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BYOB Oscar

In case anyone cares, I’ll be tweeting (occasionally) this evening, not blogging.

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82 Responses to “BYOB Oscar”

  1. sanj says:

    2 minutes of fun

    Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Kim Jong Il’s Ashes All Over Ryan Seacrest

  2. Joe Leydon says:

    Nick Nolte on Red Carpet: Drunk or deaf? Discuss.

  3. Bitplayer says:

    Thank God Tom Hanks stopped dying his hair jet black. Billy should do the same, it insults the intelligence of everyone watching.

  4. KrazyEyes says:

    Is it me or is the sound really bad this year? I couldn’t understand a word of Crystal’s opening song.

  5. Bitplayer says:

    Is Morgan Freeman’s hand ever going to be 100 percent? Nobody deserves to lose a hand over a little strange.

  6. bulldog68 says:

    Yeah for Hugo thus far.

  7. sanj says:

    the wizard of oz thing in oscars = funny people doing unfunny things just for old people watching.

    the cirque show – would be way better if the background
    video actually had cooler movies .

  8. anghus says:

    i thought the wizard of oz thing was funny. when they said ‘i dont care for the rainbow song’, i laughed.

    if you bounce around online and read oscar coverage on the websites, its all so cynical and snarky. You would think these people who write for these websites hate the film industry or at least don’t enjoy it all and/or are incapable of celebrating anything.

  9. Bitplayer says:

    I hear a kind of high pitched whine during the show. Anybody else hear it?

  10. bulldog68 says:

    Wanna shake things up next year, have Will Farrell host.

  11. bulldog68 says:

    Or better yet, the Oscars are always saluting something or the other, so maybe they should salute a category they have mostly ignored, comedy, and have the Oscars hosted by some great stand up comedians, like Farrell, Fey, bring back Murphy, Galifinakis, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Each of them host a portion so that way they don’t take over the whole show with their material and it could provide an audience bump and it would be a bit more fun.

  12. Hallick says:

    Crystal’s vocals were drowned out by the orchestra (which is getting screen time as if all of The Beatles were reuniting in those balconies).

    Have ANY of the Best Picture nominees had a montage or something to show them off yet? It’s 7:26 PST and I must be missing it. They aren’t just going to wait til the end of the show are they?

  13. sanj says:

    i guess it depends on how many movie sites you visit –

    there’s probably 1000’s of people on twitter who hate
    the oscars even more ..

    DP should really be pushing the exclusive dp/30’s – he did beat out the other major film people to interview these people like the guy from the muppets movie song and the best documentary … DP actually asked questions about the oscars from those people …
    the mainstream media can only focus on like 5 major winners and leave everybody out .

  14. bulldog68 says:

    Is it possible that Hugo can upset The Artist? God I hope so.

  15. sanj says:

    the shore 2011 – oscar winner has 2 comments on imdb …

    all these short films / animated – nobody really watches these and comments on the movie blogs / message boards …

    whatever film wins best picture will get like 100,000 extra comments ..

    Oprah got oscar ? hosting a tv talk show for like 25 years will get you one.

  16. hcat says:

    Jesus, is Micheal Sheen playing Abby Hoffman in a movie next year?

  17. sanj says:

    they had like 4 huge video screens in the background – that was pretty much wasted .they could have played quick 1 minute movies remixes from youtube ..

  18. MarkVH says:

    Oh man, it’s almost over. So only another week till next Oscar season starts, right?

  19. anghus says:

    i dont know why, but the Meryl Streep win seemed inevitable.

  20. Hallick says:

    I’m still gobsmacked (as James Earl Jones says) that the Best Picture nominees haven’t gotten any play in the telecast since that awful Billy Crystal song medley. WT-effing-F?!? Why even do so many nominees to spread the limelight around if you won’t even give them a moment in the shine?

  21. Hallick says:

    And man, one guy in the crowd sure loved that Meryl Streep win. YEEEEEAAHHHHHH YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  22. Steven Kaye says:

    If anything was inevitable, it was Woody’s win. He had it in the bag from the moment MiP was released.

  23. movieman says:

    The best looking actor I saw at the Oscars all night was Corey Stoll in the “Midnight in Paris” clips.
    That is one damn handsome man.
    Oh, yeah. And thanks to Brian Glazer for getting the show in at a relatively breezy 3 hours/8 minutes.
    Merci beacoup.

  24. movieman says:

    The best looking actor I saw at the Oscars all night was Corey Stoll in the “Midnight in Paris” clips.
    That is one fine looking dude.
    Oh, yeah. And thanks to Brian Glazer for getting the show in at a relatively breezy 3 hours/8 minutes.
    Merci beacoup.

  25. Direwolf says:

    I saw all the nominated live action and animated shorts in a special release. Thought The Shore was weakest. Loved Pentecost and Tuba Atlantic. The animated winner was well deserved. Entire theater applauded it. William Joyce is fantastic. Great to see him bring the love of books in his style to film.

  26. bulldog68 says:

    An award show that failed to celebrate the movies that were nominated for the awards. And you know what, now that they went with Billy Crysta, I really regret seeing what Eddie would have done.

  27. Ray Pride says:

    A lot of people talked about it. Why would one mic be that bad?

  28. LYT says:

    Is HUGO’s win for cinematography the first time a 3D film has won that category? I’m thinking it must be.

  29. joey says:

    Nope LYT. Avatar won best cinematography.

    A bit sad for Viola. I wonder if she’ll ever lead a film again.

  30. cadavra says:

    “I hear a kind of high pitched whine during the show. Anybody else hear it?”

    Yeah–it was Nikki.

    Fine show all around; really felt like the grown-ups were back in charge. Yay for Billy, yay for Meryl, and yay for both HUGO and ARTIST taking five each. And yay for me for winning a nice $107 in the pool.

    BTW, that gag about cutting the “Rainbow” song out of OZ is truer than most people know: Louis B. Mayer hated the song and wanted it out, but Arthur Freed had enough clout to keep it in, and the rest is history.

    Also BTW, Richardson could be considered the first DP to win for shooting a live-action 3-D feature, since AVATAR had so much CGI and motion-capture that I’m not sure it meets the legal definition of “live-action.”

  31. sanj says:

    i wanna know where the other 500 + actors were when
    they didn’t get into the oscars ..

    aren’t most movies shut down for a few days because of oscar ?

    is anybody making good films this week that will hit oscar status ?

    also i want a dp/30 with anybody who watched like 6 hours of the e! coverage of the oscars – wanna know
    how much movie knowledge these people have

  32. JS Partisan says:

    While I wished another film had won, I still enjoyed the show. I dig Billy as host and the show tonight had a nice flow to it. A good time all things considered. Also ang, those people do hate the Oscars. Give me and my ideas about this show all the shit you want, but I love it. I just don’t want it to fade away by the academy making limited appeal choices.

  33. Joe Straatmann says:

    “I hear a kind of high pitched whine during the show. Anybody else hear it?”

    It sounded like it was reverberating off metal and the reverberation was making its way back into the mics. Maybe those giant metal set pieces they had.

  34. LYT says:

    Well, cadavra, I’m pretty sure Hugo was full of CG too. I’ve been to Paris a few times, and it doesn’t look like that.

  35. KrazyEyes says:

    Not a bad show and I’m generally fine with all the winners.

    I’m surprised that I haven’t read anyone make the connection that the best animated short winner was also a silent film pastiche w/ nods to Buster Keaton among others.

  36. Bitplayer says:

    BIlly sucked as a host to me, horribly unfunny save for the mind reading segment. They should have begged Murphy to stay and lined up Grazer before letting Ratner quit, Eddie’s worked for Grazer a bunch and they seem to be a decent terms.

  37. Hallick says:

    The show was fine, but if Billy Crystal had never stopped hosting the Oscars, I think people would be saying “okay, you had a good run, thank you, time for some fresh blood”. His comeback felt a lot like a food you’ve missed and haven’t had for the longest time, but when you finally eat it again you kinda go “oh…meh…”. He was okay, but it was a shadow of what he used to be (or what people think he used to be).

    I’m gonna ask again just because I can’t believe it really happened, but did the show seriously do NOTHING for the Best Picture nominees other than splice them all together into one big feel-good wad of film at the end of the telecast when their category came up? I don’t understand how finding nine individual minutes in a three hour telecast was such an uphill struggle that the producers decided to say fuck it, chop ’em all together and toss them out like confetti in the last three minutes. I definitely could have missed a few of the nominated films if the show did do spotlight segments for each, but I doubt I could miss all nine of them.

  38. Hallick says:

    “The best looking actor I saw at the Oscars all night was Corey Stoll in the “Midnight in Paris” clips.
    That is one fine looking dude.”

    As a straight man who will never look anything like that in my lifetime: amen, brother. For all the hipster epic beards and bro-staches my eyes have suffered, Stoll’s Hemmingway sported the facial hair of the year. Jackson Galaxy can go eat his guitar case.

  39. Hallick says:

    Meryl Streep, you’ve been nominated for an Oscar SEVENTEEN TIMES now. Don’t give me that “What?!? Me?!? Really?!?” bullshit reaction when you win again. Demin Bichir or Rooney Mara could have rightfully pulled that off, but as charming and cool as you were in your acceptance speech, I kind of wanted to excuse myself to go puke when you did it.

  40. Paul D/Stella says:

    A pretty solid show overall. Moved at a nice clip. Best Picture was announced, what, just a tad over 3 hours after it started? Some good jokes and speeches. Not too much was cringe-inducing or highly obnoxious. Definitely one of the better shows in recent memory.

  41. Mike says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that the dean on Community is now an Oscar winner. And his Angelina stance was pretty awesome, as well.

  42. anghus says:

    kind of a nice, non offensive, no risk taking show. there wasnt an award i was really displeased by other than Meryl Streep. Streep doing Julia Child and Margaret Thatcher felt like the same kind of inspired community theater performance that the academy seems to enjoy to no end.

    It’s not that i dislike Streep as an actress, but when she plays these characters its like watching a very gifted impersinator who never quite inhabits the skin of whoever theyre playing. And the writing in Iron Lady was so ham fisted… anyway…

    So yay for The Artist. Yah for Dujardin. Glad Hugo picked up so many technical awards.

    And Steven Kaye, even a yay for Woody Allen who wrote a great script. It’s a shame he’s too embarrassed by questionable life choices to show up. I’m eager to see what Allen does next to see if MIP actually gives him some steam or whether he returns to his ‘4 misses for every hit’ model he’s been working on for the past twenty years.

    And i’m no stylist, but Owen Wilson needs a new haircut. How long has he been rocking that do for? The whole frayed at the ends thing… i dont know another actor that has held onto a single hairstyle for so long.

  43. Hallick says:

    The theme of the night was nostalgia: Crystal, Hugo, The Artist, Streep, Plummer, etc.

  44. Sam says:

    A bit unfair to a couple of winners here:

    “Meryl Streep, you’ve been nominated for an Oscar SEVENTEEN TIMES now. Don’t give me that “What?!? Me?!? Really?!?””

    She’s been nominated 17 times and keeping her seat for the last 30 years’ worth of them. Obviously she’s not underappreciated, but, especially with Davis looking like such a strong competitor, I’m not surprised if it felt like she’d not win again.

    “It’s a shame he’s too embarrassed by questionable life choices to show up.”

    Woody Allen has been absent from Oscar ceremonies for far longer than he’s been present in tabloids. He’s never even acknowledged his Oscar wins, which go back as far as 1978, so I don’t think that’s the reason. Moreover, he’s never shown any sign that he’s “embarrassed” about anything he’s done.

  45. jesse says:

    God, Crystal’s jokes were so terrible and shticky and schmoozy… it all felt like a calculated attempt to soothe the over-60 audience, even though I’m not sure the over-60 audience even particularly asked to be soothed by Billy Crystal. I’ve liked his hosting gigs in the past (although there is a nostalgic tendency to pretend that all eight of them were nonstop solid gold, rather than a handful of really good ones and a bunch of perfunctory ones) but if you want to get an older guy to bounce back from the attempts at youth-mongering, I’m all for Steve Martin. I know his co-hosting thing with Baldwin wasn’t that well-received a few years ago, and it wasn’t fantastic, but he always writes (or has people write) at least a few good JOKES, not just wan smirking. Yech.

    Nicely trim show, though: eight minutes over, or something like that? Gotta be one of the shortest ones ever, right? Some of the presenters (Emma Stone, Ferrell/ZG, Tina Fey) were quite funny… I know they’d never ask Ferrell to do it because he’s too weird (and I doubt he’d take the gig anyway) but man, it would be nice if Tina Fey did it. (Though she might have the Jon Stewart “problem” of being, you know, too funny and sharp, and not Crystal-style old-timer reverent. But doesn’t everyone love Tina Fey?)

  46. Joe Leydon says:

    According to early reports, ratings for this year’s Oscarcast are up slightly over last year’s show. This, despite airing opposite NBA Finals, and not really featuring any blockbusters among the major contenders. Could it be that Billy Crystal really drew viewers back?

  47. Mike says:

    Joe, wasn’t the all-star game over before the Oscars began? The wife and I watched the Amazing Race, which I think was after the game, before switching over to the Oscars, which was about a 1/2 hour in.

  48. Joe Leydon says:

    Different networks. NBA was on TNT, Race was on CBS. Here in Central time zone, there definitely was overlap.

  49. samguy says:

    The Editing award to “Girl” infused the night with some suspense because of the usual tie between it and Best Picture. But let’s face it, there were no real unexpected surprises. The Meryl “upset” wasn’t as much of a shocker if say Ronney Maura won.

    In Foreign Film, it’s a good thing the Israeli film didn’t pull of an upset. I’d hate to see how the Iranian government would have reacted to that!

  50. jesse says:

    Probably some older folks did tune in for Crystal, although if you’re a huge Crystal fan, are you really excited about 25 minutes of material spread over three-plus hours? I guess it could convince some people who might not care about many of the movies to come back, assuring them there will be a minimum of young-people hijinx or whatever.

    But generally I feel like the Oscar ratings year to year, save for the occasional Big Event like Titanic being a phenomenon and being up for so many awards, are flukier than anyone likes to admit.

  51. grandcosmo says:

    I find this obsession with Billy Crystal’s age and the host job in general quite bizarre.

    The Academy Awards has a few problems but the biggest is that it is about the 10th award show of the “awards season” and there is absolutely no novelty left. Everyone has become so craven now that Dec-Feb has become just a long death march of shows and speeches. How interesting can it be to hear Jean Dujardin or Colin Firth or Jeff Bridges give their fourth or fifth acceptance speech of the month?

  52. Mike says:

    Joe, sorry – my mistake. The wife said Amazing Race was on after the game, and I assumed it was the all-star game. You can tell I follow the NBA really closely.

  53. waterbucket says:

    Please bring back Steve Martin. Martin/Baldwin duo sucked but Martin alone was the best host ever. I still watch his monologue from time to time.

  54. JS Partisan says:

    Let Tina Fey host. Aside from that, Hal, I’ve brought up before how the academy has no clue how to build a show around this many nominees. The reason for this seems to be the academy believing we should already know these films, and that’s just silly due to the films they nominate.

  55. Yancy Skancy says:

    WTF? I can’t post. This is my umpteenth try in the last couple of hours. Trying a variation of my username and a different email address.

    EDIT: Okay, that worked. Why? I can’t imagine I’ve been banned, since I’m one of the least contentious people here, IMO. I tried emailing David, but it won’t go through unless I provide some ISP info that I can’t seem to find. So I’d appreciate it if David or somebody can tell me what’s up.

  56. Yancy Skancy says:

    I liked Billy Crystal’s guest shot last year, and was on board for his return — but oof! the writing just wasn’t there. Henny Youngman stuff, only not as funny. And Billy’s looking odd these days, like Joe Franklin, or the Quaker Oats guy, or Melies’ moon.

    If I had known Emma Stone was presenting, I’d have predicted that the best thing about the show would be Emma Stone presenting. And I would have been right.

  57. Hallick says:

    “Aside from that, Hal, I’ve brought up before how the academy has no clue how to build a show around this many nominees. The reason for this seems to be the academy believing we should already know these films, and that’s just silly due to the films they nominate.”

    Back when there were only five nominees and usually at least four of them were very well known at the time the Academy still stopped for a minute to give each of the movies a spotlight. I seriously don’t understand giving them nothing but a whole-hog shitty Billy Crystal “Oscar, Oscar!” song that didn’t even use the titles most of the time. The ANIMATED SHORT FILMS got more screen time than the Best Picture nominees, dude! If you have to cut one thing to make room for another thing, you cut those goddamn celebrity “the first time I saw a movie…” bumpers they’ve done ad infinitum over the years before you cut out the Best Picture nominees.

    And while I’m on the subject of things the show does every friggin’ year to no end, how about getting rid of the pointless montages of movies from past years (I don’t give a vermin’s glute about watching clips of people in the movies watching movies) and instead running a montage of movie clips from THIS YEAR? The best shots, the funniest lines, etc? You have a segment dedicated to what we’ve lost in the last year with the In Memoriam portion of the show, so why not give time to what we also gained last year? That way, performances like Michael Shannon’s and Albert Brooks’ can at least get a tip of the hat towards the work they delivered even if it didn’t quite make it to getting nominated.

  58. anghus says:

    You know what id like along those lines Hallick, taped segments with the nominees talking about their favorite performances of the year whether they were nominated or not

  59. Yancy Skancy says:

    What was with that one montage that was basically just clips of some of the most famous lines in movie history? Yeah, we really needed that. There were probably four-year-olds watching who were say, “Seriously? ‘You’re going to need a bigger boat?”You can’t handle the truth?’ Oy.”

  60. Hallick says:

    “You know what id like along those lines Hallick, taped segments with the nominees talking about their favorite performances of the year whether they were nominated or not”

    That makes a lot more sense than what they did instead. I just think that the urge to encompass all of film history in one night, year after year, is wrong-headed nostalgia that slights what the movies just gave you in 2011.

    I also feel bad that the In Memoriam segment was blown because when your focus is drawn to the singer and the huge choir on stage, that last moment to enjoy the works of the deceased is upstaged. Not to mention the fact that it was tasteful to the point of anonymity in so many cases. A picture and a job description in silvery hues don’t substitute for those few quick flashes we used to get of what that person did over the years. Give me those images for christ’s sake…

  61. thespitihunter says:

    Okay, the smoke has cleared. Time to air out the site a little bit.

    Folks, the Oscars are not made for you. The show is a show. I get that there will always be attempts to bring a younger, hipper demo to the table, which I’m sure 85% of the readers of this and Tapley’s and Stone’s sites belong to. But if they never make the sure hip, there will still be an Oscar show. You know why? They could care less about what you or David or Kris or Sasha or me think.

    In fact, if the Academy had a face, I could see it laughing up a storm at our comments about this bit that didn’t work, or that byte that didn’t play. Laughing all the way to the bank.

    I’m an Oscar watcher for 30 years. I’ve seen great things. (Shades of Blade Runner’s Roy Batty are dancing in my head right now) I’ve seen terrible things, but as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on.

    Just a reminder, the LA Times told us the average age of the Academy members two weeks ago. It hasn’t, nor will it ever change. So why did Billy Crystal sound like Henny Youngman? Why did so many bits “fall flat” for the young, hipsters at their computers or television sets, hoping for a change that won’t be coming anytime soon?

    Because that is what the Academy likes. That is their taste. It’s not yours. It’s not mine. It’s their show. Turn it off, if you don’t like it. Or roll with it, like I do. It’s done. The Academy has spoken.

    But quit griping and complaining that their opinion doesn’t match yours. You are not 70 years old with a fetish for the glorious past that they’ve got.

  62. Hallick says:

    “What was with that one montage that was basically just clips of some of the most famous lines in movie history? Yeah, we really needed that.”

    You mean the “DAMMIT AMERICA, MOVIES STILL MATTER TO YOU!” montage? Yeah, ABC, how about you show “Jaws” or “A Few Good Men” in their entirety sometime instead?

  63. brack says:

    My theory on the ignoring-the-best-picture-nominee thing was because it might be one of the most boring parts of the show. By that, I mean that the acceptance speech for best picture are from producers that not many people care about in the first place.

  64. cadavra says:

    Luke: Yes, there was a fair amount of CGI in HUGO, but the characters were humans performing on practical sets (the train station interior was very real, though certainly “embellished”), not giant Smurfs in front of a green screen.

  65. Yancy Skancy says:

    thespitihunter: The Academy may not care about ratings, but you can bet ABC does.

    I actually agree that there’s no real point in complaining about a show that is irrevocably destined to be boring even to those of us who wouldn’t miss it for the world. But as you say, it IS a show, and, as such, is putting itself out there for criticism. There’s no harm in complaining about its faults, even though we know nothing will change.

  66. Krillian says:

    1. Owen Wilson has changed his hair when the role calls for it (Meet the Parents, Hall Pass) but point taken.

    2. I thought the first 15 minutes or so of Billy was great, and then joke after joke bombed and I started to feel bad. He soldiered through it. Overall, can’t complain, but I’d prefer Eddie Murphy or Tina Fey & Amy Poehler or Ben Stiller or Steve Carell or Jim Carrey or Louis CK next year.

    3. Best presenters: Emma Stone/Ben Stiller, Sandra Bullock, Will Ferrell/Zack Galifianakis, Colin Firth, Angelina Jolie’s leg, the Rose Byrne/Melissa McCarthy side of the Bridesmaids stage.

    4. Happy that Midnight in Paris won something, and yet I would have been okay with it not, because Woody refuses to show up for these things. Had my eyes opened on Ebert’s blog that has Woody’s comedy routine from 45 years ago going over many Midnight in Paris plot points.

    5. In Memorium was classy, but it bugs me when most of them are stills and then they play audio from an agent. No mentions for James Arness, Bubba Smith, Charles Napier, Harry Morgan, Peggy Lee, Jeff Conaway, but they don’t seem to be generating the outrage that Corey Haim’s snub last year did.

  67. Triple Option says:

    I would’ve been happy if A Separation would’ve won best original screenplace mainly cuz that thing smoked the crap outta Midnight in Paris. Great characters, amazing reveals, nice sympathy shift, dialog I have no idea but it was otherwise really impressive.

    If Streep had won for say Julia, I don’t think she wins last night. One thing I’m curious about, it did look like she said something to Viola before she went up on stage, I wonder what it was?

    I guess Hugo was winning the tech awards leading up to this but I kinda thought Trannies3 might’ve gotten something. The look of the robots, especially “transforming,” was mouth open, astonishingly real. Do they take away cuz the rest of the movie itself wasn’t near Hugo level?

  68. sanj says:

    the indie spirit award videos are up –

    lots of quick interviews – 4 minutes with lots of
    different movie people ..

    i still get a strong feeling that even though the artist won best picture – there won’t be anymore dp/30 with anybody from the film which sucks cause Berenice Bejo
    was pretty funny in the dp/30 . it’s been like 5 years since french actress Marion Cotillard got one .

    still waiting for Amber Heard / Rachel McAdams and Anna Faris …for a dp/30 … all these people DP should have got 3 years ago and did 1 dp/30 a year… then they
    would have an idea who DP is .

  69. Yancy Skancy says:

    Krillian: Peggy Lee is an especially egregious omission, considering she got a Best Supporting Actress nomination for PETE KELLY’S BLUES in 1955. You’d think a former nominee would be a lock for the in memoriam, and exempt from being cut.

  70. cadavra says:

    Well, then how about John Barry, who won five fucking Oscars and is the real composer of the James Bond theme? And how could they leave out Anne Francis? Or Jimmy Sangster, who wrote (and occasionally directed) a vast number of the classic Hammer horror movies?

  71. sanj says:

    looks like John Carter and Hunger Games will hit 100 million in March 2012 .. movie slump predicted already ?

    out there with Melissa – she’s an actress that does
    movie interviews on tv .. most are under 10 minutes
    and are fun.. movie critics should watch all of these.

  72. sanj says:

    rise of the planet of the apes is starting to get
    real .. DP get to a zoo and grab some dp/30 with some
    apes – ask them how much they hate the new york times as much as you do..

    Toronto Zoo orangutans may get iPad–toronto-zoo-orangutans-may-get-ipad?bn=1

  73. sanj says:

    so Indian actors talk about oscars

    so yeah … not sure why the Artist didn’t win
    the Indian oscars … why not.

    Don’t compare Indian awards with Oscars: Abhishek

    “Interesting to see-read a lot of the media comparing the Oscars to our Indian awards. Most seem to think that we need to improve, raise our standards… Wait a minute… Aren’t most of OUR awards run and held by media houses,” Abhishek wrote on Twitter

    Kristen Wiig worst dressed for oscars cause the entire
    world cares what millionaires wear

  74. Yancy Skancy says:

    cad: Jimmy Sangster was awesome. THE NANNY is one of my favorite movies.

  75. Krillian says:

    When’s sanj going to get a DP/5?

  76. grandcosmo says:

    >>>Well, then how about John Barry, who won five fucking Oscars and is the real composer of the James Bond theme? And how could they leave out Anne Francis?

    Settle down. They were both in last year’s in memoriam compilation.

  77. sanj says:

    can’t find the direct link – Colbert turns Transformers 3 into black and white + he make makes fun of the Lorax and selling cars

    Movies That Are Destroying America – Oscar Edition – “The Artist”

    “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is the greatest film of 2012, but the liberal elitist snobs at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honor “The Artist” instead. (04:13)

  78. Jason says:

    People don’t bitch about a restaurant for days and days…they just don’t go to it. People don’t bitch about a pair of shoes for days and days…they just don’t wear them.

    But people bitch so much about the Oscars, a show they don’t have to watch. Strange group of journalists/people/professionals. Chris Rock got slammed when he hosted. Letterman got slammed when he hosted. Franco/Hathaway got slammed when they hosted. Martin/Baldwin got slammed when they hosted. Whoopi got slammed when she hosted. Jon Stewart got slammed when he hosted. Now Billy gets slammed? Jesus – he did fine. Not everything worked great, but I’m sure jealous that he can do that stuff and I can’t. What on earth does everyone want? Based on the comments on this blog — and the postings — nothing will make anyone happy.

    So how about this: pick ONE idea. Stick with it. Conan. Leno. Kimmel. Neil Patrick Harris. Even no host at all. Or the cast of Glee. Or WHATEVER…and IF it ever happens…and the show still sucks…then you NEVER get to predict anything again. Because I know you will all slam the show afterwards as you always do.

    Just pretend these people who put on this show were your kids. Are you honestly telling me you would tell them all, “the show sucked, son.” Of course not. Because it didn’t. It was professional and classy and proper and…the Oscars. They all did a fine job. Maybe not YOUR taste…but everyone involved here is really good at their jobs, and they put on a fine show.

    Now everyone…go back to writing your script at the Grove and wishing you had a job…and also dreaming of the day that Don Mischer or ABC or Brian Grazer will be in business with you…because they know what they are doing. And you live in an apartment.

  79. cadavra says:

    Jason: It wouldn’t matter how good the show is, the Nikkis of the world will always bitch about how awful it was. That’s just the way people roll nowadays. It isn’t limited to the Oscars; we’ve become a nation of self-entitled victims who live to tear things down.

    Grandcosmo: Thanks. As God is my witness, I did not remember them in last year’s reel.

  80. sanj says:

    nobody really is talking about oscar presenters –
    they really need to mix that up more –

    there is like 20 + presenters – so they should hold
    a lottery for 10 out 100 actors ..

    instead of Diaz and J.Lo – how about LIz Olsen and Brit Marling.. mix it up – it’s worldwide – people will google
    the names and find they made award worthy movies – maybe they’d check out the trailers and buy the movies on dvd or netflix it . J.LO and Diaz don’t really need that. they got the money / fame / looks.

    so can being on tv for a total of 5 minutes or less change your life ? if your a unknown actor who’s been
    at it awhile …

    DP talks to lots of actors – never seems to ask
    about whats right and wrong about oscars …

    also the avengers movie – no dp/30 – marvel figured
    out DP will hate film so no need for any actor interviews – only Renner knows who DP is … maybe he’ll do one
    but thats it.

  81. sanj says:

    Top 10 celebrity stalkers – indiatimes .

    kinda weird to see mainstream media outlet turn into a LexG .

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