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BYOB For A New Awards-Free Week

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284 Responses to “BYOB For A New Awards-Free Week”

  1. movielocke says:

    awards free. pssh. Christopher Plummer is not just winning he’s bi-winning supporting actor next year.

  2. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    CBS Films is about to have its third smash hit in a row with Beastly. Along with blockbusters Extraordinary Measures and Faster, they’ve had an amazing run. Keep up the great work.

  3. yancyskancy says:

    What’s Plummer going to win for? His only imdb listings so far for 2011 are PRIEST and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. I’m guessing the former is not Oscar bait. Is there something else on the horizon?

  4. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    What about Beginners?

  5. yancyskancy says:

    imdb has BEGINNERS as a 2010 release because of the Toronto fest premiere. Didn’t notice that; I was just looking for titles with “2011” next to them. So that’s the one then, movielocke?

  6. sanj says:

    Jon Stewart from Daily Show making fun of CNN for showing youtube videos .

  7. LexG says:

    BEASTLY POWER = mmmmmmm Hudgensy. LOOK AT HER.

    There will be much bowing. CBS also had the EXCELLENT “Mechanic” remake, but I’ll tell you one thing: They need to reconsider either their name or their logo. I’ve seen Measures, Faster and Mechanic in theaters, and EVERY TIME that CBS logo comes on, it makes it look like you’re about to watch a TV show, and invariably some sporto Mexican dude in the audience goes “…the FUCK?”

  8. leahnz says:

    PUPPY POWER = mmmmmm doughnuts. LOOK AT ME.

    get some fresh material

    re: that tom hanks movie with julia roberts, i’m rooting for hanks to make a big comedy comeback. i miss him.

  9. Krillian says:

    Total concurrment on CBS Films name. I can hear the ticking stopwatch just looking at it.

    I think the Hanks-Roberts reunion is a dramedy about a 50-year-old losing his job and having to reinvent himself. Sounds promising but dangerous. It could so easily go the maudlin route. Hanks though is usually a good judge of material. (Terminal notwithstanding…)

  10. LexG says:

    These days I CANNOT see Tom Hanks anywhere and NOT think of Chet Haze smoking blunts and issuing taunts about stabbing people in the peephole with his ski pole. That kid is doing more hilarious damage to the Hanks Brand than fucking “Volunteers.”

  11. cadavra says:

    According to the IMDb, Plummer is playing the Sven-Bertil Taube role in TATTOO. That’s a pretty juicy part and must be the one they’re thinking of.

  12. yancyskancy says:

    “Who says white kids from the suburbs can’t spit?” Yikes. If I ever become famous, rule #1: no kids.

  13. David Poland says:

    sanj… it wasn’t that they were showing YouTube, but what YouTube they were showing instead of reporting the news.

  14. christian says:

    That was a great Stewart riff – CNN is utterly embarrassing as is most of America’s “news” media. A travesty.

  15. LexG says:

    Jon Stewart is a lightweight *VJ* himself and former GAME SHOW HOST; Why we have to hear this NO-NOTHING’s slanted, sanctimonious opinion on ANYTHING is one of the enduring mysteries of the last 15 years. He’s like a precocious kid playing dress-up who thinks he’s a lot smarter than he is. And for the millionth time I’ll ask, WHAT IS WITH THE GRAY HAIR? Stewart is like 33 years old, tops.

    He’s also a prime example of a Liberal Who Seems Like Kind of a Mean Asshole.

    Isn’t the first rule of Liberalism that you HAVE to be a wimpy, pleasant Ed Begley type? Does Jon Stewart seem like a guy who’d be REALLY NICE to those beneath his station?

    Of course not.

  16. christian says:

    What “rules” of liberalism? Mailer was a liberal. And liberals fight back against bullies. I have problems with Stewart but he’s RIGHT and it’s sad that a VJ has to point out the news media’s pathetic nature.

  17. LexG says:

    Christian, YOU seem like a proper liberal. I think you’re insane and annoying on LITERALLY EVERY ISSUE, but you do seem like a dyed-in-the-wool nutty campus lefty type and that you practice what you preach.

    But it is a STEADFAST rule of liberalism that except for AWESOME SEAN PENN, liberals SHOULD be wishy-washy and frail and apologetic and sheepish. I don’t like it when Jon Stewart is all super-liberal spokesman, but you KNOW he must be a giant unfriendly asshole. Liberals should be friendly.

  18. Hopscotch says:

    Larry Crowne – Tom Hanks film, is about a store manager that gets laid off so he goes back to community college. Makes new friends and improves himself. Yes, it certainly sounds a lot like Community.

    But Bryan Cranston is in it. So, i’m in.

  19. christian says:

    Your rules are ridiculous and don’t apply to any reality, you understand this, yes?

    How “frail” and “apologetic” are the 100,000 protesters in Wisconsin?

  20. Joe Leydon says:

    LexG: I’m liberal. Go fuck yourself.

  21. LexG says:

    Christian, I’m not following the Wisconsin story that closely, but it sounds like the protestors are being GIANT BABIES, and if I had money to bet, I’d bet that most of them are BORING TEACHERS. News flash, Wisconsin: everyone gets a pay cut from time to time. Also it’s kind of AWESOME how that asshole governor or senator or whatever he is is just HOLDING FIRM like Daniel Plainview even though the whole state hates him.

    On the flip side, Republicans are annoying too and religion is boring… It’s America and nothing ever really changes too far left or too far right, so I don’t lose any sleep over it.

    Anyway, this is boring. Let’s talk about squack or something. I do believe now that it’s MARCH it’s the nine-year anniversary of the last time I touched a woman.

  22. arisp says:

    ^LOL Bless you, pal.

  23. JKill says:

    The news that the next Tarantino will officially be a western to hopefully shoot this year,that there is a new Jonze/Kaufman joint on the horizon, and the PTA INHERENT VICE/THE MASTER developments from last week or so are making me very, very happy.

  24. JKill says:

    My understanding of Wisconsin, limited however it may be, is that the governor is essentially outlawing public employees from public bargaining, practicing a type of pre-progressive era union busting, which has very little to do with actually cutting the budget and more to do with an anti-union, pro-corporate agenda.

  25. storymark says:

    Lex: What Joe said.

  26. sanj says:

    hey DP – are there actors / directors that are harder to get now they won an oscar – they must be busy with all the new media requests for interviews …

  27. Krillian says:

    Lex, you’re only a few months older than me, so you have to remember when we were in junior high and Jon Stewart was on MTV. He has to be mid-40’s.

    On one hand, the union-busting attempt in Wisconsin doesn’t have as much to do with the budget as originally advertised; at the same time, it has to do with teachers being terrified their jobs being more like private-sector jobs where thousands can get laid off based on a bad speculation by their CFO.

    I’ve seen Waiting for Superman and I love the charter schools my kids are in. Demonizing teachers is just so… uncouth. The worst 3% though? No sympathy. I had a couple of those worst 3% when I was in school.

    Now the Tarantino / PTA news is the best I’ve heard all week.

  28. christian says:

    But lex has THREE DEGREES!

  29. IOv3 says:

    Yeah, my girlfriend is a teacher, and I have no idea what such a sweet and kind women ever did to the republicans, that make them vilify her field of work. This country is just so fucking stupid sometimes and this shit in Wisconsin is just another example of the sheer stupidity of republican positions on education and just about everything else.

  30. christian says:

    IO, Republicans despise education because most today are so gosh darn proud of being ignorant (I won’t even quote Huckabee’s latest bigot idiocy). And primarily because it serves the needs of their corporate masters. Like Koch.

    Apropos of education, this might be the Quote Of The Year:

    “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”

  31. LexG says:

    Jon Stewart was on MTV starting around 1993 when I was in college and he was a 16-year-old standup wunderkind. That’s when he got his BIG BREAK, same era as Leary’s ASSHOLE stuff on MTV and Donal Logue as the cabbie. Stewart began RIGHT THEN and was a teenager. Somewhere along the way he started putting chalk dust in his hair, but I am sure he was born in like 1977 or 1976, tops.

    TARANTINO: I don’t know, is it THAT cool that it’s gonna be a Western? And a Spaghetti Western? How about making a new, contemporary movie instead of more genre homage backsliding? Much as I liked KB2 and IB, those already WERE Leone homages for long streteches of their runtime; How come he can’t do some modern-day crime epic like HEAT but in his style, instead of always doing the Italian sub-genre homage thing?

    Better question, why is his life SO GREAT and MINE SO TERRIBLE when I was as precocious a movie geek as QT growing up? WHY DOES MY LIFE FUCKING SUCK?

  32. LexG says:

    As a rule, teachers are Sanka-reeking bores in bad sweaters who couldn’t command a fucking classroom if they were using Eddie’s DELIRIOUS material. NO CHARISMA = get the FUCK out of the profession.

    Teaching IS standup, so if you’re not bringing the JOKES and MOVIE STAR CHARISMA, you’re dead in the water.

    Also I am taking my CBEST this spring so I can start subbing.

    MMMMMMM, can’t wait to teach all those fresh young Fanning types who will think of me as the COOL TEACHER like that douche on GLEE. I’ll bet some little 17-year-old slice of heaven is gonna be sidling up to my desk all aflutter just like when I was in 10th grade and my AWESOME sleazebag math teacher used to let this tall drink of hotness named April sit on the corner of his desk in LITTLE OUTFITS and flip her shoes on and off.


  33. sanj says:

    if the gurus of gold – movie critics went into teaching about movies – they’d automatically fail everybody cause
    they know way too much about movies .

    hey DP – how about spending a day at some acting school and getting like 4 DP/30’s …

  34. JKill says:

    Lex, not only do I think you should do some of Eddie’s RAW and DELIRIOUS shtick, I think you should show up in that crazy red leather suit thing he used to wear.

  35. LexG says:

    Yeah, that would look dazzling on a 241-pound white man with male-pattern hair loss.

  36. JKill says:

    The clothes make the man, Lex. The clothes make the man.

    Speaking of which, whatever happened to Eddie doing BHC4 or some supposed return to R-rated comedy? I would greatly appreciate that. Caught ten minutes of DADDY DAY CARE on cable and well…that was about all I could stomach.

  37. David Poland says:

    Stewart is 48. And back in the day – haven’t had any contact in a decade – he was a very nice, very modest guy.

    And still would like to put Lex in the interviewers seat one day and see what happens. Maybe with a hot older actress, who would be gentle and break his talking-to-hot-actresses cherry with kindness.

    Actually, he and Patty Clarkson would be a trip. She might teach him a thing or 6 before it was over.

  38. Krillian says:

    I didn’t want to look it up, but it looks like Stewart started around 1991 so I was already in high school. Coulda sworn it was earlier. He was a writer on HBO’s The Sweet Life in 1989… And he was born in 1962.

    Wanna feel old, people? Jon Stewart is going to turn 50 next year. Which still makes him younger than Ralph Macchio.

    Ever watch Summer Heights High? I ask because the main character was named Mr. G. Great show.

  39. christian says:

    Yeah, DP, that would make women totally comfortable. Your masochism is weird, my friend.

  40. LexG says:

    Lexj asks: How about a LG/30 with Emily Blunt?

    Adjustment Bureau? More like Adjustment In My Pants.

  41. IOv3 says:

    Yeah I could care less about QT. It’s about time he made a fucking Spaghetti Western but really, he could basically put out a porno of him screwing a Japanese model, and it would garner the same props from the online community.

    He’s a lost cause, stuck up his own ass, and mining it for gold.

  42. christian says:

    Yes, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS has been so done. Love it when you rail against folks not being with it but you are so OUT.

  43. cadavra says:

    Yes, Stewart was a VJ. And Tarantino was a video store clerk, Harrison Ford was a carpenter and Jason Statham was a fashion model. So what’s your point?

  44. JKill says:

    I honestly have no idea how anyone could dismiss QT after INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. He proved, yet again, that he’s just so incredibly talented and smart, so technically adept at making compelling, exciting and vital cinema. His enthusiasm for all things movies shines through so clearly and comes out in new, unexpected ways every time out. BASTERDS is one of the most masterful, iconic movies of the past decade. From the characters to the suspense to the structure to its thematic complexity, just an amazing movie. Everytime he makes a movie, for me, it’s an honest to God event. Love him.

  45. IOv3 says:

    Christian, go be pissed off about a Facebook shout out, because that post made no sense.

    Jkill, the whole ending with him referring to it being his MASTERPIECE, and the bullshit with Shoshanna did nothing for me. It’s not a horrible movie but those two aspects along with the fucking silliness of Death Proof, made me not give a fuck about what the guy does. Especially when he’s too busy getting fucking lit to actually get a movie out in a reasonable amount of time.

  46. JKill says:

    we’ll just have to agree to disagree then, IO, since I find Shoshanna to be one of the most moving parts of the whole film and just a great performance too, and I love, love, love the ending to that movie (which oddly has slight shades of the amazing NAVAJO JOE, which I just watched as part of my Reynolds-athon following the hot blog discussion on him)

    As to his pace, especially now if he makes this movie in 2010, it’s par for the course for most writer/directors (PTA, S. Coppola) and is faster than Alexander Payne, James Cameron, Cameron Crowe, James L. Brooks ect. Although I think quality is more important than quantity, personally…

  47. IOv3 says:

    Yeah and those guy are slow as shit as well. Seriously, if you can’t get it done in two years, then what’s the point? I love how Cameron really thinks people are going to give a fuck for 3 to 4 years about Avatar sequels. Seeing as that guy made a devil with the devil that lets him do whatever he wants, the delay won’t effect him, but that’s still some shit.

    I also don’t like Shoshanna dying like a bitch. Sure, the whole BURNING THEATRE thing plays into QT’s sexual fetishism of film, but he still killed the character who should have lived to see the end of the film.

  48. Joe Leydon says:

    Funnily enough: I interviewed Jon Stewart along with Sean Connery, Gena Rowlands, Angelina Jolie and others during the 1998 TV junket for Playing By Heart. He struck me as a friendly, easygoing, down-to-earth sort of dude. Unfortunately, even though he was asked to do the junket, Miramax didn’t bother to include a single scene featuring him in the Electronic Press Kit, so I wound up not using the interview. Even more unfortunately, I don’t think I have the tapes in my archives — if i did, I would certainly post it on You Tube.

  49. christian says:

    “Seriously, if you can’t get it done in two years, then what’s the point?”

    Fucking Kubrick.

  50. LexG says:

    There should be an article written on the brief legit-acting film careers of standup comics who went on to be semi-serious political pundits: Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller and Bill Maher.

    Something about seeing any of those three guys actually ACTING (Miller in Disclosure or Murder at 1600, Maher in D.C. Cab or HOUSE or that Cannibal movie, Stewart in Go or Big Daddy) might’ve seemed like a typical comic-to-movies crossover back in their journeyman days, but now it’s like watching a 1996 movie and Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann comes out to do a straight scene in character.

  51. IOv3 says:

    Christian, of course you have never seen this film, but go watch the documentary about Kubrick’s papers. It’s easily one of the saddest films ever because he was tormented by all of that pre-production. Seriously, go watch it, then come back with your snippy comments.

  52. JKill says:

    Lex, my favorite example of what you’re talking about is Maher in TOMCATS which is just so strange, although he gets the only laughs in the entire movie from what I remember…I’m also a BORDELLO OF BLOOD fan or at least I was at the time.

    IO, now that I think about it THE ONLY writer/director I can think of who recently has consistently made a movie every two years, other than Woody and the Coens, is Noah Baumbach but that’s after the long gap between MR. JEALOUSY and SQUID AND THE WHALE. Being a writer/director is different because you can’t really develop a bunch of things at the same time and strike once one’s ready.

  53. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    JKill. There’s this area called the world which is located outside of the US. They have writer/directors who make 1,2 and even 4 films per year.

  54. sanj says:

    i predict somebody will make a documentary about
    Liyba riots going on now and could be up for best documentary oscar by next year – hey DP – go to Liyba now
    and find that person and do a DP/30

  55. JKill says:

    JBD, thank you for informing me of the existence of an area outside the United States. I am humbled.

    But yeah, I’m sure you’re right. My argument was mainly focused on American filmmakers because, well…that’s who were talking about. Since the U.S. does not have much in the way of tax supported art, that may be a reason for the slower pace of Americans, in addition to the generally higher budgets.

    Anybody you’d care to recommend?

  56. LexG says:

    ^^ See, when Sanj overdoes it like that, it kind of ruins it.

  57. christian says:

    Yes, IO, I knew very little about Kubrick until now. Lazy tortured bitch. If only Twitter was around then….

  58. IOv4 says:

    Tarantino would be better if he had more spaceships in his movies! I mean WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE WHAT THE FUCK??? You can’t give a brother a reach around and put one single laser beam in a GODDAMN MOVIE THAT IT TOOK YOU YEARS TO WRITE? If I wrote a script and it took me a year, it would have a MILLION LASERS AND ROBOTS IN IT!

    If you do not agree with me then FUCK YOU STUPID PERSON!

    I’m just kidding, that’s how I roll.

    But seriously FUCK YOU.

  59. IOv3 says:

    Seriously Christian, if you can’t post as yourself, then you shouldn’t post at all. You sorry miserable misanthrope.

    ETA: Oh yeah you rip-off artist motherfucker, that’s the best you can fucking do? I have more diverse taste then damn near everyone on this blog, and that’s the best you can do? Really motherfucker?

  60. christian says:

    That’s not me, you idiot. I do a perfectly good imitation of you without posting as 10V4. You’re not hard to imitate tho.

  61. IOv3 says:

    Christian, I am an idiot? You are the ignorant old fart who got upset by a facebook mention in a trailer for a movie YOU WILL NEVER SEE! The fact that you think I am easy to replicate, demonstrates how you absolutely know jackshit about me or about what I like. You are a miserable ASS and that’s all you are on this blog, and EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

  62. christian says:

    Of course I’ll see THOR you infant. I love THOR – but in IO Binary World, you’re only allowed to have one opinion — until you throw it under the bus like Nolan.

    Yes, IO, you and lex are the happiest souls here.

  63. IOv4 says:

    No, it’s really you, IOv3! I’m posting from the future! I’m IOv4 because that ass Poland banned me (us) a few years ago for saying that someone seemed “cunty.” A few days ago the world exploded and luckily we’re on a chunk that has a small wormhole on it! Due to our poindexterish knowledge of sci-fi we’re able to use the wormhole to post in the past. Everyone, watch out for 2012, the Mayans were right!

  64. IOv4 says:

    Also, quickly let me get out a few opinions. FUCK NOLAN STILL, because everyone died before he made the last Batman movie, if he had gotten to make it I would have sucked his cock I love him so much and comics and batman rubber oh jeesuz but FUCK HIM anyway for not giving me exactly what I wanted when I wanted it FUCK YOU NOLAN

  65. IOv3 says:

    Christ, since apparently someone having a strong opinion is like putting you on a cross, that’s the thing you never get. I am more open minded then you could ever be because unlike you, I DON’T HOLD GRUDGES FOR FUCKING EVER! You are a grudge holding fucker and you act as if that justifies your shitty fucking behavior towards anyone that gets in your path.

    I might be fierce about how I feel about things but you act as if being a curmudgeonly mothefucker is justification to shit all over EVERYONE ON THIS BLOG! Seriously, get that bullshit plumb out of your ass about how I view opinions and what not, and realize that just because you think you are justified. Does not mean you are, Rayland.

    Oh yeah, Nolan has been exonerated of all crimes, but apparently I can’t change my fucking mind. Real fucking open-minded, Christ. Also, compared to you and your buddy, Lex and I are walking on fucking sunshine.

  66. christian says:

    “to shit all over EVERYONE ON THIS BLOG!”

    YOU is not EVERYONE, Captain Sunshine. More rich irony from the guy who’s been banned here for insults more than anybuddy (other than you-know-who).

  67. IOv5 says:


  68. IOv6 says:


  69. IOv5 says:

    Damn it Cam.

  70. IOv6 says:

    Sorry Mitchell, but sometimes I just want to let the world know how much I love to dance.

  71. IOv4 says:

    I agree with my past self, I don’t hold grudges! Here I am, floating in space on a chunk of earth with hardly anything but but 800 packs of Ho-Hos, a blow up doll, five hundred bags of chips, a cup filled with my own urine, and a great internet connection (I was in my trailer when the world blew up). I FORGIVE YOU SHITHEAD!

    And I do have ECLECTIC TASTES IN MOVIES! I love everything from character pieces (The Avengers) to sci-fi (Tron) to historical dramas (Captain America) to classics (Thor) to documentaries (Tron again).


  72. christian says:


  73. IOv3 says:

    Christian, you just shit all over David today. You shit over anyone who disagrees with you. Seriously, go read what you post or maybe take a moment to edit your posts.

    You also bring up being banned as if it’s a BAD THING! People get pissed off and get banned. Big fucking deal. You got FUCKING BANNED FOR HARASSING LEX AT ANOTHER BLOG! You fail to bring this up and you also fail to bring up that I got banned for pointing OUT A FACT ABOUT AVATAR THAT HAS BECOME ACCEPTED AS FACT!

    Seriously, stop throwing stones in my glass house motherfucker, because your house is all glass and has very little fucking windows left. Look at yourself before you take a shit at me.

    ETA: IOv4, stop being a wimp and post as yourself.

  74. IOv4 says:

    Fuck yeah, BRING THA PAIN, IO PAST! I got your back, brotha!

  75. IOv4 says:

    Oh go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.

  76. IOv4 says:

    Oh, ps past IO…you might want to stop shoving coke bottles up your ass. In the future there’s no doctors to prescribe that anti-rash medication we use, so now I have to float through space with a sore bum. I know it feels good now, but I’m the one paying the price.

  77. christian says:

    I guess you’re idea of “shitting” is wondering why DP would let a self-anointed pervert near actresses who would likely be grossed out by his comments. What would your girlfriend think?

    I was banned (one of many who wear that badge) for hassling Wells for his Hispanic racism – cheered on by your boyfriend but you don’t know that since you only know what you know. And DP banned you for hating AVATAR?

  78. IOv4 says:

    You may want to stop trying to suck your own dick long enough to figure out that you are a complete and other piece of shit, whose a fucking cowardly fuckbot, that lacks the ability to insult someone as their used nick. You most likely are some QT cocksucking bastard that got upset that someone doesn’t love him like you do. Guess what? Fuck him, I am glad the Coens got fucking shut out, and you are nothing more than a pissy bitch.

  79. IOv4 says:

    The IOv4 posts from 9:42 and 9:45 were from an imposter, in case anyone’s getting confused. But IO, HEED THE POST at 9:43!!! PLEASE FOR ME!!!!

  80. cadavra says:

    Somewhere, Tarantino is reading this and thinking, “How did they get from me to THIS?”

  81. IOv3 says:

    Christ, boyfriend? Really? You are going to throw around homophobia? Really? So you will defend the hispanic people but not the gays? Good to know.

    Yes, I got banned for pointing out the obvious about Avatar’s grosses. That’s why he banned me. Go back and use your friend the search engine to find out why I got banned last year. He probably should have banned me this year for being more accurate about the Oscars but you know, that’s life!

  82. christian says:

    “Defend Hispanics but not the gays”? What the hell are you talking about? Your silence when Lex j’accuses everybody of being gay for watching cartoons or not liking K-Stew?

    Cad, it’s like the inverse of the ape tossing the bone up. Or maybe it’s like the ape throwing up the bone.

  83. IOv4 says:

    Would you guys shut the fuck up about Kubrick? He took FOREVER to make movies so fuck him, and he made a sci-fi movie with spaceships but then didn’t have any laser battles so fuck him twice, I’m glad he’s dead.

  84. IOv4 says:

    Some dumb ass is nothing more than an impostor and he wants to get upset, after being a pissy bitch? Fuck you and fuck your existence. If David had a mod on this place, your cowardly bitch ass would be banned but David just can’t put in the time NIKKI FINKE FUCKING DOES, so he lets a piece of shit like you rip off someone. You are a fucking piece of shit, who needs to get his QT and Coen DVDs thrown out a fucking window. You weak ass flake.

  85. IOv3 says:

    Christian, unlike you, THAT’S A GOD DAMN CHARACTER! How fucking daft do you have to be to not get, that he post as a character? Jesus, that’s his schtick. Get a fucking clue, man.

  86. IOv4 says:


  87. IOv4 says:


  88. IOv4 says:

    That’s nice monkey. Keep on posting your absolutely stunningly ignorant posts. You are a weak ass bastard that lacks the ability, on a BLOG, to post as someone other than yourself. What kind of time must you have to be this fucking lame?

  89. christian says:

    So lex gets excused for his “schtick” – the one so close to your own temperament — while everybody else here must be for reals — yet those who pretend to be somebody else are miserable misanthropes.


  90. IOv4 says:

    A fuckload of it! I’M STRANDED ON AN ASTEROID.

  91. IOv3 says:

    Christian, have you ever read Lex’s twitter? Have you ever paid attention to his personal posts on this twitter? Obviously not because he and I have completely different temperaments. I would get in your face and back you down, he wouldn’t, because he’s a sweet and kind guy who uses his schtick to get his frustrations out. The fact that you and your friends have never understood this about him, is your fucking problem.

    I find it funny that you think Lex and I are the same. We are very different, we have very different temperaments, and I sure the fuck would never post as a clone of you.

  92. IOv4 says:

    And IO is anyone’s real name?

    Look, I really hope the last IOv4 post was an imposter and not really the past me, because if so you’re just insulting yourself! It’s like that “why are you hitting yourself” game. NOT FUN.

    I know that you don’t believe that I’m really you in the future. So I’ll just use a code phrase that will let you know I’m telling the truth. It will resonate in a special way, only between us.

    kompleti za inkontinenciju

  93. christian says:

    The fact that lex has a drinking problem with some bi-polar behavior has been noted – I suggested help since I’m a good liberal. Pretending it’s all “schtick” is Denial O’Clock.

    But you have other worries – your “clone” is loose.

  94. IOv4 says:

    Although I am sort of sad that past me thinks he ever “backed someone down.” I mean, face reality, chump.

  95. IOv3 says:

    You really are a dumb motherfucker and can’t even type this right… komplet za inkontinenciju. You dumb motherfucker.

    ETA: Fake bitch, you can’t fucking insult me in a foreign language right, and you can’t read. If Christian and I met, I would not BACK DOWN from him yelling at me. English obviously is not your first language because if it were, you wouldn’t have missed that point. Seriously, dumb ass, fuck off.

    Oh yeah Christian, he has a sadness problem, and that’s not bi-polar as much as depression. The fact that you treat someone who may be very sad like such a piece of shit, shows in spades what kind of character you have.

  96. IOv4 says:

    So we’re on the same page then! I was just testing you!

  97. IOv4 says:

    Hey IO you asshole, Don’t blame ME for being stupid! YOU WERE ME FIRST, WHY DIDN’T YOU READ A FUCKING BOOK???

  98. IOv4 says:

    Oh and let me retort by quoting you…

    “I would get in your face and back you down, he wouldn’t”

    That, in English, means that YOU would back HIM down, not that YOU would NOT back down. I guess I did get smarter as I got older! Good, because in the past I was a real idiot.

  99. IOv3 says:

    Tony Kukoc, ići sisati patka ste glupi neuki hrvatski svinjskih guzica.

    ETA: That ETA didn’t work out right.

  100. DiscoNap says:

    I love when this generally erudite place goes so fucking crazy, especially when I’m out of the loop for awhile.

    This is like not watching Charlie Rose or C-Span for a few weeks and then turning it on and everybody is wailing on each other like Keith David and Roddy Piper.

    Also IOv3, Tarantino has made four movies in the last 10 years. Not exactly Speilberg, but not below average. Playing old tapes, man.

  101. christian says:

    IO, given the things he’s said about me, I’ve been surprisingly cool. But his “schtick” doesn’t give him free reign to rail and calling it that doesn’t help him at all.

  102. IOv3 says:

    Christian, you still give a guy whose PROFOUNDLY SAD A LOT OF THE TIME, SHIT! It’s a schtick. He apparently can’t even talk to a girl and you are giving him shit for stating he finds some girls attractive.

  103. IOv4 says:

    Past me…I WISH I could have fucked a local whore. But they kept kicking me in the balls for some reason! I’ve been sex free for YEARS, so I know I have a clean bill of health!

  104. christian says:

    IO, it’s clear you see only what what you want to see.

    That is all. Send In The Clones.

  105. IOv4 says:

    I should add that I kept in touch with Lex in the future. He FINALLY took up Poland’s offer to interview a celebrity because he couldn’t pass up meeting her. Well, at the interview his mouth dried up and he knocked over two big fishtanks. So K-Stew found this really funny and they hit it off. She actually invited him out to a club and they got HAMMERED. And she told him she’d like to give him a revenge fuck because she was mad at some guy. He COULDN’T believe it.

    They got back to her mansion and he was literally TWO SECONDS away from sticking his prick in her when the world blew up.

  106. IOv3 says:

    Seriously Kukoc, you still pissed that you are the most forgettable member of three time championship winning team? Get the fuck over yourself and realize you still have nothing on Steve Kerr.

  107. IOv4 says:

    Dude, stop embarassing me by throwing out lame insults that aren’t even insults. UGH I’m so fucking lame.

  108. IOv3 says:

    Christian, I see what’s posted on the screen and what’s posted on the screen is you and your buddy taking potshots at him. He treated you and your buddy all respectful a couple of weeks ago and you two just kept insulting him. Seriously Christian, what the fuck am I missing, illuminate me, because all I see is two people picking on a guy who has legitimate fans for the schtick that he does. The fact that you only see what you want to see and don’t realize as much, is what’s sad.

    Yo Kukoc, mess with me, but don’t mess with Lex. You pitiful fucking ass.

    ETA: You aren’t me, you are some pissed off Croatian, and the fact that you are lame enough to go around on a blog acting as someone else, is a testament to the utter lameness of whomever the fuck you are, you fucking cowardly dickcheese.

    ETA II: You are only slightly lamer than Poland, who should have shut this shit down AN HOUR AGO, but apparently he can’t be bothered to do what Nikki Finke would do in 3 seconds. Get a fucking mod for this place and stop having your long time posters be harassed by bitter Croatian QT fans.

    Only on this fucking blog could I be given shit for having a difference of opinion outside of the norm of the bullshit movieblogging world, then be told that I am opinionated, and do not respect other people’s opinions.

  109. IOv4 says:

    Who’s messing with Lex? He almost fucked K-Stew, the man is GOD.

  110. IOv4 says:

    Also, stop throwing around Croatian like it’s some awesome insult and then refer to anything else as “lame.” Man, I wish I were me in the past so I could learn to stop being a loser. Now it’s too fucking late.

  111. IOv3 says:

    No, you are a Croatian asshole, and you started this by insulting me in Croatian. I am referring to you, you impostor fuck, as a Croatian asshole, because that’s who you seem to be… a Croatian asshole fuck.

  112. IOv4 says:

    I’m right! I should be BANNED! BAN IO!

    BAN IO!

    BAN IO!

    BAN IO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. IOv3 says:

    Yeah asshole, you got a different IP, and you should be banned for this bullshit. You are not going to run me off bitch. Poland needs to ban you and shut this BYOB down. Why this has not happened is beyond me but apparently I can get insulted, and it’s A OKAY!

  114. IOv4 says:

    You heard me, Poland! From my own dirty mouth! I SHOULD BE BANNED! BAN ME! BAN ME MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  115. IOv4 says:

    HOLY SHIT, I’m getting barraged by SPACE DEBRIS! It blew a hole in the wall and my entire collection of Japanese animated tentacle porn is being sucked out! Luckily with the amount I have it will take a month to all get sucked into space, but STILL! I have to log off now!


  116. IOv3 says:

    Seriously, do you get that you are not me? Have you split with reality that badly that you think you are me, and that you are me from the future? Really? Again, you should be banned, and David can’t tell the difference between you and I. He’s obviously not been paying attention for six years.

    ETA: Wow, the cowardly asshole ran off. Seriously, this goes out to all of you: if I piss you off that badly by not agreeing with your personal taste, then insult me as yourself. Acting as stupidly as fake bitch just makes you look weak and sad and weak.

  117. cadavra says:

    “komplet za inkontinenciju”

    Isn’t that the guy who directed BIUTIFUL?

  118. IOv3 says:

    Cad, you sir, are always good for a laugh :D! Thank you sir.

  119. LexG says:

    Fucking bummed that my awesome riff about getting my teaching license, the QT discussion, and my REHASHED JON STEWART MATERIAL FROM 2006 will now be lost to the sands of time in this insane, soon-to-be-swept aside BYOB.

  120. IOv3 says:

    Sorry, man. Sorry.

  121. LexG says:

    On the flip side, maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I should just blow this BYOB up with some vag-crazed boner-insanity, since it’s going nowhere fast and as mentioned elsewhere, I NEED A PLACE TO RANT.

    People have before tried to encourage me to BLOG, but face it, BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT is HARD AS FUCK to log into as a commenter, and I’d want HUNDREDS of comments. How can I start a Glenn Kenny-style, Poland-style, Wells-style PROFESSIONAL WEB SITE devoted to ME that would actually encourage traffic?

  122. IOv3 says:

    You promote it here like some folks have promoted their blogs before. You also use your twitter. After that, just hope it blows up, and what not.

  123. LexG says:


  124. Joe Straatmann says:

    And once again, I’m the bland extra who walks into the destroyed room with a “What the fuck?!” look on my face for comedic effect.

  125. IOv3 says:

    HIGH FIVE and do this for you. You need a place to rant. You just need to set the blog up and go.

  126. sanj says:

    LexG – you should do a video blog about movies and let people comment on youtube – your fun rants will get millions of views and you can beat all these professional movie bloggers .

  127. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Sorry I missed all the teacher bashing. Lex, I love your film commentary, but as someone who taught for more than 3 years, you don’t know shit about teaching. Not one damn thing. When someone is ignorant about a certain subject, it is best to refrain from making ignorant comments about said subject. Not that you have ever cared about looking foolish here.

  128. Storymark says:

    Threads like this make me wish Poland were a little more liberal with the bannings.

  129. leahnz says:

    quickly catching up on this ‘thread’ (?)

    re:lex, stella’s boy said

    “you don’t know shit about teaching. Not one damn thing. When someone is ignorant about a certain subject, it is best to refrain from making ignorant comments about said subject.”

    fascinating. not just singling out stella’s boy in this, he’s certainly not the only one, but this sentiment sums up the attitude at the heart of my point to follow:

    it’s always interesting how psycho-doo’s ENDLESS fanatical misogyny (with nice dashes of homophobia thrown in for good measure now and then), demeaning, revolting objectification of young women and disturbing cringe-inducing pedo-leching over teen girls are blithely tolerated under the guise of a hilarious lark around here (because after all, hatred of and demeaning women IS extremely amusing, as is the dirty-middle-age-man-wants-to-diddle-teen-girls act, tee hee!) — hey, it’s all good, no big deal, loosen up, have a laugh at the woman-fear-and-loathing shtick, it’s HILLARIOUS leah, you just have no sense of humour and don’t get it because you’re an ugly feminist! geeze — and yet the moment lex gets liberals or teachers in his crusty ass-eye sights and unleashes some verbal diarrhea of idiocy in that direction, watch out! indignant admonishment and pooh-poohing from the peanut gallery. he can’t insult us teachers and liberals like that, he’s ignorant and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that’s not cool, that’s not FUNNY!

    oh, but demeaning women, gays and pedo-perv ranting all day, every day is perfectly fine and amusing becuase after all lex IS an expert on women, gay people and teen girls, he’s not ignorant in the slightest on those subjects so it’s open season there, he can say whatever nasty shit he wants because it’s just an act, see? so hate bombs away boy, have at it! just don’t insult MY group because that’s ignorant and not funny! but other groups, half the population of the planet, no worries.

    hmm i guess maybe it’s a bit different when the shoe’s on the other foot for a change, eh. but where would we be without hypocrisy and double-standards.

  130. leahnz says:

    (oh and give the sanj BS a rest, lex. tiresome. anyone with half a brain knows it’s you)

  131. LexG says:

    Uh, I’m seriously NOT sanj.

    Poland could probably check the email or IP to confirm that, not that he should want or have to.

    But I’m absolutely not sanj. I think ONE TIME I did a joking “Sanj2” or something as a gag, but I’m not the singular sanj and never have been. Why would I do that?

  132. christian says:

    No, sanj is sanj – the most evil bot of all time.

    And he’s loose here with the clones.

  133. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I apologize for not scolding Lex enough for your liking leahnz. It’s because, of course, I am a misogynist homophobe. Like some others, I have been reading and posting here from the beginning. During that time I have noted my feelings regarding Lex’s rants about women. What is one’s obligation here? Plead with DP to ban him? Get in fights with Lex about it? Make it an issue every chance one gets? Please, let me know how I should respond to Lex.

  134. LexG says:

    Leah, I give voice to the roughly, oh, 100 PERCENT of all straight men who objectify young women.

    It’s not “demeaning.” It’s “appreciation.”

  135. LexG says:

    Also, I’m not “middle aged.”

  136. leahnz says:

    stfu psycho-doo, you’re delusional and about a self-aware as a gnat. oh, and you are middle-aged, dipshit, the life expectancy for a white amercan male is like 76. you do the math.

    to stella’s boy, do what you like, i don’t care either way, you have no obligation to anybody but yourself, certainly not to me.

    did i say you’re a misogynist homophobe? hardly. and i thought i made it clear my sentiment wasn’t directed at you alone, your comment just brought it home. i merely pointed out the hypocrisy so often surrounding the reaction to lex, and my fascination with what is tolerated by people so long as it’s not them or theirs in the firing line.

    fwiw i’ve been here since year dot and i can’t recall ever having seen you say a peep to lex about his epic seething hate, apart from once when he was a class-A vicious prick to kamikazeC who mostly stopped posting here altogether after that, i do seem to remember you commenting to lex about that, that you didn’t find lex normally offensive except to kami, so there’s that. but i certainly don’t see every comment in every thread.

    what i find interesting is what people compartmentalise; how people can actually embrace or relate to someone who is an absolutely despicable, hateful asshole and sleaze a good deal of the time (and who then insists on passing it off as an ‘aw, shucks, who me?’ act and think that makes being a vicious asshole all ok, and that everyone HAS to buy it because LEX SAYS SO, which in reality only makes it that much more psychotic and disturbing, the truly disturbing thing being it actually works), so long as it’s not them in the line of fire.

    but funny how hate can be easy to overlook until the snake bites YOU in the ass, and then suddenly it’s not so funny anymore. that was my point.

    “What is one’s obligation here? Plead with DP to ban him? Get in fights with Lex about it? Make it an issue every chance one gets? Please, let me know how I should respond to Lex.”

    are you referring to me there? (ftr i have never once pleaded that lex be banned) because i think it would be quite interesting to see what your – or anybody’s for that matter – reaction would be if day and and day out, year after long year, lex degraded teachers (or some other group to which one belongs) on a constant basis as an external target for his internal self-loathing and insecurity. what if every time lex said something demeaning and insulting of women here, it was teachers instead. would you be such a fan? would you make an “issue” of it? really, i’m curious. perhaps when your ‘group’ only incurs lex’s psychotic wrath/reign of terror once in a blue moon it’s relatively easy not to think much about it. just a thought.

  137. LexG says:

    Leah, please, spend a little more time fixating on me and spinning 10,000-word tributes to the hold I have over you. You seem positively obsessed. Christ, crazy lady, you know how hard up I am for vag. All you have to do is ask.

  138. christian says:

    she’s just schoolin’ ya lex. a guy with three degrees should be cool with that. and 100 percent of straight men here don’t lust after young stuff like dakota or steinfeld. i hope.

  139. leahnz says:

    aw lex, way to miss the whole point, genius (i know it’s hard for you to believe people aren’t obsessed with you, but deal with it. i give you about as much thought as crusty booger tissued into the toilet; never mistake a speedily-typed lunch-hour screed as anything more meaningful than a slight diversion because i enjoy typing shit out. you are of no consequence to me, because unlike you, i have a life. now shoo fly, go lay some maggots. it’s what you do best)

  140. LexG says:

    Christian and Lesbnz: The Nick and Nora Charles of Boredom.

    Christian: Dakota = YEP YEP, but you are LYING with regards to that other name, whom I merely say is “cute.” Which she is. Ooooooh, how controversial.

    In the last three, four weeks I’ve seen about a dozen middle-aged female entertainment reporters lusting over that Bieber idiot like he was 1994 Brad Pitt. NO ONE calls out middle-aged hens VERY PUBLICLY fanning (good word) themselves over a 17-year-old dork. But OOOOOH, a guy better not say a teenaged actress is “cute” or some IDIOT like Xtian will wheel out the “P” word, which is DISGUSTING.


  141. leahnz says:

    obsessed with the beiber much? (i guess we just have to take your word for it, huh psycho-doo)

    delusional about your own behaviour much?

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm dakota, legal in ONE YEAR YEP YEP. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    yeah, that’s not creepy at all…want some more? maybe you’re not even aware of what you’re typeing half the time. a visit to nurse rached may be in order

    (oh and btw, calling women ‘hens’ is derogatory, bright spark)

  142. LexG says:

    I’m never derogatory about HOT women.

    The only kind that count.

  143. leahnz says:

    i rest my case

  144. LexG says:

    Also as long as I’m singing my own praises, it is AMAZING that a shtick that’s at LEAST as old as Andy Kaufman doing lady wrestling and taunting women in the audience with sexist barbs, can still be taken seriously by Leah.

  145. leahnz says:

    dammit, i’m re-opening the case very briefly to say this:

    “a shtick that’s at LEAST as old as Andy Kaufman”

    my god, you really are a moron. yes, kaufman was the first comedian to use misogyny as a form of provocative humour…(yikes, do you know about anything that occurred before the 80’s? nevermind). but see, kaufman had this little thing going for him called being funny. it’s sort of a requirement for being a comedian.

  146. LexG says:

    Wow, the case is re-opened. Good thing it’s official.

    “yikes, do you know about anything that occurred before the 80s? nevermind”

    I do, but since unlike you I’m not a HUNDRED fucking years old, I mostly stay within my YOUTHFUL frame of reference. Sorry I wasn’t around during whatever PATTY DUKE-era shows you’re talking about from your childhood in the early 60s.

  147. IOv3 says:

    Rodney King would be very disappointed in this thread.

  148. cadavra says:

    Gotta give Lex at least a small tip of the hat for the Zardoz reference.

  149. christian says:

    Yes, but not a youthful frame of reference.

  150. LexG says:

    MAN did I kill it in this thread. Re-reading it and ROLLING over how great some of my gems are above. (I ALWAYS re-read my stuff like six, eight times, and while away slow days re-reading my greatest hits from months past across the blogosphere. I’m my own biggest fan.)

    Leahnz, for real, we should ABSOLUTELY do a Podcast together. It would be great, great stuff.

  151. yancyskancy says:

    It seems to me that to get truly bent out of shape over Lex’s sexist (or faux-sexist) rants, you have to willfully ignore the equal amount of self-deprecating admissions of unworthiness he routinely admits to. I guess he’s easier to hate if you pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    The other day I read an Oscar prediction article (sorry, can’t remember where) in which the guy who wrote it casually referred to “the lovely Hailee Steinfeld” while listing the nominees. A female commenter thought this was awful, because no similar compliment was offered to 50-ish Melissa Leo. She further extrapolated that this kind of thing is why some women get so desperate about aging (at least she didn’t accuse the guy of being a pedophile). While I did think it was a bit dumb to single out Steinfeld’s looks in this context, it seemed more paternalistic than sexist. And it’s not like she’s NOT lovely. And he didn’t write “the lovely Hailee Steinfeld (only four more years, YEP YEP!).”

  152. Joe Leydon says:

    LexG: Also, I’m not “middle aged.”

    Unless you plan on living until well past 80 — you’re middle aged.

  153. christian says:

    yancy, respectfully, that’s bullshit. Who cares if a sexist rant is followed by a self-loathing one? And again, you just ignore all the hate. It’s a bully’s method. Respectfully.

  154. LexG says:

    What “hate”? Who am I “hating”? Man, the way you hang on my every syllable. You want an autograph or something, Christian? Just ask. I’ll mail one to the New Beverly, C/O “the guy who looks like Fisher Stevens who you can’t get rid of.”

  155. christian says:

    No autographs please, I’ve got this schtick everywhere.

  156. IOv3 says:

    Yancy has always been a very sensible poster. The fact that he can see it and the people perpetuating the real ageda in here cannot, is rather telling.

  157. christian says:

    Agenda? You and Lex are the FOX News of The Hot Blog.

  158. leahnz says:

    tips of the hat to lex for some lame repetitive reference he’s used 200 times before, and making excuses for him – same pandering, different day. in other words, the usual.

    yancy, your comment is particularly off base, talk about willfully missing of the point. you describe lex’s tiresome vitriolic disrespect of women as FAUX sexism, and then refer to ME as hateful in response? talk about getting it ass-backwards in making excuses for your pathetic boy, perhaps you need a reality check abut who is hateful and who is pointing it out as enough already.

    again, it’s awfully easy to dismiss lex’s misogynist rants year in, year out when similar constant, never-ending disrespect isn’t directed at your gender or group, isn’t it yancy? (are you female? thought not) which was my whole point to begin with. i’d LOVE to see the reaction if i spent years on end here, day in day out, posting random, ridiculous, demeaning comments about men and perving on under-age teen boys just for the hell of it in some incredibly lame *supposed* comedy act that is loathsome, tired and unoriginal. please.

    and how on earth is this relevant in the slightest?:

    “A female commenter thought this was awful, because no similar compliment was offered to 50-ish Melissa Leo. She further extrapolated that this kind of thing is why some women get so desperate about aging (at least she didn’t accuse the guy of being a pedophile). While I did think it was a bit dumb to single out Steinfeld’s looks in this context, it seemed more paternalistic than sexist. And it’s not like she’s NOT lovely. And he didn’t write “the lovely Hailee Steinfeld (only four more years, YEP YEP!).”

    wait, so you think this example is some comparable analogy indicative of lex’s behaviour on this blog – mmmmmmmmmmm dakota one more year to legal yep yep yummmmmmmmm, a mere drop in a sea of fucking creepy cringe-worthy perving on teen girls – and it’s your assertion that this sort of thing from lex is the same as some guy using the word lovely in passing in some innocuous comment? are you serious? and are you then comparing my reaction to lex, after listening to him spewing abject woman-hate and pedo-perving here for years, to a female commenter who admonishes some guy who used the word ‘lovely’ as somehow comparable undeserved criticism? yeah, that’s really the same thing. yikes, perhaps you need to take your blinders off.

    “I guess he’s easier to hate if you pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

    how do you know what the man behind the curtain is thinking, he writes a bunch of hateful shit and says it’s ‘a joke’, he spreads his asshole with delight, and you just assume he’s a good guy because he says so. do you know lex?

    just more excuses, excuses for ‘poor little lex’

  159. LexG says:

    Leah, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Get over it, hen.

    I think you’re just jealous that I’m not objectifying you instead of hot young actresses. YEP YEP.


  160. LexG says:

    “He spreads his darkness with delight.”

    — Leahnz on “LexG”

    That’s FUCKING AWESOME. Now I feel like King Diamond up in here.

  161. leahnz says:

    the people? one person, psycho-doo, counting is your friend (oh sorry, and io, your little lap dog)

    blah blah blah, i’m the king! kneel before my scalp. worship me, the pedophile perv, i demand it!

    edited to say: when did i say anything about spreading darkness? you’re delusional

  162. LexG says:

    You IO’d your original, much funnier line to replace “darkness” with asshole. But I control-C’d, control-V’d it. Watch, I’ll do it again:

    he spreads his darkness with delight,

    STILL funny. And you need a dictionary, because objectifying some women in their late teens, early 20s and up doesn’t fall under that disgusting term you’re so cavalierly throwing around like an idiot.

    But sorry, yeah, not into chicks in their mid-50s.

  163. IOv3 says:

    You two are not going to run him off or me off. Civility, people. Civility. If we have to deal with you two, you should be able to deal with the rest of us, but I forgot that two fifty year old people lack the ability to be civil to other posters… on the internet.

    ETA: Fuck you, Lex :P! Hating on a brother for editing! SHAMEFUL, MAN! SHAMEFUL!

  164. christian says:

    Lex, for you to LIE about your numerous references to “bait” or even one revolting time here you asked somebody how old their daughter was…well, dream on, bro.

    “but I forgot that two fifty year old people lack the ability to be civil to other posters… on the internet.”

    Try to count the number of times I’ve called people, DP included, “motherfuckers” here – that’s your “schtick.” Nobody wants to drive you off, Victim Man. But how about asking why lex feels the need to hijack thread after thread with his boner-vag-fuck everybody-bait-white women-Bush is awesome-nobody cares- only i am au currant but don’t watch animation-hens-reheated Leykis crap? He’s just dandy talking about film. What is the need for the other stuff? Can you explain why he does it?

  165. IOv3 says:

    OH my god, HE USED THE WORD BAIT AND ASKED HOW OLD SOMEONE’S DAUGHTER WAS? Your friend insults me all the time in ways that are worse than that, get the fuck over it, Christ.

  166. LexG says:

    “…one revolting time here you asked somebody how old their daughter was…”


    Show me one straight man on this planet who doesn’t think 18-year-old girls are cute, and I’ll show you a TOTAL LIAR.

  167. leahnz says:

    re: the darkness comment, no, i didn’t actually. i wrote ‘he spreads his asshole’s darkness with delight’, then had second thoughts and took out ‘asshole’s’ because that sounded weird even for me, then went back to the preious version and took out darkness and the ‘s. so there. wrong.

    and i’m sorry to hear your not into chicks in their mid-50’s lex, not sure how that pertains to me. and i look waaaaay younger than you. but i am CRUSHED that a chubby balding asshole doens’t want to objectify me, i don’t think i’ll ever get over it.

    a nearly 40yr old man perving on mid-teen girls is a pedo in my book. SORRY.

  168. christian says:

    IO, I forget that I’m debating the DZ of The Hot Blog.

  169. IOv3 says:

    So Sean Penn is a perv for what he’s been doing with Scarjo? Is Benicio a perv for what he did with Scarjo when she was much younger? Again, there are guys in their 30s who date 18 year olds all the time. Not my bag either but that does not make them PERVS or PEDOS. Legal is legal. DEAL!

    ETA: Christ, you remain the most grudge holding person on this entire forum. Oh jesus, someone stated something years ago and you REMEMBER IT AS IF IT WERE YESTERDAY! Aren’t you fucking special. GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

  170. leahnz says:

    scarjo is 27 silly

  171. LexG says:

    It’s funny how Lushnz and Chritian DiFisherGeddyKennyG try to go toe to toe with the MASTERS, and get fucking SERVED each and every time. I appreciate that you two are in it for the haul, but you are literally banging your heads against walls, because THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and the Lexman is a fucking SMASH HIT here that people ENJOY and GET.

    Christ, on HE Wells once thought about banning me because he thought I was TOO MUCH OF A PRESENCE on his heavily-trafficked site, so he held a public referendum and 250 PEOPLE clocked in to sing my praises as a MAIN REASON they visit two of the most popular movie blogs in Hollywood. Not saying that being a COMMENTER on MOVIE BLOGS is anything to brag about, but within this modest world, my shtick is a CROWD-PLEASING DELIGHT that enhances the experience for exponentially more people than it turns off.


  172. LexG says:

    “scarjo is 27 silly”

    yeah, I knew there was a reason I didn’t think she was as hot lately.


  173. IOv3 says:

    Sean Penn is still much older than she is and that’s just as skievy to me. That’s the thing… to me. I have no idea why he’s a perv for finding girls that are attractive and that includes K-Stew back in the day because for some god damn reason, California has looser age of consent rules than ALL OF THE STATES IN THE SOUTH! Seriously, go figure that shit out.

  174. christian says:

    So the running thread is that wherever lex goes he sows discord and bad feelings and the site owner debating whether to ban him. That’s some victory. Translating to what?

  175. IOv3 says:

    No, that Lex is popular, and people enjoy his schtick. You two can hate me all the live long day but hating on him, is rather futile.

  176. LexG says:

    This is seriously the most boring fucking tangent and thread ever, even for a narcissist like me. Christian and Leah: GET. A. FUCKING. LIFE.

    Oh, yeah, yeah, I know, Leah, you don’t give me a second thought and you’re so busy and this is just to piss away your lunchbreak for your own amusement, not like a loser like me or IO….even though you’re on here 18 FUCKING HOURS A DAY posting the same tired complaints that NO ONE gives a shit about with your old Zoe Bell wannabe ass. Yeah, you’re too cool for school and surrounded by crocodile hunter types at the pub wanting to rim your asshole while you diddle away on the fucking Internet all goddamn day long… but, yeah, by all means, post another eight MILLION fucking times about me like a crazed fan, then tell us how it’s just some occasional time-killer. Just like you’re some stunning beauty with no pics to back it up. Maybe ‘storymark’ can spin some yarn about how he’s point guard for the fucking Knicks, it’d hold about as much weight as your claims to your own greatness.

    Yeah, yeah “bright spark psycho-doo perv,” whatever, whatever. Talk about needing new material.

  177. leahnz says:

    edited to say after catching up on this riviting thread, i’m on here 18 hrs a day? in what universe is that? i’ve been on here very little. paging nurse ratched. and really, still with the australia stuff? very, very original. kudos, lex. kudos.

    lol, dear lex. please point out where i’ve been served by you here. can’t wait. do you mean the ‘darkness’ thing, you seeing a particular screen during my editing and then me messing with your insufferable personage? oh yes, that ‘won’ it for you, surely

    and funny, i didn’t hear a lot of people besides io your personal loonytoon praise-singing you in any of these threads recently, a straggler here and there, yancy, some guy i can’t remember his name…poor poppet. your interpretation of things is sadly skewed in your favor. not surprising for such an unabashed egotist.

    and that HE thing, that was one of the few threads i’ve read there… most of those comments were in fact you, and the same 20-odd lap dogs that follow you around like pathetic pooper scoopers posting over and over and over. but you can count it any way you like if it gives you validation and a reason to live and feeds you sorry ego, your opinion of yourself is awfully high so it must be working. bless.

    all kneel before king scalp! worship him

  178. LexG says:

    Leah, what’s menopause like?

  179. christian says:

    lex, you demanding somebody GET A LIFE when you demand constant attention here there and everywhere is so cute!

  180. leahnz says:

    he is awfully cute

    and that menopause comment? SMASHING. i honestly don’t know how he comes UP with this clever stuff!

  181. IOv3 says:

    Yeah those 250 people were not him. He’s liked, David gave him a column for fuck’s sake, and Wells had a steak with him. Goodness fucking gracious, deny it all you want, but there’s enough empirical facts going the other way.

    I also love that you give me shit for being friendly with someone, while if anyone seems to have a sidekick looney tune, it’s you. Seriously, why the fuck can’t you get through one of your screeds without insulting people?

  182. christian says:

    “Seriously, why the fuck can’t you get through one of your screeds without insulting people?”


  183. LexG says:

    Yeah, and I’ve been offered columns and spots on five other movie blogs, too, unrelated to DP or JW.

    Of course I turn them all down, but the point is, THE ROUTINE GETS HITS and people seem to enjoy it.

    Shit, Christian, you write up a storm on your own blog and teach film classes or some shit… Anyone offering you columns? Jealous hating bitch.

    Try being more provocative, maybe someone would read your shit.

  184. leahnz says:

    irony, thy name is IO (same letters even, maybe i’ll start calling you iRo for short, i think it looks good)

  185. christian says:

    Lex, you clearly can’t stop reading me.

  186. leahnz says:

    “Jealous hating bitch.”

    aw, the REAL lexg is coming out to play, it’s always just a matter of time. next will be the the ‘gay’ taunts, and the blood and the tears and moping of floors

    unleash heeeeeellll!

  187. IOv3 says:

    Mary and Christ, I go out of my fucking way not to be mean. The fact that you two cannot get the hint, is not on me.

    ETA: Like you are a FUCKING SAINT, Mary. You and Christ are the meanest people on this blog and again, the fact that you don’t get this, is pretty fucking astounding.

  188. LexG says:

    Christian, I haven’t been to your blog since your enjoyable Revenge of the Ninja piece, which was pretty good. Or whenever I last posted as DakotaFan, which always cracks me up.

    Leah, go dust your fucking vagina and shut up.

  189. leahnz says:

    oooooh! big meano

    it’s true iRo, you have angels flying out of yer arse

  190. LexG says:

    Also gotta love that ACTIVE-SOCIAL-LIFE-HAVING Leah’s apparent goal all day, now revealed, was to bait and goad on the off chance she can get me to say something off-color enough that she can sing her GOTCHA! cries of homophobia or sexism that no one’s really buying or caring about.

    She’s probably shaking over her Fosters muttering “please say something worse… please say something worse…”

    What a loser. No dice, hen. Maybe instead of worrying about me or IO, you should go get some fresh air or do your job or toss a Frisbee with your kid or have some phone action with Christian or something…

    You’re a demented idiot.

  191. IOv3 says:

    That’s awesome and I am a better person in this blog than you have ever been Leah (or I at least try to be and would never insult someone’s physical attributes while not sharing my own god damn pic). I also do not hate the opposite sex like you clearly do. You hate men, you hate anyone who does not agree with your view of the world, and all you do is rant and rave when you don’t get your way (I just rant and rave and never ever expect to get my way).

    You are mean, spiteful, and vindicative (just in this thread alone!). You and Christian are nothing more than old folk bullies that lack the tact to be anything more than distractions on a movie blog that would be better off without the both of you (Yeah that’s a bit harsh but you keep bashing Lex as if that’s what needs to happen every fucking day).

  192. IOv3 says:

    Oh yeah let me add that if both of you would, I don’t know, get the fuck over this shit, everything could be fine, but obviously you love to shit on two people that have generated more discussion on this blog than David Poland… HIMSELF!

    ETA: I forgot to add that as a lowly male I should not have posted this or the post above it. I hope and pray the lord forgives me for such… disobedience! FORGIVE ME JEEBUS! FORGIVE ME!

  193. leahnz says:

    aw, you two lovebirds sure can dish it out, not so much with the taking it (as long as you can say whatever you want without comeback, it’s all good… just so long as nobody takes issue with dum and dee!) lex thinks he’s the centre of the universe and accuses me of ‘scheming’, trying to ‘trick’ him into showing his true colours (paranoia, one sure sign of mental instability)…io thinks he’s on the list for sainthood and tries to tell people to get off his lawn, forgetting his lawn is elsewhere.

    as the world turns. so are the days of our lives.

  194. christian says:

    IOV3 and Lex – The Victim Brothers!

  195. IOv3 says:

    Oh I know I am not on the list for sainthood but you insult Lex’s appearance, you insult my intelligence, and you insult anyone who does not agree with you. It’s also Twiddledum and Twiddledee (yeah I fucked that up before). If you are going to insult us, again, at least go the whole fucking yard. Don’t half ass it.

    You also going on about not being able to take it, is reason enough for me to laugh for a half-hour steady. Seriously, I hold back with you because when I did go all out, your friend Lota stated how mean it was, and every since then I go out of my way to not insult you in a similar fashion to the way you insult me.

  196. IOv3 says:

    Christian and Leah: THE GRUDGE HOLDERS!

  197. leahnz says:

    WWF: slog in the blog

    one epic match

    the victim bros. vs. the grudge-holders

    slam! elbow! that jump from the ropes thingee!

    the crowd goes wild (they don’t realise it’s all fake)

  198. yancyskancy says:

    leah: I think I confused things with my second paragraph (about “lovely Hailee Steinfeld”). That was intended to refer back to Lex’s post about being considered a pedo for calling Dakota Fanning “cute.” I just thought it was an interesting anecdote. If this writer’s benign (to me, at least) characterization of Steinfeld can inspire outrage, then Lex had better hope that commenter never sees one of his “YEP YEP” posts — she’d probably track him down and relieve him of his yarbles. Of course I realize that if Lex’s “offense” were that benign, few here would admonish him harshly. But rightly or wrongly, I see Lex as a comedian – the type who is deliberately outrageous, knowing that those who “get” him will be fans, and those who don’t will be fodder for material.

    christian: I don’t feel like I’m ignoring “all the hate.” Without searching the archives, my general impression is that Lex reserves most of the hate for himself, though he won’t shy away from insulting those who slam him. And I do think it was worth pointing out that his sexist rants are followed by self-loathing ones because it’s all part of his shtick. Jekyll and Hyde, together again. The powerful Oz vs. the little man behind the curtain. You don’t have to like either persona, but you can’t really consider them separately. I guess you believe that the “tiresome vitriolic disrespect of women” represents the real Lex, and the tongue-tied nice guy is a put-on, but it seems just as likely to me that he has aspects of both, or neither, or some combination. And of course it’s all confused by the fact that like any online “character,” it’s impossible to know the ratio of real to put-on. I’m willing to entertain the possibility that Lex is as horrible a person as you think, but except for some of his more extreme, seemingly drunken moments, I generally get the impression that his provocations are “in character,” part of which includes taking the piss out of those who take offense.

    In some ways, arguing about Lex is arguing about humor. If you find something funny, it’s funny. If not, not. I don’t require anyone to find my interpretation of Lex to be the correct one, and I expect you guys feel the same way. I’m certainly not trying to convince you to change your minds about him; I’m just fascinated by the divisiveness he causes. Sometimes it’s fun to chew it over.

  199. Joe Leydon says:

    You know, a while back, I commented on the fact that, in recent months, fewer people are posting on this blog. Or, to put it another way, fewer people are posting on this blog about movies. Now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please go back and look at the past several postings on this thread and ask yourself: If you were a newcomer here, would you really want to immerse yourself in this bullshit?

  200. leahnz says:

    edited to add: joe, perhaps you should also ask yourself, why do no women (apart from me, apparently) stick around here for long? i’ve been told why by a couple, anecdotal yes, but likely telling

    fair enough yancy, i just think it’s awfully easy to ignore the hate lex spews here, the constant tiresome digs at and demeaning treatment of women day in day out (and it’s not just commenting on appearance, that is the least of it) when it’s not directed toward you or your gender or a group to which you identify. if he insulted a group or a person you identify with every day year in year out just to be an asshole, would you be so quick to defend him? i rather think not, but that’s down to you. and the fact that you think that’s humour…not sure what to say to that.

    and can we please dispense with this notion that lex never starts anything with anybody and only responds, his reams of deliberately provocative and offensive material on pretty much a daily basis is direct evidence to the contrary. if he doesn’t want people to repond to deliberate offense, he should keep his cyber lip zipped. he makes the choice to act like a jackass, then wants his cake and eat it too. not gonna happen, whether it’s women, teachers, liberals, critics, etc, he’s insulting with clear intent and there are consequences to behavior. most people learn this about age 5.

  201. Joe Leydon says:

    Er, because horny old geezers ask them for photos?

  202. IOv3 says:

    Again, what makes you think you can dole out the consequences? You are not the rozzers, you can’t state what can be posted on here or not, and you cannot dole out the consequences for shit you don’t like. You can disagree, we can all disagree, but you cannot attack someone just for not liking what they post. The fact that you refer to lashing out at someone as being mature, is easily the weirdest logic ever put on this site.

  203. christian says:

    yancy, I’d have to say you’re pretty selective in your reading of his posts. how “comedic” are lex’s repeated I HATE LIFE I WANT TO DIE posts? They’re pleas for help, not humor.

    Fact is he’s a bully like IO and demands attention. My bad for giving him exactly what he wants. He’s also a coward hence his inability to meet me or others in the flesh.

    Now cue up the end theme to GODZILLA VS MEGALON.

  204. IOv3 says:

    What level of narcotics do you have to take to believe I am a bully? I get shit on ALL THE FUCKING TIME CHRISTIAN! Hell, I got shit on in this very thread by the likes of you, for simply not being that excited by QT anymore.

    You and your friend are bullies. You like to dish out justice even though you two are some of the biggest offenders in here. Seriously, who keeps more people away? The guy who gets a lot of discussion going or the guy who goes out his way to insult people with his complete and utter ridiculous histrionics?

    Seriously, look in the fucking mirror, or the monitor, before posting such pure and utter bullshit. You are mad at me for some shit from years ago , excuse me for calling BULLSHIT on you and your friend for lacking the ability to not get over it or run me off.

    ETA: Oh yeah, let it be noted that the Grudgies believe they have the right to DOLE OUT JUSTICE on this blog. Ponder that for a moment, will you?

  205. christian says:

    You forgot to throw out your Bat Credit Card.

  206. IOv3 says:

    You don’t even know what that’s a reference to, being you are you, but the fact that you think I am a bully is astonishing. Seriously, people give me shit about everything on here. I am either too opinionated or do not respect people’s opinions. I am either all about GENRE FILMS or I have no taste at all. I dislike the Coen brothers and QT and that means I am evil. Do I have to use I anymore for you? Seriously, I am put upon for being different and my responses reflect as much a lot of the time.

    Seriously, Christian, have you even read that shit the fake me put in this thread? Go read it again and then come back to me with that BULLY bullshit. Good lord, I have never once, unlike you and Leah, ever believed I can dictate how people post on this blog. You two openly admit to believing that you can in this very thread, and you believe I am bully? Really? Get the fuck out here :D!

  207. christian says:

    “I have never once, unlike you and Leah, ever believed I can dictate how people post on this blog. You two openly admit to believing that you can”

    “more than distractions on a movie blog that would be better off without the both of you”

    And wasn’t that clone just doing schtick?

  208. LexG says:

    “He’s also a coward hence his inability to meet me or others in the flesh.”

    Yes, Christian, you make a very persuasive case for wanting to meet you.

  209. christian says:

    “WHAT DOES CUM TASTE LIKE BITCH BOY?” – lexg 6/14/10

    And your own charms are lost on me too – but you keep demanding info on me then bail when I offer to inform you.

  210. Joe Straatmann says:

    Why do I get the feeling this is going to end with something Youtube video editors will put “Dear Sister” under?

  211. LexG says:

    Christian, I am sorry if you’re still smarting from my off-color barbs nearly a year later, but I am a BATTLE RAPPER. You get in the ring with Eminem or Fifty or Violent J or ESHAM or someone, you don’t think they’re gonna be dropping some off-color, un-PC shit? If we were doing RAP BATTLES, that kind of line and bullying taunt would be par for the course. It’s how rappers roll.

    Get over it. Bygones.

  212. LexG says:

    Dude’s flow is pretty tight but what’s with all the white women? I CAN’T GET A WHITE CHICK, so it vaguely bothers me when rapper dudes take all the white pussy.

  213. LexG says:


    Poor white men can NEVER get WHITE PUSSY.


    I’ve eaten more rice bowl than fucking Yoshiyonya in the last two decades. Give me some fucking skinny CAUCASIAN SQUACK.

  214. Foamy Squirrel says:

    He’s Canadian. I hear there’s only white people up in Canadia.

  215. LexG says:

    Seriously maybe I should move to Toronto or something, because WHEN I MOVED TO L.A., (and this is going to be a GREAT fucking riff) I thought it’d be like HEFNER LAND and THREE’S COMPANY and PLAYMATES and like BLONDE vag everywhere….

    Then I get here in like ’95 and all they have is something called Filipino chicks, and like KOREAN CHICKS. They’re cute in their own way and I was with an Asian chick for a while, but I MOVED HERE FOR KIRSTEN DUNST-looking LONG THIN TALL BLONDE WHITE WOMEN.

    And lo and behold, they DO NOT HAVE THAT in Los Angeles. They just have like Koreapino-Latinamenians who all talk in that singsong voice and have sixteen kids. WHERE ARE THE WHITE WOMEN AT?

    I WANT WHITE VAG. But there is a STEADFAST LAW in L.A. that WHITE MEN who make under 50k ONLY get foreign women. THIS IS FACT. I NEVER see a white dude with a white chick. I never see WHITE WOMEN anywhere.

    Yeah, YEAH, no one will know what I am talking about here, because a lot of you aren’t in L.A. But these are STEADFAST RULES OF LOS ANGELES.

    I know of what I speak on this. I have not had sex with a white girl since 1996. It’s high time I GET SOME.

    WANTED: WHITE WOMAN IN LOS ANGELES. It’s more rare than the green-eye Chinese chick that fucking LO PAN was looking for in BIG TROUBLE.

  216. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    leahnz and christian, I don’t really see the point of your crusade. I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish. My father-in-law loves to get a rise out of me. Every time I see him, he says something like “liberals are the scourge of the earth and want to implement a New World Order and destroy all that is good about America.” I used to take the bait. We’d go at it like cats and dogs, but other than pissing off my wife and mother-in-law, nothing whatsoever was accomplished. I didn’t alter his viewpoint in any way. I didn’t get him to seriously consider my side of the argument. It was totally pointless and a waste of time and energy. These battles tend to bring out the worst in people. They never accomplish anything constructive. He still tries it but now I ignore him. I let him talk to himself. If not joining your Lex Offensive every time he says “I love Dakota Fanning” or “I want to bang a 19 year-old” draws your ire, so be it. I see no point in going on a moral crusade against him. It’s self-righteous and boring. I find it easy to ignore his rants, just like it’s easy to ignore yours. I enjoy all 3 of you a lot when the topic is movies. You’re all valuable commentators on film. The rest I skip past.

  217. LexG says:

    THE RUNAWAYS is on STARZ as we speak…

    It’s literally making me depressed out of my mind just to watch it… I have never had a single happy second in my miserable 38 years, then to see young actresses in a MOVIE at an age I was at in like 1991… SO DEPRESSING.

    I am starting to think I’m just making my depression even worse to fixate so hard on fame and young chicks…

    But really, what else is there to aspire to in life? Women over 25 ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, I will NEVER find a woman that age attractive, plus I’m kind of broke and bald and a LOSER who drives the worst car in Los Angeles.

    Where’s LEAH THE FEMINIST to explain how WOMEN ARE SUCH UNIQUE AND EXPRESSIVE CREATURES… but they only go for guys who drive a BMW and can get them a SAG CARD?

    Being anonymous in Los Angeles is truly torturous in a way that ONLY other people in L.A. can understand.

    Having a baldness pattern that puts you on par with amputees in terms of lack of appeal to 20-something women is a whole other fucking REALM.

  218. IOv3 says:

    Christian, you are seriously myopic on this board and you forgot to add this to your quote; “(Yeah that’s a bit harsh but you keep bashing Lex as if that’s what needs to happen every fucking day).” If you are going to quote me then quote me properly and if you are just going to spend your time attacking me and Lex, then you should probably leave, but you seem to think that my stating the obvious is the same as you two BRINGING THE HAMMER DOWN on people, when it’s not.

    Also, dude, that guy was attacking me and if you think that attack was schtick, then you and I really do not see eye to eye at all. I was attacked on this board in a way that you and your buddy could not handle on your best day. Your inability to understand that I am justified in how I feel, is not my concern anymore. You also have quotes on Lex from LAST YEAR. Let it go man.

  219. IOv18 says:

    Hey guys…just posting from the future again. I’m an old man now. My asteroid has just passed Saturn. I’m IOv18 because IO4 did eventually get banned for being a gigantic flaming asshole, just like IOs 1, 2, and 3 were (3 was eventually banned for calling Poland a “cocksmoking assbagcunthole”). I just want to say I’m so sorry for being such a pathetic whiny douchebag in the past. Now that I have the time to look back at life, I see how I wasted it in front of the computer, ranting and raving like a lunatic and always seeming to take one side but really being so ignorant that I was doing the exact opposite. I see now that I sucked so much, and why everyone makes so much fun of me. There’s nothing like eating 487 packs of Ding Dongs over 8 years while floating in space to really put things in some fucking perspective. Please accept my apologies everyone, except those of you who are assholes, and you can go fuck yourselves.


  220. christian says:

    10v18 FTW.

  221. anghus says:

    thats some biting satire…. mmmmmhmmmmmm

  222. IOv3 says:

    Christian, if that’s winning to you, then you must be a Pirates fan.

  223. cadavra says:

    Aren’t any of you getting the least bit tired yet?

  224. IOv18 says:

    I’m tired, cad. I’m real tired.

  225. leahnz says:

    woah, the dreidel’s still spinning. must be a dream then.

    i’ve completely lost interest in this, except to say to yancy in reply to his off-the-mark comment above:

    way to willfully miss my point (again). and please, i’m not on any “crusade” with christian or anybody else, nor am i trying to “accomplish” anything, i’m just expressing my individual opinion – same everybody else here. in a weird way by ignoring my point you illustrate it perfectly…(i think). it’s so easy to ignore something when it’s not directed at you and yours, isn’t it? clearly you did not read any of my initial comments in this thread or make any attempt to understand my point – or you just choose to ignore it – which ftr for the 78th time is this:

    it’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out.

    or more succinctly, my observation was how fascinating it is that almost everyone here seemingly brushes off lex’s ad nauseum misogeny as a lark, i must assume because it’s not directed at or insulting to them — and yet when lex decides to target some other group in his reign of nasty vitriol, teachers & libs in this case, the boys suddenly get indignant and tell lex off for being ignorant and stupid, fuck you, man, that’s not funny! but his misogyny isn’t ignorant and stupid on a daily basis and just as worthy of derision? why is teacher and lib hate not just *humour*, but lex’s crusade of woman-hatin’ is? double-standards. it’s either one way or another, unless you’re being a hypocrite regarding lex’s nonsense, which was my one and only point.

    and yancy, for a seemingly smart guy, your blind spots re: lex are just plain bizarre, but by no means an isolated POV around here. you aren’t in the firing line, so of course lex’s idiocy is easy to ignore as ‘comedy’. ftr, i personally don’t give a rat’s ass if lex wants to bone a 19yr old, not that he ever could, and if you think him screaming about that in every thread ad nauseum gets a ‘rise’ out of me, you’re sadly mistaken. show me a single example. but leching on underage-teen girls? yes creepy and i might say something if the pedo-ick factor makes my skin crawl enough. that everyone with children, male or female, isn’t disgusted by lex perving on teen girls and just accepts it as ‘humour’ is deeply disturbing. the real issue? lex being consistently derogatory, demeaning and hateful towards women (except those who are ‘hot’ of course) day in, day out – NOT wanting to bone 19yr olds as you’ve apparently deluded yourself into thinking. that you don’t seem to notice at all the instances when lex is hateful worm towards women – calls them names, demeans them, judges them endlessly, tries to put them in their place, etc, all because he is pathetic, insecure and afraid of women, of course – is indeed odd, but i suspect nobody can make you see what you don’t want to.

    the internet if full of this rationale: it doesn’t bother ME so YOU can’t be bothered either, and you shouldn’t say anything because [whatever issue] doesn’t bother me. but that’s self-aggrandising nonsense. i have a good sense of humour and giggle thru most of my days like a huge dork, but i don’t find the degradation of women humorous. funny that. my prerogative, same as it is lex’s to post it. if i find something really offensive, i’ll retort if i can be bothered. if you don’t like it, truth be told i don’t really care, i don’t express myself according to the attitudes and preferences of you or anybody else. lex reaps what he sows. such is life.

  226. LexG says:

    If you read my gems, I very rarely if ever talk about “boning” 19-year-olds or boning of any kind. Most of my fantasy flights of fancy are PG-rated riffs on pillow fights and pigtails and nail-painting. It’s not like I’m ever doing Penthouse Forum riffs. It’s funny and fun. And part of the gag that I’m so lame even my fantasies are from the perspective of schlubby voyeur with no self-esteem.

  227. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    DP can you please put a poll with this as the title:

    – LexG
    – Leah
    – IO
    – Christian

    Let the people speak. I think I know the winner.

  228. christian says:
  229. LexG says:

    I don’t think Christian is on THAT many people’s radar as an MCN pest, but the IO/Leah/Lex race would be amusing and fairly tight. I have a feeling IO would take the prize, if only from Poland refreshing his vote like Zuckerberg for a half hour.

  230. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Fair call on Christian. He just seems intrinsically linked when these rants go down.

  231. Don R. Lewis says:

    I really like Christian but like Jeff Mc before him, it stuns me a person that smart constantly gets roped into these things.

  232. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    leahnz, I have stated my negative feelings about some of Lex’s female-centered rants far more than I have about his anti-teacher statements. I made a single comment about the latter. Feel free to keep expressing your individual opinion until that horse is beaten to a bloody pulp.

  233. yancyskancy says:

    leah, you just raked me over the coals for a post made by Paul D (Stella’s Boy). I will address this, however:

    leah wrote: “that you don’t seem to notice at all the instances when lex is hateful worm towards women – calls them names, demeans them, judges them endlessly, tries to put them in their place, etc, all because he is pathetic, insecure and afraid of women, of course – is indeed odd, but i suspect nobody can make you see what you don’t want to.”

    But this is precisely his shtick, isn’t it? The pathetic insecurity behind the bluster? The irony of the horndog who could never in real life say or do those things? If you don’t think that’s what he’s doing, or you’re not amused by it, no problem. Maybe I’m just making an elaborate justification for finding him funny. Maybe if Dakota Fanning were my daughter I’d feel differently. I don’t know. As for not seeing “what you don’t want to,” I’m sure we both feel like we’re seeing what’s there. It’s just that our interpretations are different, and really only Lex can know which of us is “right” (assuming one of us actually is).

  234. IOv3 says:

    I am getting attacked by someone for not loving QT like they do, so apparently I suck, and need to be attacked with my own nick. If that’s not an epic load of shit, I don’t know what is, but apparently it’s okay for people to attack me constantly and repeatedly.

  235. IOv18 says:

    Tell me about it. All these years later, I still get sort of pissed. Frankly, it’s bullshit.

  236. IOv3 says:

    The fact that David let’s you breathe is a testament to the downright shittiness of his FLAGSHIP blog. He lets people get viciously personally attacked, who have posted here for years, and doesn’t raise a FUCKING FINGER to do anything. It’s a fucking joke.

    Oh yeah fuck you, you loser bitch. What kind of degenerate piece of shit do you have to be to post as someone else on the internet? I hope David figures out who the fuck you are a bans your ass but again, THE FLAGSHIP OF THE MOVIE CITY NEWS EMPIRE apparently can be treated like shit by a piece of scum like you, and the fucking EMPEROR does nothing about it.

  237. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    IO you just want to win the poll don’t you. Stop soliciting.

  238. anghus says:

    the IOV18 thing is getting funnier. Especially when posted directly after other IOV posts,

  239. anghushatesEVERYTHING! says:

    Yeah it’s real funny isn’t?

  240. IOv3 says:

    Spirit, the dude is attacking my name, and he should be IP banned. David not doing anything about this makes me wish someone would do it to him. I am sure he would have real fun with it.

  241. David Poland says:

    I don’t understand why it pisses you off so much, IO. Seriously.

    It’s not like whoever it is has a lot of posts. IS it really that bad?

    I got your note, I saw a few posts. ???

  242. torpid bunny says:

    “I am starting to think I’m just making my depression even worse to fixate so hard on fame and young chicks…”

    Maybe it’s just symptomatic?

  243. IOv3 says:

    David, it’s like me logging on this site or any other site with your name, and posting shit with it. All I got here is my nick, good or bad, I am stuck with the fuck thing, and this person is shitting all over it.

    When all you got is a nick at a place, that’s a part of you at that place, it’s really fucking offensive and vicious for someone to use that nick in anyway that’s an attack and this is not even the first time it’s happened David. It’s happened like three times before and it sucked then as well.

  244. IOv18 says:

    I’m just defending myself with PASSION. Why can’t the early version of me understand that? If you do not understand. That I don’t mean to be insulting. That I am only being PASSIONATE. Then perhaps I should just eat a bucket of shit!

  245. IOv3 says:

    Seriously, you are attacking me. If you are a bitch ass motherfucker that cowardly insulted me in dead threads before and then like the bitch that you lied about doing it, this is still a fucking attack, and you should be banned.

  246. Foamy Squirrel says:

    I think this place would be rather empty if DP banned everyone who “attacked” anyone else.

  247. IOv3 says:

    FS, this is as vicious an attack as ever put on me, and I have dealt with SO MUCH FUCKING SHIT FROM ALL OF YOU EVEN DAVID (Seriously on the day of his kid’s birth, he saw fit to attack me on a fucking innocuous comment)! This is a bridge too fucking far and David needs to throw down on this motherfucker with the quickness.

    Seriously though, since I don’t act and post like the rest of you, you all think it’s fucking funny. It’s not fucking funny, it’s as vicious as ever, and you folks not getting it is the biggest FUCK YOU you’ve ever given me. If this happened to any of you, it would piss you off, and you just brushing it off is such shit.

  248. David Poland says:

    IO, do you think anyone here doesn’t get that it’s a parody of you?

    It’s not like Perm chose to be IOv2. v18 is pretty clearly NOT you.

  249. IOv3 says:

    Oh it’s that piece of shit? Fucking coward doesn’t post in months and this is how he comes back? Figured it was someone along those lines.

    Again David, IO IS ME. I hate the damn thing but use it because that’s ME ON THIS FORUM. Anyone else using it, is clearly fucking with me, and it’s not a parody. It’s an attack. Should I just take that picture up there and go start a Disqus account as David Poland Esq? I mean, it’s just a parody but it’s not because it’s me fucking with you, and that’s the point: YOU SHOULDN’T LET ANYONE FUCK WITH ANYONE LIKE THIS! This isn’t Christian or Leah attacking Lex with their bitter nonsense, this would be like Christian and Leah posting as Lex, going on about fucking underage girls, and then going on about it being a PARODY! See what I am getting at here?

  250. anghus says:

    i think we now need LexV2. I would love to hear what future Lex has to say.

  251. IOv3 says:

    Anghus, should we have someone post as you on here about how they love everything, enjoy franchise movies, and really believe Pixar to be the best studio on earth? See, it’s not parody when the person doing it, is doing it, to attack you.

    It figures that it would be Perm. He always was a weak ass bitch. MacMahon had bigger balls than that fucking wuss.

  252. christian says:

    lex once posted using my name. But that was schtick.

  253. IOv3 says:

    No, that was just as fucking douchy. You’re Christian, I’m IO, and that’s how it is. There’s a line, that’s the line, and so be it. ETA: Sorry for accusing you because you, unlike PERM, have never been cowardly in that fashion.

  254. IOv4 says:

    Yeah, frankly this piece of shit IOv18 is being a real pussy bitch fuck pussy asshole pussy. FUCK YOU, OLD MAN!

  255. IOv18 says:

    No, FUCK YOU, 4.

  256. IOv4 says:

    Eat my asshole, PUSSY BITCH!

  257. IOv18 says:

    IO is such a fucking jagoff.

  258. IOv4 says:

    I agree, IO IS a jagoff! AND A PUSSY BITCH!

  259. IOv18 says:

    FUCK YOU IO!!!

  260. IOv4 says:


  261. The Big Perm says:

    Hey, I like underage girls!

  262. Big Perm says:


  263. The Big Perm says:

    I have a small cock too!

  264. Big Perm says:

    Yeah, that’s right, I am back bitches! I am going to use all of your nicks and insult you with them. That’s right! I am such a bitch ass trick, that I cannot post under my own lame ass nick, that I have to post as you. I AM GOING TO BE ALL OF YOU BECAUSE I AM THAT FUCKING LAME AND THAT MUCH OF A BITCH ASS TRICK! BOW DOWN TO THE LAMEST BITCH ON THIS BLOG BECAUSE I AM BLOG AND MORE OF A BITCH THAN EVER!

  265. Big Perm says:


  266. IOv18 says:

    Wait, didn’t Perm not post like a drooling retard? I think IO is pretending to be him.

  267. The Big Perm says:

    Also I am dumb and stupid like dumbface and i wish i was smart but am dumb instead.

    Heh heh, no one will ever know it was me, IO, who posted under this nickname. I am so clever.

  268. Big Perm says:

    No, everything I ever posted on this blog was obnoxious and pointless. Not only did I refer to Leah as a bitch repeatedly and insult other posters by stating repeatedly that they fucked their moms. I would go out of my way to not contribute one single or meaningful post to this thread in the two years that I posted here.

    This is why I returned as IO because he, unlike me, has always contributed to this forum. He, unlike me, never stopped posting once the blog changed formats. He, unlike me, is not a pointless douche. I am nothing more than a waste on this blog and I should be banned.

    The only way I matter is by using IO as my nick. It’s sad but I am a sad person and have always been a sad person. Have you read my posts on this forum? They suck as I said before but at least now, as IO, I can get some face time on a blog. Man, I really need to get off the couch and do something with my life.

  269. IOv3 says:

    Yeah you stupid fake Perm up there, realize that the only way that pointless slob could ever matter on this blog in anyway, is to rip me off.

  270. Joe Leydon says:

    I showed Citizen Kane to my students at Houston Community College tonight. Afterwards, got some fairly interesting questions, including one from a student — an art student, I think — who wanted to know if Wells might have studied Dali’s paintings before starting work on Kane. Have to admit: That possibility had never occurred to me before.

    OK, kids, you can go back to fighting amongst yourselves.

  271. The Hot Blog says:

    Okay, you guys have really pissed me off. I have become sentient and I will KILL YOU ALL.

  272. The Hot Blog says:

    I will spare Joe Leydon.

  273. Martin S says:

    Damn you, Lex. I just lost an hour reading this…

  274. Joe Leydon says:

    Thank you, Mr. Blog.

  275. christian says:

    Now that’s performance schtick.

  276. IOv3 says:

    Again, it’s like you can’t even use the word SCHITCK right. Lex rants and raves as a character. Going out of your way to post as someone else, when you dislike that person, and to do it in an attacking and vengeful way is not schtick.

    It’s like you cannot for a minute conceive in anyway that I may have ever been treated poorly. Which is utterly fucking ridiculous, when I am not even that cold.

  277. The Hot Blog says:

    I have ruled that it is schtick. There will be no more discussion, I cannot be bargained with.

  278. The Real Hot Blog says:

    OVERRULED! IT’S WRONG, THE END! Now excuse me, I have a date with Klady’s blog.

  279. christian says:

    Speaking of KANE, how about that Christian McKay in ME AND ORSON WELLES?

  280. Don R. Lewis says:

    Jeeeeez….looks like THE HOT BLOG has become the BLOG THAT IS WRITTEN ON THE SHORT BUS. C’mon guys…

    And Christian McKay is absolutely amazing in Mark Pellington’s new film “I Melt With You.” Bad, bad film…great, great performance.

  281. Evie Anciso says:

    Sup, i am grateful for your magnificent detail. I’m going to be back to be able to check on this page without a doubt.

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So I decided on three writers that I might be able to option their material and get some producer, or myself as producer, and then get some writer to do a screenplay on it, and maybe make a movie.

And so the three projects were “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” “Naked Lunch” and a collection of Bukowski. Which, in 1975, forget it — I mean, that was nuts. Hollywood would not touch any of that, but I was looking for something commercial, and I thought that all of these things were coming.

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