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In Green Lantern, EVIL = Mustaches


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20 Responses to “In Green Lantern, EVIL = Mustaches”

  1. storymark says:

    So, there’s finally a superhero film made to satisfy Jeff Wells’ sensibilities?

  2. IOv2 says:

    Wow, big brain guy and ultimate douche. Aww… finally… a Green Lantern movie is actually happening.

  3. Tim DeGroot says:

    Shoulda been Solomon Grundy.

  4. Aladdin Sane says:

    *tsk tsk* You’ve got those positioned wrong!
    Anyhow, mustaches are pretty evil in real life too.

  5. Wrecktum says:

    Tip to makeup and wardrobe: little Hitler mustaches make guys look ten million times more evil. Why aren’t you putting more little Hitler mustaches in films?

  6. IOv2 says:

    They just did with Michael Jordan and that Haynes commercial just did not go over that well.

  7. Wrecktum says:

    The villain of Cats & Dogs 2?

  8. About time they threw some money behind a BATTLEFIELD EARTH remake.

  9. IOv2 says:

    Shame on you Don Lewis. SHAME!

  10. LYTrules says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if B:E turned out to be one of the fifty-thousand things Guillermo del Toro plans on doing next year.

  11. LYTrules says:

    storymark — if you want Wells to approve of a superhero movie, cast Jorge Garcia as the villain, dress him in low thread-count shirts, and shoot him only using grainy, unrestored film stock.

  12. Pete Grisham says:

    Green Lantern? Meh!
    Green Hornet is what I’m interested in!

  13. IOv2 says:

    Pete, you know may be alone in your love of that Green Hornet film? Seriously, geeks are just hating on that film like crazy but wherever Monsieur Gondry goes, I am going to follow, and those geeks can stick it!

  14. A. E. Ase says:

    IO (and this is not a put down) thought you were the resident geek around here?
    Green Hornet gets super points for having Hans Landa in his first major role since that bear jew movie with the subtitles.
    Green Lantern seems to be striving for the same type of epic cinematical ‘realism’ that the batmans do- guess that means that the rest of Warner’s DC output should follow suit, making an eventual (?) team up movie perhaps easier to accomplish than the Avengeritos

  15. IOv2 says:

    AE, I love the so called GEEK PROPERTIES but I do not always fall in line with geeks and there’s just ridiculous geek hate out there for The Green Hornet. I think Rogen as an action hero just puts some folks off. The same folks are probably put off by Michael Cera as an action star, and it would seem those people are crazy. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the Green Hornet because it’s Gondry doing action! That’s reason alone to be excited.

  16. A. E. Ase says:

    Alright fair enough! 🙂
    Yes any new material from Gondry is reason enough to be excited. There’s no reason why Rogen as action hero shouldn’t work, and I’d say that based on his creative output the dude generally seems to know what he’s doing. If anything the only thing Hornet’s got going against it is that the premise is essentially Batman, but corny.
    Easy hurdle to jump if the quality’s there.

  17. Lota says:

    I’m excited about anything Gondry does too even though I am not a Rogen fan.
    Yes. The moustaches….look like porn star moustaches from the 70s, eww.
    But I really loved Casino Royale so I will see Lantern too.

  18. yancyskancy says:

    “Escape my sight…no evil shall.” Who designed this ad — Yoda?

  19. Lota says:

    ha ha Yancy.
    Master Yoda has many talents.

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