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Weekend Estimates by MegaUnstoppbale Klady

Not sure if there’s much to add to the Friday conversation…

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40 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by MegaUnstoppbale Klady”

  1. mary says:

    “Morning Glory” is Rachel McAdams’ first top-billing mainstream comedy. She also has so much screen time in TV spots. So “Morning Glory” is a big test for Rachel McAdams’ mainstream box office draw; unluckily, the test result isn’t good.
    But afterall, Rachel McAdams is a very godd actress. Maybe Rachel McAdams can keep following the career direction of Rachel Weisz and Kate Winslet : focus on chasing critical acclaim rather than mainstream box office power.

  2. IOv3 says:

    Wow, Skyline made more over the weekend than Morning Glory? Really? Wow.

  3. doug r says:

    Daughter talked us into seeing Megamind again on Thursday-at least we saved a few bucks this time seeing it flat. Love the “No You Can’t” posters-I think people can sense there’s a little more going on than you’d think.

  4. damon says:

    Is this good for chris pine career. I know he has the star trek franchise for a few paydays, but denzel could’ve done the same opening with say chewitel ejofor or columbus short. Maybe it will help with legs and overseas numbers

  5. Hallick says:

    Denzel could’ve done the same opening with a freeze-dried Vincent Price, but I don’t think this hurts Pine as much as the fact that he isn’t pumping out the work much faster than Terrence Mallick. It feels like quite a long time to follow up on momentum from Star Trek. Not that he should be signing onto everything a pen in both hands can reach (a la Nick Cage), but still…

    His upcoming projects on IMDb, if that’s anything to go by, aren’t exactly mouth-watering either.

  6. IOv3 says:

    Mouth-watering? Really? That’s what you are going to go with there? Ew. Nevertheless, Pine seemingly does not see himself as a movie star at the moment but the dude so totally is, and here’s hoping his people realize as much after Star Trek 2.

  7. Al says:

    Hasn’t he got the new Jack Ryan franchise on the docket?

  8. sanj says:

    I really liked Chris Pine in Carriers 2009 horror film …
    – Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus.

  9. Gus says:

    DP, any chance at a Lena Dunham DP/30?

  10. Hallick says:

    “Mouth-watering? Really? That’s what you are going to go with there? Ew. Nevertheless, Pine seemingly does not see himself as a movie star at the moment but the dude so totally is, and here’s hoping his people realize as much after Star Trek 2.”

    As far as referring to upcoming movies (not actually Pine himself), “mouth-watering” seems as apt any.

    I wonder what he does see himself as, because he isn’t just grabbing at everything with a paycheck, and he isn’t trying to latch onto him own personal auteur or make a really cool indie flick. Is he just kicking back or having bad luck getting worthwhile projects off the ground?

  11. David Poland says:

    I believe it’s in the works, Gus.

  12. David Poland says:

    Mary… have to disagree.

    McAdams bailed on the mainstream a while back and hasn’t really worked her way back. In this case, there has to be more weight on Ford & Keaton, who may or may not have hurt as much as helped.

    Not saying that it’s a good thing for her career as a box office draw… but the whole thing on this film has been a bit askew for a while.

  13. EthanG says:

    Freeze-dried Vincent Price happens to be one of my favorite afternoon snacks.

  14. Joe Leydon says:

    I strongly suspect “Unstoppable” will hold — and do gangbusters biz over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Why? It strikes me as being this year’s “National Treasure” — the one movie at the megaplex with enough multi-generational appeal for it to be the consensus choice for families going out together.

  15. IOv3 says:

    Hal, I realized that the what would have been a better word-choice there, would have been “salivating.” Nevertheless, I think Pine is just going along doing what he wants to do, and here’s hoping it works out for him.

  16. Unstoppable is every bit as fun as DP said last week. And Joe were dead-on calling the same ‘consensus choice’ thing for The Blind Side last year, so here’s hoping he’s right twice. As for Pine, of course this is a win for him. He gives a solid movie star performance in a good movie that lots of people saw and will see for the next month or so. How is that not a plus? Even better, he held his own against Denzel Washington, which will hopefully not go unnoticed. And yes, Sanj is right, Carriers is a terrific picture, and Pine is quite good in it (even if Chris Meloni nearly steals the film with a minor supporting role).

  17. Krillian says:

    Harrison Ford’s going down. Sad to watch, but this descent has been going steady for a while. Take out Indiana Jones 4 and what has he done the past 8 years? Strictly box-office, don’t even have to think about the quality, which hasn’t really been there either.

    This was his best quality role in years, but today’s moviegoers just don’t go for Ford the way they used to. He’s burned his audience too many times. Extraordinary Measures, Crossing Over, Firewall, Hollywood Homicide, ugh, ugh, ugh.

    Jon Favreau’s Cowboys vs. Aliens suddenly sounds like a good idea.

  18. IOv3 says:

    Krillian, very good points, and thank god he’s doing Cowboys Vs Aliens. Not like he has to do anything but at least he’s doing something interesting and that’s the problem with Ford for the last 21 years: HE DOES NOT DO ANYTHING INTERESTING! It’s annoying as hell but lets be honest; no one in the future is going to remember this part of his career. He’s Han Solo and Indiana Jones. People will look at that part of his career on IMDB, wonder what the fuck “FIREWALL” was, and that will be that.

    If only he did Traffic.

  19. PerceptionManagement says:

    “Morning Glory” failed by not being a Cheyevskyian rant against the dumbing down of TV news instead of celebrating it. McAdams was good in a bad movie, and Harrison Ford is like a stroke survivor – could barely hear him, sounded like Clint Eastwood, looked forlorn and terrible the whole time. “Unstoppable” was mild, formulaic, frustratingly implausible escapist fare. “Inside Job” is the best and most important film playing now, and probably this whole year.

  20. Joe Leydon says:

    For what it’s worth, this is from an interview I did with Harrison Ford 15 years ago. Make of it what you will:

    He feels he has a strong sense of his strengths and limitations, and that informs his decisions about what he will or won’t do or say. While he might respect a Bruce Willis for taking a pay cut to play a smaller, meatier role in a movie such as “Pulp Fiction,” Ford has grave reservations about whether he himself could pull off such a change-of-pace career move.

    “I’d have to think about whether I’d be an advantage to the film or a disadvantage to the film,” Ford says. “Because the audience has a resistance to seeing me do that kind of thing. And I don’t mind making an effort to overcome that resistance. But it could be tough on the film.

    “You know, I consider myself very, very lucky. A lot of people with as much or greater talent than I have just haven’t had the luck that I’ve had. But the other thing that’s helped me is, I make movies that I think audiences will be interested in seeing. Movies that I think will give the audience pleasure. That’s how I pick the films that I do.

    “Now, there are lots of different kinds of films that can give the audience pleasure. And I want to switch from one kind to the other. But I don’t want to do a film strictly because I can give a performance. I want to help the audience have some pleasure.”

  21. IOv3 says:

    Perception, Inside Job may indeed be rather important but your rant about Unstoppable pretty much sucked the joy out of a pretty joyful movie. Tear, man. Tear :(.

  22. berg says:

    Inside Job is awesome but wait until you see Client 9 …. in all, an excellent year for docs: IJ C9 The Tillman Story, Countdown to Zero …. Cool It was okay, certainly food for thought, and they downplayed the whole “faith” angle; the lecture scenes were shot in a church but that point wasn’t harped on save for the stained glass windows … RED is one of the worst films of the year … Unstoppable is edge of your seat action …. and I saw Black Swan this aft.: I was more freaked out by all the suddenness of the bloodletting than in 127 Hours … that scene between Portman and Ryder could’ve been in Maniac

  23. IOv3 says:

    Seriously, I am perplexed by the hatred for Red. Seriously, it’s perplexing and I am just stating that it’s perplexing to me because it’s such a fun adult film. Perplexing.

  24. berg says:

    RED is just bad filmmaking …. in a side note, Joe Leydon who is a reincarnated 19th century French poet was getting it on with Shirley MacLaine at a Saturday night Q&A

  25. chris says:

    There was an episode of the business where a former agent talked about trying to pitch his agency’s services to Ford. They were talking up a Travolta style indie turn. His basic reply was he didn’t give a fuck as long as they paid his $20 million fee. He seems to have some working stiff in him and maybe he needs to build back up post divorce.

  26. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Are studios making that much money on Denzel’s flicks? Looking at some recent examples, Book of Eli and Pelham 2010 made about $150 million worldwide; Deja Vu made about $180 million globally. Each cost between $75 million and $100 million, not counting P&A. Are they really that profitable when all is said and done? Just enough to justify the next big-budget Denzel movie?

    Unstoppable did have a pretty robust Friday-to-Saturday bump. That’s usually a good sign isn’t it? I hope to see it over Thanksgiving weekend.

  27. IOv3 says:

    Paul, the answer to that question must honestly be; “because he’s Denzel.”

  28. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Good answer.

  29. christian says:

    Any film that features a non-ironic Hooters plug is scraping the movie third rail. But that’s me. Is it 1989 all over again?

  30. Joe Leydon says:

    Fox bought a bunch of movie ads to run during the premiere episode of Sarah Palin’s new show. Gosh, I didn’t see that coming.

  31. Don R. Lewis says:

    I just saw UNSTOPPABLE based on everyones “that was actually pretty good” responses and I gotta say….y’all be high. That was a STUPID MOVIE. Just dumb in so many ways.

    My favorite examples:

    The obvious answer on how to stop the train is clear from the get go, but they try every other stupid way to build “suspense.”

    People see friends and loved ones racing to stop the train on a TV news broadcast then freeking call them on their cell phone. Like, Chris Pine is hanging off the side of the train trying to do something and his wife calls him as she’s watching him risking his life on the TV. Derrrrrrrr. This happens like, 6 times. I’m not kidding.

    Denzel’s daughters work at Hooters so they frequently cut to Hooters where everyone is watching the action on TV. I love Hooters as much as anyone but, really? REALLY??

    Just a bad, dumb, silly and ridiculous movie.

  32. David Poland says:

    No one’s high. We just aren’t trying to make pate’ out of a hot dog.

  33. IOv3 says:

    It’s not even that David, that is just needlessly nitpicky. It’s also internet nitpicky: the type of nitpicky you can sort of blow apart in three seconds by just PAYING ATTENTION! Chris Pine’s character’s wife calls him, when she sees him standing outside the train. It’s perfectly acceptable for someone to call at that point especially during a CRISIS!


    Now, finally, you don’t bring up how they should stop the train without stating how they should STOP THE TRAIN! Seriously, the way they stop the train is the way they were going to stop the train. It just took them a bit to set it up. Good forbid in a suspenseful action movie tries to build SUSPENSE! JESUS CHRIST! HOW DARE THEY!?!?!?

    See? I took those critiques and punched THEM IN THE FUCKING HEART!

  34. Joe Leydon says:

    IO, you’re so….. brazen.

  35. Don R. Lewis says:

    Hey, I’m a full-blown “Armageddon” fanatic but even “Unstoppable” was too lame for me. I’m fully willing to give myself over to a film and just sit back and enjoy it, especially when I choose to see it for fun and pay and all that. But when you’re constantly getting pulled out of the action but just how dumb shit is, well….that’s no good.

  36. christian says:


    No, it’s stupid and an obvious plug.

  37. IOv3 says:


  38. christian says:

    Sense of setting? How about a Mickey D’s or a Starbucks? So how about if I forgo a ticket and just go to Hooters?

  39. IOv3 says:

    Damn it Chris! Your cynicism just cost Unstoppable 16.50! That’s a 24 piece wing order with fries and a drink! I hope you are happy.

  40. christian says:

    A movie setting key scenes in HOOTERS is far more cynical than I…

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