN ICICLE AND HE LIVES! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? ANYONE?

  126. IOv2 says:

    Drunken rants and ramblings being justified.

  127. DeafEars says:

    “the cineaste part of my brain won’t allow me to process a movie in that disrespectful way”
    As the years go by I find the “cineaste” part of my brain is starting to be overruled by the “I’m getting old and have less time left to waste on crap” part of my brain. I used to watch every DVD all the way through no matter how vile, figuring I could still learn something from a bad movie and that I should respect the work that goes into even a piece of solid crap… but recently I said “fuck it” and fast-forwarded through PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and THE WOLFMAN. They were just too godawful, although the ways they were awful were still illustrative – PA sucks because there’s nothing going on, and THE WOLFMAN sucks in part because there’s too much production value going on, in the service of nothing.

  128. hcat says:

    IO – I know we have not always gotten along in the past but your escalation of insults is really beyond the pale. The unmitigated gall of you to even fucking suggest that I was ever a resident of Toronto crosses so many lines.

  129. IOv2, you might be joking about Sunshine, but in case you’re not – Ralph Fiennes plays several members of his family over a few generations, a family that lives through several periods of unrest. The man who is frozen dies right then and there, and the Fiennes who shows up at the house post-Holocaust is (I think) the son of said murdered Olympian. Darn good movie, by the way. Again, apologies if you were merely making a joke.

  130. IOv2 says:

    Scott thanks for the info. I had the sound down and apparently missed the part where he returns home as the soon of the frozen Olympian. Seriously though, what a horrible way to freaking die by being frozen to death. Good lord, I need to get a time machine, fly back to WW2, and beat the crap out of anyone who did that to anyone during wartime with RAMONA FLOWERS’ HAMMER! That just pissed me off.
    Hcat, fine, you were turning transgendered tricks in Edmonton. HAPPY?

  131. hcat says:

    IO, you just continue to show how unworldy you are. Everyone knows transgendered hookers do not do good business in the Great White North. If there is one thing Canadians cannot abide it’s Imitation Beaver.

  132. christian says:

    TRON was indeed meh, minus Bridges perf, the light cycles and Wendy Carlos’s soundtrack.

  133. IOv2 says:

    Christian, that was the most bizarre MEH review in the history of MEH reviews.

  134. christian says:

    I saw it opening day, was suitably underwhelmed except by what I mentioned and filed TRON away forever. It’s better in memory than experience.

  135. IOv2 says:

    TRON is always better experienced. Why I am the only one who had his life altered by TRON is beyond me, but I still love that film. I absolutely adore it.

  136. storymark says:

    Personally, I like the original Tron, but it’s not something I can watch a lot. I enjoy the concept more than the actual film.

  137. CaptainZahn says:

    I wish Marisa Silver was still making films. Old Enough and Permanent Record were both strong slices of life.

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