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BYOB Oscar/Indie Spirits Weekend

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11 Responses to “BYOB Oscar/Indie Spirits Weekend”

  1. shillfor alanhorn says:

    DP: Do you think there’ll be any blowback from “she who must not be named” basically biting and shitting all over the Oscar hands who have been transparently feeding her TOLDJA scoops? I mean, two posts after destroying all the show’s attempts at surprise with her dismissive leaked show schedule, she has the balls to trumpet an exclusive with Sherak about Banksy. It boggles the mind….

  2. Krillian says:

    Ebert gave Hall Pass two-and-a-half stars.

    “When was the last time you saw a man under 30 in the movies who had a stable marriage, a job, children, and a life where he valued his wife above his buddies?… The plot of the movie is meh. It involves the lads and their posse being cycled through several unsuccessful and quasi-slapstick situations showing their cluelessness, immaturity and how women easily see straight through them.”

    Current RotTom at 32%, a hair above The Heartbreak Kid as the Farrellys worst-reviewed movie.

    Farrellys also haven’t had a movie gross more than $50 million since Shallow Hal. (Wow, Shallow Hal was ten years ago…)

  3. LexG says:

    Ebert’s review is baffling as always; Surely Wilson and Sudekis are not supposed to be “under 30”?

  4. christian says:

    Adore Ebert as a persona and think he’s the critic I would trust least.

  5. JKill says:

    I love him but there are times when I’m perplexed by what he writes. Last week for I AM NUMBER FOUR he wrote about what the story would look like if it was a novelization…when it was adapted from a novel.

  6. LexG says:

    Hard to believe in three, four short days all this Oscar talk will be over and a week from now, NO ONE will remember what even won. All that buildup on these blogs going back to Toronto, all that “Wait is this OSCAR or NOT OSCAR???” heavy breathing from all the bloggers every time a new Hereafter or Love and Drugs or Next Three Days or Way Back was on the horizon, everyone champing at the bit to be the first to proclaim something a contender.

    Not to kiss Poland’s ass or anything, but MAD PROPS on this blog staying somewhat measured and unemotional about it.

    I swear, in the three last months, the esteemed and otherwise awesome Sasha Stone and You-Know-Who have turned into Michael Shannon and Ashley Judd in BUG, holed up in a figurative blog motel of their own mania, spraying Raid at anyone who doesn’t think Social Network is THE SINGLE GREATEST CREATION IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

    Maybe it’s just too much Awards Daily and HE in my Internetting this past year, but in the 5 years I’ve been reading these sites, I’ve never seen a season where the bloggers were so maniacally invested.

    And the concept that The Fucking Social Network could be somebody’s go-to-the-mattresses obsession like it was GoodFellas or Pulp Fiction boggles the mind.

    Basically, all these movies that the bloggers are still hashing out on Twitter all day– two days, hell two HOURS after I saw them, I was pleased to have seen them and moved on to the next movie. All that HYPE for True Grit or Fighter or even THE SWAN and Somewhere, I was giddy in anticipation, loved the movies… haven’t given them two minutes of thought since December.

    Can’t IMAGINE the stamina and investment required of the OSCAR BLOGGERS to still remotely CARE about this shit three months on.

  7. storymark says:

    I’m actively rooting against TSN now, just because I can’t WAIT to see the epic meltdown over at HE.

  8. JKill says:

    The awards season, while incredibly long, is a nice way for quality movies to be honored. When the season is over, yes people forget about the actual awards but the movies remain. I would say all the movies Lex cites stuck with me personally in serious ways. I couldn’t stop thinking about SOMEWHERE after seeing it, for example. And I look forward to revisting them for years to come.

    But the horse race aspect and its coverage is strange, and seems particuarly charged this year. The description of HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED as being like Shannon in BUG is genius! One of the most hilarious moments of this whole season, for me, was when he wrote, without a hint of irony, that an interview with President Obama was a missed opportunity and failure because he wasn’t asked about his feelings on THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

  9. LexG says:

    REALLY loved “Somewhere,” huge fan of Stephen Dorff and thought he deserved an Actor nod and Elle a supporting actress nomination… But it’s a movie of such a particular, sensitive, pin-on-the-floor-could-ruin-it “mood” that I don’t know it’ll hold up on repeated viewings. Absolutely love all of Sofia Coppola’s movies, but they’ve all been one-and-dones for me.

    When all is said and done, the movies people rewatch will be the ones by the “heavy hitters” whose stuff gets tons of DVD Super Special Deluxe Edition play and endless cable viewings– the Coens and Aronofsky and Nolan. And just due to its “Heat Lite”-like nature, “The Town” is gonna go down easy as a cable timekiller for years.

    But like most years, a lot of the great, great movies are gonna stay left behind as a “CAPOTE”-esque, “Oh, yeah, I gave that four stars and had it as my third favorite movie of 2005… Hmm, haven’t seen it since theaters even though I’ve watched Batman Begins 23 times on FX” kind of deal.

  10. Krillian says:

    Ebert goes on to talk about how guys going into their 40’s are still the adolescent dimwits guys in their 20’s are in movies. I just cut two lines from two different parts of the review and separated them with a “…” to convey the gist of his review.

    I love the Oscars, but seeing as how I can’t remember what won most of them last year without looking it up(Hurt Locker, Bridges, Bigelow, Mo’Nique… um…not looking, not looking…) I know I’ll be the same way after this one wraps up.


  11. Don R. Lewis says:

    I have “Somewhere” on DVD (Oscar screener. Not bragging, just deflecting people thinking I illegally downloaded it) and I think it holds up better on repeat viewings than her other stuff. Then again, once I saw “Lost in Translation” on the big screen and flipped for it, I never caught that same charge once it was on DVD.

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