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By David Poland

Has Anyone Seen This Before?

Avengers is tracking through the roof… but they are still giving away one of the strongest action sequences online. Huh?

Is it just habitual now? Are they going to show us the movie before we get there and then make us pay to get out?

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16 Responses to “Has Anyone Seen This Before?”

  1. Jason says:

    I don’t understand the point of your commentary. If it’s indeed tracking through the roof despite the decision to give scenes away…then apparently it doesn’t matter at all, and people will still go in droves. So good on the studio decision-makers, no? If it doesn’t bother them, then why does it bother you?

  2. Don R. Lewis says:

    The deterioration of the movie going process continues through things like this. Almost as lame as showing critics or “select audiences” the first act of a movie. Stupid stupid stupid.

  3. chris says:

    I really don’t get that one, Don. Every time the studios are so proud of a movie they have to screen 20 minutes of it, I dread it. “Oh, so when I see the whole movie, I can feel like 20 minutes of it is already tired?”

  4. Matt McD says:

    They do cut it off before it gets really good (when someone else joins the fight).

    I’m actually surprised they’ve put out so little of the Hulk’s stuff.

  5. David Poland says:

    Jason –

    It doesn’t bother me. It’s just weird.

    Like I wrote, it’s almost like they thought of it, put it on the schedule, and then forgot to cancel it… because taking “yes” for an answer it usually a good idea.

  6. martin s says:

    I don’t understand the point of your commentary. If it’s indeed tracking through the roof despite the decision to give scenes away…then apparently it doesn’t matter at all, and people will still go in droves.

    Because that’s not accurate.

    They’ve only been giving away the same few sequences, mainly third act – and adding or dropping bits of them as they go along.

    This is a scene never shown before. When Cap gets involved is shown quickly in one spot, but they’ve never focused on Thor/Iron Man.

    It’s pointless to treat more scenes like chum. After awhile, the tipping point for the audience reaction will become “all the good stuff is in the trailers”.

  7. DiscoNap says:

    How long has Joss Whedon been Peter Stormare?

  8. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    It’s very strange. Dr Strange even. The third act IS the film. Where it finally comes to life but somehow just feels like you’re watching a weird remake of T3. They’re saving the Hulk moments as they’re genuinely the only fun moments in the film.

    cue IO

  9. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Now I can’t get that blues clues song out of my head. Thanks a lot.

  10. SamLowry says:

    Two heroes fighting each other? Sigh. I’d hoped that trope had died out in the ’80s.

  11. tbunny says:

    I’m grateful they put this online because this is a great scene where some big strong mens start touching up on each other and getting all hot.

  12. movielocke says:

    Has anyone seen _this_ before?

    Casablanca isn’t good enough for WB to send a DCP on a Harddrive of it to theatres (like they do for first run), instead they send a 1080 satellite feed, and WB doesn’t care if the theatres don’t know how to switch their projectors to run B&W images, so A nice Magenta and Green image of Casablanca was ran across the country.

  13. The Big Perm says:

    Ew, watching that clip would only make me wonder during which part did IO ejaculate. Or did he not finish in time and have to play it gain and accidentally finish when Joss Whedon was talking and be all like “oh fuck.”

  14. christian says:

    It’s the same on TV, where now we get “teasers” for the scene coming up in one minute. Turning an already ADD addled media landscape into further idiocy.

  15. JS Partisan says:

    Anghus, your point about this being a party. Read Perm’s bullshit up there and point out to me how that’s not disrespectful to one of Poland’s GUEST? Seriously Perm, go back to your editing bay and shitty up someone’s movie!

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