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BYOB Monday 12/6/10

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100 Responses to “BYOB Monday 12/6/10”

  1. movieman says:

    Nobody’s commented on “The Narnia That Almost Wasn’t” yet.
    I found it to be an enjoyable “Boy’s Life” adventure: despite the completely unnecessary, retro-fitted 3-D, and it’s surprisingly fleet for a “Narnia” flick (112 minutes, including the interminable end credits).
    Apted does his usual pro job, and its stylishly rendered. My only real gripe was that Tilda Swinton is once again sidelined–except for a few peek-a-boo moments.
    It should have little trouble banking a $40-million (or better) opening weekend, with sturdy legs throughout the holiday season.

  2. sanj says:

    Blockbuster is DEAD: How they DESTROYED THEMSELVES

    13 minute video

    10 of the Worst Movies of ALL TIME
    ( not the usual list)

    12 minute video

  3. Gus says:

    Is the Lena Dunham DP/30 available yet? Looking forward to it. Really enjoyed Tiny Furniture.

  4. Rob says:

    Speaking from one of the non-industry markets where Black Swan opened this weekend (Boston): Not since Inception in July has it seemed like everyone, even people who aren’t really into movies, was talking about one movie all weekend. And by Sunday night, a large portion of my Facebook news feed was some variation of “OMG you have to see Black Swan.”

  5. hcat says:

    Was Christmas shopping this weekend and a Lego set caught my eye that has a armored van getting smacked over by a bright green truck (search 8199 on the lego site). Not a official tie-in but you can see the obvious inspiration. Now if they would only sell a little Harry Calahan figure with the school bus set.

  6. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Does Mark Wahlberg get pissed when the media portrays him as a moron? In the LA Times piece about him and Russell, here’s a few standout comments.

    “Wahlberg would call the director and recommend boxing documentaries, and Russell would suggest French New Wave films he thought that the underwear-model-turned-actor, not a man who might otherwise be partial to cinephile classics, needed to see.”

    “The director and the actor are, to put it mildly, a case of the artiste and the bad boy. The fussy auteur and the former teenybopper sensation.”

    I’ve read comments like that elsewhere concerning Wahlberg. While his past is certainly well-documented, I am puzzled by the way his intelligence is mocked or questioned. Look at his track record. He’s worked with Scorsese, PT Anderson, Tim Burton, David O. Russell, Peter Jackson, Jonathan Demme, etc. Is it that hard to believe he has a brain? Is the guy really supposed to be dimwitted?

  7. chris says:

    I imagine some extremely frequent posters in here must be devastated by the Amber Heard news.

  8. hcat says:

    I’m not a fan of Wahlberg and did think he needed to do a lot of atoneing for how cheesy he was as Marky Mark but I agree with Paul that the sins of his youth (even the blasphemous cover of Walk on the Wildside) should be forgotten by now. Could the writer not put in a small dig at Shooter or the Happening? Bringing up the underwear shoot is like making fun of him for wetting his pants in the fourth grade.

  9. Joe Leydon says:

    Chris: Actually, I’ll be curious to see just how this affects her career, if at all. I hate to say it, but this is bound to make some people think twice before casting her in certain roles. That would be a damn shame, of course, but…

  10. Hopscotch says:

    I didn’t enjoy The Black Swan. It was an exhausting movie watching experience. Frankly, the “visions” and what is reality and not back and forths got VERY tiring by Act II.

    This is tough to write because it’s a well-made film and certain actors are marvelous in it, but I just didn’t enjoy it. some of the scenes with Vincent Cassell are just bonkers. “Hi. How are you? Will you touch yourself for me?”

    One annoyance that was also in The Wrestler: how many damn shots do we need of the performer walking with the camera fixated at the back of their head? How many???

  11. Hopscotch says:

    Paul MD,

    Not going to pretend to be “close with the stars” or anything, but my wife has worked with different publicists before and she has spoken of their power to “create a star’s persona” to a brilliant degree and how much they cover up, aside from drug habits and affairs. Some of these stars are elementary school smart. They know how to perform, but they know little else. And most of these actors who are also producers have agents and other producers to do the heavy lifting.

    Not sure where Wahlberg fits in, but it would not surprise me in the least to find stars are just lucky dimwits.

  12. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m sure that’s true Hopscotch, and I don’t doubt that some stars are on the dim side (Wahlberg has certainly made some stinkers). However, looking over Wahlberg’s body of work, and the filmmakers he’s collaborated with, it seems a little cruel for the media to represent him as an obtuse moron. Actions can often speak louder, and in interviews I’ve read and seen I don’t think he comes across as at all stupid or slow.

  13. Peter says:

    Joe, this will be interesting to see. She is young, and very beautiful, so maybe Hollywood wouldn’t care so much. I don’t remember anyone coming out at this age and this ‘feminine’. Her career is full of many genre movies, we will see if that changes in 2 years or so. If she gives a great performance in Rum Diary, I don’t think it will have an effect then.

  14. movieman says:

    I’ve already forgiven Wahlberg for “The Lovely Bones”–I blame Jackson for (mis)-casting him in that debacle.
    And he has my eternal gratitude for exec-producing “Boardwalk Empire” (last nite’s season finale was killer!), “In Treatment” and, yes, “Entourage.”

  15. mutinyco says:

    In case anybody feels like looking at a sunset…

  16. anghus says:

    so i have collected a nice library of old film books over the years. and i had one i had never really delved into: The Archeology of the Cinema by C.W. Ceram.

    I open up the book and there are a collection of press clippings, reviews, and a program from the Feb 1981 screening of Abel Gance’s Napolean at Radio City Music Hall.

    The Rex Reed column photo is hilarious.

  17. Krillian says:

    Amber Heard – coming out might help in the short-run since she seemed to be turning into one of those next-big-things that never was, a la Gretchen Mol or Estella Warren.

    Mark Wahlberg – he strikes me as someone at least smarter and deeper than Vincent Chase. I like Wahlberg.

    “One annoyance that was also in The Wrestler: how many damn shots do we need of the performer walking with the camera fixated at the back of their head? How many???”

    You ever see a Gus Van Sant movie? He answers that question and the answer is not “One! Tuh-woooo! Three! *crunch* Three.”

  18. IOv3 says:

    1) Hcat: that’s freaking awesome. While you seem to see a Dirty Harry film, I totally see HEAT in that set. I tend to always think of Heat when a semi and a bank truck are involved.

    2) Joe, who? I am glad that she came out and can be free to be herself but who really knows who Amber Heard is? Here’s hoping she does get some work but you never know with that town. This could either help her get more work or it could put her to work on TV. Whateverthecase, she at least gets to be herself full-time now and that alone is reason to be happy for her.

    3) MM: I am not sure if anyone has seen Narnia in here to discuss it. I am sort of shocked though that the run time is so short.

    4) The funny thing with Mark Wahlberg is… his brother. Donny has been accepted as a really good actor for years now and unlike his brother, he was a part of a boy band that defined a generation, and put out a ridiculous (albeit fun) rap album. He even gets to do NKOTB cruises and no one calls him on it, but his brother does some modelling that breaks him out of the Funky Bunch, and he’s an idiot? Really?

    It just seems in that article that the writer bought into David O. being a stunning auteur and Mark just being some dumbass David O. has worked with on three films. Seriously, if David O. thought he was such a fucking dumbass, would the guy have hired him for three films? Seriously, that LA Times writer needs to catch a beating with the Criterion Collection boxsets of Breathless, Mr. Arkadan, and Berlin Alexanderplatz. Fucking pretentious dillhole.

  19. LexG says:


    LOOK AT HER. NEVER BACK DOWN POWER, Pineapple Express, The Joneses, Drive Angry, The Stepfather YEP YEEEEEEEEEEEP.

    ALWAYS naked in movies, ALWAYS AWESOME. I wish more HOT YOUNG ACTRESSES were gay, because then they wouldn’t have any disgusting dudes giving them herpes. YEP YEP.

    But people have been trying to out Heard since she first became famous on message boards and such; It was hardly a secret… There have been hundreds of posts about her having a girlfriend dating back two, three years.

    Not a surprise, but a DELIGHT.


  20. sanj says:

    Amber Heard – does mostly smaller parts – never really got around it hitting any oscar performances – doesn’t end up on
    tabloids like Lohan – doesn’t do a lot of interviews –

    i really like Amber in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane ..

    Amber needs a DP/30 ..

    theres a fan video called “Marry Me, Amber Heard ”
    on youtube .. 2 parts – 10 minutes each

  21. LexG says:

    “Amber needs a DP/30”

    I’d like to give her a DP/5 if you know what I mean.

  22. LexG says:

    This news is making me POSITIVELY GIDDY. What, would you rather think of a HOT AWESOME CHICK like Amber Heard romping with another cute chick… Or you wanna think of yet another starlet getting plowed by fucking DEREK JETER and ADAM LEVINE? LESBIAN POWER.

    As for “hot” chicks coming out and it not hurting their career at all, Portia De Rossi has enjoyed continued acceptance in sexy and hetero roles. Seriously, nobody cares.

    How about when (openly bisexual) Saffron Burrows dating that old chick from BLACK DAHLIA? What kind of a crazy mismatch was that?

  23. movieman says:

    In further defense of Wahlberg: I frigging loved Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations” funk jam back in 1991 (or was it ’92?)
    Confession: I actually bought the ca-single (is anyone else old enough to remember those?), and I couldn’t stop playing it whenever I was in my car.
    Strange but true.

  24. movieman says:

    Re: the Amber Heard “bombshell.”
    I had to look her up on IMDB just to put a face to the name.
    Amber Tamblyn, sure. Amber Heard? Even checking out her acting credits didn’t help.
    Is she related to John Heard?
    He was freaking awesome once upon a time (“Cutter’s Way,” “Cat People,” etc.), wasn’t he?

  25. Joe Leydon says:

    I actually purchased — and frequently played — the cassingle of Puffy Daddy’s “Come with Me” from “Godzilla.” Didn’t care much for the movie, but the single — it was da bomb.

  26. LexG says:


    Best song ever.

    How could anyone who sees as many movies as you guys have to IMDB Amber Heard? Pineapple Express, Zombieland, Never Back Down (YEP YEP), The Stepfather, The Joneses, the Drive Angry trailer that runs in front of every movie ever.


  27. LexG says:

    The GODZILLA soundtrack also had WALLFLOWERS’ cover of “Heroes,” which is WAY better than the Bowie original.

    Not to mention the Rage Against the Machine track.

    Gozilla pure motherfuckin’ filla.

  28. sanj says:

    Amber Heard is in Drive Angry with Nic Cage ….depending on how much promotion this gets – she’ll get more famous
    and the next movie with Johnny Depp.

    i totally hated the informers movie – she was eye candy in the stepfather movie and had a nice part in zombieland

    so a DP/30 now before she gets really famous would
    be nice

  29. LexG says:


    They should make a MARKY MARK biopic starring Wahlberg as some dude who bangs all these hot chicks and AMBER HEARD could be in it and FEEL THE VIBE:




  30. LexG says:

    And for any WAHLBERG HATERS, I’m sure THE MIGHTY GOD KNOWN AS MARK WAHLBERG is choking up on cue that a bunch of smirking beardos on THE INTERNET don’t like his acting or his movies. This GOD who has dated Jessica Alba and CREATED ENTOURAGE and has banged more women than Wilt Chamberlain and is work 50 million dollars and COMMANDS HOLLYWOOD as its favorite Dorchester=born, Oscar-nominated son is losing sleep that anyone on MESSAGE BOARDS doesn’t see that he is THE COOLEST MOTHERFUCKER OF ALL TIME, the heir apparent to Steve McQueen, and has the BEST FILMOGRAPHY since Tom Cruise.


    If I were MARK I’d still call myself MARKY MARK and drive around Hollywood in a GEO TRACKER with a FLOATING FLAT BRIM busting my own GOOD VIBRATIONS era jams with a license plate that reads GDVBR8NS.

    YEP YEP.

  31. LexG says:


  32. Sarina says:

    The only time I liked Mark Wahlberg as an actor was in “Boogie Nights”. Other than that, I content myself to admiring his masculine beauty.

  33. leahnz says:

    christ stfu lex you’re so delusional, wahlberg is ‘mr. family man’ with like 8 kids (and he’s no dummy)

  34. IOv3 says:

    I wonder if the O’Donnells and the Wahlbergs get together for pick up basketball games? Seriously, they can totally pull that off and it would make for such an entertaining reality show.

  35. leahnz says:

    isn’t chris o’d also a big-time catholic? they could start ‘the catholic family games’

  36. LexG says:


    He is your Lord.

  37. IOv3 says:

    Leah, I am not sure if he’s a catholic but he does indeed have a huge family. The Catholic Family Games should be a TV show on some Catholic network, just because the idea of large Catholic families competing all DOUBLE DARE like, is a pretty hilarious concept.

  38. movieman says:

    Leah- I also heard that Wahlberg was a “big time Catholic,” which kind of makes the contractual (full frontal) female nudity in every episode of “Boardwalk Empire” (not to mention the proverbial raunchiness of “Entourage”) doubly amusing.
    And the dude hasn’t exactly adapted a holier-than-thou (thank g-d!) attitude while picking his movie roles, has he, lol?
    Big-time Catholic or raging atheist, Chris O’Donnell just creeps me out big time these days. I can’t believe that schlubby, sad-looking TV actor is the same beautiful young boy from the wondrous “Men Don’t Leave” (which, unaccountably, still hasn’t been released on dvd) 20 years ago.

  39. hcat says:

    Not only is he not holier than thou, he has made an effort to do lower brow stuff. I remember reading an interview with him where he said he showed his old friends I Heart Huckabees and they thought it was awful so he made a concious decision to do more ass kicking on screen. Not sure how Lovely Bones fits into it or if he changed his mind but most of his roles since then certainly follow that strategy (now if all these films were as good as Four Brothers this wouldn’t be a problem).

  40. LexG says:

    Wahlberg’s friends were right.

    Shooter and Max Payne = AWESOME.
    Huckabees = just okay.



  41. hcat says:

    Of all the people out there named Christopher O’Donnell I would wager 99.98789% of them are Catholic.

  42. IOv3 says:

    Hcat: They could have converted to METHODIST!

  43. Joe Leydon says:

    “Four Brothers” is one of my favorite films of the past decade. Seriously.

  44. leahnz says:

    movieman, i tried to watch ‘boardwalk empire’ the other night but i fell asleep – not sure if it was the show’s fault or my fault, probably mine i was knackered (mark certainly doesn’t appear to mix his catholicism and his career, which is probably a good call on his part)

    io i think you should pitch ‘the catholic family games’ concept to the religion channel, just don’t forget to send me my royalty cheques when it’s a breakout success and takes the world by storm

    (hey, they could have mel gibson as a guest referee, all hopped up on nicorette and HGH, flying off the handle into a crimson rage and screaming like a fucking maniac at the contests if they screw up, threaten to kill all the kids if they don’t get their act together and order the mums to BLOW ME if they have the nerve to question a bad call; and if they really sass back a good roundhouse to the grill will shut ’em up…very jesus-like indeed!)

  45. LexG says:

    Gibson rules.

  46. ManWithNoName says:

    One of mine too, Joe. Singleton is a great and underrated action director.

  47. Pat says:

    Scorcese mixes his career and catholicism all the time to no bad effect.

  48. Krillian says:

    When HBO makes the movie Game Change, I wonder if they’re going to demonize Elizabeth Edwards as badly in the movie as Heileman/Halperin did in their book.

  49. hcat says:

    If I were Wahlberg I would be on location shoots all the time. I don’t care how many nannys you have with that many kids the house would be completly screamy and sticky all the time. Do you think its a coincidence his shows are shot in LA and Atlantic City? I can picture him explaining to his wife in that exacerbated whisper voice of his “I gotta to to Atlantic City hon, yea for a few days, no really, Marty needs me on the set, I got responsibilities.”

    Any more and he’ll be calling up James Cameron “No not set on the moon but actually filmed there, can you swing that? How about the bottom of the ocean, please just get me out of here, they’re driving me fucking nuts.”

  50. Hopscotch says:

    Kevin Smith should seriously shut the fuck up. What a whiny, bitchy baby. Twitters every time the world doesn’t work out his way. He runs late to a flight, they won’t let him on board so he throws a hissy fit. Fat rich people live in the same world as the rest of us Kev, crack open a bag of cheetos and deal with it.

    There are are performers that really hack me off, K Smith has just brought it to that next level of bile.

  51. IOv3 says:

    I just love that people like Smith have a service that gets them to the gate right before it closes. Seriously, that’s so f’in awesome and douchey at the same time, that I am shocked more stars are not given praise/shit for this sort of thing.

  52. Krillian says:

    I stopped following Kevin Smith on Twitter after I saw Cop Out. Horrible movie, but he insists it’s good and will burn bridges with anyone who says otherwise.

  53. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m sure Smith can do no wrong as far as the diehard fans are concerned. While I don’t much care for him or his movies, I am looking forward to Red State. Intriguing idea.

  54. movieman says:

    Has anyone seen “The Tourist” or “How Do You Know?”???
    Sony cancelled their “courtesy” p-screening of “Tourist” for Wednesday afternoon, and the only pre-release screening is now Thursday nite.
    The only Cleveburg screening slated for “Know?” is–gulp!–Thursday evening the 16th.
    That’s the sort of treatment Sony usually reserves for “Resident Evil” sequels.
    Frankly I’m (kind of) shocked, but I should have figured something was up when neither film (or “Country Strong” for that matter) merited for-your-consideration screeners this awards season.
    Hell, I can remember a time when Sony actually shipped screeners of “XXX” and “Stuart Little 2.”

  55. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    The Tourist has to be bad. First of all, it looks lame. It also appears that no one has seen it (only one review counted at RT, from Sky Movies). Plus, after weeks of TV spots in regular rotation, just this week for the first time I saw one declaring that it’s from the producer of The Departed. Seemed like a desperation tactic.

  56. I didn’t care for Four Brothers as a film, but the shoot-out that closes the second act is one of the best of any film over the just-ended decade (second only to the climax of Open Range). And the second-act gun battle in Shaft is pretty fantastic too. Short of John Woo (should he ever return to modern-day action), I can’t think of any current director who stages better gunfights.

    For those who care –

  57. movieman says:

    What the hell is “Sky Movies,” lol?
    And to think that “The Tourist” looked so promising…at least on paper.
    Sounds like von Donnersmarck may have made the biggest turkey financed (and released) by a major U.S. studio since fellow Teutonic arthouse helmer Dorris Dorrie followed “Men” with “Me and Him” back in the late ’80s.
    Ironically, both are Sony product.

  58. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    No idea what Sky Movies is. The review is like 5 sentences long and sounds like something Shawn Edwards or Pete Hammond would say. Is it still tracking poorly?

  59. sanj says:

    Sky Movies is probably the Sky Movie Network in the UK

    only 2 reviews on IMDB – with 2 huge stars there should be
    100 reviews by now

    its PG-13 so except 4 years from now it’ll be on free cable tv with dozens of repeats

    this movie seems to be the same thing has Knight and Day
    but the light version

    how quickly will the actors forget they even made this movie ?

  60. hcat says:

    Movieman – You are forgetting Hirshbeigel following Downfall with the Invasion just a few years ago. Not sure what The Tourist will make but it will probably outgross that Kidman movie on opening weekend.

    And the ads for Tourist are really awful, did they attempt to make Depp look like that or is he finally ageing?

  61. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    And is Depp really supposed to be a math teacher from the Midwest? He’s a good actor and all, but that seems like a bit of a stretch.

  62. christian says:

    Watching the Pro Left compare Obama to a Nazi appeaser like Neville Chamberlain is embarrassing. Fuck those petulant creeps Kos and Olbermann.

    Anyway. Time to watch THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD…

  63. hcat says:

    Enjoy it Christian, I had a blast watching it. As it stands now its in my top ten (though so far I have only seen about 25% of the releases I will end up getting around to).

    What will not make the cut is Scott Pilgrim, which I finally got around to last night. Cera really sunk that movie for me. Everyone else was fine, really enjoyed Cualkin, but Cera could not sell the role to me. He was SUCH a loser I wanted to smack him around myself. A 12 year old stuck in a 15 year old’s body but somehow aged to 22. Everything about him from his jacket to how much he liked Garlic Bread rubbed me the wrong way. If there was anything to suggest he had reverted to this state of tweenhood after the bad breakup I could have maybe given him a pass but I didn’t get anything other than his life was always one long saturday afternoon hanging out. His previous girlfriend wouldn’t have had to become a Rock Star to be out of his league, a part time job at a book store would have caused her to kick him to the curb.

    Otherwise the plot was brilliant, lots of laughs, not enough Kendrick, pacing a bit off, fight scenes were inventive but could’ve been even more manic (I kept sitting there thinking Kung Fu Hustle did this stuff better).

    I do have to applaud the studios on the netflix/redbox window idea, there have been plenty of titles that I have wanted to impulsively buy rather than wait the 28 days. What if we’re overrun by zombies and I never get a chance to see the movie.

  64. IOv3 says:

    Christian, what in the fuck are you going on about? Obama is selling out campaign promises and is giving shit to the people who put him into the power. Not only is he baseless now, but he’s getting us even further in debt. Excuse Keith for calling out a president that’s nothing more than a middle of the road sell-out now. He will be lucky if he runs unopposed in two years.

    Hcat, you are old, and you folks have problems with Cera. Shameful. Absolutely shameful :D!

  65. movieman says:

    I didn’t think “The Invasion” was THAT bad, Hcat–just profoundly unnecessary.

  66. IOv3 says:

    KUNG FU HUSTLE DID IT BETTER! KUNG FU HUSTLE DID IT BETTER! BAT CREDIT CARD! [shoots gun off in the air and walks off]

  67. christian says:

    IO, forgive me but you were the one living in Obama Fantasy Land two years ago, screaming in your subtle style that he was THE ONE and everybody better vote for him or else…

    I never saw him anything other than a centrist who would veer us away from BushCo. Lily Ledbetter ring a bell? No? Matthew Shepherd Hate Crime Prevention Act No? Pell Grants? Biggest tax cuts for the middle-class in recent history? Sonia Sotomayer on the Supreme Court/ Think these are GOP plans?

    And why do folks like you or KO think Obama is talking to you about sanctimony? Your egos and narcissism are staggering – he was talking about Feingold.

    And I guess you don’t know anybody on Unemployment? You’d rather have Obama play blogosphere tough guy games. I’m still awaiting KO’s special comment on Kos’s pathetic write-off of feminism as “the sanctomonius women’s studies set.”

    He’s not baseless except among fairweather dramarama kings and queens like yourself, KO, Arianna and the others who have not stopped pouncing on Obama from day one.

    But congrats — you have now joined the Tea Party by invoking Godwin’s Law and their “Obama Is Chamberlain” meme.

    I know why you call yourself IO — everything is one way or the other. It’s a child’s binary view of the world.

  68. IOv3 says:


    “IO, forgive me but you were the one living in Obama Fantasy Land two years ago, screaming in your subtle style that he was THE ONE and everybody better vote for him or else…”

    Again Christian, I am not the only one who felt this way about him and excuse me FOR BELIEVING! Seriously you curmudgeonly fucker, I BELIEVED, and hoped Obama would be the left’s Bush. I indeed, was wrong.

    “I never saw him anything other than a centrist who would veer us away from BushCo. Lily Ledbetter ring a bell? No? Matthew Shepherd Hate Crime Prevention Act No? Pell Grants? Biggest tax cuts for the middle-class in recent history? Sonia Sotomayer on the Supreme Court/ Think these are GOP plans?”

    IT’S NOT ENOUGH! Why is it that people your age do not get this? We… as in most of the people who put him in there… put him in there to CHANGE THE WORLD! NOT TO BE A CENTRIST! We wanted someone who would, even if it were naive, be a real DECIDER. We put him in there to kick ass and take names and he’s not even come close to doing that, and that’s why we have had enough of him. Seriously, his people tried to sell to the press that people want tax cuts for the rich. Sure we do. Sure we do.

    “And why do folks like you or KO think Obama is talking to you about sanctimony? Your egos and narcissism are staggering – he was talking about Feingold.”

    I had this talk with a friend the other night, he’s in his early 50s, and he believes that Obama has done a lot. It does look that way but many of us did not put him in office to cave to tax cuts, keep open loopholes that continue Bush-era policies that are criminal, and lack the balls to repel DADT. The fact that you and my friend do not get our anger, sort of demonstrates in spades what presidents will have to face in the future. People my age and younger want, more like demand, immediate change. If you do not get us immediate change and cave to people who border on traitorous, then get the fuck out of that white house.

    “And I guess you don’t know anybody on Unemployment? You’d rather have Obama play blogosphere tough guy games. I’m still awaiting KO’s special comment on Kos’s pathetic write-off of feminism as “the sanctomonius women’s studies set.”

    I am not sure if mentioning Kos is prohibited on MSNBC because he’s been banned from the network for life, so that rebuttal may not happen. That aside, I know unemployed people that cannot get unemployment, but Obama is letting the repcons HOLD THIS HOSTAGE AND CAVES TO THEM! HE FUCKING CAVES TO THEM AND ONLY GETS 13 MONTHS? He’s a pathetic joke of a president just for this alone. Especially when Bohner, the guy who has real power in the GOP at the moment, stated that he would be flexible when it came to the Bush tax cuts, and not vote for them if it did not look like their continuation would happen, but what does Obama does? HE MAKES A DEAL FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH AND FUCKS US OVER ONCE AGAIN!

    “He’s not baseless except among fairweather dramarama kings and queens like yourself, KO, Arianna and the others who have not stopped pouncing on Obama from day one.”

    No, he’s baseless, and he better hope Bloomberg does not run. He better hope that real progressive like Feingold do not run. He’s pretty much making himself into Jimmy Carter 2.0 and the kids and young adults will not stand for that in two years. Again, we want change, and we want it NOW! NOT LATER TODAY! NOT TOMORROW! NOT IN WEEKS, MONTHS, OR YEARS! RIGHT FUCKING NOW! This fucking guy has a majority and barely gets anything accomplished and what he has accomplished could have been a lot better, if he did not negotiate out of a position of strength.

    “But congrats — you have now joined the Tea Party by invoking Godwin’s Law and their “Obama Is Chamberlain” meme.”

    Get a fucking grip on reality and realize that this tax deal has all but guaranteed that a half-assed president Obama is a one term president who will be remembered for accomplishing so much that could have been SO MUCH BETTER IF HE WASN’T A COMPROMISING SISSY BOY!

    “I know why you call yourself IO — everything is one way or the other. It’s a child’s binary view of the world.”

    Oh fuck you and anyone who thinks that of me. I have a more complex view of life than you will ever know but unlike you and our president, I do know settle, and that means President Obama and I are finished professionally.

  69. christian says:

    “put him in there to CHANGE THE WORLD”

    Right, a very adult view of the complex world. This stems from an ADD-addled nation who thinks life should be as fast as a page click. And the first black American president is sure business as usual.

    Uh, IO, you know that Feingold lost right? But that’s your idea of reality. How about Alan Grayson too? And while you play Right Wing Smear games and call a man whose life is on the line everyday a “sissy” – you left out that he has no balls too. That line kills ’em on RedState.

    “and that means President Obama and I are finished professionally.”

    Thus proving my point.

  70. IOv3 says:

    Christian, he won a Noble Peace price for pretty much INSTILLING A BELIEF IN PEOPLE THAT INVOLVED CHANGING THE WORLD! The hell with you for insulting my grasp of the world, when he has an award because of MY VIEW OF THE WORLD! Seriously, that’s some bullshit right there, sir.

    That aside, I ended with a joke but the guy who has NO FUCKING SENSE OF HUMOR ON THIS blog misses it. Christian Bale rules, here’s to Bloomberg running, and you sir chilaxing.

    ETA: He lost to a movement that featured the Demos not standing up to bullshit attacks. Soros will make sure this will not happen in the future. Feingold and Grayson are the future of the progressive politics. That’s the future. It’s not the tea party, it’s not the repcons, and it sure as fuck is not a Palin. The country is just not caught up yet because it takes this country a while to realize when things have changed.

    ETA 2: That you think being angry at the president for his inability to fight a group of people that have stated how much they want to END HIS POLITICAL CAREER, then you really need to get a grip on how this president has lost his base for a total lack of balls.

  71. christian says:

    “Feingold and Grayson are the future of the progressive politics.”

    See, this discounts your political acumen. In what world do these two firebrands who just LOST bounce back to capture America’s hearts? I like them but Grayson played to your ideas of tuff – he released a stupid Kos-inpsired “Taliban Dan” ad that backfired.

    “for a total lack of balls”

    See? You did it! You know how to repeat vile racist right wing talking points! Ready to put in the Tea Party so you can gloat? You sir, are not the base. The base doesn’t dump their man within the first year.

    Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell and Ezra Klein schooling your line of childish blogger thinking:

  72. IOv3 says:

    1) Again, Grayson and Feingold lost because Democrats, once led by the president, decided to not fight the way the Repcons fought all year. That will not happen in 2012.

    2) Again, he lacks balls, and that you cannot differentiate that from the Repcons, demonstrates how fucking one-sided you are in your thinking. You have continually thought less of me, thought of me as some hateful fucking idiot, and have given me shit for it time and time again. What the fuck ever dude because all I am reading here is an old man, like most old demos, not understanding why people are frustrated with the president.

    The fact that you do not get that the base has left Obama in droves over the last two years because of his complete inability to fight, demonstrates you just do not get it. If you think I am such a fucking idiot, then you must think Congressmen Weiner is as well. Let him explain to you why many in the Democratic party have a problem with the president… .

    ETA: Yeah Ezra tried to say as much to Keith and much like Keith, I disagree with Ezra just for the Estate Tax deal alone. Seriously you fucking angry man, you want 80 BILLION MORE TO THE DEFICIT because of 32000 rich assholes? Seriously? 80 BILLION? Get the fuck out of here.

  73. cadavra says:

    Depp’s character teaches at UW at Madison, one of the more liberal colleges in the country, so the long hair and beard aren’t entirely out of line.

    The picture’s fine, by the way, though if it were any more like NORTH BY NORTHWEST they’d’ve had to give Ernie Lehman a story credit.

  74. christian says:

    Yes, dropping another Huffington Post Obama Hit Piece Du Jour really schools me — from the guy who favors unquestioning support to Israel to boot — you might have noticed in your early Obama fervor that she’s a ex-Republican who helped Newt impeach Clinton and has been using her site to promote her favorite subject ever since: herself. She’s a phony — and note that the biggest Obama haters come from self-righteous former Republicans?

    So IO, explain how Obama can bully votes that aren’t there? And explain how you think the unemployed should get screwed RIGHT NOW so you can ignore them for your purity trolling?

  75. IOv3 says:

    Christian, if you have a problem with Congressmen Weiner, then you are a shitty fucking democrat/liberal/progressive. Again, he makes a great point about wanting to DISCUSS it, and Obama did not even want to DISCUSS IT. He has a MAJORITY FOR ANOTHER MONTH AND HE DID NOT WANT TO DISCUSS IT! That’s the problem Christian: he always negotiates down from a position of STRENGTH! He’s done this time and time and time again, and that’s just lacks balls. The Repcons never do this and that’s why they get their way, and the Democrats do not.

    Again, you fucking sanctimonious ass, he just wants to CAVE AGAIN. He wants to cave again on tax cuts that could easily keep going in two years and cost us more BILLIONS OF OUR DEBT BEING SOLD TO COUNTRIES THAT DO NOT SHARE OUR FUCKING BEST INTEREST AT HEART! That’s the reason alone.

    The fact that he lacks the ability to fight for unemployment benefits, to get on TV everyday and tell the American people what the Repcons are doing to these people, is why I am not going to vote for him again. It’s not about purity of opinion but about how THE OTHER PEOPLE FIGHT AND HOW WE SHOULD FIGHT THEM BACK THE SAME WAY BUT THIS TIME FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  76. christian says:

    Nancy Pelosi and the other Dems PUSHED against having a vote earlier — but no, it’s all Obama’s fault! This is not a Democracy – it’s a Dictatorship!

    Enjoy your next edition of DANCING WITH THE PRESIDENT…

  77. IOv3 says:

    If you weren’t a self-hating democrat, you would be watching Keith right now, and would have caught this point: WHY DIDN’T THE PRESIDENT WANT THEM TO VOTE ON THIS SOONER? They would have, Weiner stated as much in that clip, and the president wanted them to wait.

    So, again, The President fucked up yet again. Wow it might do some good but it fucks up the economy, the deficit, and possibly Social Security, so fuck that plan in it’s ass. There’s a better plan to be made but apparently we may never see that plan, because the PRESIDENT FUCKING DIDN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT UNTIL THE LAST FUCKING MINUTE!

  78. christian says:

    Keith is a pompous loudmouth WHO ADMITTED TO NOT VOTING.

    And I don’t believe in just preaching to the choir of MSM hacks who have not let up on this President from Day One — see IO, the MSM thrives on hits and ratings, hence the non-stop outrage and drama drummed up by the media. And the sheer non-stop racist vitriol from the right – now the left – forces me to get Obama’s back. Who’d want a fairweather friend like you on their team?

    And since Obama has passed more liberal legislation in his two years than any recent president — including a Health Care bill — you should check your own ADD at the door.

  79. IOv3 says:

    Christian, he has not passed that legislation to the FULLEST of it’s abilities. Seriously, that legislation sucks and could have been better if the president fought to make them better instead of COMPROMISING! Seriously, he compromises with fucking people who are holding the American people hostage. Brilliant.

    Keith is also not a blowhard. If you think he’s a blowhard. You obviously have ADD because you are not paying close enough attention to the cognizant points he makes day in and day out. His Special Comments are some of the best use of TV time in this century.

    Again, back up the president all you want, but the president has not gotten here without doing it himself. He attacks his base because we do not bow down to him and his victories that could have been greater IF HE FUCKING FOUGHT HARDER FOR THEM!

    The fact that you think this is racism is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Seriously, get over your 50 year old sentimentalities and join the new world. A world where settling with people who to your face tell you that they want to ATTACK YOU… is just fucking stupid.

  80. christian says:

    “Seriously, get over your 50 year old sentimentalities and join the new world. A world where settling with people who to your face tell you that they want to ATTACK YOU… is just fucking stupid.”

    Aren’t you the 50 year old masquerading as a tweener? And I don’t have neither your nor KO’s narcissism to think that Obama was talking to me – cos he wasn’t. He’s explaining that in an imperfect world, you have to compromise. Wishing it weren’t so is the epitome of childish and represents your ID all too well.

    And if you can’t figure out that refering to a black man as a Nazi appeaser “without balls” is part of the language of Tea Party racism, never mind stupid sexism, I suggest you turn off THE WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE and check in with the real world — and ask anybody you hang with over the age of 15 if they want their unemployment insurance CUT OFF so you and KO can play tuff guys.

  81. LexG says:

    “Keith is a pompous loudmouth WHO ADMITTED TO NOT VOTING.”

    Is this true? AWWWWWWWWWWWESOME. Didn’t they once also find out that Limbaugh didn’t even vote? Love that kind of thing, because, yes, if I’ve said it once:

    YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT, AT ALL. (Though like an idiot I did vote last month, total waste of time. Why have I fallen for this shit four times in 20 years?)


  82. christian says:


    Taxes and unemployment insurance effect many, Lex.

    Wasn’t it you whining that your taxes had gone up (despite the fact that Obama lowered taxes on the middle-class…)

  83. LexG says:

    I was whining because they didn’t publicize that MAKE WORK PAY break AT ALL, so I overpaid like a motherfucker, then two months later I got some check back for 500 bucks saying I had been available for MAKE WORK PAY.

    Which wasn’t publicized AT ALL.

    I’m guessing most of the regulars here have NO idea what I’m talking about, since none of you have actual job-jobs.

  84. Glamourboy says:

    Ah…Christian and IOv3…when does this movie open?

  85. christian says:

    “In a world where Black Is White and White Is Black…”

    Coming Soon!

  86. Shillfor Alanhorn says:

    I really hate when MCN turns into DailyKos.

  87. christian says:

    It’s called BYOB — so you can bring it or leave it.

  88. leahnz says:

    bring yer own booze

  89. IOv3 says:

    Christian, again, he was talking to the fucking LEFT and his PEOPLE ADMIT IT! He’s done this before and he will do it again because his folks believe it to be GOOD POLITICS, and will help him to get fucking independent voters. If you stopped fucking talking from a place of FEAR and looked at this OBJECTIVELY, you would have found all sorts of information that makes this deal nothing more than an re-election tact that backfired with a lot of the people who WILL HAVE TO RE-ELECT HIM!

    You also going on about an IMPERFECT WORLD is BULLSHIT BECAUSE WE HAD AN ENTIRE FUCKING DECADE WHERE THE PARTY IN POWER DID WHATEVER THEY WANTED TO FUCK OVER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! This fucking guy had a fucking majority not seen in DECADES and he HAS TO COMPROMISE? Again, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, CHRISTIAN! If Bush and the right can do it to the detriment of the American people then Obama could have used his majority the same way but like a namby pamby centrist, he had to COMPROMISE WITH A PARTY THAT DID NOT COMPROMISE WITH ANYONE FOR ALMOST EIGHT YEARS!

    Seriously Christian, you are unemployed and want to keep your unemployment insurance or know someone who is, that’s all well and good but it’s ONLY 13 MONTHS! What happens a year from now? Oh that’s right, the REPCON MOTHERFUCKERS WHO HATE THE WORKING PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY HAVE CONTROL OF THE HOUSE, HAVE FIVE MORE SENATORS, AND YOU THINK THAT’S GOING TO MAKE RE-NEWING IT EASY? Again, GET THE FUCk OUT OF HERE.

    That compromise is complete capatituation to the Party of NO. It helps no one, it adds debt that the kids of kids of kids will have to pay off, and it almost guarantees that the tax cuts for the rich could become permanent. If you want that Christian, fuck off, because we have to draw the line in the sand and now is the time to do it.

    Also, fuck you, you condescending old fuckwit. I am sorry you are unemployed or someone you know is unemployed and you need this bill to get your unemployment insurance. Unfortunately, it doesnt help people pass 99ers, and that’s shit. It doesnt continue for two years, and that’s shit. If you want this shitty fucking bloated compromise that fucking bad, call a fucking congressperson, and beg for them to vote for it. I would rather protest in the fucking streets and be teargassed then let those rich fucks, who do not contribute jack shit to the economy, get richer.

    ETA: Lex, yeah, jobs are falling from trees out there. Seriously, fuck that comment right in it’s fucking ass.

  90. christian says:

    So tell me how your plan does anything you want to accomplish? Tell me how your childish rants force people to action?

    “I would rather protest in the fucking streets and be teargassed then let those rich fucks, who do not contribute jack shit to the economy, get richer.”

    No you wouldn’t. You’d rather opt out. Otherwise, post a photo in your best guerilla street garb.

    Oh, and since you were totally wrong about AVATAR, be careful about speaking for everybody.

  91. IOv3 says:

    Christian is a no-knowing looney.

  92. christian says:

    “The fact that you think my rants are childish demonstrates once again that you are just a fucking asshole, who acts like an asshole, when anyone disagrees with him.”

    Need I say more?

    As fer the base:

    “A newly released Gallup poll found that 66 percent of Americans are in favor of extending the Bush-era tax cuts and extending unemployment benefits.”

  93. IOv3 says:

    IT’S a BULLSHIT POLL! Again, if you watched COUNTDOWN, you would know this, and seeing as I know more about this than you. Why don’t you get back to me when you know as much as I do about this topic. Sorry you or someone you know may lose your insurance if this thing does not go through, but if it goes through it could ruin the country for good. That’s simply unacceptable.

  94. LexG says:

    Happy Sweet 17 to AnnaSophia Robb.


    I’d like it if AnnaSophia, Dakota, and Momsen were LITTLE FRIENDS. YAY!!!!! All SO. CUTE.

  95. christian says:

    Sorry IO, I don’t need to get my outrage sated by pompous oafs like Keith Olbermann who admit to not voting while castigating all in his phony Ed Murrow impersonation.

    See, the MSNBC is owned by General Electric — who make weapons and of course, MSNBC pimped the Iraq War. But since you’re into purity, I’m sure you would never support war pigs like that who use lib smokescreens to deflect reality….

    But I did catch the Special Comment where KO defended GE.

  96. IOv3 says:

    Uh he didn’t defend them and again, you really are talking (figuratively) out of your ass. I literally wasted my time in this entire fucking blog with you because you are a freaking aluminum foil on your head level looney.

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