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NOT EXCLUSIVE: 9 New Twilight Photos

INCLUDING: Kristen in shorts (three different kinds… one including tan line!!!)… Kristen in a white bikini top (or bra)… Kristen with her mouth open… a lost image from the Dirty Dancing remake auditions… an homage to Miami Vice… and Bill Condon directing SEX!!!

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12 Responses to “NOT EXCLUSIVE: 9 New Twilight Photos”

  1. storymark says:

    Is this Lexbait?

    Nice to actually see a new expression on her face, if only in one shot.

  2. yancyskancy says:

    Note to Lex: When you click these, they blow up almost to life size. You could have hours of fun with the open mouth shot. Well, seconds anyway.

  3. LexG says:


    Yancy, thanks for the tip… WOW. WOW. LOOK AT HER. She is the best, the best, the greatest EVER EVER EVER… Can’t believe I was starting to think Emma Stone was making a bid for #2, because NO ONE is within a zillion miles of K-STEW, here seen channeling Esther Williams by way of Jenna Haze.

    This on top of the new W. magazine, it’s a good time to be a K-Stew fan. I also like the chess pic because you can see her heels CUTE CUTE CUTE.

    One thing though, is when she’s in Bella mode she wears throse brown contacts, and I prefer her with her usual green eyes like in other movies WHAT AM I SAYING LOOK AT HER.

  4. GexL says:

    That young woman looks pale and a little undernourished. I hope that she gets some good nutrition at the craft table. I wonder if her parents are taking good care of her in between films? She seems so waifish and vulnerable. Perhaps one day she will blossom into full womanhood.

  5. LexG says:


  6. JKill says:

    This is reminding me that I have to get around to seeing ECLIPSE. I’m defintiely a fan of Stewart (my favorite performances are in RUNAWAYS and ADVENTURELAND, where she kind of kills me), and I think the 2 TWILIGHT movies I’ve seen are overly harshly judged because the feminine, unabashedly romantic, melodramatic heart of them goes against the male geek-thing that dominates the internet. Also, did anyone here talk about the Snow White pic from comiccon? She looks really rad and badass in it.

  7. LexG says:

    She looked GREAT in her LITTLE WARRIOR OUTFIT in that Snow White still, but I am still confused: I thought THE GODDESS was literally playing Snow White, not Nigel Terry in Excalibur. Shouldn’t she have had some flowing dress with a magic wand and bare feet or something? Why are there WARRIORS in Snow White?

    Also JKill it is good for ONCE to hear someone digging her on these blogs; I SWEAR TO GOD, if she hadn’t opted to do Twilight, which has become her signature role, she’d be a geek drool-icon on par with Portman or Johansson; She was so ethereal and ENCHANTING in Into the Wild, Zathura, Speak, What Just Happened?, The Messengers, etc etc etc, she was hot on her way to having the Total Johansson career; Such is the Geek Rage over Twilight that she doesn’t get a fair shake AT ALL anymore, even though it’s obvious the Twilight fame kind of pains her and she loves doing smart indie movies and edgy mainstream fare. Plus she is THE SINGLE GREATEST ACTOR OF ALL TIME. And the hottest chick ever EVER EVER.

  8. JKill says:

    From what I’ve read, her Snow White is like THE LORD OF THE RINGS version, whereas the Tarsem take is more or less a new version of what we’ve come to expect. I think hers looks much cooler. It’ll be fun to see her in action.

    I actually don’t disagree with you at all on that, Lex. She’s got a fascinating, edgy, naturalistic thing going on that’s terribly compelling. I’m kind of at a loss when people demean her work. Even in TWILIGHT, she strikes a very real tone despite how incredibly heightened the emotions and feelings are. She’s also just unique in her look and attitude. I feel like TWILIGHT kind of blinds internet criticism to her other stuff. THE RUNAWAYS and ADVENTURELAND are unimpeachable, and the heartbreaker quality she has in the latter is very reminiscent of Portman in GARDEN STATE, although she’s much less idealised and more raw. The fact that she does pretty small indies on the regular, and has worked with Figgis, Fincher, Penn, Levinson (WHAT JUST HAPPEND? is kind of underrated), and Gordon Green speaks volumes about her ambitions and interests. I think the first time I ever noticed her was IN THE LAND OF THE WOMEN, a kind of James Brooks-ish dramedy, which I like a good deal. And yes, she’s very very pretty.

  9. Peter says:

    I like her a lot in Adventureland, and she isn’t bad in The Runaways and Into the Wild either. But no amount of $ would get me to see the Twilight movies. And I don’t know where to start on Snow White, I just hope she doesn’t play with her hair in every single film.

  10. yancyskancy says:

    Yeah, it looks kinda like SNOW OF ARC or something.

    I think Kristin Stewart is great (and lovely), and I really haven’t seen her in much EXCEPT the Twilight movies. ADVENTURELAND has been in my Netflix queue forever, but my girlfriend (who is a huge Twihard) keeps bumping it down for stuff like No Strings Attached and Something Borrowed.

  11. LexG says:

    You guys need to see Welcome to the Rileys, stat.

    And Yellow Handkerchief.

    I of course 1st saw her in Panic Room, and was like, hmm, who is this INTERESTING looking girl? All those “is Jodie Foster’s kid a boy or a girl” comments were pervasive, but I didn’t get it. Clearly this was a striking looking girl with MOUNTAINS of charisma… then she was in the Figgis-Quaid-Dorff house movie, then around Undertow I started sensing that, “Hmm, waaaait a minute…” feeling. But when I saw this Lifetime-ish indie called “Speak” in ’05, my jaw was ON THE FLOOR, immediately having found my favorite actress EVER… It was like I was hypnotized. No one has or ever will come close.

  12. cadavra says:

    I am looking at her. And I keep thinking, she should have an arc on THE WALKING DEAD.

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